Renegade Health Care Reform

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Stores: Stop selling stuff like this

Mortals: Stop eating stuff like this

Savings: $1,000,000,000,000

Politicians: Next!

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26 responses

26 responses to “Renegade Health Care Reform”

  1. Shane Mac says:


    That is horrible… Awesome post!

  2. Tracy says:

    My grandpa used to eat peanut butter and butter sandwiches. I’ve never tried them but they remind me of him. Might also be why he’s no longer with us.

    I was horrified to see my husband butter bread, stick french fries in it and eat it as a sandwich, he calls it a chip butty and it seems to be an established foodstuff in Ireland. Oi. OTOH, I come from the land of the Big Gulp and can’t be talking.

  3. Sami Paju says:


    Bread = bad, slightly less bad if it’s made of whole wheat.

    Butter = ok if it’s organic

    Peanut butter = ok if there are no added sugars, fats, oils, or sweeteners

    Replace the picture with that of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, and we’re getting to the root of the problem 😉
    …Not to say that all processed foods in general should take part of the blame.


    • Karl Barndt says:

      Carbs (bread) = Bad

      Carbs + Fat (PB & butter) = Worse

      Fat alone = Not bad if you avoid the carbs.

      12 years of a low carb diet with relatively high amounts of naturally saturated and unsaturated fat, and my cholesterol and triglycerides are lower than normal with no high blood pressure (which runs in my family).

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  5. Mike Drips says:

    Reminds me of when I used to stop for a morning bagel, first with plain cream cheese. Then one day the bagel lady says “how about some butter with that?” OK…then another day she says “how about with bacon on it?” OK… good bye waist line…
    I had to quit stopping for a bagel to save my health…

  6. Anne Wayman says:

    And if those of us who know better could convince those who don’t these products (and corn syrup stuff) would disappear.

    I love that I can now get at least some organic food in my supermarket.

  7. Genius post… simple cures for an overly complicated world.

  8. Valerie M says:

    THANK YOU. Now only if we could get that into some thick skulls who think the only solution is overcomplicating everything. I was able to lose and keep off 20 pounds just by avoiding crap like this.

  9. Love this! Is it wrong that I am going straight to the kitchen to make myself a peanut butter sandwich? In reality, I wish I had a fluffy roll, like your picture here, but I’ll settle for processed white bread.

  10. Tom says:

    My Mom used to soak bread in the left-over bacon fat and eat it – thank god McDonalds didn’t pick up on that one…

    But seriously, the message is as simple as it needs to be – don’t eat what’s bad for you and you may live to see another day.

  11. Thank you! I thought lately if junk food was prohibited to advertise on radio and TV just like cigarettes, that could solve so many problems. We probably can’t get rid of junk food industry altogether, but not jamming people’s minds with those messages to buy that stuff could really help.

  12. Jodi Kaplan says:


    However, that’s nothing compared to a picture I saw of bacon cheeseburgers wrapped with more bacon and stuffed with frankfurters.

  13. Carol B says:

    To take a contrary view: Mortality is 100%. The highest total costs of health care are for those who live longest, as various “parts” wear out or need the repair/replacement that’s possible with our medical technology(knees, hips, ACL, cataract surgery), and also ongoing routine treatments or preventive services.

    The primary longevity and health factors for most of us are genetic, although we each can improve the quality of our older years by our food and exercise choices.

    Think of all the completely avoidable health costs related to treating sports injuries – stress fractures, ACL, shoulder tears, concussions, etc., picture a gym in place of that sandwich and repeat the message.

  14. but I love pb and butter!

  15. Beth says:

    My dad eats ham and butter on white bread. He’s 5’7″ and tops 280. At 74. Medical marvel.

  16. shanna says:

    one word: horrifying!

  17. Dennis Leger says:

    It makes me sick! That is, the self-righteousness of the post and all of the comments. And what is that smell?
    Oh yeah. Pretentious Piety.

  18. Lisa says:

    Simple yet effective post. As they save “Everything in Moderation”. If people would just take responsibility for their own actions (not only how they eat but also how they spend) our great country would be in a better situtation.

  19. I agree with Lisa. Everything in moderation (well maybe not everything!) For those of you who enjoy peanut butter and butter (I can’t say I’ve ever had one) Enjoy. Milk shakes, french fries and fried chicken might be the “fun food” I’d be healthier without, but in moderation they’re OK, right? I’d love to see a list of everybody’s favorite junk food! Got to go now … getting hungry …

  20. DaveUrsillo says:


    Happy to have found your blog. I also particularly love your use of “Renegade,” having undertaken a similar tongue-in-cheek nickname as a writer.

    And as for the photo & caption… hell yes! Preach on brother!

    Happy to have connected and to have found your website!

  21. We’re all going to die, and we all have to decide whether or not we want to take charge of our own bodies. Always remember that up to a point, YOUR health is YOUR responsibility.

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  23. I’ve been a raw foodist for 2 weeks now and looking at or smelling cooked food just makes me want to be sick. Bleuch!

  24. Do?al Hayat says:

    Thanks for comments…