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Today’s guest post is by Hiro Boga, a friend and longtime member of our community (you’ve seen her avatar and words of wisdom a lot in the comments).

She’s a writer, teacher and intuitive business strategist who blends transformative energy technologies, the magic of story, and grounded spiritual practice with pragmatic entrepreneurial principles. She’s also the author of How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out: The Art Of Inner Leadership.

With gratitude for her voice, enjoy…


A few weeks ago, Jonathan invited me to write a guest post for his beloved blog. I sit down to write, and am overwhelmed by love.

Love surges in my throat. Pressed back by a wagging Finger of Doubt.

“You want to write about what?” says Finger. He raises one semi-elegant eyebrow.

“Love,” I whisper, looking down at my shoes. “I want to write about love.”

“You realize this is a business blog, right?” Finger adjusts his tie and frowns. “Business. Not love.

“Write about how to make brilliant decisions. Or about intuitive strategies for creative entrepreneurs. Write about productivity and procrastination. Be practical. Be useful.”

I think: Finger of Doubt loves me. He doesn’t want me to blow it. But he doesn’t get it, either.

“Love,” I say, glancing at him out of the corner of my eye. “Everything you’ve suggested? It’s rooted in love.

“Brilliant decisions? Love. Intuitive strategies? Love.

“Productivity, procrastination, presidential gravitas—love, love and love.”

Finger sighs. Shrugs. Wipes a speck of dust off his impeccable sleeve.

Glides off to take care of business.

And I pick up my pen to write.

Here, dear Readers of Jonathan’s wonderful blog, is my love-letter to you.

You are beautiful! So beautiful, I could sit and gaze at you all day and drown in wonder as night falls and Time dissolves.

You are magnificent.

You hold the sky as lightly as a bubble in the palm of your hand.

You, my friend, are the light that shines through the tender green of this leaf and brings eternity into focus.

You are the restless power of the sea, and the yielding boundary of the shore. You are the freedom of wild geese on the far horizon.

You turn your elegant head and the Earth spins on her axis.

You are all that is Necessary, and Sufficient.

You dream the stars from their home in the belly of the Earth.

Your circle of inner selves is the crown that shelters, the lap that cradles.

The bead of sweat on your fingertip nourishes the whole, hungry world.

What will you do, with all this power?

Who will you be, when you see your true reflection?

Come visit the Pool of Remembering with me.

Even a puddle will do. Come, see your true reflection.

Everything conspires to show you your Self.

Everything conspires to make you visible.

Will you rise on the horizon in the Land of Wagging Fingers?

Will you become a Pool of Remembering for them too?

Write the truth of your being on your body. With your naked finger. Write:

I am beautiful!

I am magnificent!

I am you! And you! And you!

Write it! Sing it! Say it!

I am love. We are love.

Our business—O, our business is love.


Hiro Boga recently launched her digital program, How To Rule Your World From The Inside Out: The Art Of Inner Leadership. You’ll find Hiro online at & on Twitter @HiroBoga.

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56 responses

56 responses to “This Business of Love”

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  2. Oh! This brings tears to my eyes, joy to my heart, and lifts my soul to a soaring level! Printing, posting and sharing like crazy. 🙂

  3. It’s a Monday morning – first of the school vacation. It’s snowing (again), and my daughter is upstairs with two friends – apparently trying to bring the ceiling down on my head. I’m supposed to be on vacation, too, but work has piled high and clients need stuff NOW, so I’m settling in to work on their tasks even though what I really want to do most is work on staring into that Pool of Remembering so that I can connect the threads from the me of here-and-now to the me of then-and-future and create the business that has been hovering on the edge of my vision and awareness for quite some time.

    … and then I read your post.

    Thank you. Brought a tear to my eye.
    It really is that simple: love. And sometimes it’s what we need to hear most in the world – not another post about the Top 10 this or the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid. Sometimes we just need to know that love exists, that it matters, that it is here in the world for us – even us. We need to know that we need not slice our worlds into boxes – love, not love. It can all be love. All of it, if it comes from the right place. If we let ourselves be guided by what we see in the Pool of Remembering.

