Meet Danielle LaPorte: The Original Fire Starter

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This post is the fourth in my series introducing you to a small gathering of what I call Real World Business and Lifestyle Mastery Guides.

My goal is to help kick off the year not just with ideas and dopey resolutions that always evaporate with time, but with insights, access to real answers and the opportunity to learn from potential mentors, paradigm-shifters and serious thinkers.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, one of my criteria for selecting them is that they’ve gained their insights not by failing at everything else, then getting certified to tell other people what to do.

Rather, they’ve gone out into the world, taken risks, declared visions, struggled, suffered, sometimes even got crushed, then grew, climbed back from the abyss and eventually created stunning business and career outcomes for themselves. And now many of them are also helping other people create similar outcomes.

Now, onto Real-World Business & Lifestyle Mastery Guide #4—Danielle LaPorte.

A recent list of “Top 10 Blogs by Women That Might Change Your Life,” describes Danielle like this:

“She’s confidently contrarian, feminine, decisive, and creative. She combines spirituality with sound business principles and is successfully doing everything that I should be doing with my “jack of all trades” entrepreneurial, designer, branding background.

She has an e-program (The Fire Starter Sessions), a line of chic, minimalist note cards, and gives coaching sessions at $1000 a pop. She’s been listed, ranked and quoted. At the core of her success is her ability to write. She writes beautifully, lustfully, and poignantly and is quite possibly the most talented and insightful writer publishing on the web.

Danielle reminds us that the internet IS the new essential business medium and that talented people can rise to the top creating lives and careers that rock the soul. If you haven’t experienced, you are missing the best of the web.”

Danielle has also been featured in Elle, Body + Soul, Vogue Australia, Better Homes & Gardens, Globe & Mail, The National Post, The Huffington Post, Entertainment Tonight, and most recently USAToday and She was a news show commentator for CBC, and is a former director of a Washington-DC think tank, where she managed a team of analysts studying global trends for the likes of the Pentagon and the World Bank.

Based in Vancouver, BC, she’s working on her next book for Random House, the “life edition” of The Fire Starter Sessions. You can find her on Twitter as @daniellelaporte.

When I was talking to Danielle about what we should do for you guys, she came up with a killer idea.

Danielle does one-hour individual Fire Starter Sessions with clients…at $1,000 an hour. And she’s currently not accepting any new session appointments until something like June 2011.

But, this week, Danielle has agreed to do a live Fire Starter Session with 2 or 3 insanely lucky people on a conference-call on Wednesday.

And instead of $1,000…it’ll cost, er, um, ohhhh nothing!

Here’s how it’ll work:

Step 1: Plead your case in the comments:

  • Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
  • Specificity earns brownie points.
  • Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)
  • Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended), and
  • Share 2 to 3 questions for us.

Step 2: You MUST be on the call – Because she’s gonna announce the 2 or 3 winners live on the call and, if you’re not on the line, we’re moving on to the next person.

Two really important things, here. One, the selection process will be 100% not-random, totally-subjective, slanted, emotionally-driven and utterly unscientific. We’re gonna choose based on heart.

And, two, when we did Bryan’s call, 730 people signed up, which blew our minds and forced us to bump up to 250 lines and we still maxed those out. So, call-in early to make sure you don’t get closed out of the call. If you call in and all the lines are already taken, that’s on yooz!

Our goal is to use the hour or so to work with 2 people, but we may be able to fit in a third, too. No promises, we’re keeping it fast and loose (that means each person will get somewhere around 20-30 minutes). And, obviously, if you’re chosen, there’ll be others listening to the call and even more to the recording, so only enter if you’re willing to let the tribe learn from your amazing experience with Danielle.

Seriously, how cool does that sound?

Here are the details:

  • Date & Time: Weds | Jan 26th | 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST
  • Format: 60-ish-minute conference call – Conversation with Danielle and me.
  • Price: Um…nothing

So, FIRST, scroll down to the comments and, make your case to be chosen for the live Fire Starter Session.

THEN, whether you want to vie to be chosen or just listen in, come back here and drop your email into the form below to get the call-in details (this is just so we can send you a reminder on Weds, the list will be erased after that):

UPDATE: This call is now over, but you can listen to the recording here.

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177 responses to “Meet Danielle LaPorte: The Original Fire Starter”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by remarkablogger, Grant Griffiths, Glenn Friesen, Kim Manley Ort, Santi Chacon and others. Santi Chacon said: Meet Danielle LaPorte: The Original Fire Starter: This post is the fourth in my series introducing you to a smal… […]

    • LaPorte and all her sparks of glory came into my life as a gift from my best friend and business partner. We were in the infacncy of conceptualizing our website (launching now in about 10 days!!! – super duper exciting) when Jen came across and immediately bought us both a the Fire Starter Sessions. What can I say? .. Changed. My. Life. Just when I was feeling bogged-down by a full-time job and a half and business-planned-out, this goddess, this muse of all things success gave me the spark.. the energy, the curisity, the desire to keep on truckin’ and we haven’t looked back. Without this turning into a testimonial, she’s a full-blown turbo role model of mine and anything that she’s a part of that’s free – as Tina Fey would say: “I want to go to there.” Jen ended up investing in a one-hour call with her about 3 months ago and her raw comments, suggestions and nuggets of genius really helped shape our almost! new arrival. We would be thrilled to have a little more time with her and frankly, just make everything gooder!
      Thanks for the forum to spill and gush!
      Can’t wait for Wednesday ..

  2. Danielle rocks my world with her writing; she fires me up with her questions that aren’t even posed directly to me! So, Pick me, pick me for a Firestarter Session! 🙂

    I’m already in the process of rocking the world, but I’m looking to do more, better.

    Wait, that’s not true. I’m looking to continue making a freaking fracking fantastic difference but not doing more, better.

    In fact, that’s what I’m working with clients on – NOT doing MORE, BETTER – but helping them focus on the right work for them without all the should’s, must’s, and have to’s.

    But I’m mired in fuzzy as I’m growing and stretching (and for me, fuzzy = fear, hesitation, stalling). I’m walking the line of being as insightful, smart, intelligent, funny, and frank as I really am one-on-one with clients (= safe environment) but am itching to put this message out out out to the world (= less safe environment).

    My business currently is Mattson Business Services, Inc. ( soon to be rebranded as Define Your Day.

    Currently, I do in person sessions with clients (individually and with teams) around organizing, systems/processes, productivity, time management, and the art of delegation. I’ve also started doing phone sessions and have 2 info products (to be completed by Feb 15) and a book (to be completed by July 1) in the works.

    My questions include:
    1. I feeeeeeel a strong pull towards working with women – to help them stop being martyrs, to use their voices, to step into what they love doing for work, to be powerful/pivotal person that creates needed change in their families, relationships, communities, etc. I *am* my own client in this and need some clarity about bravely stepping out to do this in a real, bigger way (again, not a more, better way).
    2. Danielle, what was the point that helped you solidify your message – was it a one event “ah-ha” or was it as series of doing, trying, doing, trying? (I probably know this answer already…)
    3. One of my limiting beliefs (ok, maybe two) include being afraid of being seen as “preachy” about these issues of defining your day in a way that makes the individual happy. I am strong, opinionated and bossy sometimes when talking with clients or when doing teleclasses. And I struggle with feeling “qualified” to stand out and say these things. I just feeeeeel compelled to say them from somewhere deeeep down in my soul. My opinions are not always based on experience; they come from somewhere else that I can’t qualify beyond…just knowing.

  3. Cory says:

    I need a Firestarter session with Danielle exactly because she IS passionate, and I am passionate about my work and my profession, which is primary care for kids and the grown ups who love them. I am passionate, but I am also stuck. We are successful because we spend a lot more time with our patients than insurance companies want to pay us for but balance that by being masters of ethical billing, having a loyal client base with fantastic word-of-mouth traffic, keeping our overhead low, having a great location and a happy staff. Truth is, this model can only get so big. So…

    How do we capitalize on our passion without turning our patients into commodities? We can’t see more people without killing ourselves. We can’t charge more because of insurance contract constraints. We will not do “concierge” or “subscription” medicine because we think all people deserve to be treated the way we treat our clients, not just the ones who have the additional means.
    And it is impractical for us to go to a cash-only practice when the entire country has been mandated to health insurance.

    However, I am also watching my colleagues retire from the profession in droves, disheartened and bitter, and advising the young ones not to take their place. There is very little time left to pull this off, to stop the hemorrhage.

    Think carefully if you choose me/us. The fire you start might end up reviving primary care in the US. I am that passionate!

  4. Hi I’m Kimberly
    I am a yoga teacher, Rolfer, and single mom.

    I am American; I live in Rio de Janeiro.

    I teach yoga trainings to Brazilians in Portuguese and English. I lead island yoga adventures on Ilha Grande, an island off the coast of Rio that has 100 beaches and no cars. My bread and butter is local yoga classes in my home studio (3 a week) and Rolfing clients.

    My post-partum recovery was incredibly complicated and I set off around the world with my daughter to understand my own situation and post-partum care in general. I love supporting and educating women on their anatomy and their choices.

    The island yoga adventures I lead are life-changing, game-changing, incredible opportunities that have changed many people lives in everything from eating habits to career changes to blown open hearts. (but they do not fill up)

    I am building my way out of a lot of years of ignoring the material world (or trying to at least) and a few doozy spiritual disillusion-ments.

    I followed Danielle’s advice on finding voice, and am not writing to a target but just writing about what’s important to me in order to arrive at a genuine voice (so I am not writing about everything in my life).

    ** I am on a brink. Lots of great things are happening. Travel offers. Writing columns. Doula clients. And now is the time where I need more clarity than I have now and maybe ever have. I know there is a way to bring my gifts together and focus. I can feel that it is right there at the end of the high dive, my mouth is salivating. But all the questions I ask myself and journal about, All the talk inside my own mind is not leading me to the clarity, yet. I read everything Danielle writes and know that she has lived a lot of the same questions and navigates these inside/outside waters frequently. I believe that her excavation and fire-starting skills are exactly the medicine I need right now.

    I am a hard worker and will implement and flush out, & embellish whatever advice or questions are give to me.

    My websites are:;
    1) How do I do a better job at monetizing what I do?
    2) I think one of my problems is that I need better titles and taglines- can you help?
    3) What can I do to determine a direction for the next 90 days/ 6 months/ 1 year? (and stick to them)

    I will be on the call! Thanks for this opportunity!

  5. What a fabulous opportunity!

    I had a Firestarter session with Danielle a few months ago — and she is every bit as amazing, wonderful, sharp, insightful and soulful as everyone says. I wish I could throw my hat in the ring for this, but I’m still working on the stuff she & I talked about, so until then…

    Jump on this, folks! You’d be nuts not to.

  6. […] friend Jonathan Fields is interviewing me live this Wednesday night, January 26 2011 at 6pm PST, 9pm EST. The call is complimentary. We were going to wax all philosophical about livelihood and creativity. […]

  7. Dave Ursillo says:

    * Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
    * Specificity earns brownie points.

    While my fire has been burning for over two years, I hope for Danielle to toss on a big can of accelerant and stoke my flame to white-hot awesomeness.

    My journey as a writer, aspiring career author, and currently as a professional blogger began in 2008 shortly after graduating college. While living in Washington, D.C., (amid the international economic meltdown and the political venom and partisan strife that has come to characterize our world), I had an “awakening” moment about leadership and have since developed an alternative leadership philosophy that teaches anyone how to become a leader in everyday life — “a leader without followers” — free of attachments to political position, social status, or salary. This alternative leadership philosophy espouses becoming a “quiet leader” as the purest and most sincere form of leadership that, as Lao Tsu ages ago wrote, has a “forever” effect because it’s quiet nature endures in others without their even realizing.

    This revelation caused me to quit my career trajectory in public service and begin to dedicate my life to writing, exploring leadership and the human spirit. Over two years later, I have learned so much and wish for Danielle’s support in accelerating my dreams of becoming financially sufficient through my blogs and striving to attain a book contract to share this alternative leadership philosophy with the world.

    * Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)

    — my Personal Development Blog

    * Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended), and

    — a work-in-progress storefront for my blog that will offer original, motivating apparel and inspiring e-book/guides

    * Share 2 to 3 questions for us.

    1) One question I continually return to is to what extent I (as a writer and blogger) should be focusing on what the audience/niche/market would buy, versus, what I as a writer ought to put forth as the best representation of who I am/what I stand for. The same goes for self-promotion. Is balance the simplest answer?

    2) What are the most effective but economical ways to network in person, face-to-face (conventions, speaking tours, etc.)? Have you found that they are more or less productive in terms of honing and spreading your message?

    3) With your fresh eyes, expertise, I would love your earnest perspective about my simple efforts. What am I missing about myself/what I’m doing/what I do or can offer that *you* can see?

    Many thanks and my best,
    Dave Ursillo

    • Good questions, Dave! Maybe I’ll just listen in and hope you get picked, as you put them so clearly.

      • Dave Ursillo says:

        That’s a heck of a compliment, many kind thanks 🙂 No doubt in my mind that whoever is picked, they will have some awesome questions — and Jonathan and Danielle will have some stellar answers!

    • Caren says:

      I would choose you, too Dave. Not that I get to, but I’d love to hear your so well articulated questions explored. As I tried writing my own submission, I kept reading others and saying “wait, I want to know that, wait and that, wait and that.” I’ll definitely tune in and hopefully I’ll hear the answers to your questions! Blaze on!

      Ironically, my submission involved having passion, purpose, drive, and excitement but difficulty articulating my vision. ☺

      • Dave Ursillo says:

        Thank you Caren! It’s a balancing act for sure, and a tough one — between vision and action. Plus, communicating both vision AND action to readers and others at large… 🙂

        Looking forward to the call tonight!



  8. Hello Jonathan and what a FREAKIN FANTASTIC thing to do…I want to ROCK a whole bunch of women’s worlds out there…..I am creator/founder of a social networking website for women with an inspirational flair. It launched on 8/1/10 and had a fabulous facelift on 1/1/11 – We love to get lifted and tucked every now and then!!!! So now here I am live and operating and don’t make a dime off the site; it’s a passion of mine to inspire and encourage women but at the same time it would be nice to start making some money so I can take care of my bigger dream – there is a short video on my homepage with Nancy’s Dream – a totally selfless dream to make it a better world….I want to build transitional apartments (20-40) nationwide where abused women and their children get taught on “how to fish” and stop the dysfunction in their lives…I would keep them 1 year and then they would graduate the program….
    1. How do I begin to produce a revenue stream?
    2. How do I get more people to be part of this inspirational site for women and share their stories on the homepage?
    3. I don’t have revenue streams right now (not actual or intended)…..not sure what direction to take….

