The Unexpected Gift That Moved Me To Tears

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Troy Young’s message hit my inbox in September 2013.

He was a fan of the Good Life Project. He loved the content and the fuller conversations it allowed for. And being a broadcast video editor from Toronto, he also appreciated the production values we were bringing to online video.

So, he made me an offer:

Thank you so much for creating The Good Life Project, it has become part of my morning ritual, relaxing with a big tea and an inspiring interview before I start my day. One of my goals this year is to start doing more meaningful work, work that helps add value to people’s lives. I’ve been a video editor in the broadcasting industry in Toronto for the past 18 years and really enjoy what I do…I assume you have a regular editor who edits your interviews but if you ever need someone to fill in I would love to volunteer my services to you.

I replied with a quick note, thanking him for his kind words and his offer and letting him know we were all set on the production side for the time being.

End of story, right?

Not even close…

A month and half passes. We air the GLP episode that features design icon, Milton Glaser. At the end of that conversation, Glaser and I talk about one particular question I asked and how so many people have answered the same question differently.

Lightbulbs go off in Troy’s head. He starts going back through five seasons of shows to see for himself.

Then, he emails me:

…You did an interview a while back with Milton Glaser… You talked about how surprised you were at the number of different answers.  At that moment the little bell went off in my head and I asked myself what would that sound like? So I assembled a montage…. A very simple idea but a very powerful result. I think if you’re living The Good Life it will put a smile on your face and if you’re not living The Good life it will fire you up (In a good way)!!

He includes a link to a private page that hosts the 4-minute video.

My wife is standing next to me. We watch it together. As the video wraps, we’re both near tears. For a couple of reasons.

One, Troy did a beautiful job. He’s right. It’s really powerful.

Two, in a moment, my wife and I both realize Good Life Project has moved beyond the project stage and, somewhere along the way, become a body of work.

Three, to think that someone would do this, as a pure give on their own time, in appreciation for the work we’re putting out into the world, is incredibly inspiring and deeply humbling. It reconnects you with why you do what you do.

Immense gratitude to Troy for giving me not only the gift of the video, but an invitation to reconnect with my why.

Okay, okay. So, by now you’re wondering…


Right now!

We’re premiering Troy’s moving Good Life Project montage on the newly launched GLP homepage.


Please go check it out. If you like it, share it. And give Troy a big shout out for his big heart and beautiful work.

With gratitude,


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7 responses

7 responses to “The Unexpected Gift That Moved Me To Tears”

  1. Scott Asai says:

    It was a very nice video. Everyone’s definition of a “good life” is similar to what their personal definition of success is. It reminds me of Simon Sinek’s “why” category. We have to know why we do what we do and when we figure that out is drives and motivates us to keep going. Thanks for sharing your project. I know it’s got people thinking about what really matters.

  2. Dude – this post gave me chills like I can’t describe. They’re still running through my body. Seriously so cool to see this stuff go full circle. And what a testament to the power of sharing a common Why! Live is good my friend. The good life indeed.

    And such an honor to be a part of the video my friend. Thank you!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Love having you in the mix! And yeah, Troy did an amazing job. 🙂

  3. Dan Scharch says:

    Thanks Jonathan for asking the question and posting this, and thanks to Troy for putting it together!

    I’ve found myself always wondering the same question the past couple of years and always creating to try and nail down my own answer.

    Likewise, I was so glad to hear some of the thinkers mention that each of us individually is enough because sometimes, when hunting down your goal of happiness or success, you can lose that idea. All I can do is keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Jenn says:

    Ah-MAZING. I love this story, I love the video, just – awesome. Seriously. Mad props to Troy!

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