– Michael Fishman, Consumer Health Summit


If you’re looking to create not just an event, but an experience people won’t be able to stop talking about, look no further.

Jonathan Fields—the Good Life Guy—delivers insights that spark purpose, possibility, and potential.

On a decades-long quest to discover what makes people come fully alive, Jonathan is an award-winning author, business innovator, executive producer and host of one of the world’s top podcasts, Good Life Project. The Wall Street Journal named Good Life Project one of the top self-development podcasts, and Apple recently picked the show out of more than 750,000 others to feature on-stage during its legendary annual product event. Jonathan is featured widely in the media, including The New York Times, FastCompany, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., CNN, The Guardian, O Magazine, SELF, Allure, Outside, Elle, Vogue, Fitness and thousands of other outlets.

In addition to writing award-winning and bestselling books like How to Live a Good Life and Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance, Jonathan has founded several companies with a focus on maximizing human potential. The most recent is Spark Endeavors, where he is the chief architect and driving force behind the world’s first purpose, engagement, and flow archetypes–the Sparketypes®. This powerful tool has been tapped by over 300,000 individuals and organizations, generating a rapidly growing, global data-set, and insight-based solutions to help transform how we work, lead and live.

On stage, Jonathan captivates with eye-opening ideas, stories, and science. He draws not just from his own experience, but also the wisdom of the many global visionaries he’s interviewed, along with insights from the vast data-set generated by the Sparketype Assessment. It all adds up to a rare ability to take audiences on a joyful journey of discovery. Jonathan’s unique insights and solutions inspire people to put what they learn into action.

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You’ll discover groundbreaking ideas, proven tools, and strategies that you’ll put into action to make an immediate difference. At work and in life.



Open your mind and heart in this compelling, story-meets-science experience that inspires you to step into your best self.


Easy to work with.

Not only can you count on Jonathan to deliver on-stage, from beginning to end the process will be easy and stress-free.

What event organizers are saying…

  • “ We were so pleased when you agreed to speak to our associates, but it wasn’t until we heard your presentation that we realized how fortunate we were to have you kick off our 2017 Strategy Session. We wanted this session to set the tone for the year, re-charging and inspiring our managers, and challenging them to work in new, creative ways – and you delivered and then some! Feedback from attendees has been incredibly positive, with comments not only about how valuable your advice was, but also that your tips seemed practical and actionable. Thank you for taking the time to understand our goals for this session and crafting a presentation that so perfectly achieved our desired results. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.”– Ronald A. Redmon, Jr., Capital One
  • “Thank you for presenting at Deloitte’s LEAD meeting. We are so pleased that you could join us to share your personal story with our up-and-coming leaders in our organization. Your passion and purpose really inspired our people to understand the importance of focusing on their well-being. One of the goals we set forth for this meeting was to ensure our people understand that well-being is a priority in our organization and you were a vital part of helping us do that. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you again in the future.”– Jennifer Fisher, National Managing Director of Well-being, Deloitte
  • “Jonathan came to Charlotte and filled the hearts and minds of our community with perspective-shifting, soul-searching wisdom and insights. The room teemed with hundreds of eager souls (you should have seen our wait list), all there to hear him speak. And each and every one of them went along for the exhilarating ride, because they knew they were in the hands of a master—someone who delivers deep value while being at once authentic, vulnerable, disarming, engaging, challenging, and damn hilarious. Let me put it this way…and I mean this literally: lives were changed that morning.”– Matt Olin, Host, CreativeMornings/Charlotte
  • “If you are thinking of hiring Jonathan as a speaker, I have just two words for you. DO IT.Jonathan spoke at our FreedymFest event. And even though the multi-day event had almost 30 speakers, his session was, by far, given the highest rating. It wasn’t even close. In fact, 2 years later, I still get emails from attendees saying how Jonathan’s talk changed their lives. And it’s not just the “content”… it’s the WAY he delivers it. His passion. His humor. And his ability to speak with authority, and yet, with such humility is quite rare.”– Ryan Lee, FREEDYM
  • “In six years of producing the World Domination Summit (WDS), Jonathan Fields is the only speaker to address our entire community twice.He first served as our closing keynote speaker during year one, and last year we were thrilled when he accepted an invitation to return as the opening keynote speaker. In other years he has also led Academies (half-day workshops) that quickly became the highest attended throughout the history of the event.Jonathan has a genuinely unique way of communicating with groups of people from a stage that make them feel as if they were talking one-on-one. If you get the chance to bring him to your event, don’t hesitate!”– Chris Guillebeau, Word Domination Summit
  • “Jonathan was granted one of the four coveted speaking slots at the Invitational Consumer Health Summit, a private gathering attended by leading founders and personalities. He used the occasion to debut new marketing theory which held the room spellbound,and also prompted fundamental alterations to many of the attending businesses in the days following. With hindsight of several years, Jonathan’s presentation has proved both memorable and prophetic.”– Michael Fishman, Consumer Health Summit
  • “Thanks to you for a fantastic presentation.It was informative, inspiring and entertaining. The perfect kick off for our career development event. And thank you for being so accessible and flexible along the way. The simulcast was important to reach all of our staff and you pulled it off beautifully.”– Barbara Fitzsimmons, Razorfish
  • “This guy came in as a favor, at the last minute, and still knocked it out of the park!Jonathan knows how to connect and engage with an audience, and better yet, inspire them to action. Nobody left the room when Jonathan spoke; he drew them in immediately with great storytelling and his passion for the topic”– Terry Starbucker, SOBEvents co-founder
  • “Jonathan Fields spoke to a room of mostly accountants. His experience and charismatic personality kept the audience interested. He talk was relevant and compelling. I would love to hear him speak again.”– Kerri Stern, Hospitality and Technical Professionals Meeting

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