    So Danielle I really need for you to teach me so I can teach others out there to ROCK their personal worlds…..
    In gratitude,

    • caitlyn says:

      Nancy – LOVE the transitional apartments that teach fishing. I have a similar dream for the families of the teens I teach. One thing I want to put into your mind as you create this reality is that 1 year is insufficient. It has taken many, many years for people to get to where they are and the first 6 months (we find) are often all about building trust and baby steps. For the 7th and 8th months relaxation begins to be part of some of the interactions and the initial learning and taking risks can start. Depending on the person and the drama that is outside your transitional fishing control, the habits and understandings are just beginning to form at a very deep level. Practicing that and having support as “real” life and the grind of a daily job and non-stop demands of child-raising challenge the new beliefs and methods of doing things is essential. When we get teens in our program for 3 years, they are often set on a path of success that we can track as they finish their last 2 or 3 years of high school.

      Best wishes as you pursue this dream! So necessary. So inspiring.

    • Nancy – I love your dream. Many moons ago I started a non-profit to teach women to fish. It was ahead of it’s time in my own healing journey and still an amazing vision. I’ll share it here as you may have the mojo to make it go.

      Model is based on business incubators, Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab and micro-finance. Mentorship program where women who are survivors of DV/SA and have made fabulous lives for themselves take others who are early in the recovery stages under their wings and mentor them in creating businesses that are creative and life-affirming (with social and environmental upsides). Women are naturally inclined to build community and share resources, survivors by way of being cracked wide open are exceptionally creative and compassionate. Great combination. Businesses built from the model/mentorship donate a small portion of profits when they are established to the organization to build more mentorship opportunities, education and healing options. Key to get it going is a lot of healthy women interested in sharing.

      I hope this rough overview inspires something in you, feel free to adopt any parts that work for you!

      Best of Luck,

    • Caren says:

      I also hope that you get picked. I feel that I could learn so much from the discussion. Love the girlfriend site. I’ve been looking for a new place to blog and share inspiration. You’re higher dream sounds amazing and I’m certain with the right advisors you could make it a reality that truly impacts people’s lives. Best of luck! I’ll listen for you on the call☺. Caren

  9. Viktorija says:

    I recently left the corporate world after years of struggling in a job I found unfulfilling. A couple of years ago, I had started taking wine courses, but for a long time wine seemed like such a scary topic. I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to discuss wine intelligently, wax poetical about vintages, or make recommendations to others. But after a couple of years of intense studying and coursework, I am an accredited sommelier and French Wine Scholar and I am starting to teach wine courses to help others become more knowledgeable. What I find is that the way wine courses are taught does not work for many people, so I am trying to re-invent wine education! I am designing a website with wine content where people can start with the basics and learn in small chunks, 5-10 minutes as a time. The content is simple, accessible, and fun and the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

    I am trying to turn this website into a subscription service with several levels of membership, but to do that I need some serious marketing help and clever strategies for spreading the news about what I do. Since the website is an online resource, I need to learn more about how to market myself using social media and how to turn interested parties into paying customers.

    I have many ideas for how to proceed, but need help clarifying my thinking and choosing the best path. Danielle’s energy and insight would greatly help me. I devour her blog posts and emails and am always inspired and encouraged. Such positive energy, such creativity! I have shared the news about Danielle with all my friends and they agree she is a great resource.

    I hope hope hope hope to get one of the Fire Starter sessions! I really need it!


    • Ellen says:

      I’m certainly NOT Danielle, but as a wine lover who’d like to know more, I’d be into information/a course that was for REAL people. How do I find great wines/evaluate wines in the $15-$50 range? I’m not the kind of person who’d feel comfortable purchasing a hundred-dollar bottle of wine (I’d certainly DRINK it if someone else offered it though), but I love good wine.

      I also think short videos might work in your favor…I’ve been to wine classes and I still don’t know what “legs” are or any of that other funky lingo they throw about.



      • Chris says:

        As someone who loves wine but has no interest in becoming a ‘wine snob’, would love to see this product/service.

        • Viktorija says:

          Hi, Chris–

          Thanks! I know many people feel the same way. I, too, never want to become a wine snob and I think I am in the perfect position to introduce people who simply want to learn a little about wine but do not want to spend huge amounts of time or money in the process.


      • Viktorija says:

        Hi, Ellen–

        Thanks for the response. You sound like you are in my ‘target’ audience. I whole-heartedly agree with you that video and other interactive pieces are helpful and am currently working on producing as many as I can and make them as approachable as I can.

        Feel free to check out my site to find some recommendations for wines in the $15-$30 range. And, of course, let me know if you have any questions or comments.


    • Michael says:

      I agree with Ellen and Chris that you’re onto a needed service. There’s something that intuitively makes sense about what you’re describing about wine education. When wine sellers are doing to the teaching, the lessons contain a commercial bias. If you decide to build your My Wine Smarts business without commercial backing/advertising, you’ll have a VERY unique service offering so be sure to share that unique aspect of your wine education philosophy, it’ll be a competitive advantage.

      I’ve been thinking/struggling with some of the same things (subscription level ideas and integrating social media without killing myself). I like what you started with your site, and I’ll second your suggestion for a firestarter focus on turning interested parties into paying customers, on the web and otherwise. I hope your idea has ‘long legs’ and good luck to you!

  10. I am an engineer….and a woman. A combination that only works well if you are a total geek which I am not. I am a combination of nerd, entrepreneur, leader and go-getter. I plan on starting an “Energy Consulting” firm this year and I am currently working reading up books, taking courses/seminars on entrepreneurship, alternative energy, etc. I hope that a firestarter session with Danielle will help me stay motivated, and give me the courage to move on in a male dominated field. I also blog at where I chronicle my journey as a working mother. I hope to also learn from Danielle on how to grow my audience.

    • Jeanie says:

      You should connect with Farnoosh Brock of

      She’s also a blazing hot fire of energy, an engineer, and a woman. Gorgeous photographer as well. She helped inspire me at Blogworld.

  11. Lin E says:

    Hi there…
    This is a very cool idea so I’m throwing my hat in.
    I am putting all my life experience (mother, lawyer, tv news reporter/anchor, coach) into one hat and I’m dying to see what comes out. It all started with my blog last summer, and it has been blowing up since then. The only thing I know for sure is that this feels sooooo good–exhilarating is more like it. I’m having the time of my life, I just can’t figure out what to do with it all. Correction: I know I want to use my creativity, compassion for others and love of stupid humor to empower women to live bigger, stronger, more purposefully…. I’m just trying to sort out HOW to do that, via my writing and ridiculous artwork, which I insert into my blog, and through ‘coaching’ (ugh–need a better word for that) at my ‘school’ (how bold of me) AFGO University– Another F’ing Growth Opportunity.
    My questions:
    1. How to do I turn this passion (blogging, laughing, empowering women) into a going concern?
    2. How to brand myself.. I feel like Sybil…
    3. Am I totally off the wall?

    Hey… I think just writing this out made me get a little more clear. Anyway… would love to hash some of this stuff out.

    Good luck to everyone! But I am so gonna win! 😉 I hope.

  12. I would *LOVE* to be chosen for a Fire Starter Session! I’m an artist and surface pattern designer (, and I have dreams of stores full of my own products (Shower curtains! Big vibrant handbags! Rain boots! Wall paper!) — stores covered in color and pattern than make people feel joyful, alive, and magical the moment they walk in. I want to start manufacturing my own products. I want my company to make millions. I want to inspire people to live their own dreams through my art. A FireStarter session would help me kick it up a notch. Or 100 notches! I want to think BIGGER and be in bigger action– who better to learn from?

    I currently have multiple income streams, all of which I love: I sell and license patterns to companies for products (fabric, notecards, etc.), I sell work in my etsy shop and on my website, I have products in shops/galleries around the country, I do graphic design and illustration work for personal clients, I run an e-course called The Declaration of You with my friend Michelle Ward ( which is led by a quirky cartoon host that I created named Pierre François Frédéric to help people discover their unique and authentic lives, and I create custom artwork for people’s homes.

    Some of my specific questions are:

    1. I don’t think my message is 100% clear on my website. Would a tagline be a good idea to express what I want to give to the world?

    2. How do I take my business to the next level and begin manufacturing products, and then getting them into the global market? Investors? Small business loan? What is the best way to contact companies that I’d like to partner with?

    3. Do you have any tips for writing engaging emails that people won’t be able to pass up?

    I also want to make travel a regular and vital part of my business. It inspires me and I think it’s so important to get a perspective outside of my day to day life. Any thoughts on how to make this a reality NOW and ditch the “fear of money” piece of it would be fabulous!

    I would be so grateful to be chosen– I’ll be listening in on Wednesday and crossing my fingers! Thanks so much for doing this. 🙂 I’m going to learn a ton regardless of whether I’m chosen or not.

  13. Kena says:

    Hi, My name is Kena, and I write a blog called In Life and In Fashion which is all about creating a life you love with style, grace and spirit. I have a background in the fashion industry so I KNOW fashion, but what I believe is that style in all parts of your life (your closet, your home, the coffee you drink)are a part of what defines you and makes life BEAUTIFUL. I just recently nailed down the positioning of what my message is, but now I want to build a BONA FIDE business around it! I am totally pumped and am working my A$$ off on it despite a full time awesome job already. I am meant to do this!! I would love, no, be totally grateful and ecstatic to be chosen for the call. I will run not walk to implement whatever I learn. That’s the mode I am in! I am a member of the Danielle LaPorte fan club (seriously I need to start an “official” one) and am a huge fan of yours too Jonathan – devoured your book as soon as it came out. I want to know:
    1) Where do I start with coaching/consulting? Where do I begin?
    2) How do I take what I know and package it so that people want to buy it?

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  14. There are no more excuses. Enough already! I am tired of mediocrity, of getting by, of saying “yes” and selling myself short. Time to stand tall! And before I turtle in the comforting shell of panic and fear, I want you – Danielle and Jonathan -to throw me freakin’ surf board and help me learn to ride the waves of the most awesome journey of a lifetime – MY JOURNEY!

    I am a freelance writer who has a record of putting the “free”in freelance. It’s part of my “I can’t say no” mentality. I am also a Mommy of two, with a child who has special needs requiring a very costly private school and I have tuition payments twenty years sooner than I had predicted. I barely carve a living writing despite being a columnist (for over 8 years) and having a few good magazines, websites, etc. under my career super-writer belt. So now I have a solid reputation as a writer, but my wheels are spinning. The pressure to make ends meet trumps my super-human writer powers. (I do have super human writer powers, but you’ll have to trust me on that one).

    Here is what I need to light up my career life:
    1. REAL,practical advice on how to take my unique voice and sell it, get it beyond my little newspaper and get it out there.
    2. A real action plan, some strategies that require courage,conviction and the almighty faith that the I can actually fly.
    3. A sense of worth – self-worth is my own issue to champion, but I need a sense of value in terms of contracts,fees,the reality of what to charge for value and what to risk, when to say NO THANKS and when to say, sure!

    My revenue streams to date are a weekly small newspaper (stop laughing), a few corporate clients who are a one-off project scenario, and the odd magazine feature. My main revenue is a part-time data entry contract.

    Why does this matter?I am a mother with a daughter who watches everything I do. I am a mother of a son who watches everything I do. And I am person who has so much potential but not a flippling clue how to get from here to there and I am sick of being too afraid to ride the wave when I would clearly rock a wet suit!

    I want to dive in. I just don’t know where to start.

    Thank you,

  15. Why you should pick me: I’m a classy gal with chutzpah & a VOICE, staring fear in the face (quit date February 28th with no savings)& reaching out to the biggest names I can find. Y’all are two of my heroes/heroines.

    Why I need you: I have the (raging)fire, I’m a terrible employee, and need to create products/services with ACTUAL world changing potential. Getting food + water + education + medication to Africans/Indians despite guerrilla gunfire/corruption. Bringing ILIAS to all countries + tech + infrastructure to do it. Encouraging world/business leaders to share despite profit losses. You know, easy stuff. 😉

    On a smaller scale, I am creating a love yourself/partner/child/family video/worksheet course based on observations as a hippie therapist.

    I would like to know if I’m being completely stupid, and if not, how do I use what I have to do it? And FAST?

    Thank you for your time, and congratulations on your new book!

    Jeanie Witcraft, da Hippie Therapist

    • Farnoosh says:

      Crazy about Danielle and would *love* to have a session with her but instead, I’d rather give my spot potential to Jeanie, who deserves every bit of attention and will run with every ounce of advice and has true potential to change something. Consider her for the final candidates. Thanks Jonathan.

  16. Brenda B says:

    Take a dash of Oprah, swirl in some Tony robbins and add a heap of Jesus /spiritual goodness and you will have a nice tropical cocktail that is ME.

    I was born to equip modern working women to live abundant,purposeful and free lives with a spiritual twist.

    Danielle’s grit, strategy and clean business model motivates me. Her unique out the box system and offerings make me want to do a little happy dance.

    I do have a website that I designed myself. I want to create a place where modern savvy working women can access bite-sized and practical personal and professional development training online or in retreats. I want to leverage video, webinars and amazing experiential in person training. I want to do this with style, finesse and with a broad reach.

    I currently have 0 revenue stream and welcome the challenge of going from 0, nada, zilch to awesome, streamlined and income generating. Yahoo.

    Two questions for you:
    1. How do you all stay focused and add value to your clients without overdoing it (bright shiny objects). I like Danielle’s style… She has the firestarter, the cards, the blog and coaching. it’s simple, it’s clean, it is CLear….

    2. What is the best way to transition from FREE to FEE in less than 3 months. What is the best first step or your favorite easy way to cash products.

    Thanks for all you do. Keep it up. I am inspired.

  17. Teri Fiske says:

    I was so excited the first time I saw Danielle’s blog! Here was a woman after my own heart. I’ve had a crazy year between deciding I deserve to be happy and focusing on growing my business, which I had put little into in order to focus on being a mother. So to that end I decided it was time to leave my marriage. As I tear that part of my life down, I am trying to build my life back up. I would love to have a fire starter session with Danielle to help focus my energy.

    I believe women are beautiful, powerful and sexy. I also believe that very few of us who truly recognize that in ourselves. We see it in our mothers, our friends, our colleagues and, of course, women like Danielle LaPorte. But seeing that in ourselves feels selfish, even conceited. Is it? I don’t think so. Why can’t we celebrate ourselves? My goal is to help women realize that they deserve the very best of and from themselves.

    My revenue stream? I am a photographer. I started focusing on Boudoir photography about a year ago.

    1. What are the best ways to help women realize that it’s ok to celebrate themselves. Do something simply for themselves?

    2. How can I best market my business as a woman centric business and be taken seriously?

    3.How can I make sure my fire doesn’t get extinguished by the stresses of the day or spread too thin?

  18. First met Danielle through an interview with her that was included in Chris Guilebeau’s “Empire Builders” course.

    I was impressed. I only wish the interview was longer but even as concise and laser focused as it was, it was enough to turn me into a fan.

    If you’re someone who’s hesitant about raising your prices, you want to hear this woman’s advice about why you shouldn’t be scared to and how to go about in a smooth way.

