Resolve This!

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It’s that day again…

You know, the one millions of people use as a jumping off point for grand changes in course. All hail the New Years resolution.

THIS year, I am finally going to [fill in the blank]

Only problem is…75% of this year’s resolutions will be the same resolution made and broken 2 weeks into last year. Resolutions alone don’t have power, they’re just statements of desire. We make them all day, every day.

Resolutions are about want, but they are useless without will and action.

Why not try something a bit different this year? Don’t make any resolutions, unless you are simultaneously willing to:

  1. Craft a plan of action around that resolution that is actionable,
  2. Immediately schedule the actions needed to achieve your resolution into your daily life and
  3. Rally a team to inspire you, teach you and hold you accountable to your daily actions.

So, if you’d like to make 2009 the year that leads you into a career path that makes you come alive. Move beyond just saying it and do what’s needed to acquire the knowledge, rally your team and hold yourself accountable to taking action every single day in the direction of your resolution.

This can and will be a year like no other…

But only if you move past resolutions and embrace actions.

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5 responses

5 responses to “Resolve This!”

  1. I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. They’re always so typical like “lose weight.”

    If people really want to accomplish them, they need to be specific and lay out the steps. A plan of action is really effective.

    I’d go even a step further and create a personal constitution which lays out your goals in various parts of your life as well as the steps you will take.

    2009 is going to be interesting and exciting; lots of people will become Career Renegades!


  2. kathy says:

    I find that it’s easier to make just a single statement of intent. This year for me:

    Make healthy choices.

    All sorts of goals and personal development are wrapped up in such a statement of intent. It’s much like a 12 step program where moment by moment, choice by choice, we change our behavior to align with our desire.

  3. Jonathan, I completely agree with your view of New Year’s resolutions. I think many people make resolutions out of a place of regret, guilt or societal expectations. For people to actually follow through on them, they have to do things they actually care about.

  4. I’ve also never been a fan of well defined goals because they set a person up for failure. I just finished my ebook that I thought I would have done 4 months ago. It took so long because I was afraid. Worried that it could always be better.

    Action is sometimes hard because we encounter the “what if” of fear. We really want to take action, but fear binds our ability to act. I’ve gotten a lot better at this as I’ve pushed myself, but I’m curious of what all of you do to get stuff done.

  5. […] know I’m not alone. According to Jonathan Fields in his blog, 75% of this year’s resolutions are the same as last year and will be broken within two […]