Meet Mark McGuinness: Biz Coach To Creative Pros and Artists

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This is the third post in my BS-Free Business Masters series, where I introduce you to a small gathering of people who specialize in getting you and your business where you want to go.

It bears repeating, one of my key criteria in selecting and sharing each of these people is that they’ve succeed, often many times over, at creating their businesses, before turning to the business of helping others.

And, of course, a second criteria is that they either work with clients or offer trainings that might benefit you, since the real impetus behind this whole series was to give you guys trusted resources to turn to after substantially scaling back my own consulting biz in 2011 to focus on other endeavors.

Onward, then to BS-Free Business Mastery Guide #3: Mark McGuinness.

Mark first came onto my radar a few years back when I noticed him working with Brian Clark to launch, a blog that caters to the development, needs and ideas of creative professionals and companies. I was really impressed with the depth of content and how quickly that blog took off.

Over the years, Mark and I began to cross digital paths and built a relationship that actually led both of us to interview each other. And, I recently spent a serious amount of time talking with Mark about the mindset that fuels the creative entrepreneur for the book I’m working on.

So, how do you describe Mark? Here’s how he does it on his About page:

I’m a business coach specialising in the Creative Industries and professional artists and creatives. I deal with the ‘people factor’ in the creative process – the imagination, collaboration and direction that are essential for creative and commercial success.

I’ve spent over 10 years coaching creative professionals in all kinds of media – including novelists, actors, graphic designers, visual artists, classical and popular musicians, DJs, composers, copywriters, film directors, programmers and architects. I’ve also delivered coaching, training and consulting for organisations including Channel 4, the BBC, Transport for London, The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Gist, Vodafone, BT, Servier Laboratories, the Arts Council and Arts & Business.

My creative and business interests have converged with Wishful Thinking Creative Coaching, a specialist coaching and training service for creative businesses such as design studios, ad agencies, film and TV production companies, computer games developers, architect’s practices and fashion designers.

In 2006 I passed the MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at the University of Warwick, with distinction. My MA dissertation was a research project on Perceptions of Coaching in the UK Creative Industries. You can listen to podcasts of my research interviews with managers, directors and development professionals across a range of creative industries. In 2009 I will publish a revised version of my research report on this site.

With the last two folks I’ve introduced you to, we’ve set up some really powerful conference calls, where you guys could also ask tons of questions. This week is a bit different.

Instead of a call, I’m sharing a 35 page ebook that Mark’s just published today. It details his own journey from poet to creative business master (my words, not his, lol) and shares some great insights about what to keep your eye on as you build a business in the creative industry.

To download Mark’s Freedom, Money, Time & The Key to Creative Success book, click here.

No email required (and I think it downloads automatically as a PDF, so don’t freak out). I finished reading my advance copy yesterday and really enjoyed learning more about Mark’s journey and insights. If all you do is read Mark’s book, that alone is well worth the time invested, I always love learning from the journeys of others, especially, the mistakes and course corrections, which Mark shares.

I figure, if someone else has already suffered and figured out an answer, you might as well learn from that, rather than repeat it.

And, as always, fair disclosure, at the end, there’s another link where you can download a second ebook (also comp) that gives you even more solid information and let’s you learn more about how to work with Mark, if that’s of interest to you.

So, go check out the ebook, and be sure to also visit Mark’s blog –

[Dislcosure: I’m from New York and Mark is from some other foreign place, like the U.K., so he speaks a bit weird, drinks his beer warm and calls little sandwiches “tea.” But you shouldn’t hold it against him, not everyone can buy dogs with slaw off of carts in da Bronx. If you decide you want to work with Mark or anyone else in this series, you should automatically assume that I’m going to be compensated with gobs of money, very likely more than enough to buy new undies, which won’t happen, btw, because men generally only do that every 15 years and only under threat of duress. Work with him, don’t work with him, totally up to you, but most importantly learn what you can from him and do what feels right to you. Peace]

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