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Thinking of working with me in some capacity? Or checking out any of the programs or experiences I’ve been involved in creating?

Fantastic! I’m guessing it’d help to know what others who have come before you have said. So, I created this page to share a selection, from a variety of experiences. There’s a ton more than this, but in the interest of trying to make it digestible, I’m just sharing more of a sampling for you.

Immediately below are thoughts from graduates of variations program. Following that are many links to media features, ranging from The New York Times, FastCompany and Inc., to Entrepreneur, CNN, USA Today, ELLE and many more.


Strategy Intensives…

“Jonathan Fields is a mindful artist. He creates business and life clarity, with the color of his words, questions, listening and leadership. I was blown away by the depth, clarity and inspiration that occurred for me and the other 7 participants. I came away with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning for my life and business, which I immediately applied, once back home. This was the most powerful three days…that I have spent for myself in a very long time.  If you are considering this program, as an option and you are blessed enough to get a seat; I encourage you to say Yes to yourself and the next level of your life.” – Stephen McGhee, founder of Stephen McGhee Leadership


“Jonathan embodies a unique blend of business acumen and instinct, with a sensitivity for depth and an ability to perceive the things which matter for us as humans. His insights helped me to figure out some really important things I need to work on, and ways in which to do them, to really take my business to the next level.” – Yasmin de Giorgio, Founder of The Grassy Hopper, Sanya Eco Spa and Theobroma Cacao Collective


“Where to start? You’ll likely go deeper than you want to go. You’ll end up learning answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. You’ll find yourself giggling at newly formed inside jokes with (amazing) people who just a few short days ago were perfect strangers. I’d call the experience transformational for lack of a better word… if I could think of a better word, I’d choose it.” – Alex Hart, Founder/CEO of Good Joo Joo digital marketing agency


“I have had ongoing positive shifts from making me and my business a priority for 3 full days with an amazing curated group of like-minded individuals. Thank you!” – Amy Murray, Founder of CRMBloom


“Being creative can be a blessing and a curse. My curse can be creating too many shiny new balls obscuring my clear vision. I left those shiny new balls on Jonathan and Stephanie’s long wood dining room table next to the chocolate. I paused some projects and canceled others creating FREEDOM! 😀 I’m so thankful to Jonathan and Stephanie and each of the other seven entrepreneurs who showed up present, open, honest, and caring.” Ann Rea, Artist and Founder of Making Art Making Money

Immersion grads…

“In just one weekend immersion with Jonathan, I walked away with so much clarity and the perfect roadmap to help grow my business, cultivate meaningful relationships, deepen my authentic mission to serve, and truly enjoy the work I’m doing in the world with no regrets, hesitations or burnout. What I could never put a price on is how many heart-centered people I’ve met and the opportunities that have been given to me since working with Jonathan. In just one year, I got to speak as a keynote speaker…in front of 3,000 people, signed a book deal with a major publisher, and I’m now an internationally paid speaker..” – Jadah Sellner, co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies


“I couldn’t see how best to advance my business without running myself ragged. With laser-sharp, compassionate insight, Jonathan guided me back to what matters most, nudged me onto larger stages, honed my marketing copy, and modeled how to build relationships – all with integrity. In short, Jonathan saw what was best in me and helped make it visible to myself and to the public. We’re now building better programs & communities for thought leaders, authors, and small organizations. And I’m paying more attention to my writing and my family (because I like to be known at home, too).
 – Jeffrey Davis, author, speaker, founder of Tracking Wonder Consultancy


“…with three little words, this program literally changed the course of my life.”

I had the drive, the passion and the idea, but I had not yet built an intentional foundation for these to grow and thrive. My life needed alignment – it needed the ‘why’ behind my work and values. When I wrote down ‘Family, Freedom and Service’ my life changed almost instantaneously. These three words have become my business plan and roadmap. I have written love stories around all three of them and have made them sacred in my heart, my home and my business.

