The Big Bad Blog Merger: Awake at the Renegade Wheel

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For the better part of a year, I’ve been maintaining two blogs, Awake@TheWheel at and Funny thing is, half the time, when I write a post, I don’t know whether to put it on CareerRenegade or on Awake@TheWheel. So, I flip a coin.

At the same time, I’ve just relaunched as a full-on blog and began contributing a weekly column to the new Huffington Post book section.

Now, as I begin to do some retooling and reigning in (part of my “bigger game” plan), I’ve decided to merge the blog element of into (which should make the sizable chunk of you who subscribe to both blogs happy, too).

On Tuesday, October 13th, we’ll be merging the two blogs. “the website” will continue to exist and that site will host book-related things, the Career Renegade podcast and related events. But, when you click on the “blog” button, you’ll be taken over to the newly merged blog at We’ll also be importing all of the posts from’s blog into, so you’ll be able to find and search for everythere in one place.

And, for those who subscribe, either by RSS or email, we think we’ll be able to make the switch pretty seemlessly, but if we hit any snags, we’ll let you know and share what to do to continue to receive updates.

Thanks so much to my family at both homes, I look forward to continuing to grow with you in our newly unified blogging homebase at


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8 responses

8 responses to “The Big Bad Blog Merger: Awake at the Renegade Wheel”

  1. Sounds good to me. I’m only a reader myself at the moment, but it’ll be nice to have your other content brought over. 🙂

  2. Same here. I only read this blog. It will be great to have your other content brought over here too.

  3. Bob Bessette says:

    I’m glad I got this information today because I am about to publish a
    review of your book “Career Renegade” and mention both of your blogs in the post. Now
    I can revise it to say that your blogs have been merged into the
    JonathanFields dot com site. To be honest, in addition to my fellow bloggers
    and readers David and Gordie, I too typically turn to JonathanFields dot com for
    my blog reading. I think it makes sense.


  4. Scott Fox says:

    Congratulations on this evolution.
    Maintaining multiple brands online is tough, so this makes a lot of sense to me.
    And it will make it easier on us readers, too.
    Hello win-win!

  5. Jonathan,

    Glad to see you integrating everything. I can’t imagine running 3 different sites for all the content you have. Condensation makes sound business sense, and cerainly allows for a greater expansion of readers and viewers, as I have only been a reader and haven’t even taken a look at the other stuff. Looking forward to it. Have an awesome day!

  6. Good for you for realizing where you are throwing energy away! I applaud the merger and on a personal side, look forward to having one feed fewer to read. 😉

  7. Andy says:

    It’s always difficult to get the balance of number of blogs and effort maintaining them vs focus on a topic. If you try to mix up topics too much then you will loose some readers so it’s a case of working out who your key target market is and writing for them.

    Good luck with the merger hope you don’t get any bugs.

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