    Wait’ll you guys go see her site and feel her writing or… if you’re lucky… plead your winning case here and experience her energy through the one on your one-on-two consult with her and Jonathan!

  19. Ashley G says:

    I’ve been following Danielle for a while now and as many others have a huge girl crush on her! Her authenticity, passion, and chutzpah have encouraged me to dig deep and to let my own light shine. Furthermore, she has introduced me to other passionate bloggers who are living their lives by design and who have helped me to see that this is what I want for myself.

    As someone who is multi-passionate, I’ve struggled with picking just one thing to focus on (I know there are MANY of us out there). I want to jam with Danielle about my passions for connectivity, ideation and education. I also would love her lazor-like insight into a new project I am working on that was inidrectly inspired by one of her tweets that lit me up inside.

    1. The project I am working on is called The Human Snowflake Project. The content on the site will be all about inspiring others to embrace their individual uniqueness/strengths, while also embracing the strengths of others. I have a background in journalim/antrho/religious studies, and would like to feature routine Q&As with people who stepped outside of their comfort zone and in doing so learned a hell of alot from someone “different.” What are your thoughts?

    2. Can I have a section on the site that offers my services as a copywriter or links to another page? (I really don’t want to maintain 2 seperate personas. I want to be who I am – multi-passionate and multi-faceted. I can also eventually see this leading into some type of coaching).

    3. What small actions can I take that will yield the biggest results, as my time is limited w/ a full-time job?

    Thanks for holding the call!!!


  20. Danielle – You are incredible! The Fire Starter Sessions came along at precisely the right time for me…Love it when that happens! After working through the sessions, my core business coalesced around Things I had been doing for years suddenly shifted and reorganized in my mind, allowing me to see the potential income streams in a new way. And the mantra of “Ease” and “Focus on Passion” have transformed how I approach my business and life. Thank you, thank you!

    Why I need Danielle to rock my world… I’m launching BIG in 2011 in so many ways and want to take it to the next level. I work with the artisan and specialty cheese community providing video production, food photography, recipe creation and social media strategies. It is a newly maturing industry and I’m playing at the nexxus of new media and slow food. It’s a great adventure every day.

    I also spend a great chunk of my time serving as President of the American Cheese Society – a 27 year old professional organization that is the leader in supporting and promoting artisan, farmstead and specialty cheese from North America. I am five months into my 2 year term and came to the position with visions of launching “American Cheese Week,” an international event where members of the cheese community celebrate American Cheese simultaneously to raise money for educational initiatives. Last week at our SFO meeting, we set the dates Oct 1-9, 2011. I’m SO excited to bring the best of our community together to see what grand things we can create. I feel as if I have such a golden opportunity to help raise the bar for our industry with consumers, an area where we have been less focused previously and I LOVE the idea of playing on a national/international scale. Big, scary, juicy!

    My 3 questions center around both my business and volunteer paths…

    — Biggest question is around setting rates that honor my time & talent. How do I balance the “want to do” projects that I’m so passionate about but have less income flow attached at least initially (i.e. producing a documentary on the artisan cheese renaissance in North America)with things (like training/educational videos) that would more than pay the bills? I’ve never had so many leads, skill and credibility before and, with my youngest child now in preschool 3 days a week, I want to spend my time most productively AND passionately. Your wisdom would set the bar much higher than I’d set for myself.

    — I’m getting nearer to having to grow my business beyond me and am having butterflies about trust, reaching out to the right people with the right skills in a way that will honor friendships. Need advice & wisdom to carefully structure that balance for best outcome.

    — When I play big and bold, I sometimes (often?) bump up against my own limits of knowledge. Though I may know people with the answers I seek, how do I effectively tap into that and elicit the follow through needed without micromanaging? For instance, the cheese industry is facing increased regulatory scrutiny and a changing landscape of food policy from federal sources unlike anything seen in the past decade or more. How can I get those with the knowledge to be generous and feel good/supported with sharing critical information…

    Can’t wait to hear the juicy stuff that comes out of the call. Thank you and Jonathan for sharing your greatness and encouraging us all to do the same!

  21. I need Danielle to START my FIRE because I reaaaalllly want to inspire, empower, and teach women how to gain control of their finances, create entrepreneurial wealth, and enjoy freedom in their lives through my own personal brand of online training programs and coaching (intended revenue streams).

    My business is my name: Jeannette Cary, my first and middle names, because I didn’t want to use my husband’s name. No offense to him, but my whole biz about creating INDEPENDENT WOMEN. My tagline is Self Wealth For Women Entrepreneurs.

    I’m not just talking about financial wealth and freedom, though that is the main focus of my business. I also intend to include programs and advice on achieving health freedom, emotional freedom, and relationship freedom. It’s all about helping women become the strong, brilliant, independent creatures they truly are.

    Here are the SPECIFIC points I need Danielle’s help with:

    1) I’ve been putting all of my ideas and web copy down in a notebook. It’s not online yet. You’ll see my website is not ready. – – I want it to look professional, but I get stumped on what to do next and how to do it. What makes a professional looking and well functioning site?

    2) I need a little help finding my voice. I FEEL so damn passionate about what I want to accomplish, but then I begin to compose web copy, for blog posts and training programs, and I think it sounds emotionally FRIGID! My content sounds so formal and stilted, not at all how I feel or want to come across as!!! So frustrating! How can I develop a more authentic voice that matches the way I FEEL?

    3)I want to SUCCEED in a HUGE way. I know I can do this. Even so, confidence crushing little thoughts manage to creep in to my brain way too often. I turn them off the best I can, but in the back of my mind… I’m wondering, can I really do this? I freeze up when it comes to implementation. How can I have a little more FAITH in MYSELF?

    My fave online women entrepreneurs are DANIELLE LAPORTE, MARIE FORLEO, AND LAURA ROEDER. Dare I aspire to join their ranks one day? I do. I definitely do. Just need a little help on the way there.

  22. Denise says:

    I had the priviledge of hearing Danielle and meeting her at the Business of Bliss conference in calgary, not only did she “Rock the room” she pumped me full of passion, that get-up and Go Gurl attitude.”if you dont move it’ll lose it.

    Like many women in their forties I found myself starting over with two kids, and a dream.
    I launched my own skin care line just as the recession began.

    That didnt stop me, it inspired me to work harder, and aim for the stars. I had nothing to lose, except my fear. I moved out of my comfort zone. With a shoe-string budget I learned to market my product. I particpated in the GRAMMYS and got my product in the bags. When I faltered I remember Danielle’s words to “rock that product” to focus on the one special product, and create something different.

    A fire-starter session with Danielle would give me the tools I need to move out of medocrity, and teach me to dig deep, and conquer those hiddden fear, and stigmas that may be paralyzing me and holding me back from an incredibly successful business, and a “regenerated attitude”.Faith Popcorn says this is the year of EN-GEN were we eschew the male- female conventional divides as single woman/mothers I want to inspire other single mothers/sister’s they can support each other , encourage, and Rock the planet.- Denise

  23. I am so glad I read your post Danielle this morning because
    I woke up feeling deflated and that’s not a good sign. I feel like my business is sinking in quick sand and am need of some 911 biz fuel talk.
    I have a raw food and juice delivery company that delivers to the Greater LA area and have a good string of celebrities and high end executives as clients mostly from word of mouth. My products are amazing but nobody really knows that we exist in the large scope of things. I am in need of some guerilla marketing/PR shake down and have no how to do this on a budget. I launched RCC last year in March and sold surf boards, bikes and clothing ect to get things up and going….I love what I do and am committed to making an an impact on slaughterhouse practices by alternatively feeding people delish vegan food that has instant results for people (losing weight feeling great) I am struggling with all the different ways that I could grow my business but I am killing myself in the process not knowing what will bring me the most money for the least effort and am kind of at a breaking point and need help. I know I am in the right “field” but if I could just turn the passion notch 15 degrees to narrow my focus to be in alignment with “yes” this is it and money just flows in effortlessly and my body swells with happiness energized from teh moment I wake up regardless of 16 hour days..currently I feel like a hampster in a factory and am losing my joi de vivre….mostly due to financial stress.

    #1 I need a PR injection to be competitive in an ever growing cleanse industry in LA and have very little moola to
    for can I get more exposure? I believe it could explode once I have exposure
    2 I need help honing in on my
    “15 degree passion notch aka MY Big Why” for what I do..otherwise why am I doing this? and then have that knowledge keep me fueled spiritually. How do I do this?
    (I am losing my mojo: boooooo)
    3.I have a fear of public speaking and yet have so much to say and it would really help my business if I could talk to share with crowds…any ideas on how to cultivate a confident TV personality?
    I have worked incredibly hard to get where I am and really need some sound advice at this stage but I can not keep going at the rate I am, maybe the answer is an investor?

    …thx for the opportunity to share..hope I am picked.

  24. Hey Danielle and Jonathan!

    A chance at a free Fire Starter Session? Now that lights my fire.

    I need more of Danielle’s juju to rub off on me. I know she’s run the gamut in business and I admire her tenacity, and I’m relatively new, so someone with her experience gives me hope and inspiration. More times than I want to admit I want to say f*ck it and run but I don’t, yet it seems as much concentration and effort I put into it it’s not self-sustaining yet which is effecting my ability to be be as effective as I would like to. And after going through my life’s savings and asking for loans, all of which have been denied, I feel like I’m drowning.

    I’m single and smart and love what I do and I’m insanely passionate about it, but passion doesn’t pay the bills I’m finding much to my dismay. The irony is that I do feel someday I will achieve my career goals, it’s just taking way longer than I expected when I first started out!

    My revenue streams include 1-on-1 coaching and 2 online products I’ve created. I also get paid speaking gigs every once in a while and make cash off affiliates occasionally.

    3 questions:

    1) Do you suggest I find other employment in the interim or keep trusting my instinct that I won’t have to and stay the course? Every time I ask it says no, but me likey money – I’m used to it and miss it. I left a lucrative job to bring my business to life and I’d never go back to it but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t pick up something small for now. I have to admit I did that once for 3 months over a year ago and found that it diluted my creativity and focus and I was completely miserable, and suspect the same will happen, but if I know it’s only temporary until I refill the coffers I might be able to make it through.

    2) I took to copywriting and marketing like a fly on sh&t, and I know I seriously kick ass at it, but while you’re checking out my site, maybe you could give me some feedback because maybe I don’t kick as much ass as I think I do?

    3) Right now I’m doing everything I have been taught and can think of to market myself, but I’m wondering if there is something missing or if I should switch focus and change my niche. Sugar addicts are my target but I’m moving into weight loss this year.

    PS: Can you get me a personal hookup to Kris Carr? I’d love to get her in an interview! I do free calls with big names in the biz to build my list and she’d be perfect. I’ve followed her about 5 years and actually bought her first book for a friend who ultimately did die of cancer before reading it. I tried to e mail her myself but it got caught in spam!

  25. Anne Kerns says:

    I need something and a Firestarter might just be it! I am a self employed graphic designer, my business is Anne Likes Red! And for five years I have also taught (graphic design) at a local university while running my business. It has been very rewarding but I’ve decided to take a break from teaching and focus more on my biz and my personal life. There hasn’t been much balance.

    I’ve been very blessed with awesome clients and fairly consistent work, but it’s not enough and it’s not predictable. I have a million ideas but have a hard time getting started and focusing. I’m a procrastinator and easily distracted. I spend a lot of time reading things online and keeping up with what’s going on, but not enough time on my business. I need help! My specialty is print design, especially reports and brochures, and I’m learning to apply that to ePubs and the web (interactive PDFs). My revenue is project-based for the most part. It’s active, not passive. I’m really good at designing reports, and I love doing it.

    A friend and I are also starting a new business that will provide design advice to online marketers, and a way to purchase design components a la carte. We’ve got a great name and have already secured the URL, and between the two of us, we’ve got a wealth of experience and talent to share. I’m just not sure how to really get it going.

    I need to quit waffling, focus, and start doing. (More.)

    I heard of Danielle from my above-referenced friend a couple of weeks ago, and I really connect with her writing. Plus, Danielle knows Dyana Valentine, who is awesome! I’m going to explore Jonathan’s site as well, now.

    How do you control the inputs of information (email, social media, news, articles, blogs) so that you can get things done?
    What advice do you have for going into business with a friend? To be fair and yet protect the friendship. We’re not sure of the entity because we each have corporations ourselves. We’re not keen on a Partnership. Thoughts?
    How do you expand your client base and get more work? Nevermind, I actually know how to do that, it’s getting there that’s my problem.

    Thanks for considering!

  26. Jac McNeil says:

    Hey Jonathon & Danielle–

    First off…WOW–what a freakin’ fabulous offer!

    It’s me Jac here, from . I work exclusively with women solopreneurs {our work together is deep and gritty and transformational}.

    AND…I need clarity and specific action steps on how to fill all of my programs consistently. Specifically, my big dream is to lead powerful retreats and group coaching/mastermind programs for women solopreneurs.

    Currently, the majority of my revenue is generated from individual client work and local retreats {and a few speaking gigs}.

    My Tribal X Mastermind begins March 1st and this will be another stream of revenue –it’s a 6 mos local program.

    I am also committed to developing a passive stream of income but it’s not clear yet what that needs to be.

    I feel fuzzy about whether I should just direct my energy into local marketing because currently my programs are here in Nova Scotia or scrap that and focus entirely on internet marketing and move to all teleconferences–or both?

    I am OPEN to receiving guidance and wisdom. Big time.

    1. What strategy would best help me fill my coaching programs and retreats every time?

    2. Am I going no-where fast if I continue to focus on my local market?

    3. I feel “small town” and yet, I know I have the skills, gifts and grit to help women solopreneurs from a much bigger platform. I just need a clear strategy on how the hell to do that.

    I’m giving it up now, to you guys, and to the universe to decide if we’re a great fit {fingers crossed}.

    Thank you!
    From a good ol’ Maritime Girl

    Jac McNeil

  27. I am a western Canadian living in the US, ended up here on a roadtrip and never came home, 13 years ago. Appalachia was my affordable alternative to my dream of a hippy farm in Nelson, BC. Unruly single mom of 5 artist kids. Got my degree and masters degree here in the US, and ended up never using it, or even wanting to, but moved to the mountains and created a fabulous coffeehouse, music venue,B&B,, which I sold. And yes I bought my little farm. oh ya, $88K, – I can live without free healthcare quite happily.
    I now have another successful business, The Radical Thread Company. Been working it for 4 years and am just starting to actually succeed in terms of making some good cash, sales are skyrocketing, and I am still in small, cottage business mindset, and am ready to grow, without having a clear direction or strategies to think beyond the next order, and the one after that, and the 400 more thumbtacked to the wall. I like run on sentences- just following my run-on brain- sorry about that.

    Just hired my first person this week and do not know what to have her do, since I have little energy or time for planning and freethinking about the big picture, and not a lot of time to train her to do what I do.

