Reinventing Work With Tony Schwartz

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I recently had a chance to sit down with my friend, neighbor and author to talk to him about some of the ideas in his insanely hot new book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working (#19 on amazon as I write this), Tony Schwartz. Tony and I explored how things like pulsing, ritualizing and managing your four different energies can profoundly change the way you work.


Tony’s new book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working is available everywhere. Buy it, take it out from the library, whatever fits your budget, I know I’ll be referring to it as I lay out some changes in the way I work over the next few months.

And, you can find out about all the other cool stuff he’s working on at



[As always, I must disclose that (a) Tony’s a friend, (b) he plays tennis, a word I also know how to spell, (c) he gave me a copy of the book, we met on the corner and I didn’t pay him a dime because, well, I was wearing speedos and had nowhere to keep my wallet (I often stroll the Bronx in speedos), and (d) the link above is an affiliate link, so if a billion of you buy the book with it, I get rich, rich, rich!]

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13 responses

13 responses to “Reinventing Work With Tony Schwartz”

  1. Jean Sarauer says:

    I’m going to try writing in sprints and see what that’s like for me. I’ve been working in 30 minute focus periods with five minute breaks, which is a big improvement from the long, unfocused hours I used to spend at my desk. I totally agree with the best ideas coming to us while we’re out having a life too!

  2. Momekh says:

    Would love to meet you and show you how one really savors coffee someday – God willing.

    And btw, why does it have to be so that one ‘has’ to mention that a certain link is an affiliate link? I mean, if you do not mention it, 80 percent of the people reading this probably wouldn’t know. When you ‘do’ mention it, which tells the 100% of the people reading this that you are honest. Do we really do the ‘disclaimer’ bit to make sales or to be known as honest or both? I am rambling now…

    nice to catch up on your blog after a long time,
    God bless and good luck with whatever you are upto…

    • Momekh,

      I imagine Jonathan makes his disclaimers because of the recent FTC disclosure policy that was put in place:

      He has a large enough profile that he might get in trouble if he accepts and reviews free stuff or doesn’t disclose that he’s an affiliate. Better safe than sorry!

      I’m looking forward to checking out this video shortly, as it ties in nicely to my feelings about the average workplace.

  3. What an informative and interesting interview. I really appreciate video interviews, I know they can be a little more difficult to put together (for some) but the end result is so worth it. The information discussed here was amazing!

    PS – the Bronx has lush trees and babbling brooks? Who knew!? 😉

  4. Sascha-Irena says:

    Interesting interview. I’m gonna start to run tomorrow:-) Well, I do meditate regularly.

  5. Great video Jonathan – I’m digging the recent focus on video posts. You’re giving HUGE value above and beyond the typical 700word post here.

    My first thought as I was watching this one?

    “Productivity and energy… together at last!”

    I also think the western focus on the “mental” … or the “conscious” really goes all the way back to Plato & Aristotle, who first separated the body from the mind. It’s a HUGE issue not just in the US, but in most western countries.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Cool, glad you’re enjoying enjoying the vids. A lot more of them to come for a reason I’ll share here on the blog in a few weeks, so stay tuned. : )

  6. Jonathan,

    I so enjoy your writings–always thought provoking. I also was part of the $100 Business Forum and once again, got some real gems from you.

    I am, like Tony, a child of the human potential movement. My master’s Degree is even in Humanistic Psychology (remember that?) and then taught in a Transpersonal Psychology graduate program. I didn’t know of Tony’s book, What Really Matters, and will check that out for a walk down memory lane.

    The last 20+ years I have been researching the nature of change and how energy works in transformation at the cellular level. I say all this as a lead in to the statement that you and Tony mentioned in this video, about the need to reference what is verifiable. So much of what I experience in the work I’ve been doing is that our changes are anecdotally “verifible”, but not necessarily measurably verifiable. Scientific testing has not caught up with the outer reaches of higher consciousness. I don’t think you need to use woow woow language, but one’s inner experience of change seems the best reference of all.

  7. Well that was 20 minutes of awesome. That dude makes so much sense to me it’s scary. In a good, inspiring, validating way, of course. Thanks for that!

  8. RalfLippold says:

    …. this short video has inspired me a lot – and friends alike.