New Renegade Profile: Will Chen From Killer Aces Blog Network

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picture-4This week’s Career Renegade Profile interview was just posted to the profiles Vault. Today features an hour-long interview with Will Chen, the co-founder of blog network, Killer Aces, and their flagship blog,

In this in-depth profile, Will shares:

  • His journey from high-powered lawyer (sounds familiar, right) to online poker officianado and writer and now co-founder of a hugely successful blog network.
  • His wake-up call and the critical considerations in making the leap
  • How a change in the law forced him to shift gears after building his business and how that unanticipated hurdle actually led him to create a new renegade path
  • What makes his current company very different from most other blog/online media networks and where he’s going with it.
  • What the effect of the current economy has been on his business
  • His take on the role of passion and security in creating your career
  • And, so much more.

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One response to “New Renegade Profile: Will Chen From Killer Aces Blog Network”

  1. A very clever way for people to sign-up. I’m going to remember that one for future projects.