    My engines are already kickstarted, but I am on a moped in a Shriners parade. Just need a brainstorming session with a guru, some thinking outside the box time, in a concentrated form. I have never had much trouble with this, being a homeschooling, homebirthing, underground, grassroots independent rebellious sort of spirit, but a session would help me extract the nectar and make me sit long enough to get my juicy plans ticking along again.


  28. Tara says:

    I need a FireStarter Session to help me take my combo-business to a place of deep security and flow.
    I handmake yarn and sell it to knitters and yarn shops through Blonde Chicken Boutique ( AND help other crafty folks turn their passion into dough with Crafting a Business (
    I started Crafting a Business after working through the digital Fire Starter Session; I realized that as much as I loved making yarn, it wasn’t giving me the connection and the helping-others I craved.
    It started with blog posts and answering emails helpfully and has grown into consulting, classes and an upcoming book-ish thing.

    But things feel fractured. Yarn-making and business-crafting are what I love, but I feel scrambled and torn most days.

    The thing is: the more time I spend yarn-making and selling, the more I learn that helps my crafty-business people.
    The more time I work with other crafty businesses, the more I learn about my own.

    It’s a lovely circle of helping + learning, but money woes (an unemployed husband, a quick move after our house was broken into and emptied, an exploded car (no joke!)) has kept me from the flow.
    Instead of scrambling to make stuff to sell stuff to pay the bills, I’m longing for safety and connection and calm and creativity.

    I’m ready for flow. Of time, of money, of goodness.

    Oh, I nearly forgot my questions 🙂

    1. Prioritization, I need it. Should one focus on their energy on reaching more people, or offering great free stuff to the people you have? How do you decide which gets the most energy + time? (once you have stuff people want, of course)

    2. Is there something I’m missing? Something in the “funnel” (goodness, I hate that metaphor) or on my site that isn’t there?


  29. whoa. the fire’s already begun!

  30. Pick me! Pick me! Please, pick me! A friend turned me on to Danielle in May and I’ve been in love ever since. Finally, someone who ‘gets me!’

    I’m a newbie (9 months in business) Rolfer in Denver and (part-time in) Chicago and I love, love, love my business and my life. I feel so blessed to have the best clients in the world. The only thing is that I don’t have enough of them. Not even close. I want to be rockin’, rollin’, and Rolfin’ all day (6-7 clients), 4 days a week. Instead, I’m just now getting to work with 1 or 2 clients per week. I’m getting by, but I want to be flourishing! And since my clients rave about the work they get, I think it’s only fair that more people experience it.

    I make ALL my money from one-on-one sessions with clients and I love that. I have no dreams of doing huge workshops or coaching programs or selling products. I just want to Rolf, but I need people to know about me and the benefits they can get from Rolfing sessions. (Check out the testimonials on my page for more info!)

    My questions are these:
    How can I get more people in the door for that first session?
    How can I encourage more referrals from those great clients I already have (without seeming desperate or pushy)?
    What’s the number one thing I can do to jump my business from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’?

    Thanks so much for doing this! You two are amazing and I’m so excited about this call!

  31. * Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
    I am in a closely knit market in a very small city but I know I have the talent and the moxie to stand apart and become a leading lady in it, I know the potential is there, I’m just not sure how to tap into it once and for all and completely Own.
    I’m a photographer, illustrator, and film maker with a huge passion for celebrating the power and beauty of the present, and want to be in a position to empower others in my community and beyond. I’ve written a book that I’m in the early stages of illustrating, and I am trying to revamp my photography business, which has a very strong following on Facebook and notoriety locally, I started out with EXCELLENT self branding and then somehow instead of owning it I began to doubt it, I should be rocking out but instead I am hiding out.
    I am hitting a wall somehow and I know it’s gotta be inside. I want to blast through it and really make 2011 THEE year, the year that it all really began. 2010 was great, I got to shoot at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC and other prestigious gigs that many in my area don’t get to do, but it really didn’t go anywhere after that. I want to get over whatever it is that is holding me back from encompassing the beautiful, resilient, multifaceted lover of life I naturally am and let the rays of that ripple throughout my city and beyond.

    * Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended)
    Revenue Streams? Take a look at my website and you’d never guess that I’ve been eating nothing but Orzo for the past week and driving a borrowed car for the past month, with negative in my bank account. It’s unreal.

    * Share 2 to 3 questions for us.
    What the hell am I doing wrong?
    Is there a magic Aha Moment or a turning point? How do I find mine?
    What were yours?

    Thanks you,

  32. I would LOVE a Firestarter session with Danielle. I follow her blog slavishly and gain great strength and insight from HER strength and insight.
    I’m a published author who, four years ago, suffered the blow of learning my husband of 10 years had been having an affair (well, not just one…but that’s another story).
    I basically put on my party face for a few years, promoted my just-published book through TV, radio, blogs and pretended everything was “great.”
    At some point, the loneliness of privately being a “betrayed wife” got to me and I set up a blog site — a “club” for other betrayed wives to participate in and alleviate some of the confusion and shame and blame that goes along with being cheated on.
    I’d LOVE to get some great advice on how to take this blog to the next level — to really engage other women who are going through this and I’d love to get a book published on this topic — a “kickass survival guide for anyone who’s ever been lied to, cheated on and left for dead.” My agent has told me I can’t do this without using my real name. I disagree. We’re at an impasse.
    Which, I hope, is where Danielle comes in. How do I promote a product (a “club”, book, etc.) from an anonymous standpoint. I have three children who have a stake in this and I refuse to compromise their privacy. However, I believe I could be ANY woman. And I also believe (sadly!) there are many, MANY women like me out there who could use a book/site like this. They just need to know it exists.
    So…fingers crossed. Pick me, pick me!!

  33. Simone says:

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity, thank you!

    I need my fire started because I love what I do, but I’m unsure of how to move my business into a viable revenue source, and share it with the world!

    I create delicately detailed one of a kind pieces of jewellery. My business is Simone Richmond Jewellery, and my website is

    My actual revenue streams are retail shows. My intended revenue streams are (waaay more!)retail shows, direct online sales, and store accounts.

    The questions I have are:

    * how do I move past my own fears about doing what I need to do to have a thriving business? (example; networking, not my forte)

    *I constantly feel like I need to do EVERYTHING…online,stores,shows,custom work…How do I focus on what avenues I love the most & then make them work?

    I’m looking forward to tuning in & soaking up your energy!

  34. Beryl says:

    Hi Danielle. I’m Beryl. wife. mother. coffee lover. teacher. photographer. What an amazing opportunity you are providing to 2-3 lucky people out there. I would be truly honored to be chosen as one of them. I feel I am at a crossroads with my business and am looking for the right avenues to take things to the next level or in the right direction.

    In Sept. 2009 my world was turned upside down when I lost a baby at 20 weeks pregnant. I began a blog where I shared my feelings and my photos. (you even commented on one of my blog posts which meant A LOT to me during that time Photography was my healing outlet. My way to feel again when I was so numb. I was an amateur with my photos but somewhere along the way people began to pay attention to the words and pictures and over the course of the next year Be Young Photography was born. I consider myself a professional now and I’ve been thrust into the world of entrepreneurship building your run of the mill on location portrait an lifestyle photography biz.

    Right now I make my money full time teaching in an elemetary school. On the side is Be Young Photography where I am primarily shooting pictures of kids and their families. I want a way to get out of the 9-5 teaching gig and find a way to combine my passion for teaching with my love of photography. Next month I am going to begin teaching beginning photography classes to moms to increase my revenue with the Be Young Photography side biz. In the first week of advertising this moms class it sold out. I have added another class for the following month and am working off a wait list to fill this one. But I still have not reached that place where quitting the 9-5 seems within reachable distance.

    Also, there is a whole other world I want to explore to take Be Young Photography from run of the mill photographer to something possibly “new and different” and I have no idea where to begin or if the idea is even a good, solid, attainable, silly, stupid, greedy. You get the idea.

    What led me to photography was my grief. and the photography helped me heal. I picture myself offering ________ (in person and/or online classes, mentoring, writings, blogging, all of the above, something totally different?) on healing after loss. Specifically baby loss. I absolutely love what the site “Faces of Loss” has done to bring baby loss to the forefront and make it less taboo to discuss. However, I’d love to offer some sort of service or product that would allow woman/men/families going through this unique kind of grief a way to explore healing through photography.

    I have no clue where to begin. A blog? An online class? Mentoring? All of the above?

    I’ve been afraid to explore a side of my business like ths until now. I needed time to heal myself before even considering working with those in need of healing. 16 months after my own loss I finally feel like I am coming out on the other side. We now have a 4 month old daughter at home and with her here and my angel baby in my heart I want even more to find that niche to combine my expertise in teaching and photography with my experience losing an unborn child into something meaningful and something that will allow me to expand Be Young Photography further and create the revenue that will allow me to stay home with my family.

    If I had to narrow down my questions to just the top 2 they would be:

    1) What are the next steps I should be taking to bring these ideas to life and take me from expanding my run of the mill photography biz to something much more meaningful and farther reaching.

    2)I am quite interested in products right now. Currently my business model is all service based. However, photographers are popping out with products out the wazoo right now from teaching guides, to ebooks, to photoshop actions, to online tutorial videos. Does my idea of healing through photography possibly stand a chance of offering a new product or service and setting me apart from all the other photographers out there?

    I can’t wait for the call Wednesday Danielle and Jonathan. I would love to have you ignite my fire!

  35. Kira Heuer says:

    Greetings Danielle and fellow inspired beings!

    I am a southern California gal living in London. Although the sun likes to play hide and seek here in London, the culture beams with energy, light and wit keeping me warm and fulfilled.

    After many years of playing “jack of all trades” I finally combined my passions, put them under one umbrella and created my company Bib & Sola Ltd. which will launch on-line mid February.

    Bib & Sola (translated from Latin meaning drink & comfort), a social and philanthropic cultural blog and e-commerce portal that aims to give you a unique perspective capturing the beauty of culture and luxury’s of live whilst breaking down the barriers to charitable giving.

    “A stylish way of drinking, an elegant way of giving”

    Bib&Sola e-commerce will be used as a platform to raise awareness of water conservation by offering a range of crystal carafe sets with 10% of the proceeds going to build water pumps in Africa with the ONE Charity. “As you drink, you help someone in need drink”

    Bib & Sola’s daily blog will be devoted to highlighting artistic knowledge through daily posts on fashion, art, beauty, design and wellness AND recognizing the extraordinary stories of unsung heroes, who dedicate their lives to giving.

    With the intention to create a reusable alternative to the excessive use of plastic water bottles and at the same time address the dire need of the colossal mass of people who die each year because they don’t have access to clean water, I created my premier range of carafe sets. These hand-blown sets offers a sense of elegance, playfulness and contemporary.

    I have had many opportunities to experience life from a novel perspective, what has been the most prominent theme that has lead me to this stage have been a passion for the arts and a compassion to give back.

    I think in today’s world it is not WHAT you do that makes the difference rather it is HOW you do it. People are craving a certain transcendence in their daily lives. They want to connect to their “consumerism” in different ways and feel good about what they bring into their lives. As well, luxury is beginning to move away from its 90’s reputation of vulgarity and decadence to a more grounded, heartfelt tone. A simple tomato from your garden to offer friends seems to be the direction of luxury. To feel happy is the new luxury as our world gets turned upside everyday with the loud volume of fearful news and media, the only way we can connect to a more heartfelt way is through giving and inspiring.

    By merging Luxury with social conscience, the two worlds can compliment each other.

    (ok, taking a breath)

    Why I need Danielle to rock my world!?

    1. As you can see, I need to hone in my words! I am serious, I could go on typing forever!!….exercise my elevator pitch so that I can engage all walks of life. I have the gift of complicating. “mental masturbation” as my boyfriend calls it….hilarious right!?

    2. Branding the brand on-line through net-works and really getting clear on my voice. Creating bib & sola as a lifestyle brand.

    3. Understanding my market and getting in front of them with out being overwhelming. Keeping the grace alive!

    4. I have ideas flowing in terms of growth and strategy, when and how to implement them into the site. I don’t want to grow to fast and burn out the opportunities. Methodical is the new black right!?

    Revenue streams: twitter, facebook, luxury society, my personal network….uhm….

    5. There are so many new and innovative ways to get your brand out there, any to share?

    To be honest, Whitehottruth inspires me so much, Danielle’s voice is so honest and full of life. Such a styleee woman who has given a very cool way of seeing things….

    6. If I were to have one request it would be some exercises to really hone my voice so that I can bring my humor and essence to the table and make sure my company can succeed to bring good to the ones in need.

    So looking forward to Wednesday night phone fiesta!!

  36. Hello Danielle and Jonathan!

    The universe is about to come knocking at my door and I am freaking out. I need a push, a spark, some direction, please.

    What’s up? I have a book coming out in the spring (how lucky is that?) with my sweetlove. It’s a gardening lifestyle book called Everyday Eden.

    The book is good I think. It mirrors our lifestyle. I would like to run with this concept, make it into something even bigger. I would like to make a living by living. Yeah.

    Currently I am a freelance copy writer and photographer. I have the good fortune of doing well at it.

    My questions to you?

    1. We have been asked to do a blog, twitter etc: ( and i am overwhelmed by the whole social media thing… How do I make sense of it without losing myself in it? Is there a step by step strategy?

    2. I run a decent freelance business now and I fear losing my clients’ attention if they sense I am focusing on the EE concept. When do I let go of my current workload? How do I make money at the new one (beyond the book)?

    3. For the most part, we have been keeping the EE concept and book on the down low, uncertain. But now, having just put the last proof to bed I am stoked and ready to shout it to the world. How to begin?

    As a final plea to pick me, here is the mini mantra I embraced when I quit my corporate job 6 years ago… (I think you will like it, no?):

    “Lift a room. Light a fire. Live inspired.”

    Thank you so very kindly for your work and generosity.

    xx Christina

  37. Neely says:

    Hi! I would love to just listen in on this call! Thanks Danielle & Jonathan!

  38. Hey Danielle and Jonathan,

    Thanks for this freakin’ amazing offer! I adore you both, and dig your blogs. Danielle rocked my world a few years ago, when I was a lucky participant in a group ‘design-your-life’ program she facilitated. What I learned from that program launched me into the dream life I’m living now.

    And now that I’ve got my dream life, I really want to help other people get theirs. Because happy people help the world.

    I need Danielle to rock my world (again) because I’ve just started a company called Libre Retreats, dedicated to helping people bring more of what they love into their daily lives. Did I mention happy people help the world? The first retreat is planned, the website’s on the way (, and I’ve secured a couple key partner companies.

    But I need help with some key items in the master plan, so I can make sure this company survives and continues to serve the world. Promotion tools, branding tips, social media skills, and more. Danielle (and Jonathan) would really help with that.

    My intended revenue streams are retreats, and, possibly, e-books intended to help keep people inspired and comitted to what they love–in the creativity, adventure, and mind body soul arenas.

