My War and Peace Workspace

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34 responses

34 responses to “My War and Peace Workspace”

  1. Sachit Gupta says:

    Love the giant whiteboard – I’ve got the same thing in my small college dorm room :P. Not IdeaPaint though, but you can pick up a cheap whiteboard at Home Depot.

    Interesting that you only have one book sitting on your desk, I have a whole bookshelf connected to mine, and it does get distracting sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Yeah, I actually have a pretty big library of books, especially marketing and biz, but I keep them out of site unless I need them so I don’t get distracted.

  2. My office space is anywhere I set down my laptop. I really like that portability and, eventually, would like to travel extensively as part of my work (beyond pouring my thoughts into a blog). Though I’m a people watcher, and sometimes get ideas from witnessing interactions, a lot of times being in a bookstore inspires me to write more…particularly if they have free wi-fi!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Haha, that’s my OTHER office. I have a macbook pro that syncs with Dropbox on my iMac, so when it’s warmer out, I spend a lot more time with my “mobile” office, too.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your office. I love how well thought-out it is; minimalistic and highly functional.
    I’m currently forced to have only the laptop/backpack office, which has both its pros and cons.

    I definitely understand the usefulness of the guitar. I keep a sketchbook around so that I can doodle whenever I need to let something percolate.

  5. Daniel says:

    Wow. I love the couch! Looks great in there.

    One of my goals is to have like a 4 to 8 computer stations in a room, kinda like being able to do some lan gaming parties after a day of work with my friends. 🙂

    My bedroom is my workspace, which more than 1/2 of it is being utilized as a storeroom for my parents’ offline business stocks in.

    So apart from some books that I have with some childhood memorabilia kept in the cabinet of my bookshelves (I call that the “gift shrine”), I only have one netbook plugged to a 25″ (or is it a 21″) LCD monitor sitting on my desk. And not forgetting a plastic chair where I sit on now.

    Well, that’s where I’m starting from.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Game Central station, sounds cool. Truth is, half the year, I use my mbp as my office and find spots outside to work

  6. You say that’s a custom Washburn? My acoustic bass is a Washburn; nice tone. Got to play a 1910 Washburn once; sounded much like thumping on a hollow log with a stick. They’ve improved somewhat over the decades 😉

    Best Beloved and I share our home office, which was once the formal dining room between the kitchen dining area and the living room. From my desk I can see out the living room windows, she can see out the kitchen window, and we can both see through an interior window to the music room where all the instruments live and the recording happens.

    The two biggest flaws are the lack of light (even in summer, it’s dark in here; shade trees all around to block out the Sacramento summer, but they do it too well) and my guitar wouldn’t fit in here (too many bookshelves, along with the four desks . . . ) At least there are two huge whiteboards and a few small ones. I’ve learned to store my brain in writing since I’m so old I can start a sentence and before I get to the end I’ve forgotten what I was going to, um, fine thank you, and yourself?

    Fortunately, I can walk 12 feet and have bass, drums, multiple guitars, keyboards, mandolin, fiddle, and recording equipment, so I can do some serious noodling when I need to get away from the computer screen for a bit.

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Hey Joel, the Washburn is handmade, but not custom. Nice tone, though the action is a bit high. Love that you’ve got what sounds like a whole practice studio set up. At one point, I also had keyboards, drum machine and whole recording set-up, but I’ve scaled back.

  7. Patrice says:

    Nice office space. I’m really loving the vinyl Buddha. I’m on their website right now as I type. My office space is pretty plain. I have a l-shaped desk, a matching book shelf, a whiteboard, and a few dumbbells. I would love to add some trees and possibly a music player and a keyboard. I use to play when I was younger and a little in college. I would love to get back into that and zone out. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ryan Hanzel says:

    Great office man, constantly travelling with the military leaves me with pretty much my bed/laptop/wireless keyboard & mouse as my office till I get back home.

    I like how simple and bright your office is.

  9. Hi Jonathon:

    Found you on Third Tribe site and Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your office space! You really need to put on a webinar on how minimize crap in your office. You obviously must have another space where you keep all your office supplies, books, receipts, biz cards you have collected, etc. Love the mind map function on the wall. I want to add that to my office wall. I personally cannot work with any background noise (I am very easily distracted) so working in public places or with music on would not be productive for me. I am always amazed at how people can work with so much going on around them. Thanks again for sharing your office space. Based on what you have shown us, you would have a major cardiac arrest if you saw my office space! LOL!

