The Sky's Falling, You Want an Umbrella or A Bucket?

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I’ve been saying it for months. Strike that, years

There’s no such thing as a one-sided coin…

If something’s going down, something else must be going up. And, for Career Renegades, that means opportunity.

Example #1 – health & Healing

In NYC after 9-11, while many businesses crashed, health and healing businesses soared. I know firsthand, having launched one of those businesses weeks after 9-11. My company not only helped contribute to the process of healing, but built a real, vibrant community and substantial stream of revenue. In fact, it’s now one of the top yoga studios in the Northeast and has served nearly 20,000 students and trained hundreds of teachers.

Example #2 – DIY

Over the last year, while home construction pulls back, the need for high-value, do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement information has taken off. People still want to live in a nicer place, but can’t sell and can’t afford to pay someone else to do the work…so, they turn to DIY. If you can deliver the information people want need to DIY a project, for a fraction of what it would cost to pay someone to do the job, you’re in.

Example #3 – Candy

And, just last week, yet another market revealed itself as a massive “other side of the coin” business in tough economic times…CANDY!

You heard right. It seems the worse the economy gets, the better the candy biz gets. And, not just any old candy, but the old faithfuls from childhood. Because, in times of stress, people seek comfort. Beyond the sugar rush and effect on serotonin, our favorite childhood candies are anchored to a lot of emotion, very often great memories that come soaring back on a visceral level. And, most candy is still priced well below the level of even an austerity budget impulse buy.

So, even if the sky IS falling (and it’s not), you still have a choice to make…

While the pundits scream about the sky falling, most people are running for cover, ducking into doorways and buying umbrellas. But, a small group of savvy entrepreneurs and Career Renegades are out their with buckets waiting to catch it.

They’re finding, tapping and exploiting gaps and creating opportunities.

Question is…which camp are you in? Maybe it’s time to start looking beyond the perceived limitations of the economy, take off your “pundit blinders” and start ferreting out the other side of the Renegade coin.

Maybe, just maybe…it’s time to go gap-hunting!

You in?

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11 responses

11 responses to “The Sky's Falling, You Want an Umbrella or A Bucket?”

  1. B7 says:

    For every rainstorm, there is an even better opportunity. Right now, there is more opportunity than ever.

  2. Angie Cox says:

    Wow! Ask for a neon sign from the big guy upstairs and get a blog post on the RSS reader that flashes Do It! I have been thinking towards your first option for some time now. Just haven’t nailed down the logistics of building it while maintaining the other full time job. Have you explained the development of SonicYoga in any of your materials? If so, point me towards them and then let me at it. Thanks for a great post.

  3. Lisis says:

    I like your approach, Jonathan. Very “look on the bright-side” of you.

    I’m thinking (hoping, maybe) there is a great opportunity right now to help people find balance in their lives, and re-focus their priorities so they can take pleasure in the little things… although I wasn’t exactly thinking: candy. Everyone wants to suffer less and find lasting happiness, right? This is a good time to get started on that project.

    Have a Great Day!

  4. Ethan Bull says:

    Just to add, another sector that isn’t really feeling the downturn is anything related to pets… pets (and kids) are two sectors of the economy that are really resilient in times such as these. Having in-depth knowledge about pet (or kid) related issues can lead to solutions that others will want as well… you just have step out of the box and go get it. Thanks again Jonathan.

  5. Ed says:

    good stuff Jonathan. They key is to find the gaps and hustle on them – once the sky stops falling you’ll be amazed at what you have built.

  6. Let’s grab those buckets!!!!

    Great post Jonathan. Love your style.

  7. Ken says:

    Your darn right about the DIY! I am working on a site in this field right now. Even when things turn around all of what you mentioned will still be good opportunities.Funny thing about the DIY is I am now a tradesman and guess who they call when they can’t get it to work?


  8. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ B7 – No doubt, there is still a ton of opportunity…for those with the willingness to go looking

    @ Angie – I was tuned into your brainwaves, lol!

    @ Lisis – Hey, SOMEbody’s gotta be looking for the silver lining…and sharing it 🙂

    @ Ethan – great addition with the pets category, didn’t know about that.

    @ Ed – great point about what happens when the sky stops falling and you’ve already laid the groundwork, you’re that much farther ahead

    @ Mark – bucket brigade time!

    @ Ken – Great to hear from someone else who’s a tradesman confirming what I’ve been seeing. And, no doubt, you’ll end up “saving” a lot of DIY jobs in the end, anyway, lol!

  9. […] I guess it is all about aligning yourself with people’s real needs. Here is a blog post with three simple (and probably obvious in hindsight) examples:  The Sky’s Falling, You Want an Umbrella or A Bucket? […]

  10. Lise Sutherland-Fraser says:

    Beautiful post. Look for what you do want (success, great career and abundance) instead of the doom and gloom naysayers….you get what you look for, remember that video with the guys in white and black tshirts playing ball and the gorilla who walks in the middle of it all and coz you’re focusing so much on the white tshirts don’t see the gorilla coz he’s black? Well the job market, most things, are like that to me, focus on what you’re after, not what you NOT after and life becomes pure potential! Cool.

  11. Mags says:

    The wind of change is sometimes the biggest blessing one gets. When you get past the fear, something starts moving inside … you realize this is it! Now you can go and create your dreams and actually start living your life. It’s all in the perception.

    I discovered the blog today …. enjoyed every minute of reading through the posts. Thanks for sharing your insight and wisdom.