    What are some of the best ways to build your tribe?
    Could you share some creative ways to get people involved in the company/gain a bigger tribe?
    Can you share some tips on ways to make fantastic money–authentically and while still being of service?

  39. I’m proof positive that you can be featured on Oprah and still struggle to have your business be successful.I’m a Sacred Sexuality coach who works with high achieving professional women to help them access their radiant goddess power within for greater joy, pleasure and magnetism in their lives.

    I’ve got some raving fans and I get messages constantly from women who tell me that this work has utterly transformed their lives. Last year I doubled my business which is awesome but it was pretty meager to begin with so it’s not as impressive as it sounds.

    I want to double it again this year because, yes, I’m SICK AND TIRED of struggling financially and I know it can be easier. But what really gets me off the couch is my mission to bring more love, sexual awakening and healing to these women because they’ve got influence to impact many others on the planet. And let’s face it, male or female, we could all do with more conscious loving in the world.

    Single mom, recently divorced, yadda yadda. I’ve even got a blue chip background in marketing from a successful high tech communications career. But you know how it goes, I’m great at giving other people marketing advice but it’s damn difficult to do surgery on myself.

    I’m open, grateful for your consideration, and very much looking forward to the opportunity to deal with my fear of public humiliation and work with you both on Wednesday.
    Also, it was my birthday a few days ago and this would really ROCK as a gift from the universe.

    In gratitude.

  40. Cortney says:

    Wow. So many great stories. Mine is simple.
    5 years ago I gave up my chosen career path to be a full time Mom.
    2 years ago my marriage ended and I found myself with no direction and a toddler.
    1 year ago I lost my car, my job, and my apartment to a whirlwind of shitty circumstances, and was forced to move home to my parents (and grandparents)

    I have learned that my hard luck led to incredible personal growth and unique opportunities I would never have had trying to muck through on my own.

    Today I am proudly building a rapidly growing Graphic design practice and writing SEO copy on the side.

    My personal goals are “car by April” “apartment by June.”
    My business goals are $100,000 this year from my business. Made by using my skills and passion.

    I have pretty specific and some would say outrageous (whatever, I say they are totally doable) financial goals for the next 6 months, and as of right now, I am on track for January ($1000 made and saved) with ZERO(ok not ZERO, but very vague and seemingly non-actionable) ideas of how to make my February goals (which is doubling Jan’s income to $2000).

    I have taken control of my destiny in a way I never have before. Much of it is due to the online mentoring I get from reading White Hot Truth. I have never felt prouder or more empowered than I do right now. I paid for my daughter’s ballet lessons myself this month (my mother had been paying them) and added Disney World to our dream wall knowing for the first time in my life that I have a way to actually make that happen for her.

    I know I am not struggling with any special or unique issues–undercharging, time management, over-extending myself, taking jobs I hate because they pay, stuck in the box thinking–but I also know a session with Danielle could open my eyes and light a fire under my ass to get things blazing in ways I have yet to imagine as possible.

    Also, I would like to add a heartfelt “Please” to my request.

    Either way, I will be listening in and breathing deeply through the already tangible excitement this is generating. Thank you both so much for sharing your incredible selves with the world.

    With Glowy Gooey Golden Love,
    Cortney Jacobs

  41. Meg Amat says:

    I would love a fire starter session too!

    I run our family business. It’s an event styling company based in the Philippines called Eve &Co ,, (although I can be reached through my US number, and yes, you have readers on the other side of the globe) What we basically do is decorate parties like birthdays, weddings, etc. I actually just joined our company full time a couple of months ago, switching from a great career in IT.

    So being a newbie entrepreneur, I really feel that it’s my task to take the business to a new level. I feel that danielle, is the perfect person to point me in the right direction. Shes a woman who is so passionate about what she does. And thats what i feel our business is all about- women who love what they do, women who make the world a bit more beautiful wherever they go. That’s why we chose the name Eve &co in the first place

    But I don’t know where to start our path to greater success. I guess our major challenges are 1. Somehow, our clients seem to bargain down our prices. I know that the deciding factor shouldn’t be the price when hiring artists but it seems really hard to compete in the game. So my question is what can I do to keep an edge over our competitors or at least how do you find out what the market is looking for?

    2. Basically, we come up with designs that are highly personalized to the lifestyles of our clients, which is really great, but sometimes it isn’t the most cost effective way to do business. It becomes a bit hard to reuse props and what not. How can I reconcile the practical side of making a profit and being unique and fresh?

    3. I’m running a second generation business which means that our contacts know my mom while I’m still the new kid on the block, how can we facilitate passing the torch?

    Goodness, I have so many questions still but it would be great to hear from you guys. I’m pretty sure that your fresh insights will go a long way.

  42. Amanda Frost says:

    Danielle – your words rock and your ideas light up and your very being vibrates life itself!! and your being is so radiant and alive, and catching in the best viral sense possible… so the very idea of a Fire Starter session is something I am craving – being picked for this live telecast would be a blast and such amazing timing – specifically because I have a launch date of Feb 4th for my expat coaching focus and no fireworks about a name, a signature program title…arghhhh! Feb 4th is the first day of a huge expat expo in Paris, where I just happen to be, and such a great opportunity to step out into the world and declare myself an expert…currently in transition – Paris will be my base of choice once I can guarantee myself an income here – have just left Portugal after 2.5 years there and a major learning curve whereby I now have complete freedom to create as I have nothing to tie me down!
    Have a divinely inspired project for the long term that provides a web based resource and community for women who move their whole life to a completely new country for love and it doesn’t work out…this project will also reach out to women supporting kids on their own in less well resourced countries.

    I am completely and utterly ready to get this show on the road…and that fire starter session would, for sure, blast me out of grey into radiant firework blasts, spark the colours and expose the next best steps and words and anything else groovy to get me out there and shining!
    Jonathan – I am looking forward to getting to know you and your site, this is my first time with you – any friend and peer of Danielle-s must be awesome too!
    Thanks so much wonder people and and looking forward to the call…cheers!

  43. *No sob story here, I live an amazing, inspiring, blessed, prolific life in Costa Rica that is full of surprises. I have already started one business that has been and is very successful for me and I am truly living my dream. Now with a partnership with my best friend, we want to give back by not only sharing all we have learned to achieve true dream fulfillment, but I want to share these amazing and inspiring surroundings to help passionate, hungry women recreate their lives from the inside out. We plan to host biannual women’s retreats here in Costa Rica at a gorgeous beachfront villa focusing on health and physical well-being and nutrition (my friend’s area of expertise), goal-setting, visualization, overcoming fear, and making things happen, while also allowing for total relaxation and renewal and the invaluable experience of tackling new challenges you never thought you would, like surfing. Our ideas and intentions are solid, but we want to take advantage of every possible resource to make it the most kick-ass experience ever, and having a fresh perspective, especially Danielle’s, would be invaluable at this stage.

    *The business is still in the early planning stages and we are still working out the name, but the tagline is “Creating the life you want from the inside out.”

    *Revenue would come exclusively from participants’ paid fees which would vary based on the level of accommodation they choose. Both of us have other revenue streams from our other businesses, but I think it will by far be the most rewarding thing we do with our time and resources.

    *So my questions for you guys are:
    1) The cost will be high because of the level of quality and service we want to provide, so how to we ensure that the value we offer exceeds the participants’ expectations based on their investment?
    2) We are combining several seemingly disparate elements and thus potentially appealing to a few different groups of people. How do we target the specific market of women who would benefit from all aspects of the retreat? Is it better to limit the scope of the retreat?

    My name is Janine Messenger, structural visionary + intuitive + spatial harmonizer. In short, I have united my passion for the intuitive arts + spatial harmonizing and organizing solutions + soulful living practices with both modern + ancient healing remedies to create Organizing Alchemy.

    My boutique consultancy focuses on harmonizing solutions that adjust any imbalances between your internal + external environments. I combine structural intuition + spatial harmonizing solutions + organizational expertise with ancient + modern + soulful healing remedies to help people cultivate a deeper relationship with their inner Self + Life.
    I do this through 2 distance / in-person consultation options: Reading + Remedy and Harmonious Healing Environments.

    My web address is

    # 1. Danielle speaks equally to my head + my heart.

    # 2. I FEEL that Danielle has a MAJOR NUGGET of information for me that will blow my marketing obstacles into another dimension + help me express what I know is my soulful purpose.

    # 3. I want to attract soulful affluence and I know…like I know…she WILL help me see how to ROCK my inner directive + put MULA in my account. Because the money aspect is NOT activated + I need business maven guidance + what I know for sure is that I am willing to do WHATEVER she advises to make it happen!!!

    #4. I have the bones + know how + passion + belief. I am marketing + networking + PR stuck. Am in debt. Have LIMITED cash flow, but some credit card room. I need solid + budget conscious + practical STRATEGIES that I can immediately apply in the following areas:

    • Marketing: What are the most economical + pack a punch illuminating solutions that authentically describe what I do + it’s practical application to the right market. Electronic + face-2-face, writing????
    • PR: no solid ideas on how to align with people + businesses to can get the word out about what I do + CONFIRM ACTUAL CLIENTS.
    • Affluence: I need to make money – FAST. I am at the end of the financial line and am not going down with out a fight. I love what I do and believe it is a valuable service for people, I just can’t seem to bust past my marketing / PR resistance issues. I know they are all tied together and when I can untangle them… my business will soulfully BLOOM.
    • Writing: I constantly have ideas galore about books + remedies I could write, but am stuck on how to unlock my limited perception about not being a “trained” writer and effectively move forward to produce these items.

    My actual revenue streams
    None. I have my website, but no clients. I have the habit of giving away FREE advice all the time, but not actually booking PAYING clients.

    My potential revenue streams
    1. Consulting: with individuals + healers + spas + retreats.
    2. Writing: I have booklets + harmonizing remedies + Spiritpreneur guidelines in my head, but not on paper.
    3. Vision work. I have an innate ability to see limitless potential +possibilities around any subject or space.

    That’s my pitch. Thanks for offering this opportunity. I look forward to the call + all the insight + information it will bring. Now, go rest up and drink your green vitality shake. You are going to need all your strength for Wednesday. 😉

    Create a great day!


  45. Love this, and the both of you. I say choose Jeanie. What a hell of a woman!

  46. Tom Bentley says:

    Danielle, my matches are wet. Please breathe your (sweet) dragon breath on them to burst them aflame. Passion, what is thy face?

    Copywriting/ediing biz is The Write Word at Revenue streams too often trickles.

    Question 1: Glass is too blurry to tell if it’s half-empty or half-full. Have “likes” for many of my professional and personal writing endeavors, but no “loves.” Need love. How to find?

    Question 2: Like many of my clients, but don’t love them. Do I need to love them? (Pondering.)

    Question 3: Is your success based on your fabulous hair? (I don’t do hoop earrings, so I’m at a loss there.)


  47. I saw Danielle several summers ago at a workshop I was attending in Portland, OR. I was inspired by this brief introduction to follow her thus far and have implemented some of her work into my life.
    I’m a writer/editor and online producer. I won’t bore you with the down-in-the-dumps story of what has happened with newspaper/magazine jobs in this country since 2008. Suffice it to say that I’ve been freelancing for two years. Which is not a bad thing – I’m writing about the subjects I’m interested in however, the monetary rewards are less than rewarding.
    Of course the fact that many doors closing results in many others having opened has not escaped me and my quest for avenues where I could publish.
    I have in the past written for many newspapers, magazines etc. and have specialized in writing about women whether it’s women’s accomplishments, women’s ways, women and children and women in dangerous-even deadly relationships. I believe my writing has helped bring awareness to women and children’s plight as well as their unique ways of leadership and their bliss.
    That said, I feel as though I’m floundering in a morass of too-many choices and not enough focus.
    I want to start a focused, online women’s publication. I want to write about women and domestic violence and new ways of looking at this.
    I want to (again) write as a retail therapist in a fun,

    brash, vivid publication online that is honest, pithy and in-your-face honest.
    I want to bring women to a circle to talk about what is happening today in their lives, a place online to listen to women leaders and inspired teachers.
    I want to inspire other women journalists to come together to create video and news online that allows freedom of expression.
    I want to use my already tried and true sense of humor and fun to create a place online where women can go to laugh, cry and take away wisdom from myself and a group of other women who write and speak their truth.

    My list of ideas are not the problem. The problem is focus and follow-through. Probably it is the problem of every other person on this list. And although I know the problem intimately, I find it difficult to focus and create a plan to execute.

    Whitehottruth is one of the places I go to hear honesty and flat out “drop dead do it” inspiration.

    I desperately need Danielle to rock my world because I’m at a crossroads. I have already lived the better part of half of my life. Quite truthfully I’ve had so many ideas, so many missed chances that looking back, I see where I could have made many different choices but didn’t usually because of a relationship or having children. I am still in that rut. I am still in that place where I’m unable to see in the moment what path I could take that could lead to expressing myself and in so doing help other women open themselves to self-expression and freedom.
    I have one website where I discuss writing and women’s issues. I have another where I have started to find success in writing about fun and retail therapy. But neither of those sites has even begun to realize the breadth of what I consider to be possible in creating some of the ideas I have that I outlined above.
    I believe the revenue stream from starting an online news publication for women are there. There are several online publications that are seeing revenue from advertising online. It hasn’t, however, translated into revenue from newspaper sites since they’ve always (mostly) offered free content.
    My questions are simple. How do I focus my ideas and create an online publication that will provide enough revenue to continue to build a site like the one I see?
    How do I gather the people I need to help with this plan?
    How do I start to build a community of people who want to read, listen, watch and support a publication of this kind?

    I would be very grateful to be chosen for this special online Firestarter session.
    -Judith S.

  48. Kim Kruse says:

    A friend of mine turned me on to Danielle and her amazing Fire Starter Sessions late last year. I’ve been hooked ever since and would love to reap the benefits of Danielle’s magical and well-honed insights with a one-on-one session.

    My vision:
    Elevate my current hobby craft business to a profitable full-time gig that would free me from my current 9-to-5 gig.

    My current biz and income streams:
    Since 2005 I’ve been carving out a name for myself as The Sassy Crafter ( — major website update pending). I started by writing a regular DIY column in my local alt-monthly newspaper that gave readers step-by-step instructions for making hip, fun, and eco-cool crafts.

    I adore teaching and offer a range of craft and sewing workshops in my local area (all paid gigs). I love seeing the “ah-ha!” look on someone’s face when they finish making something really wonderful, especially if they didn’t initially believe in their own creativity (and sadly, many people fall into this camp).

    In order to share the love and spread those creative moments farther afield, I post tutorials and write about my crafty adventures on my blog (no revenue, but I love doing it).

    I also create one-of-a-kind upcycled accessories that I sell through my online shop at Last but not least, I organize an indie craft show here in my hometown each holiday season.

