What's the Best Online Business Model?

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People constantly ask me what the best model is for making money online…

Fact is, there is no single “best” model, but one of the most powerful ones is the approach shared by famed blogger and friend, Brian Clark of Copyblogger.com—membership sites that teach high-value/how-to information.

In fact, Brian’s first big monetization play as a blogger was his own membership site called Teaching Sells that (cough) teaches people how to build membership training sites.

Confession, when Brian first launched Teaching Sells well over a year ago, even though I have huge respect for him, I was suspect. Because there are a lot of scams out there selling make money online info. But, after spending a bunch of time peeking under the hood and getting to know Brian, I was blown away by the quality of information he was sharing. In fact, that’s a large part of why I included him in my book.

And, here’s the thing coolest thing…

Teaching Sells has been closed to new members for a while, but in a few days, it reopens. And, every time Brian reopens Teaching Sells, he does a mini-launch where he gives away a boatload of tremendous information. I don’t know why he does this anymore, because his reputation is so good, people pretty much line up to scramble for their spot before it closes again anyway.

But, hey, his kindness is your windfall…

Because, even if you have no intention of signing up, after you’ve headed over to Teaching Sells today, you’ll be able to download all this stuff (e-mail required, but it’s so worth it):

  • A 22 Page whitepaper Forget Everything You Know About Making Money Online (And Start Making Some). Also available as an mp3 version, so you don’t have to read it (love to listen to stuff like this while I’m driving, except it takes forever to get anywhere, because I have the urge to pull over and take notes every 10 seconds!)
  • Case Study: Aaron Wall Moves From SEO Book to SEO Training – an eye opening look at how one of the most respected SEO publishers moved from offering an ebook to a membership model (PDF & mp3)
  • Case Study: Realtors Become Real Estate Industry Online Trainers – A great example that reveals how to turn your industry-specific experience into high-value training content for that same industry (PDF & mp3)
  • Case Study: Borrowing the Expertise of Others – Shares how to launch a membership site even when you’re not the one with expertise to share (PDF & mp3)
  • Report: How to Build & Launch a Quick & Easy Membership Site with Licensed Content – Reveals an alternative approach to membership sites that let’s you essentially borrow other people’s proven training content
  • A 20 step process map that literally outlines how to build an online training business
  • A killer video that reveals how to “borrow” other people’s traffic and send a torrent of people to your site

If you want to jump in and sign up for the full Teaching Sells training, hey, that’s your choice. I can tell you as someone who’s worked through the content firsthand, it’s tremendous.

But, even if you don’t, at the very minimum, click over and download all the tremendous educational content that Brian’s giving away.

And, probably best not to wait, because the giveaways usually come down when the launch goes live and I think that’s happening tomorrow or Thursday.

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3 responses

3 responses to “What's the Best Online Business Model?”

  1. Well Hello There,

    Joe turned me on to Basecamp Renegade this morning via an e-mail. I am pretty sure that I converted to your “tribe” long before this morning. Please, please…make this a regular event. I am in the process of re-inventing my professional career and can’t make it fiscally for this inaugural event but have all ready started the spreading the word.

    Mati 🙂
    .-= Mathew A. Koeneker´s last blog ..A Few Jewels From The Vault =-.

  2. Wow! Excellent post. I do agree that there is no “best online business model”, but teaching people is the very best way to reinvent your career.

    By giving up the idea of making money and focusing on teaching or helping that is the very best way to get the money to follow. Keep posts like these coming for all those up and coming Career Renegades.
    .-= RWelchMarketing´s last blog ..How To Make Money With RedGage =-.

  3. Ranvijay says:

    Hi Jonathan!

    I think what you have posted is an excellent piece of information from your side. Its really a fact that there are no pre defined perfect & profitable business online but people can think about starting their own social networking sites, affiliate sites and membership based sites that can help them to earn a lot online.