Seth Godin Pokes The Box

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Seth Godin wants you to be uncomfortable.

He wants you to question why you do what you do. And more importantly, why you don’t do what you don’t do.

In his new book, Poke the Box, Seth wants you to knock down the walls to that container otherwise known as the status quo. He wants you to test, prod, poke. To see what’s real and what’s not.

Better yet, he wants you to act.

To take initiative and move ideas out of your head and into the world. Whether you’re right or wrong matters less than whether you’re moving and acting. Once you’re in motion, if you’re paying attention, it’s fairly easy to correct course. But, it all starts when you stop thinking about doing and start doing.

That’s the core message of Poke the Box, from his just-birthed joint publishing endeavor with amazon, The Domino Project.

Indeed, the both the book and The Domino Project are living, breathing examples of the book’s message. Stepping away from a long career as a mainstream author to launch a next-gen publishing venture with the goal of making it easier to buy and share ideas is a bold move. A grand experiment.

And Seth and his Domino Project team are pushing, prodding and poking like never before.

This first release, for example, can be purchased in 7 versions:

  • Hardcover
  • Kindle
  • 5-pack
  • 52-pack
  • Limited Deluxe Edition
  • Audiobook mp3, or
  • Audiobook CD

Why? Because everyone has their own favorite format to both read, collect and share. So it’s important to meet people where they are.

That image above is the front cover of the book. Notice what’s missing? Yep, the title.

The thought is that the image alone will be more likely to prompt people to ask you what the book is and start a conversation around it.

The Limited Deluxe Edition, priced at $75, includes the book with a letterpress jacket, a specially designed signature plate signed by Seth, and a letterpress poster.

The kindle edition started at $9.99 for pre-orders. Nothing unusual there.

But then Seth issued a challenge:

The final pre-order price for the Kindle edition of Poke the Box will be determined by how many of you sign up to get our free online newsletter. We already have about 10,000 subscribers, so we’ve already lowered the price. (We started with a pre-order price of $9.99—we’re down $2). Amazon has agreed to work with me in lowering the price one more dollar for every 5,000 new people who sign up. So we’re starting at $7.99. We’ll keep going until we hit a buck.

Days later, the newsletter list had grown substantially and the pre-order price was dropped to $1 for the kindle edition.

And, by the way, Monday Feb 28th is the last day to lock in the $1 pre-order price, so you might want to order your kindle version for a buck now.

Watch what Seth is doing with The Domino Project.

The publishing world is evolving so rapidly right now, nobody knows who the leaders will be or what the models will look like. Seth’s willingness to poke his publishing box in the light of day is a gift to those paying attention, because we get to learn from his grand experiment.

Now, let’s make this even more interesting…

For those who like the feel of a hardcover book in hand (that’d be me), I’ve got an advance copy of Poke the Box I’d like to give away.

If you want my hardcover copy of Poke The Box, here’s what to do…

In the comments below, share how you’ve poked your own box recently and why you should get my copy of Poke The Box. Write as little or as much as you like, but remember, text makes me sleepy.

You have until Wednesday, March 2nd to enter with a comment. On Thursday, I will then pick a winner based on my totally-biased, non-scientific, non-random, easily-swayed selection process (did I mention how much I love chocolate?!).

Okay, go!

[FTC Disclosure – I like pie. Sadly, I haven’t yet figured out how to earn any from the sale of Seth’s book. Still, I’m working on it, and if I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let people know I got me some yummy pie in exchange for them buying books. Oh, and I also got my advance copy gratis. Didn’t cost me even a forkful of pie…or mousse…which I also like.]

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65 responses

65 responses to “Seth Godin Pokes The Box”

  1. NomadicNeill says:

    In the past month I’ve committed to being more authentic on my blog like I am in my life.

    It’s all part of what I call the virtuous circle of authenticity.

    Being authentic in one area has a knock-on effect in other areas.

    And all this has made me realize the truth… to paraphrase the Matrix… “there is no box”.

    • Garden Guru says:

      I’ve always liked Seth Godin, ever since Purple Cow… he’s clever and creative and really gets you thinking outside the box.

