Want a Comp Pass or 20% Off Blogworld East?

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On Thursday, May 26th, I’m presenting at one of the coolest conferences around – Blogworld in NYC.

And you can either be my guest and pay nothing or come for 20% off. Here’s the deal…

Until this year, Blogworld happened once a year in Vegas, but they’ve just added a new New York City event and moved the fall event to Los Angeles.

For all you authors and aspiring authors, it’s especially cool, because it’s being co-located with the largest publishing-industry conference, Book Expo America, and…wait for it…one full-access pass gets you into both shows.

That’s an insane amount of education, networking and fun for the price of one ticket.

But, before you spend a dime, the good folks at Blogworld have worked with me to arrange two very cool things for you guys:

1. A Complimentary Full-Access Pass – I’ve got one VIP pass that will get you in for the low, low price of, well, nothing! I’m going to give it away to the person who shares the most compelling, funny, horrifying, bizarre, dramatic, happy, sad, silly or downright chunkiest reason that they absolutely must go to Blogworld in the comments below.

But, you need make stuff up, plead your case, post your comment by midnight EDT on Wednesday, May 11th to qualify. As always, the pass be awarded based on my utterly non-scientific, thoroughly-biased, bribable, completely covert selection criteria. No purchase necessary, you can’t be my sister, yadda yadda yadda. I’ll announce the winner Thursday May 12th.

2. Get 20% off – Even if you don’t win, the cool kids at Blogworld Expo have given me an exclusive 20%-discount code to share with you. It’s – JFIELDS20.

So, be sure to enter it when you register here.

Oh, so what am I talking about at Blogworld East?

Here’s the description of my session:

Tapping Technology to Build a Digital Enterprise

Most authors just want to write, but in this rapidly changing publishing environment, that’s not enough. To stay in control of your career, authors must become enterprises. And social media, along with a variety of other online and mobile tools and platforms, is now making this easier and less complex than ever before. This presentation will explore how to build a digital empire around your writing pursuits that allows you the freedom to continue to do what you love and take control of your living and career path.

Now go, plead your case for the Comp pass in the comments below or just jump on in and commit now for 20% off.


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32 responses

32 responses to “Want a Comp Pass or 20% Off Blogworld East?”

  1. The digital world opens new vistas and capabilities to market and brand yourself. However, the basic principles of marketing and branding are still critical to being successful. We can get carried away at the pace and opportunity technology provides and lose sight of focus, messaging and audience.

  2. Dear Jonathan,

    Back in 1967, just before I was born, my mother had a vision; a fever dream in which she envisioned the whole planet connected by wires with me at the center of it all. People in other countries on other continents, all connected by a global “web” of communication. Interspersed in this vivid imagery, one word kept appearing over and over again. That word was “blog”.

    Of course, she was dismissed as a lunatic and became the laughing stock of everyone who believed that an IBM Selectric typewriter was as far as technology was going to reach.

    The more she told people about the dream, the more of an outsider she became until, finally, we were forced to leave our small village and become the first family in our nomadic tribe. Even throughout this hardship, my mother never forgot her dream, and when I was old enough to understand, she told me the story of the world connected by wires.

    “And you will be at the center of it”, she said. “You will talk to people all over the world through your wires, and they will speak back to you. You are the key, the center of it all. That is why we named you “blog”. The spirits of the wired world spoke your name over and over in my dream, and I understood. You, Blog, will be a great man. Don’t ever forget that. Oh, and one more thing, beware of a man named “Vaynerchuk” who will tempt you with wine, but befriend the man named Fields who will help you on your journey.”

    Well, Jonathan, as you can see, my mother’s dream interpretation skills are slightly lacking, but she was right about one thing. The wired world has come to pass and if I am to be in the center of it, I must journey to Blog World Expo in New York and claim what is mine. The spirits have foretold it. Our futures are intertwined.

    Now, I must tell you that we are a poor people, so as far as bribes go, I’m afraid that gold and riches are out of the question. We do have some very fine goats this year however, and I can promise you, when I have fulfilled my destiny, you will not be forgotten, Jonathan Fields. Your future reward is greater than you can imagine.

