Spend a day with Seth Godin

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Okay, when was the last time you had a chance to spend a full-day with a guy who’s not only ridiculously smart and innovative, not only a prolific author, not only a next-gen marketer…but has his own action-figure?

He doesn’t do it very often, but Seth Godin is setting aside a full-day to spend with 50 lucky people in New York City on April 30th. And, like he says, because he doesn’t consult, this is as close as you’re going to get to one-on-one advice.

At $2,000 for the day, it ain’t cheap, but face-time and, more importantly, insight-time with really smart people never is. Plus, it all goes to the Acumen Fund, a foundation who’s mission is building transformative businesses to solve the problems of poverty.

And, for anyone who attends, feel free to stop by my NYC yoga studio for a free class while you’re in town and I’ll even donate the value of the class to the Acumen Fund myself, because I think it’s such a great cause (just show your ticket/receipt)!

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3 responses

3 responses to “Spend a day with Seth Godin”

  1. Shama Hyder says:


    You are such a sweetheart! If I could I would be in NY in a jiffy!

  2. I will totally do this at some point. Because he, he’s kinda my hero. I mean, anyone who takes the time out to reply to every–and I mean EVERY–email I send him? He. Ro.

    But I must at this juncture point out that I, in fact, have an action figure–well, okay: a plush toy of a character I played once. And that I would totally charge less than $2K/head.

    Just sayin’…

  3. Hello there, I´m from Brazil and I´m going to the Seth Godin seminar in NYC.

    How can I get your yoga lesson there?

    Thanks a lot, Miguel