  2. misty says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Seth Godin. I loved his book Linchpin. I typically go for the hardcopy, so if I don’t win here, I will be purchasing anyways. 🙂

    As an owner of a business, I have to test, prod, & poke continually to improve and provide better service to my customers The market is always changing as are people. Specifically of late, I have been testing my schedule, prodding others in how they do their’s and poking around to see what I can change. I also have been testing new markets in the way of clients, prodding them for what their needs vs wants are, and poking around to see where I can find a new niche.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway…where can I send you some chocolate? 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    As a solopreneur, I am constantly “poking the box” and trying out new marketing techniques to find my ideal 208 customers a year. Oh, and bonus reason why you should pick me – I make chocolate AND pie from scratch. Come to think of it … a line of pie-themed chocolates would be a fab idea 🙂 Blueberry, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Mousse, Coconut Cream, Apple ….

  4. Looking at compensation package of in Madison Wisconsin…war of labor and management….
    Makes me want to think out the box about my fairness for paying people for performance..maybe I need new ideas …maybe I need to ask what motivates and create new model.

  5. Allison says:

    This I believe:

    You can’t learn (grow) if you’re always right.(Imagine righteous,rigid person- no flexibility, no energy).

    Your next step towards growth may need to be a leap.
    (Imagine Indiana Jones and the “invisible” bridge in the Last Crusade: )

    I’m about to sign a lease on new “studio” space (AKA office space)to help nudge me into the next levels of my work.

    I’d love to read Seth’s perspective on doing more of this.

    Thanks for posting the reference!

  6. Jeff Williams says:

    Love the affiliate disclaimer!

  7. Charles Tutt says:

    Why isn’t it available in PDF? That’s my favorite format.

  8. Cadi says:

    I poked the box by switching focus and that was a great thing to do!

  9. Thanks for the sneak preview.

    I just wrote a post at about how to use the power of inertia to work for you. Inertia isn’t just about being stuck. It’s a law of physics that states how things tend to keep doing whatever they’re already doing. Once you get moving, inertia makes it easier to keep on keeping on. The trick is summoning up enough energy to get over the resistance. Seth has some great ideas about how to do exactly that.

    I’ve already pre-ordered my copies – hard cover & $1.00 Kindle.

  10. Marie davis says:

    Love it! I’ve always told myself that success is in the trying!

  11. ray says:

    After reading Career Renegade, I’ve decided at 43 years old to start over in many aspects of my life, especially in my career.

    That’s the ultimate Poke-Your-Box move for someone going through man-a-pause.

    Send me a copy!

  12. Andre says:

    Loving it! I poked my box by actually making an effort to build new relationships online and offline. It has been a blast rather then the dreadful experience I feared. I need to be uncomfortable more often! If reading the book leads to more chocolate, I am willing to share 😉

  13. Bob Beverley says:


    standing ovation for your blog and all you offer…as for Poke the Box, I used to be a massively depressed, anxious, in my head “young man” whose nickname was Dozy….Now, affter thirty years of step by step progress, I have a website, seven books done, and just launched my new “Emotional Elegance Club” that does not contain one sentence of woo-woo B.S. or one ignorant blaming of victims. I am a psychotherapist and my clients need real advice such as the following best quote about action you will read today: “The human tendency to think that because you have thought something you have done something is so seductive that I call it elegantly evil.”
    Peace and respect,

    Bob Beverley

  14. Hi Jonathan –

    Pitch: I’ll buy you either a piece of buy or serving of mousse when we finally meet in person. Pie can be delivered as part of a lunch (WBF11?) or delivered independently.

    Secondary Benefit: Incentive to actually have an in person discussion to gain that pie. (You can decide which of this it is a benefit for or whether both.)

    How have I poked the box… Feels more like how haven’t I poked the box lately. This is the part you ignore at will as it is the text likely to put you to sleep.

    Set up my own business 2 years ago, changing up my offerings, pushing the envelop on uncomfortable conversations (those nasty Elephants), fostering dialogs on Courage. Where courage comes from. How we can all become more courageous. Writing. Actually putting up publically that I am writing…to hold my feet to the fire to actually do it and publish.

    Attended Seth’s Publishing workshop/discussion in NYC in Jan. Hooked up with a Publisher (Greenleaf) as a result of that session. Also talking with iUniverse related to self-publishing. May do both of those as well as pdf and/or other quick and easy. Depends on final decisions regarding length, purpose, and speed to market for various content.

