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So, I had the wonderful fortune to be interviewed by the folks over at and they came up with some pretty interesting questions, ones that revealed answers I don’t normally share.

Here’s a snippet:

How do you get things done?

Set what Collins called “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals” in Built To Last, then don’t stop until you make them happen. Shoot for the ultimate end, but focus on the task at hand. Do NOT multitask, it’s a myth. You lose a huge of time in the process of fluttering between tasks and having to ramp up. One exception, if you’re a mom or parent of young kid, you’ve got no other option.

Go check out the rest now…

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3 responses

3 responses to “More Of My Deep, Dark Secrets At”

  1. Justin says:

    I read most of that interview, and it was pretty informing, not only about your own life, but ways to get business done better. I liked what you had to say about multitasking.

  2. Posted a brief comment over at C&D. Very interesting bits about not multitasking, and not working a job that sucks your life out of you.

    I’m currently engaged in a project that most people say can’t be done with Essentially, I’m trying to bring tens of thousands of people together to provide much better vehicle information than has been available elsewhere. Very much a roller coaster.

    The intense focus required, and the stress, make my wife wonder why I do it. That would be the highs, especially doing something that hasn’t been done before.

  3. MLRebecca says:

    Congratulations on being featured on! That’s very exciting! Great interview, Jonathan! Thanks for sharing!