    Peace Unto You,

    Blog Overton

  3. Jodi Barnes says:


    I’d love to win this ticket!! I’ve had my blog for 2-3 months and am just beginning to understand all that I don’t understand. I have a grand plan in my head for what I’d like to build and how interactive I want to make my site, but I need more than passion, the ability to write, and the goal to turn people on to what we call work and why we do what we do (heavily inspired by Studs Terkel, my hero).

    I have no dramatic story, no clever gimmick. I gave up academia to return to writing two years ago and soon rediscovered Stud’s Terkel’s book, Working (1972), along with several interviews I’d done in 1998. My education, interests and work experience have all in some way intersected with the human nature of work. I want to provide opportunities for people to tell their stories, their truths, lies and fantasies about the work they do. I want to invite discussion, debate and innovative thinking and rethinking about work, and I’d like to connect us a bit closer to one another in the process.

    I’ve been reading you for some time now. Would love to hear you and thank you in person for inspiring me.


  4. Andreea says:

    Jonathan, thanks so much for offering this opportunity! I would love love love to get the free pass (not only because it would be awesome to hear you speak at the event), but also because I recently started my blog and I am super determined to make it successful.

    I must go to blog world because I want to be a speaker there next year and I want to see and hear what all the other speakers are talking about this year. One of my goals a few years ago when I started my t-shirt business (which I recently sold) was to be an instructor at The Learning Annex for their “Make Millions with T-shirts” course, which is one of their most popular courses. So I signed up for the course that they had at the time simply to see what it was all about, how the instructor handled the course and to learn more about The Learning Annex. Well, lo and behold, about a year later I emailed The Learning Annex and asked them if I can teach their next t-shirt course and they said yes. To date, I’ve taught three courses there in the last few months and have received amazing feedback from the course participants.

    This actually led me to start my new business venture (consulting with t-shirt business and product based business owners) and teaching them everything I know about getting their products into stores and in the media. I have written a book about starting your own t-shirt business and I am in the process of setting up a few e-courses, in addition to offering private consulting services and sharing everything I know on my current blog.

    But I know my blog can be way better and I want to learn from the speakers at blog world and prepare to be a speaker there next year. And when I do speak there next year, I’ll make sure to thank you publicly for helping me get there 🙂

    Thanks again for the opportunity,

  5. Please help, am surrounded by angry ducks that have us at gunpoint. They will shoot if they don’t get a pass to Blogworld. Save us from the ducks!


  6. Stephanie says:

    There is a danger lurking in the world; a danger often written about but seldom portrayed as the truth: that truth is SUPERNATURAL BEINGS ARE LIVING AMONGST US. That neighbor who takes long night time walks? Vampire. And, underneath those red hats that women in the red hat clubs wear lurk Pointy witches’ hats! As a Paranormal Literature, Film and News reporting Blogger, it is my calling to present this information to the widest possible audience in a way that makes people understand that THESE THREATS ARE REAL. With the knowledge I gain at this conference I would be able to reveal so much more and save more people from the coming threat!

  7. Liz King says:

    Jonathan –
    I would absolutely LOVE to win this pass (who wouldn’t, right?).

    First of all, because I’ve been wanting to go to BlogWorld ever since I first heard about it, but haven’t really been able to afford the ticket price plus the cost of the vacation days. But now it has come here – to my home town!

    I also have a blog that I started a little over a year ago that has grown into a cool place for people in the event industry to hang out and learn. Last year, I won the #Eventprofs Blog Awards for Most Thought Provoking Blog and the People’s Choice Awards. I’ll be honest though – I have no idea what I’m doing to get the readers I have. I would love to meet with other writers and pick their brains on how to create a blog/brand strategy. I know that there are a million gimmicks, but I want to learn the tried-and-true ways of the blog masters that come down to hard work. I’m willing to put the time in for my blog and would love to see it become more of a resource to the industry.

    And finally, I LOVE your session idea (and not just because I want to suck up!). I think a lot about social media and the impact it has on branding and getting the word out about everything we do. Would love to learn some new techniques from you to share my work with the world without being overbearing.

    I hope you’ll check out my blog http://www.lizkingevents.com/blog and consider me for this prize. If I win, I’ll come up with some fun way to thank you!

    Thanks for the consideration. Hope to see you there!

