Who works harder, women or men?

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Turns out the old “women can have it all” line increasingly translates to women have to do it all.

A new study that compared the total hours of work and home tasks of women and men revealed that, when you take both into account, the average UK working man puts in 55 hours a week, while the average career-woman works a massive…

…68 hours a week.

While the male researchers stood gawking in amazement at the results, women of the world responded with a collective, “duhhh!”

So, what do you think? Fire away in the comments…

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7 responses

7 responses to “Who works harder, women or men?”

  1. S.L. says:

    Yep. Duh!

  2. Adeline says:

    Agree…how obvious! Sorry Jonathan.

  3. Jaime says:

    With all due respect to the woman of the UK, USA,and KU (Kansas Univ.man, they have the most awesome cheerleaders in the country……just kidding, kind of*)the key word is ‘average’; which means nothing to the guy(s) who is cumulatively doing his 90 hours per week……….
    * just my lame attempt at humor

  4. whatley says:

    Another reason I’m glad to be a man.

  5. What I have heard is that if you want something done, give it to someone who is busy. The theory is that someone who is busy knows how to prioritize. Something I have noticed about men and women, is that even though men are ‘in charge’ of things, women ‘manage’them instead.

    Many men are better with tasks: identify item, outline what it takes to accomplish said task, and it is clear when the task has been completed.

    However, anyone who runs a household knows, many tasks are items to be managed that will never actually be completed. It involves a much more subtle form of prioritizing that women learn at a much younger age.

  6. wendyy says:

    oh, I just wished we stopped talking about the hours, and would focus more on the (good) things we’re getting done…

  7. shane says:

    Damn – that just confirms that we need more women on our team. Of course peter & I have been saying that over and over. We are definitely male unbalanced.