Subtle changes to blog design, bring on the Twitter

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Happy Friday all!

This morning, I launched a few subtle changes to the blog design:

  • Bye bye sumo-dude. I took down the little sumo guy on the top right side in the get updates box. The sumo dude was cute, but wasn’t really adding much beyond being a distraction. Almost nobody clicked on his image or listened to the audio message.
  • Hello Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that is quickly becoming something akin to the blogging world’s after-party. It’s a place where anyone can sign up for a free account in seconds, start interacting with others and posting very short (140 character or less) messages or “tweets.” At first, I didn’t get it, but it’s quickly revealed itself as not only a wonderful source of community, but a great way to connect with people who are often hard to interact with by other means. Twitter provides layers of access.If you’re not on it, go join now. It’s totally free and the conversations are fast, furious and informative. I am spending a lot more time micro-blogging on Twitter and interacting with friends these days, sharing information and cool links and I wanted to integrate those conversations more closely into the blog. So:
    • I’ve added a link to my twitter profile where the sumo-dude used to be (top right), so you can click over to my twitter page and see what I am up to. In fact, please go there now. If you are not yet on Twitter, click on the Join Now button (it’ll only take a second and it’s FREE), then go back to my profile page and click on the “follow” link, send me a quick message that lets me know you came from here and I’ll follow you back.
    • Recent tweets appear on sidebar. I’ve added a box on the right column showing my recent few tweets (tweets are twitter messages that are 140 characters or less). And…
    • I’ve added a “Tweet this” link to the social media links below each post. So, if you like a post, just click that link and you can “tweet” the article onto your twitter page (it shrinks the link using tinyurl automatically).
  • No more Ask Jonathan box. It’s not that I don’t want to know what’s on your mind. In fact, I really do, which is why I took down the Ask Jonathan form. Because, 99% of what was coming through was spam and, honestly, I don’t need yet another place to buy viagra, cialis, porn and invest in the business-opp of a lifetime. So, if you’d like to ask me a question to be answered on the blog, either ask it on twitter or just e-mail it to me at jonathan [at] jonathanfields [dot] com.

One last thing, I am wrapping up the book the I’ve been writing over the next few weeks. It’s a great love, but it also takes a huge chunk of time and energy. and, that’s led me to post fewer extensive, resource laden articles and sometimes post less frequently.

I’d rather post a bit less than post just for the sake of posting. The book will be done very soon and I’ll not not only be back to some more in-depth columns, but, as mentioned in an earlier post, I’ll be spinning certain subject areas into their own blog.

More announcements on that in May.

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8 responses

8 responses to “Subtle changes to blog design, bring on the Twitter”

  1. Love your blog, can’t stand your metaphysics. Looking forward to reading your book. I’m looking for a resource on “how Rotary Club/Local Businesses can be relevant again.”

    Write that for me.

  2. Don’t get me wrong – as a 20-something I am ALL about the technology. But I’ve noticed that stuff like MySpacing, Facebook, LiveJournal, and yes – even Twitter – can quickly suck up all of my time.

  3. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Genuine Chris – hahaha, it’s all a package deal, brother, at least until I spin off the matephysical stuff next month! I’ll be writing more businessy stuff in new home.

    @ Hayden – um, what, er, sorry, I was totally absorbed in Twitter for the last 72 hours, can’t remember what day it is… 😉

  4. Oh no says:

    I want the AJ box back. 🙁
    Are you still going to answer the questions that were already sent?

  5. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Oh no – Yes, I absolutely plan to continue to answer Ask JF questions.

    I was simply getting too much spam in the Ask Jonathan form. So, please e-mail me your questions again at jonathan [at] jonathanfields [dot] com and I’ll do my best to get answers up in a weekly column. Feel free to e-mail an old question, some may have gotten deleted along with the spam.

  6. Nicole says:

    I totally relate to Hayden. I haven’t joined Twitter for fear that I’ll lose all interaction with fleshy humans!

  7. Peter says:

    I’m resisting Twitter for as long as I can, mainly because it sounds very addictive and there is only so much I can do while I am online. That said, I have a feeling I will get drawn in eventually…

    Great news about your book – you must be feeling good knowing it is almost done.

  8. […] can see the faces and giggle at the messages (at least the ones I pre-screen). In fact, seeing me blogging and dancing around a variety of social media led her to ask me whether we could create a blog for her. And, with my trusty Macbook Pro in hand, […]