What's REALLY Bugging You About Getting Laid Off?

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The angst of losing your job wouldn’t be nearly so bad if it wasn’t layered on top of the disillusionment and defeat that’s built over decades of having sacrificed meaning and passion in the name of a more secure future that now seems to be anyone’s guess. Here are a few thoughts on the subject and actions to take to find your way out, from a snowy afternoon in NYC…

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6 responses

6 responses to “What's REALLY Bugging You About Getting Laid Off?”

  1. Andy Hayes says:

    Heartfelt and spot on as usual, Jonathan. Thanks for the up-close-and-personal viewpoint (including the viewpoint of your snowy window). It is a great reminder to wake up and smell the facts, folks!

  2. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Andy – Hey no problem, it was kinda fun trying to think and speak without shivering too much.

  3. Jonathan – what you say (and write) is so, so true and relevant. Check out what Vineet Nayar, a CEO of an IT company with 51,000 employees, posted over at Harvard Business Publishing: http://blogs.harvardbusiness.org/nayar/2009/01/corporate-ethics-isnt-about-ru.html?cm_mmc=npv-_-DAILY_STAT-_-JAN_2009-_-STAT0127

    It breaks my heart (and soul) that it’s taking such a widespread down turn to yank people out of cog-hood. Even so, as you say, it is what we do with the pain that matters from now on. I know in my heart that the best is yet to come – a time when more and more of us will create, follow and succeed on our own paths – and be better citizens of planet Earth.

    Congrats on your book!

    Stay in touch,

  4. Hi Jonathan, I love this video, thank you! I feel that I am on the cusp of transitioning into a whole new career driven and dictated by Me! Reading your blog, book, and watching your videos is giving me the motivation to take one or two more steps towards my dream every day!

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  6. David says:

    Great video. I was recently laid off and what you said about an implicit contract is very true. I spent the last ten years in a miserable corporate cubicle, enduring politics and an abusive boss. But the understanding was that it would pay off in the end. It doesn’t work that way, and probably wouldn’t be worth it if it did.