Renegade Profile: Shane Pearlman

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picI met this week’s Career Renegade, Shane Pearlman of, a few years back and we clicked right away. Calling Monterey California home, Shane is a perfect example of someone who makes a conscious effort to build his living around what he holds dear.

In this interview, you’ll discover how he:

  • Went from burned out 90s dot-commer who lost 5 jobs in 2 years to inspired hugely successful freelancer
  • Turned his passion for creativity and working with people he loves into a thriving distributed company
  • Doubles his company’s income every year, while working out of a home office.
  • “Monetized” his jones for surfing by creating a killer new iPhone app that lets you see streaming video of surf breaks around the country on your phone.
  • Broke the fundamental laws of branding to grow an international company named after two people
  • Cultivates a Career Renegade mindset that lets him overcome a major hurdles & challenges
  • Creates balance through daily practices and feedback mechanisms
  • And, so much more.

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