    Oh, let’s add back in looking again at full-time employment elsewhere (while focusing on individual passions) to either pay current mortgage or we need to downsize significantly. Last several years have not been kind, to almost anyone.

    Also recalibrating life and value system with my family. Can you say stess anyone?

  15. JF – Yes, that was suppose to be buy you a piece of pie, not buy you a piece of buy. Freduian? Stress overload? Example of humanity and how we are imperfect? Your choice.

  16. Bridget says:

    I’ve poked the box by questioning why, as an intuitive, I am averse to sharing my spirituality, my personal story and my reality theory around the woo.
    What is this urge to be taken very seriously as an analytical thinker, to be perceived as someone with gravitas.
    I am those things, and intuitive too, and I think it’s been a fear of being lumped in with those who are not in touch with reality that has forced me into an unnatural box.
    Poking the box. POKING the BOX.
    And, I don’t make pie well, but if and when you get out to Portland, I will drop off a piece of pie from Random Order (best pie in the city) at your location of choice.

  17. Green Forest Brewery says:

    I’m poking the keg, does that count? I’m transitioning from aerospace systems architect to brewmaster, taking my homebrewing hobby from the back porch to a owning and running a brewpub!

    Finding property, designing a brewhouse, writing a business plan, and finding money are all energizing to me.

    Life is too short to work for the man…

  18. Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie. For YOU. From Me.
    Box? what box?

    ~peace + joy~

  19. I punched a hole in my box this week by publishing a business blog post in which I share a bit about myself with my clients. This is very unusual and risky for a normally private person. Yay me!

  20. camila says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to tell our stories and the book sounds awesome.

    I’m poking my box bigtime right now, I’m busting outta this joint. For three years I was feeling sorry for myself and paralysed by fear. But slowly something shifted. I started to wake up and realise nothing is owed to me. I need to have guts, I need to fail, I need to take terrifying risks. I know that I owe it to myself to not waste my talent. Cause that would truly be a tragedy.

    Backstory: I graduated with an MA in design from a UK university in 2006. I won student awards and just before graduating I was flown to Germany by a prestigious company to start designing a collection for them. Everything was rosy for me, my classmates thought I had “made it”, and so did I.

    Fast forward 5 years. My work has sold internationally and I have appeared in magazines, but I am still broke! Like any indie designer who has had their 15min of fame knows: press does not make you a living (unless you’re on Big Brother). Starving artist syndrome kept me poor. Not knowing my value I made some bad licensing deals, leaving me feeling angry and used for a long time.

    What I have learnt so far:
    – Press does not equal profits
    – Retailers and manufacturers take too much of a big cut (unless you have a big name already)
    – Direct Marketing and selling via your own website is the way to go
    – The internet is our Revolution. We can all be stars (if you have a good idea)

    So now I’ve set up a whole new system, and I feel great about it. I am finally growing up, as a business person, and more importantly, as a person.


  21. Tom Aplomb says:


    I poked my box by taking the initiative to change my life completely and pursue my true calling of “helping people find the information they need.” This will manifest itself as life-coaching. When I realized that the way I was explaining my current job to my kids (the quote above), translated flawlessly to a life without my current employer, I knew I had to jump and have already given notice. The resulting feeling of alignment and flow of ideas is nothing short of astonishingly mind-blowing. I would say I cannot wait to get started, but I already have started, by realizing that some of the people I’ve been “working with” and helping both at work and in my personal life are in fact my first clients.

    (FTC Disclosure – I’m a member of the Domino Project’s street team, a supercharging experience that is reinforcing everything I’m already doing. If that disqualifies me from winning the copy of your book, so be it. Please give it to some other worthy person :))

  22. Ken Gregg says:

    Ditto Charles’ comment about pdf.

    I have already ordered the kindle copy. However, I like printed copies. After reading them, I loan them to every one I know. Seth says he wants to help authors spread their ideas. I think I would be less likely to pass around a digital copy (and may not be able to depending on drm) because with a digital copy, if you send it to someone, you still have it. That makes me feel like I am pirating a copy for them. Whereas with a paper copy, when I loan it to them, I no longer have it, so it feels different.

