What If You Didn’t Have To Do It Alone?

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Last week, I offered this challenge:


Stop looking outside yourself for the big win.

You want to grow faster, know yourself better

You want to make more money, be a better problem solver.

You want to attract better talent, build a stunning culture of one.

You want to make a bigger difference, train in empathy, intuition and compassion.

You want to leave a legacy that matters, be a better human and leave people profoundly changed.

You want to live a better life, before anything else, invest in a ruthless self-knowledge, then build every effort, every action, every element of your vision around the fiber of your being.

You are the killer app.

The response was a fast and furious, global “hell, yes!”

Thousands read and shared and commented.

Thing is, reading, sharing and commenting is a great first step. But it’s not enough. You’ve also got to DO something with this knowledge! And #oyvey, almost nobody does!

Witness the 95% of New Year’s resolutions that lie dead in the water every January 15th. And the vast majority of adults living reactive, punch-list lives of quiet desperation, never coming close to knowing or feeling or truly tapping into their potential, in business, in health, or in life.

Question is, why?

It’s not that we don’t yearn for something better. We do. It’s not that we don’t feel the pain of buried potential. We do. Even if we’re grateful for what we have, it’s okay to want something more for our lives, our families and those we’d love to serve.

So, what’s stopping you?

Three things:

1. You don’t know how (that’s actually the easiest part, believe it or not)

2. You don’t have a teacher, mentor or guide that you trust to show you a better way, and

3. You don’t have a circle of champions to hold you accountable, hold you without judgment when you fall (oh, and you will) and inspire you to do the work needed to live into your best self when you most want to bail (and you will, many times).

This has always bothered me. A lot.

So, in 2012, I created a solution. An intimate, utterly-immersive experience, where a small number of hand-selected individuals could come together to form a benevolent, joyful and unstoppable force for growth, impact and change. To learn, to work together, to rise up, to hold and be held, to envision, build, launch and grow everything from books to foundations to careers and organizations, from livings to lives.

We called it the Good Life Project Immersion, and within hours of announcing it, we were overwhelmed with applications. Four to five people applied for every spot available. I never saw this level of demand coming (and honestly, we weren’t prepared for how voracious the need was).

Months later, as the experience wrapped, the stories of profound personal and professional growth were nothing short of stunning. Lots of tears, but many more laughs. Even more incredibly, the biggest legacy has been the depth of friendships and collaborations that continue to grow within each graduating class, as well as the bigger alumni community.

We’ve since offered the Immersion once a year. This will be our fourth year.

I’m insanely excited to share that the application window for the 2015 Immersion is now officially open!!! Click here now to check out the details.

Two quick disclosures, though…

One. this program is not for everyone. We’re fortunate to be in a position to be very selective. It’s so important to have the right people committed. So, when you watch the video, see all the program details (starting around minute 17), and read the stories from grads, if it doesn’t feel right, please do not apply.


If you check out all the info and stories and then end up saying “OMG, OMG, OMG! I must do this!!!” please don’t dawdle. We secretly opened enrollment for early application to our early-interest list a few weeks back and nearly 25% of the spots are already taken. AND, we review applications and offer spots on a rolling basis. What does that mean? It means, we don’t know if the program will close out in days or weeks.

If you’re serious about learning more and applying, please, please, please do not wait. As I mentioned, every year, we’ve had 4 to 5 applications for every available spot (40 max).

Once we’re done, we’re done. You’ll have to wait another year.

Check out the details now.


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