New Renegade Profile: Tom Ham from StomperNet

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picture-4They’re arguably the largest most successful internet marketing training company on the planet. They landed 2,000 customers and about $20 million in sales…in their first day in business. We’re talking about They’re actually in the middle of a giant launch of their newest training, FormulaFIVE, right now. And, most people associate two individuals, Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon, as the public face of StompNet.

But, many are now discovering that there’s been a third powerhouse individual who’s been there from the start and has been instrumental in the launch and explosive success of the business. His name is Tom Ham and he’s finally ready to emerge from behind the curtain to share some details about his own renegade journey and the role StomperNet has played in it.

In this week’s interview, Tom shares:

  • How getting online is the ultimate counterplay in a down market
  • The real story behind the launch of StomperNet
  • Who the secret 3rd man behind the Curtain is a one of the most successful IM in the world
  • How StomperNet launched as a new internet business with 2,000 customers and $20 million in sales on the first day.
  • Why helping run SN is the best job in the world
  • The importance of working with people who rock
  • What it’s like to work in a virtual/distributed company
  • The impact of entrepreneurship on personal relationships
  • How the dot com bubble burst led Tom to get laid off 3 times in 5 and how he survived it
  • How he defines security after surviving the dot com burst and the recent economy
  • How cool it is to be in a business that makes a real impact in other peoples’ businesses and lives
  • What really motivates him to build the company, it ain’t money
  • The truth about balance and the role of coaching and mentoring in achieving it

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