    Am I the only one with this perception?

  23. caitlyn says:

    For a guy who writes among the longest blog posts going … text makes you sleepy? Just poking your box.

  24. Tom Bentley says:

    Poke my own box? Doesn’t that lead to blindness? As the old joke goes, can’t I do it just until I have to wear glasses?

    Anyway, my box-poking is that I’m releasing an editing/style guide ebook on my site this week after having poked and prodded it for a couple of months, and dithered over whether I was going to have it go flapping-wings free (like my other writing-related ebooks), or charge for it.

    Besotted capitalist that I am, I decided that it was worth some dough. Oh dear—box poked, and now its corners are collapsing. Are you sleepy yet?

  25. Joaquín says:

    Why I SHOULDN’T get the copy of your book: ;-P

    Because I’ve been trying to turn a homeless guy into an entrepreneur for the last two years. And failing.
    Selling t-shirts. He does the selling. I do the making, here at home with a computer and a machine I bought. With “socially conscious” messages for people to read and agree to give a homeless guy $10 for it (for the t-shirt, that is).

    And with stickers too.

    And I haven’t been able to scale it. And the guy keeps asking for more t-shirts and I can’t find the energy to make more.

    But what a ride…

    The full story is here in Spanish:

    Oh, and because I already pre-ordered the hardcover version.

    And because here in Puerto Rico not much people practice poking the status quo (but that’d be a reason to give it to me cause I’d give the other copy away so don’t count this one).

    Cheers everyone.

  26. Debra says:

    WOW – I LOVE what Seth is doing with this product….and what you’re offering. So here’s my pitch (mostly because the price of a book is a bit of a luxury at the moment, and also it’s good for me to put it out there to the universe about why and what I’m doing):
    I have been self-employed (mostly) for 14 years….started when my daughter was 2 yrs old because I didn’t want to sell my soul for tax season anymore (the annual public accounting hell)so I became a coach to public accountants to help them run their practices and learn to listen to their soul again. It’s been a journey with big ‘ups and downs’ involving the necessity to work with other companies to pay the bills and survive, including a divorce, but ALL WORTH IT to have a life where I work from home a lot to be with my daughter and to teach and inspire her to live her PASSION (she is volunteering to build a school and a water well in Kenya for three weeks this summer – she is truly awesome!) A highlight has been that I was able to use my passion and determination to buy an old century house in a small town 2 years ago – first purchased home at 45 years old(!).
    A new chapter now is a business I am beginning in the Health and Wellness field – a passion and a lifestyle I believe in strongly for this sick and hurting world we live in. The book would be a great resource and inspiration for me!
    Thanks for reading (hopefully you’re still with me) all this text to the end – I really appreciate it!

  27. Lori Thiessen says:

    Poked my box?? I think my box burned. Actually, I jumped off a cliff and perhaps am still in free-fall, sure hoping I am wearing a parachute…

    • Allowed my then 16-yr-old son to move to the city, 5 hr drive away, to continue training in figure skating
    • Ended homschooling my kids (which I did for 13 years) allowing 2 of them to attend public school
    • Allowing my 16yr-old daughter to go to France for a 1-year student exchange
    • Left my marriage, and broke free from co-dependency
    • Left my church in a fog of confusion
    • Joined Toastmasters
    • Started running – ran three 10k races and am training for a ½ marathon
    • Left a long-time contract-hours employment situation to work on my own from home
    • Branched out with my work – and if the learning curve gets any steeper I will be completely upside down and fall on my head
    • Found consultants to work with to complement my weaknesses
    • Read Julie Morgenstern’s book SHED and began that process
    • Discovered your website about 6 weeks ago through a random google search for “purpose for living”
    • Discovered Copyblogger, IttyBiz, the Urban Monk, and Seth Godin
    • Currently taking steps to set up my own blog

    And I don’t have any pie. But I can make a pretty mean apple crisp.

