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I am a bit of a new junkie, especially when it comes to small-business. Problem is, my schedule is also a bit nutty these days, so I don’t have a ton of time to scour the web (or even my 100+ feeds) to find the best of the best every day.

350x3001.jpgWhich I why I was so psyched when my buddy Shane from Shane & Peter asked me to be one of the launch-editors for a white-hot new small-business hub called Sproutwire.

At Sproutwire, you’ll be able to find the best, most interesting, already vetted small business article summaries and links from around the internet in one place every day.

The site is in triple-top-secret beta right now, but will launch officially in about a week. I’ve seen it and, not only will it be insanely efficient and informative, but it’s just darn gorgeous, too.

And, here’s the coolest part…

As a member of my blog family, you can get in on the beta launch, too. Here’s a link to the sneak-preview sign-up page. It’ll automatically plug-in your special VIP invitation code.

So, take two seconds, visit the VIP invite page, plug in your e-mail and you’re ready to rock.

Oh, and be sure to tell Shane I sent you!

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6 responses

6 responses to “Small biz news delivered to you daily with Sproutwire”

  1. What the heck, yet another site I feel inclined to join. 🙂 It’s like an addiction and I look forward to see what’s going on behind closed doors (that’s my voyeur streak coming out – ouch)

  2. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ Monika – anything to fuel your inner voyeur! It’s actually going to be a very cool site that saves people time by doing the legwork to find the best small biz stuff out there, summarize it and then link to it.

  3. Sounds to be a great idea. I signed up.
    BTW when is your new small biz blog starting? I am waiting so I can link from my resource page.

  4. Lynn says:

    Signed up and thanks! Looking forward to getting some good info and tips.

  5. Patrick Badstibner says:

    Thanks for the invite Jonathhan hopefully this will be one beta I will get an invite to, missed being part of your blog the last couple of days. Been busy with the new business, someday I will send you a personal and tell you my story it’s quite unique. Thanks for always providing useful material look forward to the new site.

  6. This is MUCH better than trying to cull my articles from Forbes and