And, ironically, in the last year since applying and going through this program, my business has grown 50% in revenue, I’m expecting my third child and I’m working on a personal website to hold and share my lifelong collection of poetry, writing and art.

Yup, with three little words, this program literally changed the course of my life.

It was mind blowing, reassuring and powerful. The universal value set was so evident, and I immediately felt like the armor I had been carrying for years could be put down. That is no easy task for me. I’ve always felt alone in various ways – either misunderstood, judged or considered crazy for the size of my dreams. ‘Finding my tribe’ was no joke – I truly did.

I don’t think any words I write here will do justice to the gratitude I feel for these precious people. They were so ‘all in’ and committed it was almost surprising – ‘do they really care this much? Is this just all for show?’ I mean, this type of unconditional love and support doesn’t exist… it can’t be real! But it was – in every sense of the word.” Mel Charboneau, co-founder, Fellow Flowers


“…one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.”

In January 2014 I walked away from an organization that I had co-founded and the educational programs that I had co-created and loved tremendously.

It was a huge risk and a very difficult decision for me but one I knew I had to make because my job was no longer lighting me up. For the first time in 10 years, I was unhappy in my work. Then in February the email came through about the Good Life Project (GLP) Immersion Program and everything inside of me said, “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!”

I am so glad I listened to that very wise inner mentor because the Immersion Program was the bridge that helped me travel through this difficult, challenging and very rewarding journey called life transition.

Not only did I learn all the skills necessary to build and launch an aligned business, I met people that have changed my life forever. Jonathan Fields is a special soul in the world of business. He is not only making a difference through his work at the Good Life Project, he is building and inspiring a TRIBE of people, like me, to do the same.

Recently, I successfully launched my new company, True North Sports, and I credit the GLP Immersion Program for helping me build the confidence necessary to follow my heart, create my vision and share it with the world.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a program that teaches you how to build a purpose driven business, that connects you to a supportive tribe of classmates and faculty, guided by an amazing visionary leader, then the GLP Immersion Program is the experience for you!

If your heart is saying “GO FOR IT,” like mine did, I would listen! For me, it is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.” – Celia Slater, founder True North Sports


“I’m writing to thank you for all you have done to improve my business and my life. Because of you I am in a whole different place with almost everything. I have wonderful friends from Immersion, a wonderful coach…a brand new website based on specific feedback from you and the crew, a thriving online community…” Rachel Shanken, founder


“…it has been the most incredible immersive experiential education program that I have ever encountered in my life.”

“Jonathan has a breathtaking talent for curating self-sustaining groups and creating a safe environment for them to explore themselves to previously unreachable depths.

Before GLP, I was perceived by many to be successful yet on the inside I felt it was a very different story. GLP allowed me to rebuild the way that I interact with the world around me and in that create a whole new meaning of what success means to me. I have to say that it has been the most incredible immersive experiential education program that I have ever encountered in my life.

I feel happy and content these days and in my inner world that is something totally new. For the first time I am living the time of my life. And for that I have a huge amount to thank Jonathan and my fellow tribe members for.”” – Marc Winn, Entrepreneur & Futurist

Art of Becoming Known™ grads…

The depth of learning I experienced in this program was beyond description. It’s almost like I took a compressed MBA entrepreneurial program…

The whole program for me was incredible… 1. I have clarity about where to put my time and attention. 2. I have clear scripts about how to convert 3. I totally GET copywriting like I didn’t before. 4. The conversion flow map gave me so much value. 5. I’ve got access to an ongoing supportive community of like-minded people. The depth of learning I experienced in this program was beyond description. It’s almost like I took a compressed MBA entrepreneurial program, and in addition to the strategy and tactics, I also got heart-centered questions and reminders. The program filled in gaps I didn’t even know I had. I came to the program to take my business to the next level and that is already happening. What I didn’t realize I was getting was a roadmap that I will reference again and again as I move up again and again.” – Maggie Graham, Introvert Career Whisperer


it gave me the extra courage and support that I needed to take my idea, put action behind it and get it out into the world.

