Talking Money, Books and Blogs With J.D. Roth

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You may know J.D. Roth as the founder and editor of one of the top personal finance blogs in the world, He’s also a friend with a great story about how he went from being mired in debt to methodically pulling himself out of the hole he dug. And, he’s one of the growing number of bloggers who’s recently made the leap to being a traditionally published author with the release of Your Money: The Missing Manual.

In this candid interview, J.D. and I get into everything from what it’s like to go from blogging to writing a book to creating passion-driven hobby businesses, negotiating the price of pretty much everything (a/k/a turning into your dad, lol), taking control of your finances, goal-setting and much more.

You can read more of J.D.’s new book Your Money: The Missing Manual

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7 responses

7 responses to “Talking Money, Books and Blogs With J.D. Roth”

  1. Really interesting to hear about him writing his book. Cheers for this Jonathan.

  2. Dov Gordon says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jonathan.

    What did you use for creating and recording this video?


  3. Thanks so much Jonathan & J.D.

    I loved this! I can so relate and it’s so good to hear others talking about this process.

    I can’t believe J.D. wrote it in 4 months!

  4. Ben says:

    I have successfully negotiated at Wal Mart. There was a display model iron without a price and negotiate with the person who had the authority to sell it.

    Also, there are negotiations at big box stores when it comes to returns, rain checks, other policies.

  5. Love this interview…first time I’ve seen JD live and in the flesh, so it’s cool to see him talk about the process honestly.

    Jonathan, you should quit telling people how easy it is to write a book! 😉

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Haha, man, that’s one promise I don’t sell! Whole lotta blood, sweat and tears.

  6. John Reardon says:

    Great interview. In response to your comments about negotiating magazine advertising prices, I have had a great deal of experience in this category as well as negotiations in general.

    I’ve come to find that the greatest bargaining chip in any negotiation is the fear of loss. Give someone a fear of loss, whether it be the fear of losing the sale, the fear that you will advertise with someone else, or the fear that if I don’t act now I will miss this great investment, you will keep the upper-hand throughout any negotiation.

    On another note, Jonathan I just finished your book – great read. I just left the high stress bar and nightclub business and am about to launch a tea company called Timbuk Teas. I really enjoyed your direct references to how you got things published. I’ve got some great ideas to get noticed, but it’s a bit daunting trying to figure out how to distribute the great ideas. Maybe once the site is off and going I will take you up on your coaching offer and we can brainstorm the tea takeover.