Ready to Make Your Competition Irrelevant?

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It’s no secret I’m madly passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing and the health and fitness world. Which is why I’m psyched to share an article I’ve been working on for some time over at my blog, called, “Marketing From The Heartbeat Out.”

Here’s how it starts…

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes make is treating product development, marketing and sales as three independent pursuits.

Truth is, they are all hopelessly intertwined parts of the same process. And, without fail, the more innovative energy you give to the first, the less time, money and energy you have to spend on the last two.

Let’s look at the fitness industry as an example…

Your average health club is packed to the gills with rows of cardio, TVs, 30 or 40 resistance training machines, free weights, functional exercise toys, mats and a room or two for classes. Throw in a smoothie bar, jazzier lockers and childcare and you’ve got a modest claim of differentiation. But, fact is, rare is the club that spends any real time, energy and money on developing their product into something that delivers not only a massively different, but vastly better solution. Especially for the 85% of Americans who, despite 30 years of marketing and public service campaigns, still won’t touch health clubs with a 10-foot pole.

In the post, I then share an approach to integrated solution-development, marketing and sales that turns the entire process upside down, makes competition largely irrelevant and literally expands the market.

And, while the example I share unfolds in the fitness industry, the discussion is relevant for any biz, which is why I wanted to let you guys know about it.

You can read the entire post on a new approach to marketing, product development and sales here.

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4 responses

4 responses to “Ready to Make Your Competition Irrelevant?”

  1. Sounds really interesting…I’m off to check it out right now!

  2. Very interesting stuff…since I’m not in the market of hard products, more more of a service (website), I’d have to agree that a unique, creative viewpoint is important for success.

  3. Excellent thoughts and interpretation of communication. I worked for a marketing company of motorcycle parts, and the biggest part of succeeding was proving that your product had the most value and highest quality… It’s a tough job, but once the right people start talking about your product you are on the right track.

  4. Its really interesting, no doubt that this is one of the common mistake which most entrepreneurs do, but the key of any business success is that you integrate all of your business parts; research, production, sales & marketing and finance.By this activity you really can enhance the percentage success of your business. But this is really a great post which highlights a big but common problem.