  28. I poked the box and started my own publishing company, I self published my first personal finance book. I finally took the leap. I was so comfortable working for someone else, I neglicted my own dreams. So I got uncomfortable

  29. Gail Black says:

    I found out about Seth and his book from a friend on FB. When I got to the link posted by Connie, the first two paragraphs really hit home. As many of you, I’ve been ‘Poking the Box’ for some time. Later, I dropped down the ‘Wall’ of FB and found a ‘horiscope’ that was posted about my 14 year old niece. I was appalled that the horoscope’s focus was ‘romantic relationships’. I felt disillusioned. I want to make sure she ‘Pokes the Box’ and re-assesses the different kinds of love in the world; maybe she’s doing that; however, the predominant indicator is placing ‘romance’ as the most significant. Is there anything in ‘Poke the Box’ that would be good for the younger generation?

  30. Jodi Barnes says:

    Two years after quitting my MBA professor gig, the salve of self pity to a particularly nasty sting – not living the Change Management curriculum I designed and delivered for almost a decade – began to run out. I started a blog You and Seth, Pamela Slim and Studs Terkel helped slap me out of a helpless dream where I, the misunderstood victim (how can business schools keep pretending to market real learning/change and will I ever FIT anywhere?), have chosen to stop applying the placebo goo and step out of that box.

    (Don’t go to sleep yet.) Even over the last week I’ve received more encouragement and validation (e.g., a former PhD cohort who now heads a business school on the west coast says I’m the kind of thinker/writer they’re looking for) than I could imagine.

    (One more sentence.) Whether I return to academia in some form or not, my happy goal is to encourage the voices of workers and push them out in various versions to the world. I could use more box-poking. Because, even though I’ve climbed out of one, I have a feeling that the world is a mine field of them.

    (I lied. One more.) Love your blog. I am sucking up but I’m an honest sucker.

    Now rest,

    Jodi Barnes
    Cary, NC

  31. Ronna says:

    Poking the Box. Telling the Truth. Acknowledging that mine or others’ discomfort means I must be in the right place, saying/doing the right thing – no matter how hard. Getting out of my head (whether I want to or not) and into my world. Theory into praxis or forget it.

    Besides, one can’t eat pie in theory.

  32. Jonathan,

    I ordered the Kindle edition, but I do prefer the feel of a book in my hand. The end of last year I assessed my life, because I have not been achieving my goals so I signed up for a group marketing and publishing coaching program. I am updating my book to and include a section which is consistent with my new brand and I am working on creating a membership site which I have wanted to do for a while.

    I get Seth’s blog and he is always talking about shipping, and last year I didn’t ship anything of consequence. I am very close to shipping my first product this year and it feels great.

    Thanks! Avil

  33. Tara Landes says:

    I read Seth every morning. Finally, I poked the box by submitting my articles to be published. I was always afraid of rejection, but I got published! And as a direct result of one of those articles I secured a new, lucrative client, who the secured a new, lucrative client because of something I helped with. I love it when a plan comes together.

  34. Saul says:

    This month am trying to read more about other experiences on the freelance subject and how to be better, in my country is hard to find this kind of material, even if I don’t win the paper back I’ll buy the kindle version. Good job and keep sharing interesting post and reliable information for us who’s following Jonathan

  35. Chris says:

    I’ve plowed right through a whole bunch o’ boxes in the last few years, shaking up all parts of my personal and professional life, it’s been fun!!!

    More recently, albiet less dramatically, I joined Toastmasters. I know, you’re yawning. All my fiends do too, but I love it! I thought I joined to work on my public speaking. T

    rue, but I soon realized (after crashing and burning on a project I did, yet walking out with an ear-to-ear grin, that the reason I really joined was to get comfortable failing…something I’ve hardly ever done, and yet on some level, knew I’d need to do on occassion to reach the heights I plan to reach.

    If your perfect, you’re not living up to your potential – right?? who said that, some one famous? You?

    Good luck with domino, thanks for breaking molds & inspiring others to do the same.

  36. Chris says:

    I was in the minority of students who graduated from chiropractic school and opened his own practice. People don’t call me “Dr. Stepien,” they call me “Chris.” I don’t use face paper because this creates unnecessary garbage. I use handkerchiefs. I love and befriend my patients because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t take insurance because people will pay cash when they really want to get out of pain. I do all of this because nothing else matters when in reality, people want value in the form of results. This is reality.

  37. Hi Jonathan.

    The book cover is a great match for your website colours. I think Seth has been looking over your shoulder.

