No Excuses: Behind the Curtain With Marie Forleo

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Ever look at someone who seems to be fearless, on top of the world, massively sccuessful, relentlessly confident and focused…and wonder how they got that way?

It’s so easy to assume away their success. Oh, well THEY never had to struggle the way I do. THEY were born into luxury, money, influence. THEY never had to deal with heartbreak, having no clue what they wanted to do with their lives, paying the rent, feeling good. THEY were born lucky!

Except, with rare exception…THEY WEREN’T!

Assuming THEY’VE got something you don’t is almost always an excuse for inaction. For not wanting to experience the uncertainty and risk of judgment and failure that comes from stepping into a new adventure that matters so much it’d hurt a lot to fail.

Take my friend, Marie Forleo. Right now, she sits atop a rapidly-growing multimillion business, on a mission to inspire and educate women to take control of their lives and, more specifically, build businesses and careers that matter. To them and to others. She produces and stars in an award-winning web-show, Marie TV, that’s watched by a ginormous audience every week.

Looking at her on camera and on stage, she so confident, playful and at-ease in her own skin, you’d figure she just HAS to be one of THOSE people. But, again, you’d be wrong.

Yes, she’s smart. Very smart. But Marie didn’t come from money, or advantage. She wasn’t hyper-connected and for a solid chunk of her life, she had no real clue what she wanted to do.

She’s gotten where she’s gotten, because she’s insanely curious, open to intuition and willing to change course, occasionally blowing up entire career paths, when her gut tells her she needs to.

In this week’s episode of Good Life Project,™ we’re taking you behind the curtain with Marie Forleo.

You’ll see a side to her that’s rarely revealed on her weekly show. A lower-key, more serious, deeply introspective and spiritual side. You’ll learn about her journey to get where she is, her struggles, moments of awakening, challenging relationship to money and it’s deeper associations.

We’ll explore her path from middle-class New Jersey kid to working on the floor of the famed New York Stock Exchange, then breaking down and quitting. We’ll follow her into the rough and tumble world of NYC magazine publishing, then learn about the magazine project that shook her out of her career malaise and literally sent her intuition screaming in another direction.

We’ll see how, even then, Marie struggled to figure out how to manifest what she’s was being called to do, even blowing up her initial idea and tending bar to pay her bills while she figured it out. You’ll discover what’s really driving Marie to build a body of work that matters. What’s put her on the rader of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Simmons and Anthony Robbins. And where she’s going from here.

Come behind the curtain with Marie Forleo now on this week’s Good Life Project™

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10 responses

10 responses to “No Excuses: Behind the Curtain With Marie Forleo”

  1. This is great. Joanthan how did you meet Marie? Her interview was awesome

  2. Anne says:

    A solid rags to riches story sells good.

  3. Giovanna Baccarin says:

    Jonathan, tks so much for this one.

    You and Marie are two out of 4 people I read always and for a few years now… The ones that survived the unsubscribe button we so often use.

    I loved, loved to see this episode. You´re both a great inspiration to me personaly and I believe also to so many others.


    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Thanks so much, Giovanna! So glad you’ve found value in what we share. 🙂

  4. Gayle says:

    Thanks, Jonathan for this great interview–again. I too follow Marie as well as following you. She’s an inspiration and really lives her talk. I believe there are more in the “younger” generation that have been allowed and supported to follow their heart-felt dreams–giving those of us in the “added” years generation permission to look inside and accept who we really are. Thank you both, Marie and Jonathan.–Gayle

  5. Olga Minko says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. “Finally” I said when I saw your post. As a woman who is trying to make her way to be an entrepreneur it is just hard sometimes to relate when the people I have been following were men. And I admire your work and it is very inspiring, and you talking about your daughter and family is the piece which means a lot. However to see this video really gives me a better perspective how to take next steps. I am still searching and trying to figure out and it is super helpful. Thank you.

  6. David Russo says:

    Nice interesting story.

  7. I love Marie Forleo- and I’ve got love for you too Jonathan (currently reading Uncertainty)! It takes a lot to step out and fully show up in the world- especially through your work. It is always refreshing to hear someone who is making a big impact on the world talk about stepping through that dense cloud of self-doubt and ‘do it afraid’.

  8. Cat says:

    I watched this video and I enjoyed it very much. I feel like I have a lot in common with Marie, I’m off in a million directions, trying things I feel passionate about, and then knowing that it’s not the right career choice. There’s a lot of things to do and work on in life that’s for sure, and I just hope I can find as much direction as she did!

  9. Aecio says:

    I’m new here and I already can say that I’m your fan! Great interview!

    Thanks Jonathan!

    P.s- She is so… lively!