Renegade Profile Series Launches With IttyBiz's Naomi Dunford

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I am so excited to be featuring’s Naomi Dunford as our first Renegade Profile…

Dropping out of high at the age of 17, pregnant, who’d have guessed Naomi Dunford, would end up pulling in more than $200,000 a year…from her kitchen table…and hire her husband, mom and friend to work for her (the cats work for free)?

Dive into Naomi’s journey, challenges, revelations and path to becoming a successful Career Renegade in the launch episode of Career Renegade Profiles.

You’ll discover:

  • How Naomi turned her childhood experience watching her dad work himself to the bone into motivation to not only succeed herself, on her terms, but help others do the same,
  • How she decided to get into blogging and what steps she took to launch her blog and business into the stratosphere
  • How and why she curses like a sailor on her blog and leaves readers jonesing for more
  • How not to shoot yourself when you’re working out of the same two-bedroom apartment as all of your employees
  • How to differentiate yourself and prove your value to others.
  • How to leverage the mega-platform of someone else to launch your own business vision
  • How to tap the online world to create revenue streams and potential full-time businesses…from your basement.
  • Critical steps to take and mistakes to avoid
  • And sooooo much more…

Also, in response to so many folks who’ve asked for a more flexible format, I’ll be rolling out the Renegade Profile Interview series as streaming and downloadable mp3s that you can listen to whenever you want. The interviews will be posted to a private, password-protected Profiles Vault page on this blog every week.

So, you’ll no longer need to call in at a specified time to be able to access the wealth of experience, stories and strategies. Just visit the Renegade Profiles Vault page, sign-in and listen.

But, remember, you DO still need to sign up for the series (it’s fr e e).

If you’ve already signed up, you’ll be getting an e-mail with a link to the Profiles Vault page and log-in information on Wednesday when it all goes live. And, if you haven’t signed up yet…don’t miss this amazing interview.

Sign up using the form below.

P.S. – If you’re joining after the series has begun, you’ll also be given access to a Profiles Vault with recordings of prior interviews.

And, be sure to stay tuned for a critical (and pretty dran long post) coming up later this week that’ll reveal the truth about work, security, passion and happiness.

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