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wp-seo-secrets-300x250I’m a blogger, but truth is, there’s one critical aspect of blogging that I’ve largely punted on, because I just never got exactly how to do it right. You know what I’m talking about.

The dreaded “SEO,” a/k/a Search Engine Optimization.

It’s the stuff of legends, secret tactics that make google want to round home with your blog every time you publish a post. Words, phrases and settings that send you barreling to the top of the first page on google for every keyword you want to be associated with and direct a mad torrent of organic traffic your way. Black hat, white hat, pink hat, bling cat. It’s hugely powerful…but so damn confusing.

That is, until now. Remarkablogger to the rescue!

Last week, my friend and colleague in blogging, Michael Martine released his WordPress SEO Secrets program. As the title implies, it’s for bloggers who use the WordPress platform, largely because that platform supports one of the most powerful and popular SEO plug-ins, All-in-One SEO.

Now I’ve had that plug-in installed for quite some time, but never used it, because I never really got how it works. And also, because I love creating headline and content for humans, not for SEO bots. Which is why Martine’s training is so cool. It actually showed me how to be able to keep cool, people-power headlines and content, while making straightforward tweaks “behind the scenes” and finally using the All-in-One SEO plug-in to turbocharge my SEO efforts at the same time. And, that’s pretty sweet.

SEO and human interest can finally live in harmony!

The other thing I like about WordPress SEO Secrets is that it’s highly focused on a limited number of tactics, kind of taking the Pareto’s law approach by giving the 20% of the stuff that yields 80% of the results. And, because a ton of people are visual learner, Michael’s included a series of videos that literally walk you through how to set up the major things he talks about in the book.

It’s simple SEO for WordPress and simple makes me happy.

There’s a bunch of other stuff thrown in, mp3s, other ebooks and stuff, but I got what I needed from the core of the training.

So, is this for you?

If you already have every post on your WordPress blog nailing front page positions on google for your keywords, it’s probably not for you. It’ll be too basic. And, if you’re an absolute newbie to SEO and barely know what WordPress is, it’s great info, but you may need to stop here and there to look up a few definitions. There is a fair bit of jargon in the written materials.

Still that should not dissuade you, because within Martine’s course, you’ll discover user-friendly and highly specific WordPress SEO information that, implemented religiously, could have a huge impact on your blog’s organic search traffic. I’ll be going back through my archives to do what he says and reporting back in a month or two on the results for both blogs.

In the end, WordPress SEO Secrets gets a solid thumbs up from me…

Now, who wants to help me go back through every post in my archives and tweak them to quadruple my traffic, lol!

[PS – I am not an affiliate for this program]

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2 responses

2 responses to “SEO for WordPress That Even I can Understand”

  1. elizof says:

    This is highly informative and I will give it a test drive for my blog!
    Like you, I have not given SEO the reverence or serious effort some put into it because I’ve always believed that content trumps tinkering or gimmicks; what do I know… 😉
    I love WordPress and the way they support their bloggers so, what the heck, I will give it a shot and keep an open mind.
    Thanks for sharing this … and by the way, I shared it on Twitter.
    .-= elizof´s last blog ..Choices: Where did Those 10,000 Hours Go? =-.

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