    I have a picture in my head of those old worldy flick animation cards…you flick through them quickly and the character comes to life – I reckon that’s what will happen with Seth’s cover character and domino numbers when he releases more in his Project. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Chocolate from an Australian dietitian? How many kilos do you want? My clients know I am a chocolate lover but bribing someone else with chocolate is a new strategy.


  38. Registering a URL that is committing to a writing project that I see leading to a free online service with its own facebook app – without any idea how or if it will make money.

    Doing it because it feels like the right thing to do and if I don’t keep trusting that inner-sense then I’ll never move beyond the past false starts

  39. September 30th, my Best Beloved and our Little One and I gave up our fixed place of residence to become nomads. We’re virtual workers, but we still believe that real human contact is the best way to help others.

    In January, after a couple months on the road (including a 7,000-mile trip to spend a month in Montreal, where, apparently, they speak French quite a bit) we changed our business focus from business coaching for virtual workers to providing accountability mentoring for aspiring authors, helping them get their book out of the “someday” box.

  40. Sherry says:


    Short and sweet…Just had my 59th birthday and am finally going to get outside the box by starting my own business….

    PS. I make a mean cherry pie using my grandmother’s piecrust recipe that melts in your mouth!!!!

  41. Sukhi says:

    My last Blog post was inspired by your answer to Jacob Sokol’s ?, loved your response, very innovative.

    I’ve been an innovator in the personal growth world for the past 10 years, offline. Went online 7.5 weeks ago. For somebody like you this may be easy, for me it’s seriously poking the box. I’m a live event guy and people person. Still don’t “get” online relationships.

    I challenge status quo for health, wealth and peak performance. Drugs, procrastination and average rob us of life. My life for the past 20 years has been a constant poke. From a high school drop out, immersed in drugs, crime, violence, to becoming an author, healer, speaker and hunter of human excellence. Book and products are in the pipeline for late 2011. Love Seth Godin and minds like yours.

    May not be worthy of your book but am living extraordinary, seeking challenges everyday and transforming the lives of 100’s of thousands.

    Thanks for your Blog, you stretch my mind.

  42. Rob says:

    I’ve poked my own box the last 2 weeks by putting in more hours than I thought possible in order to get my piece of the pie (French Silk, please). It has been easy for me to talk a good show about accomplishing this or that but a whole different thing to do the work. I’ve committed to the work now, poking and prodding until the gates have been opened. And I, an honorary member.
    What will I do with the book if you pass it my way?
    I will read it. Then, I will pass it on so that someone else can read it.

  43. William King says:

    Sign of the good book is, its topic targets the real life problems and their solutions and this is the the specialty of Seth Godin that whenever we read his work we feel that he is specially talking about us

  44. Dunstan says:

    Brief Version – Its all about awareness and relationships!

    1. Recognising the Box
    2. Poking My Own Box
    3. Poking Others’ Boxes
    4. Inviting People to Poke Mine

    Long Version:

    Remember the box is not the person! There is actually a human being inside the box! SEEING that there is a box is the key first step. A great example: Tony Porter’s ‘Man Box’

    I’m a wannabe ‘A grade’ student in the school of life! I wake up each day eager for the learning that my challenges will bring. I talk to myself via my journal. Whenever I’m not loving the lessons universe delivers I feel stress or frustration and then I do ‘The Work of Byron Katie’

    Each person is exactly where they are supposed to be on THEIR life journey and I assume you are doing your best. The trick is to modulate the poke… TOO SOFTLY means the point is missed and there is no change… TOO HARD can cause pain and suffering. Love knows JUST how hard to poke 😀

    Yeah so go ahead and poke me! Its not me, its just ‘my box’. I don’t want you to be ‘nice’ the whole time. BE REAL and tell me what you see when you look at me and my limiting assumptions. Call me on my s**t! If I react strongly or defend myself then I know you were right! Poke me right and I might just leave a comment on your blog…

    Thanks Jonathan!