    Why I want a Fire Starter Session:
    Part of me knows deep down that I’m ready to take this to the next step. I’ve pondered a brick-and-mortar store where I could offer crafty supplies, handmade gifts, and creative classes. Or if I decide that biting off a brick-and-mortar biz is too big of a mouthful, then I’d love to build my income streams by expanding my teaching offerings to include girls night out parties and kids craft parties.

    But I’m also a practical person, and it’s incredibly scary for me to think about not having a regular paycheck, or insurance, or even a professional support structure. And that little fear guy — he can be incredibly difficult to reason with. He just sits there on my shoulder whispering all of the reasons why I shouldn’t take the next step.

    I want Danielle’s help to build the courage I need to tell fear to get lost so that I can move on with what I know in my heart is my destiny.

    My questions:
    1) How do you face the fear and come up with a workable plan to live the life you know you were meant to? (p.s. your link last week to was great!)
    2) How do you find your own perfect path that allows you to march on your own rather than get swayed by what others are doing or have done?

  49. Mikki says:

    Hello, generous ones.

    Less than a year ago, I opened my healing practice. I’m a shamanic healer, minister and ceremonialist, writer, and workshop facilitator. The new practice came on the heels of getting married, changing my name and social circle, and moving to the suburbs (before this, I was a single actress in NYC whose day job was managing a 9/11 foundation, and I was kinda unhappy without even realizing it).

    So essentially, I have a whole new life. Everything looks different to me on this side of the fence, and as big and crazy as it’s been to change so much, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I have a tremendous sense of momentum and purpose, especially since the New Year. I want to bring my creativity and body-image workshops out to the world. I want to write a book (or four). I want to have a thriving healing practice, using ancient wisdom and modern thinking to remind people of how awesomely resilient they are, and how magic can exist in our lives every day.

    My income streams right now are unemployment, savings, my beloved husband’s willingness to support us, and the occasional client or workshop. I have a website, eletter, Examiner.Com column, postcards, biz cards, Facebook and Twitter, and soon a brochure. I assist in teaching shamanic work at Kripalu, and I’m about to go to Peru (these aren’t income streams, but they are definitely good-vibing, mind-expanding abundance generators in the long run).

    Everyone tells me to be patient. I don’t want to! Now that I’m lit up with love and purpose, I want to be working every day. So what else should I be doing to get out there onto people’s radars? How do I magnetize the success I can picture? How do I market this sort of esoteric and deeply personal practice so that it’s not only accessible, but reflects both my sincerity and my hipness? I know it’s about self-confidence, belief, and energy — it’s also about utilizing social media, pithy wording, and creating strategy. I’d love a little fire-starting in both arenas!

    Thanks, Danielle and Jonathan, for doing what you do. Cheers and blessings!

  50. Jen Trulson says:

    I just started Fire Starter Sessions and am digging it! Love the both of you (Jonathan – Pam Slim turned me on to you!). Here’s the deal…

    Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
    Specificity earns brownie points:
    Danielle is laser sharp and I’m feeling scattered which must mean I’m close to something good! Since doing Style Statement last year I feel I’m connected with the foundation of who I am: natural/expressive ( ). Going back and reading that blog I realize – yes, there I am!!
    I partner with women to creating a life they love, starting with themselves. I currently have decided to narrow and am getting ready to focus on women who are married yet lonely. I could go deeper but will save that for when we chat 😉
    I don’t need you to rock my world with a live Fire Starter Session but I sure in the hell WANT you to!! I just got accepted into the Masters program for my coach training and am ready to make a business that empowers woman – right now it feels more like a hobby due to the income vs expense ratio. I want to shift my focus to work more with groups vs one-on-one. I’ve held 3 tele-classes thus far but would love a higher turnout. I hear things like: I wanted to take your class but the class time wasn’t right, I had prior obligations, etc.
    I WANT to grow my list!! Currently I have 160 subscribers.

    Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)
    I’ve began the journey as a life coach in June 2008. – is being professionally redesigned as we speak (the new one is HOT, what you see is fine but not me). Up until this point I have designed my site through godaddy (switching to wordpress).

    Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended), and
    Share 2 to 3 questions for us.
    Revenue streams:
    Actual: one-on-one, tele-classes
    Intended: retreats, products (gratitude journal, recorded classes w/video-homework, workshops, inner circles (groups to meet in person or via tele)

    Can you share your daily practice… when things are flowing for you do you find you are doing x, y and z?
    I love what I do, I want to share it with the world, how do I get it out there??!? I’m on FB with a biz page I create but who and where and what services can help me spread my message.
    Niche – I’ve narrowed but now feel I’m getting hung up on defining it. Would love, did I mention love, yes love YOUR feedback! Is smaller better or is all personal?
    (ps -My niche is partnering with women who are married yet lonely.)

    So, talk sooN! Jonathan and Danielle – thanks for your GAS (generosity, authenticity and spreading what you love)!

  51. Johanna says:

    With each e-mail I received from Danielle I feel inspired & like she’s inside my mind yet expressing with a heightened level of eloquence. My hypnosis practice is thriving & for this I am grateful AND there is so much more I want to offer … for my clients in person, for those who read my site, to get inspiration into social media outlets. I love mind/body healing & want to share how powerful it is with others.
    I adore Danielle’s FireStarter program & I’d LOVE run through the process with her – actually I’d be honored!
    Look forward to the call.

  52. Darla says:

    I need Danielle to rock my world in a live Fire Starter Session for two reasons:

    1) I’m a public speaking instructor transitioning into becoming a public speaking coach. I know that public speaking is one of Danielle’s other passions that goes hand-in-hand with the work she’s doing in the world of business. I’ve been teaching public speaking to college freshman for four years and I’d love to know what Danielle thinks are the needs for public speaking outside of the classroom. College kids I’ve got covered. I’d love Danielle to help me understand what entrepreneurs need from a speaking coach.

    2) This is my first entrepreneurial endeavor. I am LOST. and nervous and excited. Some direction on how to start getting clients to book public speaking sessions with me would be greatly appreciated! As would feedback on my website design, copy, etc.

    My business is called RockSTAR Public Speaking. I currently offer weekly articles and hourly public speaking coaching sessions for professionals and for college students who are bored by their own professors or slept through their public speaking class and are now hurting for that information for other reasons. I bill myself as a sexy, fresh approach to public speaking: no boredom. no blah.

    My current revenue streams are: my job as a producer for a nationally syndicated public radio program called Native America Calling. It’s only 20 hours a week as they are a non-profit. I supplement my job with another part-time job as a public relations coordinator for another non-profit called the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment. We advocate against uranium mining on Native lands and aim to educate the public on the destruction of Native land, water and bodies due to industrial practices that are operating on reservation land. Finally, my other revenue stream is student loans– I’m a grad student.


    1)If you were going to refer your Fire Starter clients to me, what services would I have and offer that would make me a good fit for them? I’m looking to appeal to entrepreneurs and people who have a message they’re passionate about but need help articulating that message in public speaking situations– whether at a cocktail party or in front of an audience of 500.

    2)I’m a First Nations journalist. As such I have the extreme pleasure and responsibility to help minority voices be heard– but there’s not much money in that. How do I balance going after the cash with helping the communities I’m passionate about helping?

    3) What can I do differently so that I have clients coming out of my ears? Strategies? Website redesign? Different copy?

    Thanks so much!

  53. Stormy says:

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity, not just to possibly receive time with you and Danielle, but to hear other people’s fires be started! Personally, I need my world rocked in a positive way. That’s what happens when your business crashes; you are so burnt out that you’re not sure whether to continue, give up, or re-vamp; and the data are giving you mixed messages. Positivity and perspective, please!

    Here’s the deal: I’ve been developing a business with my husband for the last few years. It’s been a labor of love. We finally launched the site early last summer, went away for 3 weeks this past fall where we had no internet access, and came home to find that the site had gone down for 2 weeks due to a server update. We were dead on the internet. SEO rankings – gone, site traffic – gone, feedback from hosting provider – oops. Both our back-up plan and our hopes for the business had some holes.

    The business is called SizeTracker ( It is a kid’s clothing size chart resource that provides automated clothing size chart calculations and tracks kids’ growth so that parents can find the right clothing size the first time from 300+ kids’ clothing brands. Our calculator is unique in that parents can find current sizes, predict future size needs (to shop sales and consignment now so clothing fits when they need it to), or to find the grow-into dates for too-large hand-me-downs. Our current revenue streams are advertising and lead-generation for brands/retailers.

    Some hard-core soul-searching caused us to realize how burnt-out, frustrated, and unsure of how/whether to continue we are. We have scaled back our time on the site to regain some perspective and weigh the options. The thing is, I don’t want to give up because I know that we have something of value.

    To me, this business is not just about kids’ clothing. It’s also about kids’ confidence (clothing fit is really important), kids’ health (through our blog and growth tracking), reducing waste (no return packaging and shipping), and making shopping less frustrating for parents because every brand is sized differently.

    I believe that having a Fire Starter Session with Danielle will help me gain some much-needed objectivity that will shed light on where SizeTracker’s value and my role in it can shine.

    My questions:
    1) What is the best way to transition to a new model/customer base without hurting our relationship with existing customers or creating a situation where one model is cannibalized by the other? How should we approach this question to make sure that the people we built the service for continue to benefit from it?

    2) We have a following from a group of people that love our service, but use it to help them save money – not spend it on more gadgets. How do we maintain this loyalty, but turn it into something that benefits them while allowing the business to make money?

    3) How do we attract the type of following/customers that will turn SizeTracker in to one of the most valuable services in children’s retailing?

    Being selected for the Fire Starter Session would be an honor. Thank you for the opportunity.

  54. Chris says:

    I want to be a fire starter for young women so that they can understand their potential and go out in the world and shake things up. I’m an educator turned makeup artist turned life coach who’s one part yogini and one part rock chick. If Jonathan Fields and Danielle LaPorte had a love child, it would be me.

    I started a blog just under a year ago as part of my retail-turned-coaching business–Truth Love Beauty (Tagline: Live your Truth. Spread the Love. Embrace your Beauty)while I was trying to find my voice, my audience and my path. What I know for sure now is that my peeps are female tween/teen/young adults. My entire working life I have been drawn to and surrounded by them but didn’t see the forest because the tweens were in the way. I want them to experience how freaking AWESOME life is when you’re on your true path–RIGHT NOW–not years from now when you’re sitting at the intersection of Which-Way-Do-I-Go and How-the-Hell-Did-I-End-Up-Here with a truckload of regret. I want them to be locked in on their dreams and confident in their direction. In order to do that, I realize I have to walk the walk.

    This is about so much more than just promoting self-esteem in girls. There are plenty of talented people out there already rocking that boat. It’s about the BIGGER PICTURE–who you are, what you (really) want, and how to align yourself with it–because self-realization ROCKS, right Danielle? I see an event-based business that feels like a fist-pumping rock concert that stays with you long after you’ve left the party. I also see elements of individual coaching and a retail component with a multimedia platform that includes (at the very least) an interactive web community, pod casting, and possibly TV but I have no idea how to pull this all together. That’s where you come in, Jonathan and Danielle:

    1. How do I reign in my interests and ideas in a clear, concise, cool financially beneficial way?

    2. The last thing I want to do is come across as if I’m preaching from a soapbox or as some finger-wagging-old-aunt-know-it-all spouting,”When I was your age…” What are the best ways to connect with my peeps? (I get that being myself around teens and young adults has been working for me just fine–and being a parent of teen/tweens helps, it’s the how it all translates on a larger scale that’s the issue)

    3. How do you accomplish big dreams with a little budget (and plenty of moxie)?

    4. I’ve always had a tendency to hitch my cart to a bigger one. This time around I want to go do my own thing but still network and get help where I need it. What is the best way to do that?

    5. What do you wish you’d known before you started out?

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. I’m ready to get this party started!

  55. Jen Adair says:

    I need a Fire Starter Session because I am desperate to start a fire that will keep my family from the downward spiral that is getting closer and closer to our reality.

    I have lived a pampered life, a mom of three married to a successful and brilliant man. He was one of the original founders of a major travel website and I loved his brain. I thought my life was full and I would never struggle again. I lived in a perfect little phony bubble I didn’t even know I was in until my world was shaken upside down, and thankfully so, even though it feels like it might kill me someday.

    Three years ago our 11 year old was diagnosed with a rare cancer and he died at home 9 months later, on Christmas Eve. This began my journey thru the healthcare system and a up-close look at pediatric cancer and the families who live on the pediatric cancer floors of every children’s hospital. My husband and I became strong advocates for children and taking charge of your loves one’s care. I began a list of the things I wanted to accomplish through my journey. I also began to write a “Carepage” getting the word out to those who wanted to hear about our struggle, It was met with great warmth and I began a new dream of someday combining my posts to create a book.

    But, a year after my son died my husband suffered a massive brain bleed in our home while our remaining children looked on horrified. I once again took to the web to keep those who cared informed, I have spent the last 18 months, fighting the healthcare system, filling out all of the forms to get the things he deserves. I have been by his bedside and was there to help him learn to swallow, and finally the daunting task of learning to walk again, all the while raising girls who still have a full school and athletic schedule.

    I began this journey not knowing where our money was and how much we had and have come full circle. I have accomplished so much and have discovered I have more dreams than I ever knew lived inside of me. Our family is facing losing our home, and struggling to make ends meet. I have sold everything I can each month to keep our now bare bones budget afloat. In the interim a girlfriend and I have started a small business and it is slowly taking off. A mobile spray tan business, giving that glow to all Seattleites, in the dim of our cloud filled skies. It’s been a way to get some instant cash but certainly not my passion, and I’m struggling with marketing.

    I have done all of this with grace and continue to face this trial head on. I’m thankful for these trials that have awoken my soul but I need a FIRE to take this to the next level. I’ve been strong and done all of this on my own but I’m ready to say I need help.

    I would love a session to get my book out there to help others who face health issues. How to maneuver the system, how to be an advocate and how to find joy in the hell that becomes your everyday. Lastly, how women should take charge of their lives prior to a health crisis, where to go for help and how to keep your head focused on the important things and not the details that seem to bring your world down. How to heal and what to say to those who are knee deep in a crisis.

    My book, will it ever get published and how? My dream is right before me can I make it happen? Will people even read it. I’m almost embarrassed to say I wrote one. No one expects that from a suburban housewife teetering on the edge of financial ruin and full time care of an invalid husband.

    Looking forward to Wednesday night!

  56. It’s been one hell of a wild ride, cowboys and cowgirls.

    So I started out as a weird-ass hyphenate: voiceover artist-ad agency owner-radio-producer-magazine columnist-restaurant reviewer-journalist. It kinda sorta worked, in that it incorporated a bunch of stuff I’m good at (showing off, showing up, showing others the heart of the story). It also scattered my energy in about a million billion different directions. I did a lot of things pretty damn well. I did nothing brilliantly.