    Thank you for this post. Glad to know you. Glad to have read your words this morning.

    • Hiro Boga says:

      Jamie, may the work you do for your clients today become your Pool of Remembering that you matter, your work matters, that you are Love for your clients, and they for you.

      We swim in love and wholeness like fish in the sea. Sometimes its hard to see love because we’re so immersed in it.

  4. Jonathan thank you for bringing Hiro’s voice here to this place. And thank you Hiro. I am struck by how love has the capacity to overwhelm the voices of judgment and bring the beauty and magnificence to the fore. This is a mantra Hiro and a prayer and call to action.

  5. Danielle says:

    What a breath of fresh air for this beautiful Monday morning. Thank you! LOVE!

    • Hiro Boga says:

      Danielle, there are tiny snowflakes drifting down from the sky here this morning. Each one a reminder of the Great Love that infuses us all with such beauty. Thanks for being here.

  6. Maureen says:

    Thank you for these wonderfully inspiring words. Reading them first thing this morning, was a great way to begin my day. In the often hard-edged, data driven world, it is reassuring to be reminded that people and emotions are at the center of our lives and that we need to listen with our hearts and learn to trust our intuition.

  7. Chris says:

    Bravo! This was a most beautiful way to start my week! My eyes filled with tears and my mouth smiled as I read your inspiring post. Thank you!

  8. Beautiful words Hiro and elegantly said….love, love and more love for our business and for our fellow companions in life…
    In gratitude,

  9. wendy reese says:

    YES! This is so ironically funny because all my clients have had the homework of writing a love letter to their own self. I did it, too, and am joyfully relishing in how messages of love are being given to me, this blog included. I love it. Thank you!

  10. Gloriously, expressed. Wholly inspiring. Shocking, really. I am mesmerized.
    Kissing my twitching (but usually wagging) finger and setting it back on the keyboard, poised to share Love instead.
    Thank you both.

  11. Fantastic words to start the week! I love the mix of the practical with the inspirational. Great post!

  12. Sue says:

    Thank you, Hiro. That was so beautifully and brilliantly expressed!

    I’ve had my rounds of conversations with “the finger of doubt”. Sometimes it wins and I grudgingly try to follow its dictates, but whatever is produced from that mind set is hard won–and stilted. When the muse and inner wisdom prevail, my writing and my projects feel lighter and flow with ease.

    I loved your conversation with Finger. It helps to remember that even his staid advice and reluctance to take chances stem from love and a desire to protect us from failure. But in not taking the risk of allowing our hearts and inner wisdom to speak out, we still fail.

    It’s been a lack of love in compassion and business that has contributed to much of the current mess in the world. Thank you for reminding us so powerfully that love IS our business in this world.

    • Hiro Boga says:

      Sue, I love this: “When the muse and inner wisdom prevail, my writing and my projects feel lighter and flow with ease.” Yes! This is the “practical” side of love!

  13. rakoontz says:

    This is lush, gorgeous, and delicious! It is a belated valentine to the soul of all humanity. It reminds me of Rumi. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  14. Just what I needed to read this morning… thank you, Hiro and Jonathan.

    Everything really does boil down to either love or fear… I aspire to choose love. Or as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., put it: “I have decided to stick with love. Hate [or fear] is too heavy a burden to bear.”

  15. Julie says:

    As always, perfect timing….as that seemed to be the theme in my morning meditations as well. The world can never have enough love…thanks for putting more out into the world. It most certainly belongs everywhere…even work….most especially work. Your words are soothing and serene. Thank you.

  16. Thanks Hiro! I’ve checked out your blog, too; looks pretty cool!

  17. Eric says:

    Hiro – so beautiful and nourishing. May all wagging fingers take a breath and inhale the fragrance of Love . . .

