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tiny_choices.jpgThere’s a certain someone who gets royally hosed, snubbed to the max pretty much every holiday season.

Not only do they not get a gift, this miraculous someone, who actually gives every person reading this and every blog ever written a life-changing gift every day of the year, ends up more depleted, more in need of love, more ignored and one step closer to falling apart. Who is this miraculous person we all forget to gift?

Planet Earth!

As I played my way through a variety of festivities over the last few weeks, I began to wonder, “who am I not thanking for making my life what it is?” For sure, a few people came to mind and they immediately went onto the gift list. But, then the question broadened a bit and I awakened to an interesting notion.

The world as we know it is my glorious stomping ground. A place where I can connect. A place where I can rejoice. A place where I can love, work, play, grow, learn, serve and so much more. Without it, there are no people to thank. Yet, on a day to day basis, I do so much less than I could to show it some love.

“So,” I figured, “this holiday season, why not start a new tradition?” Why not…

Add Planet Earth to my gift list…

And use this time to pause, to reconnect to the importance of preserving and bettering our environment and to figure out ways to gift not just those who contribute to my life, but that which sustains those people?

I really care about the planet, I do.

I want it to be around for my daughter and, some day, her children to enjoy as I have. I saw An Inconvenient Truth just like the rest of us and it scared the bejeezis out of me…at least for a few months.

I want to take action, big things, little things every day to give back to the planet. But, life just seems to keep getting in the way. Which is why I was so glad to have just stumbled upon a great blog that offers daily tips on how to add little snippets of “green-living” into your every day life.

It’s called Tiny Choices. And, here’s what’s so great about it…

  • One, it’s not preachy! Yeah, we all really do care about the planet and, yes, we really do hope that the global-warming scenarios that have been predicted of late don’t unfold. But, we also live in the real world where life moves so fast and we get so easily wrapped up in what’s in front of us, we blink and simply forget to sneak in some little act that helps create better planetary health. I already beat myself up for this, so I don’t need anyone else piling on.
  • Two, it offers baby-steps, tiny choices and simple actions you can do each and every day that can make a difference. Many of them, you’d never have thought of yourself. And, almost invariably, doing them won’t be any more burdensome than not. For example, a recent post tells you where to buy LED Christmas lights that use a lot less energy than traditional ones. Who’d-a-thunk? Why is this sooo important? Because, if it ain’t easy, most of us, even if we care, just won’t do it.
  • Three, it serves as a daily reminder. Even when we believe in something, when we know it’s important, it takes daily attention and conscious action to cultivate the “habit” of bringing it to life. We need to be reminded every single day for long-enough to adopt these tiny choices as essential elements of our daily routines. That may take days, weeks or months. So, being reminded, day-in, day-out, being gently nudged is a really, really good thing for those of us who care to make a different, but need a little spoon-feeding early on.

So, this year, I am inviting you to join with me to start a new gift-giving tradition.

Give to those you love. Give to those in need. Give spontaneously to those who have no expectation of receiving.

And, give back to the source of it all. Mother Earth.

Now, do me one more favor…pass this on! Let’s start a movement this year!

And, as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comments below…

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