    PS Am I the only one amused by innuendo in the title..?
    LUCKY it isn’t on the cover 😉

  45. I’ve started to ring people up and ask to go and film their events when the subject matter seems important and useful. I’ve done this for free a few times now and can’t believe the positive ripples that it’s creating, along with the stretch it’s putting me through. It’s resulted in me finally grasping my true vision which is to create a successful broadcasting channel on line with a few goals in mind:

    1. to prove what I say at network events, that anyone with a website is already a broadcaster and can use video to get their message across with power an impact, by doing just that.
    2. to challenge main stream media’s group mind idea of what people want to hear from ‘what we should be afraid of today’ to ‘what innovative solutions have been actioned today’ and ‘ideas you can implement’
    3. to be a portal / curator for high quality, high integrity, potentiality realisation inducing content (OK, in simple language – to inspire people to take action and realise everyone can be part of the global solution to looking after the planet and looking after the global family)
    4. and to make such content for the site ourselves – my topics of keen interest are sustainability initiatives (city farms, nutritious food, farming methods) and the balancing of the masculine and feminine principles – it’s time the hunter killer and the nurturer work in harmony by default – not as the exception. If myth be believed, we’d done matriarchy; I know we’ve done patriarchy time for pamatriarchy.

    As you can see, I have the modest vision of being a player in saving our species and the planet. Tomorrow I will dream big 😉

    Love your work Jonathan. Thank you.
    Claire Stretch

  46. Catie says:

    I am moving to Alaska.

    Right now you’ll find me behind a desk at an accounting firm in Australia (my home country). I do pretty well here, learning how to market my boss’ services for a tidy paycheck each week. But is this all it should be about?

    This week, I found out I have the opportunity to move to Alaska and start the marketing for a friend who does chainsaw carvings for a living.

    I will have no guaranteed wage, just a commission, and I will be directly responsible for the success or failure of my efforts. Am I ready? Well, I have some capital behind me, and I’m desperate to learn.

    This is an opportunity to step into the precarious and be molded by passion. For the accountant, I get a nice job and I’m learning a lot. For this friend, I have the opportunity to market something that has never been marketed before, and I get to find out what my limits truly are.

    I’m thrilled, and I’m ready to see this life as an adventure in being molded, not something to survive and hopefully have a few dimes to pass along at the end.

    I’m ready to poke the box.

  47. Miles says:

    Late 2010 I woke up in the middle of the night with a vision “we can change the way we sell books and consume them” that was the core idea. 🙂

    Little did I know other people in the world were having the same vision at the same time.

    A lot was being said about the subject and a month later Seth announces the Domino Project.

    By that time I had already connected with my team and we were on our way to experiment with publishing.

    The timing was right and we got wired in to ship by Feb 15 2011 – I’ll let you poke around the site 🙂 but yes we did ship.

    I poked the box on that night and we poke the box everyday experimenting with endless possibilities in these very exciting times for the future of publishing and books.

    PS: All this happened after I made the decision to leave my home country France and move to New York.

    Voila! 🙂

  48. Gregg says:

    An unbelievable runner guy I know once said about running crazy long endurance distances and your body’s ability to do more than you ever thought possible: “90% is mental, the other 10% is just in your head”.

    So poked my box last night after the first 2 hours of running through the wind and snow and told myself “I’m loving this”….”wish I could go forever”….”this is as short as the ‘get to my desk to get up for a break’ part of one typical work day”.

    Guess what, when I stopped I realized I was smiling. Next run I’m adding an hour. Look for a silly man dancing in the street.

  49. I’ve pushed myself and taken a topic I loved, turned it into a potential self-published book, that got picked up and evolved into 5 formats… eBook, enhanced eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

    The next step is the 6th format – developing a corresponding iPad app. It’s been an incredible learning experience and goes along with a friend’s advice of JFDI:

    Just Freaking Do It

  50. Julie Rains says:

    As a board member of a new ministry providing home repair services to needy homeowners in the inner city, I recommended a 2-week wait on starting projects (we have approved 3 with funding for 1 today). Others wanted to act now and get one project completed. My approach may seem to counter the “act now, correct later” tactic but waiting to get clarity of funding from potential donors and get the big score rather than limping along is counter to the traditional approach in this environment.

    At the same time, I am leading the strategic planning effort at my church where this ministry was started. Much of my challenge is to get people to stop recommending solutions without considering the problems and look holistically at problems rather than acting too quickly. I want to see better, more comprehensive, more cost-effective, more collaborative, and sustainable solutions to problems.