  18. Marie davis says:


    As always timing is everything. After spending most of
    the morning struggling with personal issues, it was a breath of fresh air reading your piece on love. It is all to easy to forget that love permeates all of what we do or say. Even the times that we fail to recognize love, it remains. Sustaining, invigorating, waiting for our recognition, our belief, our faith. Thank you for your words, for helping me to readjust my own thoughts into something more positive. I am off now to visit my dear friend in a nursing home. I will share my love with all I see, along with my wonderful chocolate lab who brings smiles and so much love wherever we go. All the best to you and yours wherever they may be!

  19. Britta says:

    Thank you Hiro, and Jonathan, for this lovely piece. It was just what I needed to hear this morning. I’m inspired.

  20. And that is why we love our Hiro. Brilliant, worthy of a soft blue ribbon and safe keeping in a treasure box is this letter, to be taken out and reread slowly again and again, when our steps falter and our hearts need to be reminded. Much love right back to you Hiro.

    • Hiro Boga says:

      Thank you, Jan. Every time I read one of your exquisite posts, see one of your sketches, doodles or paintings, I’m reminded: This–this care and attention to the smallest things–is love.

      I love this conversation, which we’re having here because Jonathan’s created a blog-home that’s filled with sweetness, kindness, value and integrity. And then generously shared it.

      Thanks, Jonathan!

  21. YES. love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, l, love, love, love……………………………

  22. you are a love letter in all ways to the world – so delighted to see you here! Taking up SPACE!!!

  23. OK. I think I get it, although I’m still a bit puzzled. I chose my first career (biology) out of love for nature. I chose my second profession (scientists and ecologist) because of my love for learning how things work. I chose my next occupation (conservation & sustainable development) because I hated to see the things I loved being destroyed unnecessarily. I’m going into my final career (writing and publishing) because of my love for words and for sharing what I and others have learned (secretly, I also love to connect with people and draw out emotions through my writing). So love is pretty much the fuel and the engine that drives, as it does most of us. Love for money? It’s out there, abundantly. Love for power? Heck, way too much of it. Love and desire mingle freely and in a seeming continuum with other less likable human traits.

    Jonathan’s conversations always make me think; often they inspire me; other times they drive me to action. “This Business of Love” left me wanting, wondering. Love of what? What kind of love are we talking about? I love the poetry of words well crafted. I loved the image of a conversation with the Finger of Doubt (although too often in my own conversations it turns into a Slapping Hand of Reality). I even fall prey to sentimentalism and a silly-grin-and-tear moment now and then (more often as I get older). I cry at movies too, the sappy ones. But besides knowing deep inside that love drives our feelings and many of our decisions, my mind (my own wagging Finger of Think-Clearly-Dummy) tells me that Passion is what makes us do great things.

    Perhaps the next conversation should be about passion.

    • Hiro Boga says:

      Carlos, a conversation about passion will stir up great things, I’m sure! 🙂

      Love of money, love of power…both can be Love, if they’re rooted in wholeness and in an understanding of the true nature of both money and power.

      But more often than not, the lust for money, the lust for power, stem from fear and lack–the belief that something “out there” can fill the inner void that comes from forgetting that our true nature is love.

      Passion divorced from love can be immensely destructive. History shows us this. Equally, passion rooted in love can bring great blessing.

      • Thanks for the reply, Hiro. I’m right behind your words. I speak of the passion for words, the passion for doing what you love “and the money will follow” as the old saying goes, which sometimes do happen ;-). I speak of the passion of communicating and connecting to people with concepts and ideas that touch the heart and the imagination. Lust? That’s another thing altogether. I’ll stick to love.

        I love money and power in the same way I love a hammer and a screwdriver: as tools that allow me to do other things, build things, whether it is a wonderful shed or a wonderful book or a brilliant presentation.

        The passion for what you do comes through in your words, and I’m not puzzled anymore. I admire the power of surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and have the deeds follow. We all need more of that in our own worlds.


