What If There Were A Secret Internet For Kids?

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So, my friend and social media maven, Kristen Munson, has a series called Social media Dads on her blog, SocialMediaMom.com. And, she asked me to share a few thoughts on what’s it’s like to be a dad in a highly-wired (that’s connected, not frazzled) world. So, I put together a fun post that begins like this…

I’ve always had this deep desire to show my 7-year old daughter, Jesse, just how interconnected we are to others around the world. Living in NYC has made the task quite a bit easier. It seems at some point, someone from nearly every culture ends up here. And we get to meet them.

But, the power of social media to demonstrate this point and fuel her exploration really hit home the other day as she strolled in from camp…

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3 responses

3 responses to “What If There Were A Secret Internet For Kids?”

  1. Interesting idea Jonathan.

    But as a father, I don’t want my child roaming helter-skelter across the Internet.

    Outside of the obvious problems of safety and the inappropriate nature of many things on the Internet as well as wanting to moniter what comes in, I’d rather he met real people in real life.

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but children are still children. Children raising children isn’t turning out to well in modern American society.

    Things may not get to the level of “Lord of the Flies” but children will always need guidance. And part of that guidance comes in the form of adults/parents monitoring and filtering what comes into their world.

    They’ll have their whole adult lives for technologically based social networking. At that point, they will have the skills to make better choices and have a deeper understanding because their parents were around to give it to them.

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