Renegade Profile: Charlie Gilkey

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productive-flourishingThis week’s Career Renegade Profile is Charlie Gilkey, founder a highly innovative project and creativity coaching business and blogger at

In this interview, you’ll discover how Charlie:

  • Drew upon his military background to create and launch a highly unique coaching program for creative people and entrepreneurs
  • Blends hist study of philosophy and productivity into a unique approach to getting things done for hyper creative types.
  • Launched his business largely by hiring a well-known blogger, then turning around and helping her, then helping a bunch of other people
  • Taps social media as a powerful credibility building and client-getting tool
  • And, so much more.

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2 responses

2 responses to “Renegade Profile: Charlie Gilkey”

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  2. Matthew Bowe says:

    Awesome interview. Charlie has a great story… great things happen if you are open to great things happening. His comments about “having great conversations and leaving more on the table than you took off” and the post industrial value movement were so right on. I accidentally found your podcast and that led me to your blog and your book. Thanks for providing support, energy, encouragement, and knowledge to the growing number of people who are Career Renegades.