Uncertainty: Sample Chapters and New Pre-Order Experiences

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A few weeks ago, I revealed the trailer for my next book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance.

Then, last week, I announced a mad-cool 3-book pre-order bundle and a whole lotta people took advantage of the offer.

But, then I got a lot of emails from others saying:

“I’d love to be able to pre-order 3-copies of Uncertainty and give two to friends, but I’m a bit short on change these days. Any chance you could do something special for me if I pre-ordered a single book?”

Short answer…YES! Not only that, I’ve created a bunch of new bundles, give-aways and just posted the first two chapters to read.

Download the Intro & first chapter now.

You can now read the introduction and first chapter of Uncertainty. You don’t need to give me an email or anything. It’s available as an instant PDF download. So, go check it out, read it and share it around. Click on the download link to the right of the video here.

1-Book Pre-Order Experience.

One key element of the 3-book bundle I announced last week was a 6-week training with me. Every week, once a week for 6 weeks, starting around October 15th, you and I will come together on a live conference-line (or webcast for those who prefer it). I will take you deeper into six key areas in the book, explore the strategies and practices on a real-life/implementation level, share updated research with you and spend as much time as I can answering your questions.

What’s the value of something like that? Well, an hour Skype Borrow My Brain consult with me these days starts at $1,000. A skype lunch-n-learn starts at $2,500 and a 1-hour keynote starts at $12,500. And, you’re getting 6-hours of me for around $17, or whatever it costs for you to pre-order your copy of Uncertainty at any bookstore or website that works for you. Click here to learn more & claim your spot.

100 & 500 Book Pre-Order Experience.

Is your company, organization or group getting crushed by a lack of creativity and innovation? Are your people suffering more than they’re creating? If so, the very things you’re doing to try to spark creativity and innovation may be shutting them down. This book, the ideas and strategies in it, and the training experience I can deliver around it may well be your answer. So, I’ve created two special bundles for organizations.

When you pre-order 100 or 500 books now, you will essentially save your company between $2,500 and $10,000 and get me, a boatload of books and a set of strategies and practices that will change how your people live, create, relate and innovate. But, there are only 5 of each offer available. Click here to learn more & claim your event date.

Insane 10,000 Book Mystery Offer –

This is still double-top-secret, but you’ll know in a few days. You will not want to miss the video for this puppy! Even if you have no interest in the offer. Trust me on this…

Let’s Make a Deal –

A bunch of people have asked me if I could create some kind of custom pre-order bundle or experience. I thought about it, then decided, “hey, why not?” So I’ve also added a place for you to make me an offer. Maybe you work with a group of 25 artists or lead a small business or run a book group for the inmates in your cell block. Whatever it is, you can now make me an offer and, hey, we can talk about it! Just click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The cool thing about each of these pre-order “experience” bundles is that you’re no longer just buying a book, you’re enrolling in an experience, one that not only brings the book to life, but illuminates the ideas, practices and strategies on a whole different level, while allowing you to ask me questions about how to make it all work in your own quest to create great art, business and life.

I love being able to create bigger experiences like this for you guys! Makes me feel good to be able to give you more.

If you feel like sharing these experiences, I’d be grateful.


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3 responses

3 responses to “Uncertainty: Sample Chapters and New Pre-Order Experiences”

  1. Great stuff Jonathan. Have nearly finished my first book so am looking closely at how you are doing all this.Plus getting inspiration from your content along the way. Michael

  2. Johan says:

    Hey, Jonathan
    Looks amazing. I do have a question though, what if I pre-order and buy 1 book online, via iTunes? No deal or deal?

  3. Larry Clark says:

    I really wish you would have your other book converted to an audio book. I prefer to listen to the kinds of books. They tend to bore me when reading them, but listening to them i do way better. Plus i can listen to them on my ipod when i am walking.