15 Years Later: Smoke, Tears and Kindness

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15 Years Later: Smoke, Tears and Kindness

We all express our thoughts, emotions, hopes and fears in different ways. Some through spoken or written word, some through clay or paint, others through song, dance or, even, exercise. Sometimes we keep these expressions to ourselves, other times we give them life and open our hearts to those who would listen. When I feel, […]

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Status, Seduction and Annihilation.

What if status and seduction weren’t entirely evil?   We’ve hit that time of year where rumors about the next iPhone are starting to bubble about. There’s one particular one that’s got people scratching their heads. Leaked cases show a design that looks largely indistinguishable from the iPhone 6 or 6s. Why is it this […]

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The Power of Story: Chico’s Lament

Ponder this photo. Cool, right (if you’re on mobile and can’t see, here’s a link). Blown up giant on a wall, without anything else, you might well enjoy looking at it, just something about it. You might even want to buy a print. Now, sit back, I have a story to tell you… What if […]

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Through My Eyes #2: Pura Vida

Just returned from almost 3-weeks in Costa Rica. We drove a solid chunk of the country, then my wife and kiddo flew home while I stayed on to help co-create the kick-off retreat for this year’s Good Life Project Immersion program. Everywhere you go in Costa Rica, people say “pura vida.” It’s a greeting, a […]

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Don’t Just Build a Business, Start a Revolution

Short Version: I’m about to share something that makes me more than a bit nervous. It’s an 18-step framework designed to harness the power of revolutions and movements to launch, grow or reignite a business, idea or brand. Thing is, it was never supposed to be for anyone but me. It’s powerful. At least, that’s […]

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Live To Tell

I don’t often read “list posts.” And I rarely write them. Story. That’s what it’s about for me. The content that matters most to me, that affects me deepest, is stories. Sometimes with a lesson attached. Takeaways are cool. But stories do what nothing else can. They bypass the scan-filter, draw me in, immerse me […]

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Video Killed the…

Eighteen months ago, I didn’t know from online video. I’d done a few Flip videos and posted them online. But I was, first and foremost a writer. Video was more or less something people did to waste time or share their goofiness. Then, something happened that shattered my understanding of the power of video. In […]

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Uncertainty Book Trailer Goes Live


I wasn’t going to do a trailer for my next book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance.

Because, with the exception of Tim Ferriss’ trailer for the Four Hour Body and Gretchen Rubin’s trailer for The Happiness Project, I’d never seen one that engaged, entertained and, at the same time, made their precise target demographic really want to learn more about the book.

Still, there was a nugget of an idea that kept tugging at me until finally, it simply had to come to life.

So, I chose my team, led by Michelle Vargas, largely because I’d seen her camera and editing style and really liked it. And this was such a simple idea – there wasn’t even a script – the editing would really matter.

The entire shoot only took about 30-minutes, followed by 2 weeks of editing and scoring.

Sharing this with the world makes me nervous. It’s different. Very different. Very real. Truth is, I almost lost it for a minute during the shoot. And watching the final trailer, you can tell exactly where and why.

Well, today’s the day…

The campaign for Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance officially launches right now with the release of the new book trailer.

Go check it out at TheUncertaintyBook.com.

And, if it resonates, I’d love if you’d share it with friends and maybe leave a comment under the trailer.

Oh, one other thing…



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David Blair: Soul Embodied, Gone Too Soon

My good freind, Erik Proulx, is on a mission to tell stories on film about people and places coming back from the brink. His last documentary, Lemonade Movie, was not only powerful in it’s message, but gorgeous to watch. He’s been working on a newer project for a while now called Lemonade: Detroit about how […]

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Inspiration: Denver Street Musician Dred Scott Sings Purple Rain

Saw this video and I just had to share it with you guys. Living on the street in Denver, Colorado, musician, Dred Scott, shares his soulful voice with the larger world for the first time. Truly moved me… You can buy a copy of this song on iTunes here. Enjoy the weekend!  

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