    And so the universe gifted me with the chance to opt out: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Ruh-roh. How does Type A supergirl go from speed-of-light to full stop overnight? Uh, yeah, you’re way ahead of me here: she didn’t. She just kept going. Oh, and she made sure to take care of and feel responsible for everyone and everything in her whole little corner of the world. That’s being a grown-up, right?

    Well, it worked, dysfunctionally, until it total effing didn’t. Lost my ad agency to partner squabbles. Lost my next job, editing a magazine, to illness-provoked layoff. lost my marriage–whee, I was on a roll! Oh, and a huge relapse, since “self care” wasn’t in my vocabulary, meant I also lost the ability to sit upright for more than 10 minutes at a time.

    Bedridden, a new single parent with no income, I began training as a coach. And holy crap, I was good at it! Here was the synthesis of all that other stuff I thought I had to juggle, in one juicy little package: showing up, showing off (reframed as being transparent, authentic, and passing along what I know), and showing people that the stories they were telling themselves were just that: STORIES. Optional. Tools or weapons or toys.

    So there, in the midst of the most number of losses I ever experienced in my life, I was found. (Cue reedy-voiced singers.)

    I found me. And I found what I was meant to do. And yet…and yet…I still struggle with the difference between losing and letting go. Between stepping up and overstepping boundaries. Between manifesting and just plain obsessing.

    I am letting go, and letting go, and letting go, of all the thoughts and stupid-ass behaviors that no longer serve me. But it is imperative, I know, that I choose, mindfully and intentionally, what to fill myself with. Because as we all know, nature (and homemakers everywhere) abhor a vacuum. If I don’t choose, my choices will be made for me.

    I choose to be filled with the inspiration and delicious rockin’ white-hot truth and hard-won wisdom you folks are so generously offering. I’ll be on the call for sure. And should you judge me worthy of working with Danielle, I’ll soak it in like pure healing sunshine, pay it forward, and keep the energy flowing like a river.

    That’s a promise.

    TAO, baby.


  57. Monica says:

    Soon to be launched – Blüm Floral Designs.
    My designs are: Natural. Elegant. Sophisticated. Contemporary. Locally, ethically and sustainably sourced.
    It’s why I’m on this planet.
    My revenue streams are: Weddings / Events / Corporate Accounts.
    I want to transform the industry, taking my stellar background and track record in non-profit and corporate worlds into the realm of social enterprise I want to rock the design world and bring beauty into the lives of my clients.
    I’ve got the passion, the determination, the savvy and the smarts.
    My questions are: What are 3 key ways to build an effective sales strategy in this industry (goal – secure 10 corporate accounts by the fall)? What are 3 ways I can position myself with brides / planners so I REALLY stand out (I’m aiming for 0 to 60 here)? How do I design a pricing strategy that can grow over time without losing existing clients or referrals? How do I build a referral base among other designers who may see me as competition?

  58. I’m Katherine Torrini, a Creative Life Coach. I help closet creatives come out, have fun, and make the stuff they dream about. As Captain Creative, I arm them with Inner Critic Kryptonite so they can slap duct tape on their fear, throw their Inner Critic in the trunk, and stuff their guilt, procrastination and self-doubt in there along with him.

    You can find me at

    Revenue streams:
    *current: individual and group coaching, classes and workshops in Austin, Tx
    *intended:. on-line visual journaling program and Inner Critic Kryptonite Book proposal

    I want Danielle to rock my world (view) because Inner Critic Kryptonite is so damn cool and so much bigger than one person (me) can birth into the world. It’s time for Captain Creative (my esteemed colleague and costume-wearing alter-ego) to take center stage as Inner Critic Kryptonite’s ambassador, to find the I.C.K. team, and get this fabulously fun and effective stuff out in the world in a BIG way.

    I’d love Danielle to shine some light on a bridge between here (lone cowboy for three years) and there (highly functioning, highly successful I.C.K. team.) Specifically, that means advice on the following:

    •Staging and sequencing the transition
    •what’s my most important job now and what can wait
    •best way(s) to attract passionate evangelists for my work who want to partner with me
    •how to operate like a team before I have one.

    My questions:
    •Danielle: How do you customize your advice to really resonate with the client in such a short session? (rather than dispense cookie-cutter advice)

    •Danielle: How do you focus on making money and developing content at the same time? (Or do you?)

    •Jonathan: You really respect people who have become masters through the school of hard knocks: What advice do you have for a beginning student of mastery?

    Thanks! I’ll “see” you on the call!

  59. I wake people up. I am the means by which they get inspired–literally, by breathing more fully, and metaphorically, by realizing the hugeness of their potential. I teach yoga…among other things.

    I am an experienced teacher, dedicated to my students and the practice itself for the past eleven years. Last year I moved into an area where there is a glut of teachers and studios, not to mention tons of classes included in discount gym memberships. After years of teaching to packed rooms and building yoga communities from scratch in small midwestern towns, I am looking at small classes almost everywhere, whether I am teaching or someone else is.

    I’d like to get back to making a full-time income from teaching yoga and Pilates, but I am not sure that I can do this now that I have two very young children–the going rates don’t cover good full-time childcare. So right now I just teach a few classes in evenings and on weekends, when my husband can be with the kids.

    Truthfully, I think most people who are ready can transform themselves with even a novice teacher–the power comes from what they put into the practice. So perhaps I should leave the yoga teaching to the younger teachers who can work for lower rates here? Some people, of course, will injure themselves, especially if they come to the practice injured or ill and encounter a teacher who has no experience with these conditions. So should I focus on working with people individually and therapeutically? How do I get my name out to those people who have the need and the means to hire a private teacher? The studios don’t seem to get too much demand for that here in the Cleveland area, in this economy.

    I also have experience in writing, research, and editing; in past life-segments, I’ve run departments in educational K-12 publishing, and I’ve taught undergraduates how to analyze media and write about it clearly and effectively. Most people see these kinds of skills as schizophrenically separate from teaching yoga, but I think analysis, synthesis, and communication are pretty universal, even when they have to hurdle over our Western mind-body split.

    I would like to turn my own approach to teaching into a nonfiction guide for newer teachers. Is this too small of a market? How could this be part of a bigger business plan? (In other areas I’ve lived, I’ve trained people to teach yoga because there was a real need and demand for teachers–but, as I’ve mentioned, there’s already a glut here.)

    Working with people through text, audio, and video would be ideal for the next few years before my children are ready to go to school. How do I break into the select market of online classes (yogaglo, etc.) or create my own online marketplace for classes? I have a large group of students in various places I’ve lived before who love and use class segments that I’ve posted for free on my website so far. How do I increase the quality and variety of these and set that up as a business?

    Basically, I need Danielle to help me clarify the best way to direct my talent as a teacher, a writer, and an editor, because:
    a. I love to do these things in a wide variety of ways and related to many topics–not just yoga–and I have had fun jumping from one to the next in the past, but I now need to focus on what can be most sustainable for myself and my family in this period of my life–that is, I now need to have a plan
    b. I have limited time in the day in which to do this until I have enough steady income to cover good childcare, given the ages of my beautiful boys (1 and 2.5!)
    c. I’d like this to lead to full-time work over the next few years–either self-employed or parlaying contracted work into a salaried position that I love, like running a writing center for a high school or college

    Many thanks for your time and energy–including all that you send out in your emails and interviews!

  60. Shenee says:

    Hello! Happy Monday people on this page ( and there are a lot of you )

    I spend a lot of time helping other people get their entrepreneurial shiz together and don’t get nearly enough time to focus on my own fire. I act as the life coach, design consultant, copywriter and psychic for for most of my clients ( I have trouble with boundaries, haha) and I don’t have the time to think of my own strategy.

    My business needs some TLC and who better then Danielle?

    I hope to build a business that isn’t as bendable and I need help figuring out a blueprint. Because I am trying to get by, I take whatever comes my way, even if it’s not the vision I have for myself and so my clients( boy I love em’) get the kitchen sink for not-a-lotta. I want a business that just “is” without all the stuff I don’t want to do.

    And I want to make money, not just get by.

    I want to have time to write my great american novel, you know.

    Is that specific enough?

    Ok — My Design & Strategy Business: You’ll Look Great

    My Blog / Idea Lab Business – I work as a creative tactician, mining my client’s minds for the gems that become bangin’ ideas which grow up to be kick ass blogs, websites, e-products, stories, ect.

    eight thirty seven (coming soon) — storytelling blog / literary magazine / home to my writing/storytelling services

    Revenue Streams:
    You’ll Look Great clients — Design one-stop shop but I really want to get into e-book design
    My creative tactician clients from my different packages
    E-products galore! < — this makes me the most excited, I love to write and innovate.

    Share 2 to 3 questions for us.

    1. Right now, I have more of an "empire-building" thing going on. I will have several different web homes by the end of this year. I am wondering if I should streamline things a little more. I am speaking more to where I provide my services and e-products but I guess that goes for the blogs I will be helping to launch this year. Should I have everything be at

    2. What do you think would be a good strategy for presenting the services that I am currently offering? I know that they are really useful services that I put a lot of work into but they are a hard sale. My whole theme is that everything starts with story. But people rarely give a short rib about stories, it's about money a lot of the times. I am lit up with love for my work but that isn't enough. Any ideas?

    3. How do you attract the really great clients?

  61. eric gabriel says:

    Hi Jonathan and Danielle,

    Let me stick to the facts;

    1- I’m a spiritual ninja, when I call out for support it comes in bucket loads, my prayers are always answered, just sometimes it’s no
    2- I’ve survived just about every form of abuse you can imagine and I’m still alive and thriving in spite of it, I grew up on a small Indian reserve known for the “Oka Crisis of 1990”
    3- I learned everything I know through experience and would love to share my adventures with those who want to make change happen
    4- I radiate peace, love and joy although sometimes I do it with attitude
    5- I have always loved telling stories and have considerable talents and lots of material to tell
    6- I’d love to get in on the consciousness movement and wake people up
    7- I’m going to do it even if you don’t pick me
    8- I speak English, French and a little bit of Mohawk
    9- I learn new skills with an almost vertical learning curve
    10-I want to start a blog and conduct workshops and seminars on reaching deep within and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles through rigorous honesty and spiritual action
    11-I need help to do this because I’m an incessant dreamer and I sometimes get lost in my own consciousness…

    So that’s me in a nutshell and I’m in the process of relocating to Arizona and will be working from there in the near future.
    peace and love,
    Eric Gabriel

    • eric gabriel says:

      Oh Sh*t! I forgot my questions:

      1) What can I do that hasn’t already been done in the psychic/healer intuitive arena that can be made into a living?

      2) I firmly believe in changing beliefs as a means to societal change and we are redefining our existence through non-conformity, how can I make this work as a business?

  62. Meghan says:

    Hi Danielle and Jonathan,

    I am scared silly about fire storming about my business with both of you (and you know…a huge audience), so that’s why I know I need to ask for your help. Courage, baby!

    I own a business that is like a Craigslist for brides called Savvy Cinderella ( Here’s how it works: after the wedding, newlyweds can post all things wedding online that they no longer need, and brides to be can purchase wedding stuff that is gently used that their friends and family have never seen before.

    Revenue streams include:
    – Listings (a la Craigslist. Sellers have a free option and can pay more)
    – Advertising (I already think I know how Danielle feels about this)
    – Brides’ Guide to Negotiation eBook (eventual stream)
    – Financial coaching for newlyweds (eventual stream)

    Here are my questions for you both:
    1. My current revenue streams are not working. People are going for the free limited-time trial listing, but aren’t as willing to spend cash on a full-year, deluxe listing with lots of photos and add ons. I think I may need to change my business model, but I’m so stuck in my current one that I need some outside perspective.

    2. As for publicity, I’ve been entering the Savvy Cinderella blog in wedding blog contests and doing some guest posts/interviews for other blogs. I want to keep my publicity and marketing costs down (until my business model starts bringing in more cash), and I know I need to do something remarkable in order to get talked about. Ideas?

  63. Lion Goodman says:

    We’ve all heard that “our beliefs create our reality.” Is it possible to change your reality by changing your beliefs? If so, how?

    The BeliefCloset Process is a simple, elegant and fun methodology for changing your beliefs — as easily as you change your clothes. I’ve taught the process to over 400 people during the past four years. It works. Incredibly well.

    Our clients transform their lives by eliminating the negative and limiting beliefs that have held them back. They’ve solved their problems – whether physical, emotional, psychological, relational, or spiritual – and cleared their path so they can move forward and create the life of their dreams.

    The process is ready to go global. I’ve already taught the technique to students from Australia to Switzerland, but my teleclasses are 10 to 25 students instead of 75 to 100. I recently completed a fantastic multimedia e-book that I’m giving away, “Transform Your Beliefs,” and a website to match it, I’m ready to launch in a big way. My trained BeliefCloset Practitioners are ready to work with more clients.

    Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand and a lever big enough, and I can move the world.” I’ve got a place to stand, and I’ve got an incredibly effective and beautiful lever. Now… where’s that world I want to move?

    Revenue Sources: 1) BeliefCloset Sessions that individuals sign up for (similar to coaching or therapy sessions), 2) Practitioners share revenues from referred clients, and 3) I offer trainings to coaches, therapists, healers, and consultants on how to use the BeliefCloset Process to help their clients remove blocks and move their lives forward.


    1) I have two separate markets: the coach/therapist/healer community, to whom I sell training, and the general public, to whom I sell Sessions. Should I be focusing on only one market? (I’m looking for optimum leverage for consciousness change.)

    2) What is the best way to reach maximum growth speed? I want to teach this powerful technique to teenagers and young adults so they can clear their past and create a better future.

    Thanks for considering me as a candidate.

    Lion Goodman
    San Rafael, California

  64. Amy Oscar says:

    Planning to listen. Love Danielle – and you, Jonathan. Im hoping to grab one of Danielle’s private sessions a bit later this year between the launches of book #2 and #3. Good luck to all contenders. 🙂

  65. Ginny says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Firstly, thank you for your always catalystic writings, and secondly for this series and the opportuity to work with Danielle – you and she are two of my most important mentors 🙂

    I am an artist and I would love to be able to paint a book – it would be a compliation of my art and everyday stoires and anecdotes of life on the land – I treasure two such books by other artists and form other cuntries – my country and rural life is my passion.

    To do this project, ideally I would be able to fund it upfront (or during) – and the idea I had to do that was to attract a sponsor /s.

    There are many large agribusiness companies and / or individuals who might be interested in such a project.

    I need to riase $150k to cover my expenses for the project as a minimum – just to do the work, I would be relying on other pre-sales to make a profit, along with prints, cards, merchandise etc.

    I was thinking along teh lines of: A sponsor pays x$, and recives in return the equivanlent value of artwork, along with x copies of a special sponsors edition of the book, naming / advertising etc, and x # of prints to give to clients etc.

    What in your experince would be considered value for a company – for example an agribusiness bank – and is this a sound model?

    Thanks so much for teh opportunity, I have my fingers and toes crossed!