  8. Dear Jonathan,

    Thanks for this opportunity! Three reasons I need a free pass to BlogWorld:

    1) Attending BlogWorld will give me the tools to make my millions blogging so I can fulfill my dream of retiring to Fiji, where I’ll write trashy romance novels from a cabana on the beach.

    2) My boss pierced her belly button and bought a sports car last weekend (and posted pics of both on Facebook). It’s never been more urgent to finally get my own social media company off the ground! Attending this event would give me a great leg up.

    3) It would be a dream come true to see you in person. You are the smartest, best looking person named Jonathan Fields I’ve ever met.



  9. Toni Church says:

    Jonathan thanks for doing this, I would love a ticket to BlogWorld but unfortunately I cannot bribe you because if I could I would have bought my own ticket. I am a fairly new blogger and this opportunity would be awesome. I also have a very energetic 2 year old and this may be my only chance to get out of the house and have some peace while learning new things..it is a win-win situation. I am begging you, please don’t deny me the chance to have some time to myself while also receiving a great education…you may be my last hope……..


  10. Hi Jonathan!

    So…I’m a 24-year old blogger that loves a strong martini, fancies traveling, and is pretty much obsessed with the west coast even though I’m stuck here in the Boston area 😉

    Blogging is my passion. Although I talk about superficial things on my blog, such as what I’m wearing, how to organize a closet, where to party in Vegas, etc., I spend my free time reading Inc., Fast Company, and informative blogs (you know – like yours! among others).

    Via blogging, I’ve met Bruce Jenner, walked in a runway show, appeared in US Weekly, but…. I’ve never been to Blogworld. And I hear it’s phenomenal. I would be honored to attend the conference as your VIP guest!


  11. Amy Oscar says:

    Jonathan – As your guest, I promise to bring ALL of my angels Just being in their presence makes people calm and ready to step onto stages. If we don’t get the ticket, well, you just never know. PS I blew all my conference cash on Selling Your Soul.

  12. Jonathan,
    Hi again. Well, as you know very well, from my lurking in your corners that I, as well as some others, am very new to all you’ve been helping to teach me.
    I believe with all my heart, that I am the one you should choose to take to NYC as your guest because I am Alaska Chick. That doesn’t mean much of anything to many folks at all out there, yet, but it will. It has to! (~as I am listening to my almost, 8 days now, 4 year old precious daughter say, “son-of-a-nut-cracker”-oh Lordy, Toni Church, I am so with ya, honey!)
    I come from a different type of business world than anyone I have been lucky to connect with. (and I have connected with some pretty special folks, I have mentioned to you before such as that great cat, The Sales Lion- Marcus Sheridan, the very insightful, Danny Brown, the hilarious Scott Stratten who has seen me through not being able to grasp and accept no comments (again) to knowing I am UnStoppable, my very own (and who couldn’t use at least one?)Life Coach, Expat ~John Falchetto and others, that have meant as much to me these last few months of trying to learn all I can.)
    We live in a fly-in area in the deep and wondrous mountains of Alaska and aside from all else, this is where we live and make our lives, on horseback. I home-school my 12 year old son and my very energetic, precocious, almost 4 year old along with trying (mostly succeeding) to ram-rod a bunch of “good ‘ol boys” in this boy’s club, trying to save our business (no joke) from becoming extinct because of being so far behind in the all the wires surrounding the center as Paul “Blog”‘s mom fore-told and praying every night that someone will come into our lives that can help us finish our new house that was abandoned when the dude building it decided he’d much rather be drunk.
    Anyhow, I would love to go. Would be honored to be chosen. I believed I was going to die last Spring. Blessings came raining down on us and I was spared for a reason. I believe with all I am that it was because they need me. My children and this historic company that is so special to us. I am learning all I can as fast as I can, and I believe I am improving. I will know I’ve nailed it when I have my mentors, my heros of the cyber world, comment on my writings. (and NO!! I’m not ready for you yet! LOL)
    I am serious and dedicated. I am honest and loyal. I’m also Alaska Chick, and that’s all that I can say about that.
    (I am sure it would be fantastic to hear you and meet you in person, but oh my gosh! ALL of the great minds, in one place !! What a flood of learning and insight to be had!)
    Take care & good speaks if you don’t pick me….I’ll be here!
    ~Thank you for this opportunity.

