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For more than two decades, my team and I have been traveling the world, exploring what it means to live a good life, integrating the learnings into our own lives and sharing them with the people, companies and audiences in more than 150 countries. Along the way, we’ve interviewed, studied and learned from a global community of teachers, from Tibetan Buddhist Lamas to billionaire CEOS, neuroscientists to venture capitalists, and artists to academics.

In 2012, I elevated my quest to the level of vocation with the launch of the Good Life Project® (GLP), a movement fueled by a global media and education venture. GLP boasted a broadcast-quality weekly web-series featuring in-depth, unscripted, unusually-candid conversations with acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs, makers and world-shakers.

Then, in 2013, looking to expand the accessibility of the show and tap the intimacy and power of audio, we transitioned into a podcast format. The Good Life Project podcast has now grown into one of the top-ranked podcasts in the world, boasting a huge archive of in-depth conversations with global visionaries from all walks of life, from iconic business founders to scientists, artists, social-impact innovators and everyday people living fully-engaged, alive lives.

Explore Good Life Project Videos here and listen to or subscribe to the podcast here.

We’ve also done a few nutty things, like taking thousands of dollars of camera equipment on a zip-line 10,000 feet above sea-level and into a jungle compound in Mexico. But that’s a whole different story…