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January 2012, I had this crazy idea…

Bring together world-class mindset and business faculty to co-create an intimate, highly-curated accelerated personal and business growth experience for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-minded career pros. To learn, cultivate the accountability, trust and deeply-connected community needed to live into an entirely new level of potential. And to play in some of the most beautiful places in the world.


We’d call it the Good Life Project Immersion. Because it would take you out of your everyday existence and drop you into a new reality. One that would change everything.

Good Life Project TV, now watched in over 150 countries, didn’t even exist. Our vibrant global online community was just the seed of an idea. And the GLP podcast, now a top-rated offering with over 200,000 followers, was a fantasy.

Within 72 hours of posting a single webpage with information on the GLP Immersion, more than 100 people applied. #Seriously? #SERIOUSLY?! The speed and intensity of the response was so far beyond what any of us had anticipated.

That program filled in the blink of an eye. And, as the program unfolded, the outcomes were, well, kinda stunning.

By the end, it was as if everyone had known each other for life. Like they’d finally discovered, for the first time, a group of people where they belonged. An inner circle that thought like them, saw the world the same way and wanted to give to and get the same things from life. People who saw and accepted them, without condition, and would rise to help them do what everyone else said was un-doable.

You can read about many of their experiences here, in their own words.

That experience also taught us a ton! So before opening enrollment for the 2013 Immersion, my team and I deconstructed and rebuilt the entire program, developing a revamped, even-cooler, more impact-driven format. I wondered if the crazy demand we saw for the inaugural year was just a fluke. But, bolstered by a now growing media presence and flourishing international tribe, the 2013 Immersion sold out even faster than the 2012 one.

For months after, people kept asking to jump into the program late. So, with no room and folks asking about the 2014 Immersion a year in advance, we opened an early interest list, which quickly grew to more than 500 people.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Two reasons.

  1. To show how when you align a deep desire to serve with a deep need, then ACT on your vision, astonishing things can and do happen. Providence rises up to support you in ways you never even knew existed. And;
  2. To let you know

Enrollment for the 2014 Good Life Project Immersion opens today.

Fair disclosure—we promised those on the early-interest list that they’d get a “head start” on the rolling admission process. So they’ve had access to the new information and application since Monday and, as expected, applications are already rolling in.

And, I’ve got tell you, too, this year we’ve again completely rebuilt the experience from the ground up with even more stunning changes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.27.15 AM

Some quick highlights:

  • We’ve more than doubled our faculty, adding world-class experts on excellence and peak-performance, experiential learning, mindset-mastery and Aligned Business Growth (You’ll meet some of the new mentors in the video)
  • We’ve rebuilt the travel experience from the ground up and combined multiple weekend retreats into a single transformative 5-day experience in Costa Rica. Along with next-level facilitation and a renewed emphasis on experiential learning and connection, this 5-day LEAP Retreat takes you much deeper, way faster.
  • We’ve rebuilt our breakthrough mindset and aligned business training from the ground up, developing a new module-driven Aligned Business Academy and Vital Mind & Body Academy, co-created and taught by some of the most-accomplished experts on the planet.
  • Our global community of GLP program alumni is growing into a powerhouse private tribe that is making ripples, collaborating and leading to opportunities for connection and impact around shared experience and values on a level that’s near-impossible to find. So you get to connect not only with those in your own program, but will alumni from all of our private trainings.
  • We’ve also heard your requests and worked relentlessly to figure out how to build even more value and a totally revamped travel experience into 7 transformative months.

Lots more detail in the new video. And you can also read about the experiences of Immersion alumni in their own words. Oh, and if you’ve watched the informational video in prior years, please feel free to fast-forward to the 17-minute mark, where we’ve edited in all the details on our crazy-cool new format and expanded faculty.

If it feels right to you, fantastic. And even if it’s not a fit, that’s absolutely cool, too.

Here’s to a year filled with deepening connection and realized potential!

With gratitude,


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