  13. Hi Jonathan!

    If I have to pay for it, my wife will not let me go.

    But I must go, for I have a blog with no readers, and a book about SXSW with no publisher.

    I made some A-list bloggers uncomfortable at SXSW, but not all of them. Give me a second chance!

  14. I’m sure I’ve got the same reasons as everyone else for wanting to be chosen for a free ticket – relative newbie, need knowledge and networking opportunities, lack money, stuck in that chicken or egg scenario where you go in circles trying to figure this whole thing out without spending money you don’t have, etc. Cue the tiny violins, then let’s cut the symphony.

    You say you’re bribable. I can offer:
    -a productivity system completely customized to your personality type
    -a copy of my novel exploring the concept of happily ever after
    -gorgeous, one of a kind literary jewelry for any of your family or friends
    -and/or idea bouncing and general thoughts on any subject from now until eternity (guaranteed to get better with time)

    I also make phenomenal mint chocolate brownies, amazing almond cupcakes, and a brilliant gluten free apple crisp. 😀

  15. Keely says:

    So I feel like I missed the deadline, but on the off chance that this somehow means tomorrow at midnight and not an hour and 4 minutes ago…

    I have both a threat, and a bribe.

    The threat is that of course if I don’t win the pass to Blogworld I have these two dogs with the evil superpower of licking people into near-death submission or maybe they just lick people a bunch and it tickles… No one has lasted long enough to find out for sure about the near-death part yet. :-p

    And the bribe is I will offer up a Blogworld Pass $$ equivalent of snowboard lessons redeemable at anytime. (I should mention that one of the chief reasons I’m trying to start a location independent online business is because I would really like to continue my 5-year(thus far) career as a snowboard instructor and still be able to afford to eat occasionally… and I’m pretty savvy at the job, if I do say so myself.)
    And if you and the family enjoy the wintry outdoors, that’s a pretty exciting bribe if I do say so… Although, in honesty, reading your writing thus far has already helped enough that I’d probably give up the snowboard lessons without the Blogworld pass (but we’ll just pretend I didn’t bring that part up?)

    Thanks for providing us all with the chance.

    • Keely says:

      And of course I forgot to mention, that if it helps, I’ve been trying to get myself to Book Expo America for about 3 years and never managed it. The fact that both events are together is almost too good to be true, until of course you see the pass price.

  16. olga mizrahi says:

    Dear Jonathan and Jonathan’s loyal comment readers-

    >downright *chunk*iest reason:
    I blog juicy, digestible chunky bits about how small change can add up big for business. I hear crickets when I listen for female business leaders blogging. Maybe it’s because we’re all afraid that
    Someone out there thinks you suck.

    Chunkofchange.com is my way of giving back to the types of businesses that have inspired me over the past 16 years of web design and e-commerce work.

    May I be your VIP? I would fly to New York for that. Unless, that is, you’ll be in LA as well. In that case, I’d prefer to be your “westie” Ha!

    Warm regards,

    Olga Mizrahi

    P.S. After you give away your NYC VIP pass, I’d appreciate if you’d ask those fine folks at Blogword West to allow me to do the same for us here for the west coast crew. I’d love to give one away on chunkofchange.com

  17. Paul Secor says:


    My blog may not be “hip” or “sexy”. I don’t cover which celebrities had plastic surgery. I can’t “life coach” you into how to become a master of the universe. And, I don’t post minute-by-minute coverage and commentaries on what the top bloggers just wrote.

    My blog has a simple goal: build a noble business by helping educators receive grants to improve learning related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (also known as STEM). I believe that attending Blogworld East would help me acquire some ideas, techniques, and skills I could use to take my blog/site to the next level and reach even more educators.

    In order to maximize the positive impact associated with providing me with a guest pass, I would like to offer this to you in return: If selected, I will make free passes to my 2011 STEM Grants Virtual Conference available to a select number of teachers in your son/daughter’s school district. The 2010 conference was a big hit with over 19 hours of live content, over the course of 4 days. This is a paid conference and you and I could decide on how many passes would be appropriate for your local school / school district.

    Thank you for your consideration. Let’s work together to do something positive and noble in this world of blogging!


