New Renegade Profile:'s Lynn Terry

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From single mom with two kids on the verge of bankruptcy to successful super-affiliate, internet marketer, blogger and online marketing strategist, founder Lynn Terry is a powerful combination of will, intelligence and authentic kindness.

In this killer one-hour Renegade Profile, she reveals:

  • How she went from supporting 7 people in an 800 square foot apartment to generating a great income and living in her own home.
  • How she uses a simple egg-timer to balance working from home and playing with her kids
  • How she handled raising a special needs child, working at home, home-schooling two kids and building a business all at the same time.
  • What critical moments and realizations led her to a radical shift in career paths
  • How she got into affiliate marketing and “what” affiliate marketing really is
  • How to start as an affiliate marketer and grow your revenue on the side
  • How she became a blogger, teacher and “super-affiliate”
  • An inspiring and unusual way to define both security and success
  • And, so much more.

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