Renegade Profile: Brian Clark, Copyblogger, Teaching Sells

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Today’s Career Renegade Profile is a bit different…

cb_cropI’ve joined up with Technorati Top 100 blogger, Brian Clark, founder of and And, rather than diving into his own personal journey (which is actually pretty interesting, lawyer turned blogger/internet marketing mogul), we spent time exploring how people can turn a passion into a serious income through the vehicle of paid interactive learning environments.

Brian is at the forefront in this area, having created his Teaching Sells program, which uses the very format he promotes to teach you how to turn specialized knowledge (doesn’t even have to be yours) into a real, ongoing income stream online.

In our conversation, you’ll discover how to:

  • Adapt your knowledge to be easily delivered in an online format
  • Listen to your clients/students and giving them what they want
  • Balance passion and market demand to create a business model with the greatest likelihood of success
  • Partner with others to create a viable business, even if you don’t personally have the expertise people want.
  • Build your online business on the side and let it grow big enough to step into.
  • And so much more.

This interview was actually recorded a while back, but the timing happens to be perfect, as Brian is about to relaunch and open enrollment in his new expanded Teaching Sells program shortly.

Click here to learn more about Teaching Sells now.

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