  24. Tricia Karp says:

    Oh Hiro,

    Your words are so dreamy and precious. You truly are a treasure.

    Printing this one out and putting it on the fridge. I can never hear this enough: I am all that is Necessary, and Sufficient.

    Love love xx

  25. “Come visit the Pool of Remembering with me.
    Even a puddle will do. Come, see your true reflection.
    Everything conspires to show you your Self.
    Everything conspires to make you visible.”


    Thank you Hiro, and thanks Jonathan.

  26. Amy Oscar says:

    Dear Jonathan, Thank you for setting Hiro loose on your blog. What a gift she is – still resonating with her love letter. 🙂

  27. Wow…I love this. I am a visual Artist and you created a painting with words…Awesome.

  28. Marcelle says:

    Way to lead with love, brilliant.

  29. caitlyn says:

    Love to you, Hiro. You have brought BEAUTY. Which is another form of love. Speaking “love” to speak of love. Thank you.

  30. Nat Allan says:

    Thank you to Jonathan and Hiro for a moment that brings me back to what it’s all about…love. Today NZ (where I live) is reeling from a huge earthquake in Christchurch and I took a break to read some inspiration…so timely and so beautiful. Tonights yoga classes will be about that kind of love thanks to you both as that’s probably what we’ll all need to feel.

  31. Uwe says:

    Dear Hiro Boga,
    Thank you for that magnificent post! I have just been wondering: yesterday I sat together with three special people to develop a business-related product. And all of us had their fingers of doubt present. Very much like yours. I want to point out your post to them – and will do. They are German (as am I) but will understand English. However, there are many other people in Germany, readers of my blog, who do not understand English. Ist there a translation available? Or, would you mind, if I translated your post into German? Maybe you would even consider having this very post in German as a guest post on my blog? It would be a very great honour to have you as a guest author! Love, Uwe

  32. Jonathan – Thanks for introducing another wonderful person. You have an amazing circle of friends and colleagues.

    Hiro – I read this not on Monday like many others, but on Tuesday. Children home yet another day, schedule rearranged again but that’s ok. I’ve already decided that Snow Days are like Speed Bumps in life. They remind us to stop, to savor, to look at where we are and what we are doing. A reminder, if we dare take up the challenge, to go outside and play. To make that snowman, build that snow fort and simply be in the moment. Loving not only our kids, but ourselves too.

  33. Beautiful post!

    Seems a lot of us are on the same wavelength, maybe on a love kick with Valentine’s Day or something, but I just did a post about “getting” a message: “You are love”. Of course, my post was not nearly as poetic and beautiful — and touching — as this.

    But just as much and even more right now, I so much appreciate your message about our businesses being love as well. As I move forward refining mine right now, you are having a wonderful effect.

    Thanks so much, Hiro, and Jonathan too for hosting.

  34. Hiro Boga says:

    For those of you who want a printable version of this, here it is, as a downloadable pdf–a gift from Jonathan’s blog, and me, to you.

    Love, Hiro

  35. It’s nice to see people like you whose looking to business in a different perspective. I seldom see business/marketing bloggers do this but what you did was simply courageous.

  36. Beautifully conceived and brought to bear, Hiro.
    You are truly our “hero”.
    All the best. Love,


  37. William King says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I am human. I almost forgot that I am not a robot. I have a certain emotion which makes me human but I lost it which is *Love*. Thanks for making me human again.

  38. Jon says:

    I saw this poem and I thought of your post:

    It is difficult
    to get the news from poems
    yet men die miserably every day
    for lack
    of what is found there.

    William Carlos Williams

  39. Carol Tice says:

    I’ve been teaching writers with low self-esteem to look in the mirror and say, “Damn I’m good!” for some time now…but I think you said it better.

    Thanks for a great post!

  40. It’s all about love! You’re doing a great job telling everyone! Love on! xoxo

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