Renegade Rant No. 1: Call Back

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7 responses

7 responses to “Renegade Rant No. 1: Call Back”

  1. Travis Hill says:

    Hilarious!! And so true!

  2. Don Pinger says:


    I agree that calling back is vital to surviving in business. So I share your frustrations. If I may add to this…I’m learning that some folks, even if they do call back, don’t keep their appointment or show up late. Sometimes even days late.

    It’s just ridiculous!


  3. Don Bowler says:

    It’s amazing but true. Two years ago the excuse was everyone was too busy. What’s the excuse now?

  4. David S. says:

    Or better yet, pick up in the first place so they don’t have to call back!

  5. Shhh!!! You’re spilling the beans on the success of my business model!

    Actually, the lack of call backs is one of my largest pet peeves. One would think in this economy people would be jumping on every opportunity to get back to you (to get paid).

    Sadly, prompt replies of any sort seem to be a thing of the past for many.

  6. Paul Sabaj says:

    How true. I think that a lot of companies have made cut backs in the wrong areas. The old saying goes 90 percent of winning is showing up. Customer service means more now than ever before

  7. You speak my language! I’ve owned a writing and editing business, Fine Wordworking, since 1981. Just today I told a new company owner, Jason K. Burnett of Burnett EcoEnergy, that he was clearly ready for success–he returned my call speedily. Yeah, so basic, and yet so overlooked by too many businesses.