“This past year I have been pivoting my career from being an expert in the world of fitness to a relative beginner in the world of entrepreneurship. I was beginning to spin my wheels in terms of mindset and next steps and knew I needed help. I have followed and loved Jonathan’s work for many years but in a world where I feel “sold to” every day I had been holding off committing to a live program. The program gave me something I didn’t realize I was craving. Validation. A “Helz Yes” that the work I was creating will make an impact in the world and at the same time allow me to make an income that we need to live in this world. An idea is just an idea until you put it out into the world. With Jonathan’s supportive feedback both verbal and by his way of being, along with the other incredible like minded members, it gave me the extra courage and support that I needed to take my idea, put action behind it and get it out into the world.” – Petra Kolber, creator of Moving to Happiness and The Perfection Detox


…truly given me the focus, clarity, and courage I needed!

The incredibly well thought out curriculum, Jonathan’s depth of experience (both in terms of research and in-the-trenches practical experience), and the precisely curated group of participants. With regard to just the curriculum, I REALLY loved the focus on avatars and getting into alignment with your positioning statement + mechanism… Just loved it! The seminar has truly given me the focus, clarity, and courage I needed! I thought it was perfection. Truly.” – Susie DeVille, Founder & CEO, Innovation & Creativity Institute


The Art of Becoming Known is a rich and powerful program, and I felt privileged to be part of it.

“In a world full of information noise, Art of Becoming Known was the perfect program to gain clarity about how, why and what to create what’s next – Version 2.0, personally and professionally. It is a powerful program – practical, comprehensive and extraordinarily thought provoking – from both a learning and experiential standpoint. I felt privileged to be part of a diverse group of multi-dimensional professionals carefully chosen by Jonathan and his team.

The agenda and materials shared are chock full of practical, cutting edge ‘how to’ get it done information and advice. Jonathan opened the door on his business, with generous in-depth sharing of his experience and resources – including his choices and mistakes – he used to build his multi-tiered platform. For me, the icing on the cake of this exceptional experience was the guidance in critical foundational thinking. Jonathan and his team challenged us to take a deep dive exploration of the motivations and intentions informing how we make our choices and decisions. This 360 degree thinking about our professional development in terms of service, leadership and impact – together with the personal, professional and financial implications – was brilliant.

I believe these critical thinking tools will save me an enormous amount of time, energy and financial resources as I seek to build a business I love. Brainstorming possibility and thinking through how playing bigger can potentially play out in the real world, together with liked-minded peers and the professional staff resources on hand, left me hugely optimistic and motivated. I absolutely loved it and we all continue to be supported by an active group, many of whom will be friends for life.” – Constance Klein, Chief Talent Scout, Scout Talent


“This training has been a game-changer for my business….

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for years, but wanted to take things to the next level, so I signed up for The Art of Becoming Known. The in-depth curriculum was incredibly helpful and the generous, hands-on guidance from the team helped me work through challenges and see things I’d been having trouble seeing on my own. The program helped me understand exactly who my ideal client was (and maybe, more important, who it wasn’t), how to package and price my services in a way that made so much more sense (and is designed to also make my life a whole lot easier), and how attract those dream clients. The program participants were also wonderful and we’ve become close colleagues, who continue to support each other. For anyone looking to build a career around a specific type of expertise, The Art of Becoming Known is a great way to hit the ground running!” – Joe Somodi, Lifestyle Concierge & Founder of 2020Yoga

RevolutionU grads…

I have been nothing but thrilled with every aspect of the program.

