When Good Kids Do Cool Things With Evil Technology

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Leave it to a kid to figure out how to turn an object hailed by many spouses and partners as a source of family angst into a tool for fun and learning.

Go check out my post over on Chris Brogan’s Dad-O-Matic blog today, entitled, “How A Blackberry Turned My Kid Into A Poet.” Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite:

I recently switched from a Blackberry to an iphone and before I did, I checked the memo section of my Blackberry to see if there was anything I needed to clear out or transfer.

It was packed. Not with memos. And, not by me.

The memo section was wall to wall with songs and poems written by my 7 year old daughter. Granted, she’s a bit of a hacker in training, but it revealed to me something really interesting.

Click here to read the rest when you get a chance. And spend some time reading the other dads at Dad-O-Matic, lot’s of great, fun, informative articles, reviews and conversations.

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One response to “When Good Kids Do Cool Things With Evil Technology”

  1. WOW!! That made me smile:) And then I went through my text message to see if there was any hidden treasure….