    • Paul Secor says:


      In my excitement I typed “2010” STEM Grants Virtual Conference. We actually did the 2011 conference in March and the 2012 is also slated for March, 2012. So, the passes for your local teachers could either be for recordings from the 2011 conference OR for the live version of the 2012 conference. … your choice.


  18. Christopher says:

    My life-changing reason?

    … because the world needs saving. Here’s to the world’s health and happiness.


  19. Hey Jonathan,

    I’m a freelancer who started off a little over a year ago with not one contact, reference, client and my online presence consisted of a half-filled in Facebook profile.

    I also had no college degree or experience.

    Since then I’ve built up a client base, but am waaay too poor to be able to afford a conference. Like, normally, even given a free pass I’m still too poor to attend because of travel costs.

    However!, I live in New York City commuter territory, which is a train ride away, which means even my broke-ass can afford to go to the Blogworld East Conference with a free ticket!

    Not only would this be my first conference, but a good third of my clients will be speaking at the conference so I’d be able to finally meet them in person. In addition, a number of business contacts I’ve made will be attending, so I’d be able to meet some clients, meet some contacts, AND attend my first conference.

    So far I’ve met one client to date and I was so excited you’d thing I was a preteen meeting Justin Bieber. Being able to get a free pass so I could go to this conference would make me beyond super excited. Like a preteen meeting the entire cast of Disney and Nick shows, PLUS Justin Bieber. Seriously, I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself. Plus, it’d be amazing for business to be able to meet everyone in person.

    In addition, I DO have a touching story of how I ended up freelancing and overcame all odds of being crazy, but I’ll save it.

    Thank you for offering such an amazing prize!


  20. Bruce Serven says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for doing this.

    I don’t have any crazy story (factual or fictional) or anything else to sell you. What I do have is the determination to go and the will to get things done if given the chance. I also have the sense to know an opportunity when it presents itself, and as such, if granted, I would be doing written and photo/video blogs of the event. For the entire event, and for anything I produce related to it, I will pimp out you and whatever else you wish to be promoted. I will also wear a sponsored t-shirt or other sponsored attire you desire while I am there. Consider me your walking, talking, writing, photo/video-graphing manwhore of a billboard for the event. I’ve never made that offer to anyone before, so this would be a fun adventure to try while at the same time taking advantage of all the awesomeness that is BWENY. Plus, it’d just be plain cool to meet you in person and get that token fanboy picture to share with my cats on Facebook and Flickr. 🙂

    Thank you again for the opportunity.


  21. Jonathan Fields says:

    Oooooh, such good entries…and bribes, too. But, of course, I was only kidding about the bribe part (mostly, lol).

    And, the winner is…Paul Secor, because I love the goal of helping educators find grants to improve learning related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. And, don’t worry, Paul, I don’t need anything in return, just happy to be able to share this with a member of the tribe. I’ll email with details shortly.

    • Congrats @paul! You have a noble goal indeed. More power to those that follow their passion and can make a living at it. I am interested to see what you’ll take away from blogworld east and how it will be applied (maybe in an upcoming post of yours??) Until then, I’ll be in suspense.

      Looking fwd to your update and best wishes in getting those STEM grants for educators procured.


    • Congratulations @Paul, a worthy cause indeed!

      [I was just kidding about the pix of course. What happens at SXSW stays at SXSW. ;-)]

  22. Paul Secor says:

    Thanks so much Jonathan! This is a big opportunity I am taking very seriously.

    @Olga I will definitely be happy to do a post if Jonathan feels it would be good for the readers. I’m interested in building a bigger community and different monetization paths besides the virtual conference I am doing thus far.

    What is interesting is that I have to be very selective and respectful in how I communicate and sell to my audience. I need to keep pricing economical since these are schools and I want to make sure that my products and services definitely empower educators to fund their STEM projects. Its anything but a typical sales funnel which makes it all so challenging, but yet exciting.

    I am so pumped for the conference. I have been on cloud 9 since getting Jonathan’s email!

  23. Paul Secor says:

    For those that are still interested in winning a free pass to Blogworld East, Blogworld is running a promotion right now. See the following for details: http://www.blogworld.com/2011/05/16/bwechat/