New Career Renegade Profile: Mark Hayward

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This week’s Career Renegade Profile interview was just posted to the profiles Vault.

m51Today features an hour-long interview with Mark Hayward, the owner of the Palmetto Guesthouse on the island of Culebra. He’s also the founder of Train For Humanity and he blogs at

In this in-depth profile, Mark shares:

  • His journey from Boston local to Peace Corps worker in Papua, New Guinea
  • His jump from the Peace Corps to international tech consultant for emerging economies, then…to tropical innkeeper, retreat owner and social media wizard on the island of Culebra off of Puerto Rico.
  • How he’s leveraged social media to build his island guesthouse business
  • What fuels him through his various renegade adventures
  • How he’s turned his online relationships and interest in fitness and competition into a foundation to help raise awareness and funds for those who have been affected by genocide or civil war.
  • What critical advice he offers to et started doing what you love.
  • And, so much more.

To listen to this interview, just log into the vault and scroll down to Mark’s Profile. And, if you haven’t signed up for your free Renegade profiles, you can do it right now, just enter your e-mail in the form below.

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