Renegade TV: Founder, Josh Crandall

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Last week, I had the amazing pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend from high school, Josh Crandall, after some 25 years to learn about his renegade journey and new-ish company,

The audio occasionally gets drowned out by kids and airplanes here and there because we filmed outside, but there’s a lot to be learned from Josh and how he turned a simple desire to ease a pain into a brilliant idea and a rapidly growing business that serves a potentially massive, eternally hungry market.

Hint – if you hate traffic, you’re gonna love Josh’s solution…

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5 responses

5 responses to “Renegade TV: Founder, Josh Crandall”

  1. Slightly off topic but I just want to say it’s really cool that you can
    come together again after 25 years. Friendships are valuable. Congratulations
    for rekindling your friendship.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Yeah, it was really amazing seeing Josh after so long. Incredible how easy it is to just pick right back up

  2. Dataflurry says:

    What a great idea for a website. Very cool

  3. Paul Norwine says:

    Jonathan, Josh –

    Great video. The part that spoke to me the most was your discussion regarding what I call the work / life balance. You guys mention how you both work more (or at least the same) as you ever did before but that you have more passion, excitement, and time in your lives to focus on the really important things than ever before. I’m slowly getting to the point where I am eliminating the distinction between work and life and though I’m not quite there yet, the changes I have experienced over the past few weeks since I made the conscious decision to “build a life around my business” as opposed to the other way around are remarkable. Watching a video like this helps bolster the thought that I have made the right decision. Take care…


  4. Paul Norwine says:

    OOPS – I meant “build the business around my life!” That’s not a Freudian slip 🙂 I really am making positive headway in eliminating the distinction!