    Brenda Horton
    Hware – HumanityWare

  10. I love your space. Especially the lovely light coming in. My own office is in the living/dining room space. It is tight and filled with too much stuff. I used to have the office in my much larger bedroom but I never had off time in my there so I moved it out. I covet a dedicated office space and a place with light and a view. Today it is lovely and bright outside but none of that light gets to my place and the view is concrete court.

    You planned out your space nicely, it seems to fit your character well. Enjoy it.

  11. Great office space Jonathan – I love the space for yoga / meditation and the warm light. I currently work from a corridor (although it is actually a very lovely minimalist one!). Keep up the great work!


  12. Love the office space – very clean and to the point. I’m in the process of cleaning my office (it’s on the third floor of my house). Too much clutter and not enough workspace for such a large room.

    I love the idea of a couch, so I’m going to have to incorporate one as I finish up over the next week or so. I’m thinking futon so we have some extra sleep space for when company stays over, but just being able to sit somewhere besides the office chair will be a great way to refocus.

    Love the videos, and the great info. Thanks!

  13. Well I took you up on your offer to share, so here’s my little office tour:

    Hope you all enjoy it!

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  15. Michael says:

    Hey Jonathan – do you have a phone in that office? Or do you operate just of a cell phone?

  16. Your office looks great, I wish mine was the size of yours and not our old closet 🙂

    Whenever I take a break, I go into our living room and use the couch, a lot like your couch. I also use a Mac for my work, but not an iMac (not anymore), I’m using a Macbook Pro.

    The visual reminder, your guitar, is awesome. I also have to have visual reminders, if not, I forget whatever I should be remembering. It’s not the age, I know that, because it’s always been like that.

    The one thing I’m most impressed by is your white board from idea paint. I didn’t know about this company, I’ll definitely order my own wall sometime soon. It looks awesome.

  17. jamytan says:


    Thank you for sharing your office view.

    I like the carpet, that is the kind I have in my living room, family and dinning room now. Love the paint white board idea.

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  18. Sonja Lovas says:

    No comment of the video because it would not load. I just got the spinnng circle, so I’ll check back to see if it will be working later.

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  20. Michael says:


    I’ve followed in your footsteps…

    Here’s my Great Work office

  21. That’s great insight into how you stay creative. I like to draw to get out of my own head. It helps me gel my thoughts and ideas.

    My favorite part was the Buddha. What a great reminder to stay peaceful and relaxed when dealing with a tough situation.

  22. Tasty space! I find online whiteboards, sketch boards, mindmaps starting to revolutionize how I think and work. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  23. Lynn Truong says:

    I want that white board wall! Love that mug too!! =)

  24. Dom says:

    Wow Jonathan I’m impressed by the minimalist neatness!


  25. Phil Montero says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Great idea to give a tour of your office – loved seeing the different areas and what you use them for and really gives some insight into your workstyle. I have my ukulele hanging right next to my desk much like your guitar. Learning to play so I had the same strategy that I could noodle around on it while thinking (or waiting for windows updates to download – LOL).

    Speaking of which I’m going to be switching to Mac – trying to decide between a 27″ iMac like you have or a MacBook Pro.

    I have a comfy chair in my office now but thinking of replacing it with a small table where I can sit to think when I don’t need to be at the computer. Not sure if I have enough room for both in here.

    I’m going to have people post photos to my blog to show their “Anywhere Office” but you have inspired me to find a way to allow them to post videos as well!

    Thanks again for this – great to see your space.


    • Jonathan Fields says:

      hey Phil, I actually have a macbook pro, too, and I use dropbox to keep critical stuff synced. When the weather is nicer, I much prefer working outside somewhere

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  27. kelly says:

    Hey Jonathan, ‘just took another look at this clip — trying to decide between Buddha murals for my own newly-revised space. 🙂 One thing I noticed is that, in contrast to months ago when I first looked at this, I paid a lot more attention to the guitar than before, to that idea of creativity catapulting ideas into consciousness. As always, thanks for the inspiration and timely reminder. The blog is the gift that keeps on giving!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Haha, love it! And, my space keeps evolving, too. I’m feeling an electric guitar in its future. 😉