Renegade Profile Update: Joe Jacobi Goes Remote

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joejacobiA little while back, I did a Renegade Profile call with Olympic Gold Medal Canoeist, whitewater kayaker and broadcaster, Joe Jacobi. I learned a ton from Joe in that one-hour interview and on Monday, he e-mailed a quick update that reveals the power of tapping technology to not only generate income from the culture surrounding your passion, but be largely “location independent.” Here are Joe’s own words:

The International Canoe Federation, the sport’s international governing body for competitive canoeing, recently partnered with a Swiss production company to broadcast 30 minute highlight shows of each of the three Whitewater World Cup events that start in Europe later this month. On a whim, I wrote a cold letter to the production company and asked if I could voice each of the highlight reels from here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I said that rather than hire a “pro,” they should consider me as I had competed at each venue, knew all the storylines, all the athletes, and brought the best authenticity/credibility factor they could find.

Long story short – we got this job. I am partnering with my ABC affiliate in Chattanooga where we’ll receive the finished production from their server, voice it in Chattanooga, and put it back on their server for global broadcast in the course of a day. Technology rocks. New partnerships in place that never would have happened otherwise and a project that never would have come to Chattanooga either. No plane tickets, hotels, etc. Kinda cool.

Simple lesson – mine technology and the broader culture surrounding your passion and you’ll begin to find and create opportunities you never knew existed.

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2 responses

2 responses to “Renegade Profile Update: Joe Jacobi Goes Remote”

  1. funkright says:

    when you mentioned “the power of tapping technology” I thought of this , but once I read further it became clear 🙂

  2. that is an awesome lil’ lesson there Jonathan.

    Most people don’t even dare ask, but, when you do ask, a world of opportunity opens up.

    Very inspiring and a great reminder to take action.

    Thank you bruddah!