I used to be a VP of Marketing – yet when faced with trying to message my own work, my wheels (& head) were spinning. I knew all the pieces necessary, but I was unable to fit them all together into a whole that made sense. I’m not one to take online workshops & I usually don’t seek out advice or guidance, especially from strangers. What I come away with is usually just far enough off the mark to not have been useful. But in the midst of growing despair around the whole thing, RevolutionU fell into my lap. My normal response would have been to take the outline provided in the intro webinar and work through it myself. But it resonated so strongly for me that I just had to sign up. And I have been so glad I did. I have been nothing but thrilled with every aspect of the program. – Christine Capra, founder, Presencing the Active Feminine


I will look back and see that this was the turning point for my message — one that created a revolution!

…gave me the framework to finally do the foundational work — getting the “why” of my message — as a blueprint for the future. Doing this has opened up all kinds of possibilities and I am forever grateful to Jonathan and his team for doing their work first so that the rest of us can reap the benefits. I will look back and see that this was the turning point for my message — one that created a revolution! – Mike Dilbeck, founder of Response Ability Project.


Now, my messaging resonates more deeply and connects more powerfully with my true fans – and that fan base is growing rapidly!

Musicians are generally known for being passionate about their art. I’m passionate about my business, too. My revolution is to inspire people and show them how to own their dreams – but I was hesitant to share my story because I didn’t want my writing to be “all about me”… Now, my messaging resonates more deeply and connects more powerfully with my true fans – and that fan base is growing rapidly!  – Lisa Robbin Young, Singer, Author, Performing Artist.


To me the greatest takeaway (so far) has been the refinement of my mission and the messaging.

The message for others considering joining – If you have a purpose/mission that means something to you and you want to take it to as many people as possible and are willing to give what it takes, this course is for you! It’s not going to be easy — but the clarity you will have after taking this course makes it well worth the effort! – Sumitha Bhandarkar, founder of


It’s given me the confidence to plot a more far-reaching revolution!

I had been spinning my wheels in my business for the past year, knowing I wanted and needed to change something but unsure about where to even start…. I went from feeling like I was flailing around with disorganized ideas and disconnected ideals in my head to having a blueprint for fitting the pieces together in a compelling and congruent way.

By the time I got halfway…I was excited and confident that not only was I finally putting to paper exactly what I wanted for my business, but also that it would be communicated to my tribe in a way that would make sense. It’s given me the confidence to plot a more far-reaching revolution! The support of the group is amazing! – Heather Stimmler-Hall, Owner & Editor, Fleur de Lire Press


“Three words. A game changer…”

What we learned…has completely reshaped our business and how we reach our community. The training provided clarity, and it forced us to get clear on our purpose and reason for existing. Not only that, but we now know how to inspire and engage a community around our vision and we’ve taken one giant leap towards education of 1 million girls across Africa by 2020. Being surrounded by people on the same journey was refreshing. I took their ideas, challenges and learnings and applied it to our creation. I can’t wait to come back together in 12 months time, and see what everyone has created. – Chantelle Baxter, founder of One Girl


I have not only gotten incredible value from the program (way more than what I paid), but I have new colleagues, new connections, and new friends.

At first I was doubting doing this program, because I have done many other high end business and coaching programs, and I thought it must be just another one of those (which I don’t get much out of anymore). But Jonathan took me much deeper in theory and understanding how I am creating a revolution, and the power behind my movement. I am incredibly happy I jumped into this. I have not only gotten incredible value from the program (way more than what I paid), but I have new colleagues, new connections, and new friends. I am so grateful to Jonathan for the inspiration he provides and for the work he is doing. He is truly building a tribe of change makers and it feels so good to be part of a group of people doing such meaningful work. Jonathan is a true leader in this field. – Michelle Long, Founder of Bloom Retreat.


Be inspired. Be challenged. Gain a stronger foothold to gather your momentum.

There were so many elements that hit me and made me think and act…. The challenges are valuable and invaluable, making you stronger in your approach, your message, and your cause. – John Mertz, Leadership Populist, Thin Difference


 I’m not sure I can adequately express HOW important this work has been to me and to my organization.