    I have used Linchpin as a guide for leadership, creating the road map for a strategic plan, and getting people to think about change. I am ready for the next step and would love to get “Poke the Box” as inspiration and guide.

  51. Marie says:

    My box was poked when I was diagnosed last month with ADD (really, no kidding) and now so much makes sense about why the way I worked didn’t work. My challenge going forward is figuring out what will work. Exciting!

  52. Josh Garofalo says:

    I am 25 years old, terrified of heights and public speaking. Never been on an air plane, chose courses through University in such a way as to avoid presentations.

    This summer, I am flying a cessna (with an instructor of course), I am registered to take a University public speaking course (weekly filmed presentations), and hope to scrounge up the money to sky dive.

    How’s that for poking a box?

  53. Lisa says:

    My husband and I are currently on a nine month poking the box plan which includes downsizing, decluttering, and deciding what goes and what stays. We ship October 1 when we move to Maui. It’s one of the most terrifying and liberating things I’ve done.

    Because of island land use regulations, I will have to create a different business model for my business; part of what I do will have to be offered for free. I’m not bothered by this when I remember the reasons why I do what I do and when I consider that our upcoming move will make me more free as well. Money isn’t everything. Love is.

  54. Jeff Goins says:

    I’m actually poking the box of publishing myself. I’ve always dreamed of being a writer and am trying to build a platform online through generosity of ideas. We’ll see how it goes.

  55. Tom Owens says:

    I poke my box daily. How?

    I ask for help. There’s not enough time or energy to figure out the whole world on my own. Besides, this way is more fun.

    However, I need more. Seth’s manifesto would be the cream for my “Career Renegade” coffee.

    Blog on!

  56. Lianne says:

    Just throwing out there that I would love to see publishers (including Seth) offer a pack that includes the hard copy and the kindle edition for a few bucks more than the cost of the hard copy alone. For example – it’s crazy that the Limited Deluxe Edition doesn’t include a Kindle version in the package.

  57. TomC says:

    I just would like to say how helpful and interesting the replies have been.

    I would also like to add that I really like my avatar. The exposed brain fits me pretty well, metaphorically speaking. Can’t stop the idea factory.

    I was born a box poker. Sadly, it’s the dip I have a problem with.

    I would add video to the versions.

  58. Poking the box by designing a line of organic, Fair Trade soap. Trying to figure out a meaningful way to do something about poverty in the developing world- and looking to Fair Trade as a solution.

  59. I would poke the box by getting rid of all those disclaimers/notices at the end of emails that seem so official that if you read them you may lose your eyesight or worse. Does anyone that somehow received an email by accident actually do any of the things that is requested of them?

    I am talking about:

    ** Disclaimer **

    The information contained in this e-mail message is legally privileged and confidential information intended only
    for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the receiver of this message is not the intended recipient,
    you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail message is strictly prohibited.
    If you have received this message in error, please immediately notify the sender by reply e-mail or telephone and return the message to us.

  60. SlowX says:

    I added “never, ever forget what truly matters” to a family member’s obituary recently.

    He did.
    I won’t.

    Wheels need re-inventing. Music never heard before needs composing. Unexpected, yet effective, visuals need realization. Brains, hearts and souls need poking.

    I figure poking a box might be a good step along the way to what really matters.
    Go team….all the way.

  61. Well, I may not be as bold as you and Seth are, but I’m about to poke the box my way. I’ve been selling earth friendly textiles on Etsy for a while now, and have lately been feeling a bit uninspired.

    As a way of motivating myself, I’ve committed to being a vendor at a farmers market starting early this May. I will need to create a totally new line to fit that market. Time to get moving! Here’s the fun part. Twenty five percent of my product has to be something I grew (I rent an apartment, so no) or cooked/baked. My answer: Chocolate! Chocolate covered candied almonds to be exact. Want to be a product taster?

  62. I’ve read most of Seth Godin’s other books, so I will probably chew through this one too. He always has something new and innovative to say.

    Love all the product option offered for this book. Kudos to Seth for constantly coming up with cutting edge promotional ideas.

  63. As a way of motivating myself, I’ve committed to being a vendor at a farmers market starting early this May. I will need to create a totally new line to fit that market. Time to get moving! Here’s the fun part.AND ALSO FARMER’S MOBILE.