I’m still fine tuning and studying a lot of what I’ve written down. This will eventually become a speaking platform for Educational Reform and I would have never had the confidence to take something like this on without having done this coursework. This work has shut up the monkey chatter in my head that says, “this is too big” or “no one will listen” or “why would anyone listen to ME!” and it’s empowered me to just do it! One step at a time. This program deserves the time it takes, no matter if you complete all of the work, non-stop in 8 weeks or if it’s an ongoing project that just keeps getting honed and improved upon. This is the foundation upon which something powerful will be created! – Linda Buchner, co-founder of MindDrive, Education Reform Consultant


…better than I could have expected and was worth at least 2-4X the value.

When joining the program I came in with a lot of marketing background, knowing my avatar and such, but the way…[the course]…was structured it gave me insights that I have never had before that will greatly help me get our Fit Moms For Life movement out there to more people and communicate in even a better way than before. Having the support of a couple hundred teammates from around the world was also an awesome thing. If you are willing to put in the work, it is a must program to join. – Dustin Maher, Founder of Fit Moms For Life

And more…

Jonathan Fields was a role model for me for years before he became a personal friend. I trust his business judgement because I have learned so much from him about how to grow a profitable and mission-centered small business. I trust his creative judgement knowing the voracious appetite he has for digesting the very best research and information. I trust his personal judgement by witnessing the care and concern he shows for his family. Anything Jonathan puts his mind to, he puts his heart to.” – Pam Slim, bestselling author of Body of Work


Jonathan Fields is someone who can do it all. He worked for the man as a lawyer, created (and sold) a brick and mortar business, authored two books, and built several web businesses. Oh, and he’s a GREAT speaker and storyteller. But what really makes Fields awesome is that he manages to do all of this without ever compromising his ethics and morals. So, yes, he’s an outstanding business strategist, but he’s also just and all around good guy too.” – Derek Halpern, founder of Social Triggers


Over the last few years, I’ve made the move from coach to teacher, presenter and now the founder of the fastest growing positive-psychology practitioner certification program in the world. Along the way, Jonathan has been both a valued mentor and a trusted source of clarity and strategic insight on everything from effective positioning, marketing and messaging to growing the bigger brand into what it is today. Maybe more important is his constant commitment to asking questions that encourage me to really think about not just the business I want to grow, but the life I hope it will enable. If you have the opportunity to work with him or participate in the experiences he creates, make it happen.” – Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, founder of The Flourishing Center and CAPP


“As a personal branding / digital business builder it’s easy to be constricted within my own container and point of view. I’m too close to my work. Jonathan is my go to for perspective, strategic advice and help with positioning my business brands and myself. His birds eye view of the Internet business world combined with his purpose and profit mindset is the voice I seek and trust when in need of guidance. As a student of a few of Jonathan’s programs I’ve learned to dig deeper, listen better and connect more emotionally to my target market to help solve their pain. I began working with Jonathan in 2012 and I’ve become more focused, self-assured and profitable ever since.” – Rachel Gogos, founder of MyPath101 and BrandiD


“Jonathan’s insight and guidance has been instrumental in my getting my own messaging right for products and services. So much so that having him review what I’m releasing in advance of getting it out there. “Being known” is good, but “being known for the right thing that people actually want” is what you’re really going after. Jonathan is a master at teaching people how to help people get known in the right way – show up, take notes, apply, excel.” – Charlie Gilkey, bestselling author, CEO of Productive Flourishing


“Jonathan can give you more meaningful and actionable insight in an hour than most people can give in a week. He is also a great listener, and I’ve lost count of the times he has just plain blown my mind with his unique way of analyzing a problem or situation and coming back with a solution I never, ever would have thought of in a hundred years. Yep, he’s that good.” – Terry St. Marie, Angel Investor, Cable industry consultant & founder of Built Oregon

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