    Ginny Daniels

  66. Ginny says:

    Oh no! I pressed enter and I hadn’t fixed my typos – I’m so sorry!

  67. Hello Jonathan and Danielle. Thank you for this really, really wonderful opportunity. I’ve actually recently purchased, the digital version of the Firestarter Sessions (am loving it so far!!!) and am just beginning to apply lessons learned to my business.

    My name is Andie Kirkwood, I’m a writer, Intuitive and Sidereal Astrologer. I teach others to recognize their intuitive voice and inner compass and attune to the planetary rhythms and all of life around them.

    You can find me at:

    I’ve been acutely aware of my intuitive talents since, well, honestly, since birth or at least as far back as I can remember. My parents were both widows with four young children all under the age of five when they married and there was a constant stream of nightly (and sometimes daily) visitors from “the other side” and I would accurately predict daily events that were coming up on a regular basis.

    I stopped sharing these gifts openly when I reached adolescence and wanted to just “fit in” like every else and not be seen as strange or different.

    I went on to get married, have a child and get divorced and built a successful career managing Software Development Projects for various large corporations, continuing to use my gifts on the job and to help friends who were in need, but never openly revealing where my good advice and wisdom were coming from.

    I invested in real estate and built a successful and very comfortable life for my son and myself and then on the morning of September 11, 2001 everything changed. My youngest sister and her husband worked at the World Trade Center and my brother-in-law was killed in Tower 2. I knew that he was dead the moment that I saw the Tower Fall on the Today Show.

    The knowledge of this was really overwhelming for me as were the visions and other information that continued to flow to me surrounding the event. I took a leave of absence from my job and never returned. To make a very long story shorter I went through several very, very dark months of mystical depression and confusion and not wanting to leave my house to finally waking up and realizing that my gifts were meant to be used openly to help others through the times that were to come. I needed to share my authentic voice and truth.

    I have a successful business, I love what I do and I’m very good at what I do. The problem is that because I view this as a gift, I have been giving away way too much and certainly not charging enough.

    I’m also giving too much of my time and energy away and have so many book and e-course ideas that I’d really like to implement that would really help people on a larger scale but there is only so much time.

    I would like to take my business in a new direction focusing solely on assisting others in making big shifts in their lives.

    I particularly need help in developing better ways of marketing myself and getting the word out to others about what I do.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration and this opportunity to share my story and hear so many other inspiring stories as well.

    Looking forward to Wednesday evening

    Warmest Wishes, Andie

  68. Beth D. says:

    Hi Jonathan and Danielle!

    I could use some firestarting, for sure!

    I am starting a speaking business – I want to go to colleges and universities and speak to students about personal development. My signature workshop, “Crowns, Capes & Chaos” deals with identifying values, values-based goal setting, and sovereignty. I have the workshop ready to present, but keep getting push-backs when I try and do my premiere presentation (snow cancellations, scheduling conflicts, etc.)

    I plan to generate income through speaking fees, program add-ons (I can teach an acting or improv class while I’m at your school for a reduced rate, etc.), private phone coaching, group teleclasses, and info products.

    What are some suggestions for reacting to- and overcoming- what feels like resistance when my business is in such a teeny baby existence stage?

    Any suggestions for a business name? One of my favorite quotes is “Be wise if you can; be beautiful if you wish.” I’m thinking of “Wise If You Can” as my business name, but I know (and love) what it refers to, so I can’t be objective.

    Looking forward to the call!


  69. Thank you so much for this opportunity! WOW!
    These are two of my favorite quotes Danielle offers her Fire Starter Session:
    1. create more revenue streams
    2.“Shine more, make more money, and make even more of a difference in the world.”
    Yes. Please. In addition, I’d love to connect w/Danielle in a live Fire Starter Session for another reason – FIRE. Like a month to a flame I’m looking to burn down boxes and build bridges with my creativity inspired spiritual business. A business that is new to this online world, a little less than eleven months new (online but not off line – offline it’s about five years old) though, I’ve been working for myself for a compiled ten years. I am looking for support and advice to expand my business and services online, in out of the box ways. I enjoy heat – a little bit of a masochist like that. Some woo-woo circles would say it’s the FIRE element I’m made up of, the truth seeker, paradigm shifter, fire consciousness blazing within that has me wired and programmed to live this life like that. (On a personal note: I am tenacious at honing flames, like harnessing the sun through a magnifier and sizzling ants, cept minus the ant sizzling, that would break my heart and cause a 1000 tears. My heart couldn’t stand it. no really. my heart breaks over stuff like this, very hypersensitive, to feelings of any kind and for any being… so perhaps not the best analogy. Nevertheless, honing flames like lasers to burn off karma, transcend wounds and reveal me burning heart is the stuff that creates a fulfilled life. I create my everyday w/the flames of truth fanning awareness and light into dark places, sometimes not so pretty or comfy but being tempered by fire rarely is, it is worth it though for this is the stuff everyone can take with them, soul parts, when the body is done, all we’re left with is as much love and inner peace as we allowed ourselves to create. I’m intent on supporting others to create + retrieve + remember their shiny soul parts! I have a crazy idea that this is what supports the experience of true happiness – a fulfilled life. Nothing makes my heart smile wider and remain open than witnessing the spark in another flaming their life awake and living their dreams come true!) I hear Danielle has a telent for supporting ideas that when in-acted allow for creative business dreams to come true – I want in.

    Revenue Streams. Yes. all are still flowing. + Type of Business
    I started as an illustrator, then commercial photographer (portraits and conceptual still-life), web designer, website designer, color strategist, creative speaker, to places like New England School of photography GPO etc… I still have active projects in these fields that make up over twenty-five percent of my income. What I’m striving to do is start to bring everything together, unification is the key here. Taking my creative lessons learned from the Muse and partnering them with the tools I’ve learned while being in the trenches of depression and the prickly side of life, while slowly working to gaining freedom from whatever binds and ultimately emerging strong, centered and vibrant. As stated before, the biz of my dreams, merges creativity with spiritual tools for transformation and uses the superpowers of inspiration and partnering with the Muse as its catalyst. Here’s where we get woo-woo. Not only am I an artist and writer but Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy™ teacher/practitioner and licensed spiritual counselor. I support people in getting the “issues out of their tissues” so to speak. What this means is, “that psychological issues such as anger, depression, neurosis, hostility and free-floating anxiety are not simply psychological. They have a correlate in the brain, and through the central nervous system the brain makes every cell in your body aware that you have an issue.” – Deepka Chropa Integrated Energy Therapy™ supports releasing suppressed issues from the body by releasing limiting energy patterns of the past, empowering and balancing a life in the present. I offer tools to partner with IET as a counselor, through increasing awareness, mindfulness and most of all heart we engage our creativity and reawaken our joy de vive, as an affect various choices and paths open allowing one to choose differently in the moment, so as to create the life we truly desire and evolve into the being wanting to come out. I believe this process is one of a state of becoming, we become who we are by letting go of who we aren’t and embracing the parts that inspire and shine with joy. It is a homecoming so to speak, through accepting the parts of ourselves we reject and or ridicule, we begin to accept ourselves, a true act of love and there by begin to emerge with our whole hearts and live them wide open. I support this process as a mentor for my clients. The rest of the majority of my income comes from teaching IET to others so they can support their needs without being dependent on anyone, including me (this is very important to me), and one-on-one counseling (struggle w/that word, counseling, being a wise women that word-counselor feels boxy and confined and labeled w/a thousand misconceptions, nevertheless that’s the word, that’s the license and legally that’s what up.) I like mentor more than counselor for it implies experience, trust and the offering of advise not dissemination of boxes and diagnoses – yuck.

    I also started a creative blog eight months ago as a way to begin the journey of unification. The art I create is inspired by the spiritual concepts I’ve learned throughout my life and have witnessed in others as a counselor. The writing on the blog speaks to various lessons learned and seeks to provide inspiration as a whole. I’ve begun sharing the art more, devising ecourses on inspiration and engaging the muse and have plans on reformatting the posts to encompass more of what I’ve laid out here. I have an online project in the works entitled Studio Hearts™ that provides creative prompts & images 2 engage your heart, the over all concept cultivates inner trust to create what is calling within to be revealed. It offers the space, support and lesson of – Listen from w/in your heart knows the way…
    Let me be clear. I am not in transition rather a true creative entrepreneur on the verge of breaking out. I want to redefine my own with their own enterprise and unify what it is I am all ready doing in a way that reaches more people and expands across professional boundaries, merging art + writing + spiritual mentor/teacher, woo-woo etc. I am looking to reframe what I do into a new progressive category, one that challenges the concepts of what creating art and being an artist encompasses. We are all artists practicing the art of living. We are all creating our masterpiece called life. We forget that as artists we are creators. We CREATE the experiences we want. We CREATE our responses to the experiences we don’t want. We forget the hART of creating our lives. If we don’t create what our ideas inspire – who will? If we don’t create what we truly want in life – who will? That’s the message in a nut shell. 🙂

    Seeking direct ideas + support on the following:

    What do you see as the first priority? How do you suggest clarifying, presenting and executing these ideas?
    What do you think is possible in terms of creating revenue? What practicalities could making this happen?
    Is there anyone you think I should know that would want to support my endeavors? Is there anyone you think I may be interested in offering support? Collaboration? Partnership?


    • crap. typos. how i missed’em while in the flow who knows. oops. I know how to spell “joie de vivre” – especially after looking it up. 🙂 and the last paragraph, 3rd sentence, I wrote gobbledygook…it’s was to read:

      I want to redefine my own enterprise and unify what it is I am all ready doing in a way that reaches more people and expands across professional boundaries, merging art + writing + spiritual mentor/teacher, woo-woo etc.

      Thank you so much for the time and space and support. 🙂
      Cheers to an inspiring evening.

      All My Best,

      “If you hear a voice within you saying, ”You are not a painter,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

  70. Hello to Jonathan and Danielle,

    I am the one you want to help.
    That’s true because I have an extraordinary idea with extraordinary passion to back it up and it HAS TO HAPPEN.

    I bought the Fire Starter Sessions and it has had a major influence on my confidence for getting this life long dream jump started. I often refer to it’s impact on my blog:

    I am not going to be overly wordy so here is what I am doing:

    Along with 2 amazingly talented ladies, I am starting a public access Glassblowing Studio in Austin, TX called East Side Glass with hopes of it becoming the very first public Glassblowing Facility to run on Solar Power. We are LITERALLY becoming fire starters.

    We believe that the glassblowing process can be used as a tool to empower a community through multiple channels. By sharing this empowering process with the public, East Side Glass aspires to be a sustainable, professional hot glass studio where both established glass workers make their work and more glass workers are born.

    East Side Glass hopes to reach corporate communities & collaborative businesses through our Team Building Program. When a team of people creates a glass piece together, in an environment where you have to think on your toes, it can be an empowering experience. We intent to build a program where we boost staff morale through the shared experience of blowing glass.

    We also hope to reach communities of at-risk & disadvantaged youth. There is nothing like the experience of the heat, fire, and glass in its molten state to capture one’s attention. Because the process of glass blowing cannot be done alone, it’s the perfect medium to increase communication & collaboration. What’s most exciting is that each student has something to take home that they made out of glass. Anyone who has sculpted something out of glass can tell you how proud he or she felt of that first piece. By sharing this experience with communities of at-risk youth, we hope to empower them to build the life they imagine. We also intend on this being the first nonprofit sector of our company. We understand there is a learning curve when establishing a nonprofit, so as our knowledge expands so might our nonprofit arms.

    And we strive to do this in such a way that it lessens our carbon footprint on this planet.

    In recent years Austin has been recognized as one of the ten greenest cities in the country, which further fuels our vision of acquiring solar power for the facility. As glass artists we are aware of the impact we have on the environment and strive to build a facility that will have a supplemental and renewable energy source…the sun. We simply cannot be responsible makers without equipping our studio with a renewable energy source. East Side Glass intends on being the first public glass studio in the world to run on solar power. We hope by stamping our glassware with our seal, we can encourage local businesses to use our locally made glass from a sustainable resource.

    I could honestly go on and on about the mesmerizing process of blowing glass and what it can do to people. People have been known to change there lives because of blowing glass…like surfaces chasing their waves. I am one of those people!a

    I hope that gives you a quick sense of the vision. Our main revenue streams would be:

    • Teambuilding programs
    • Classes & Private Lessons
    • Workshops
    • Seasonal line of glassware
    • Fundraising events
    • Studio Rental
    • Commissions from our front gallery space

    3 Questions:

    1) I need help building confidence for asking for money and advice on how to do it. We need a serious sum of cash for our big dream and I would love feedback on fundraising ideas/grants/investors, etc. Strategies for wrapping your mind around large overhead.

    2) Would it be wise to go for the entire company to be nonprofit from the get-go?

    3) I would really love for Danielle to challenge me on what I am not thinking about. What are some worst case scenarios I should consider for such a big dream?

    This is BEYOND IMPORTANT TO ME. I have wanted this since I was 13 years old when I saw someone blow glass for the first time. I have been chasing this dream ever since. And our ultimate goals are to develop Austin, Texas as an urban destination for glass artists to pursue their needs affordably, to spread the model of a solar powered glass blowing facility to other cities, & to have world wide recognition as an important facility for advancements in glass making.

    My best,

  71. emma says:

    I’m still working my way delightedly through the Fire Starter Sessions workbook and I’m not quite ready for an individualized session of my own but I will definitely be on the call to learn by listening.

    Thanks to both of you for this opportunity!

  72. Morgan says:

    THANK YOU!!!! Danielle and Jonathan, you’re amazing — playing, learning, handstanding and dancing into new iterations. Let’s transform:

    ** A great Chicago-based yoga business (6 years and running; director of major hospital yoga program; book of private clients; studio teacher) into.. a profound and ecstatic, many-more-hearts-touching, super-great yoga business run from a heaven-on-earth spot (I know, I know, the Chicago architecture and food ARE great. still…) (Question: How to create a non-location-based, or new-location-based, yoga extravaganza?)

    ** A fabulous true-blood sisterhood with an Ivy-League lacrosse coach/brand new yoga teacher into… a mind- and body-altering yoga venture (adventure/training) for young adults (Question: How to give a body/form to this beating heart of a business?)

    ** An author (self-published; title, In Lumine Tuo; speculative fiction/magical realist adventure story available on Amazon) into a writer dancing regularly and ecstatically with her audience (Question: I can describe a reader’s socks. How do I knock them off, especially from online?)

    ** “Yoga and Creative Autobiography” workshops into… better named Yoga and Creative Autobiography workshops 🙂 (Question: What’s branding’s place in all of this? If on the front burner, next steps?)

    ** Service to the truth and beauty of the world into… BIG SERVICE AND BIG LOVE

    ** The world into… a brave, open-hearted new world for the baby I’m about to have, due March 7!

    THANK YOU!!!


  73. Agata says:

    Hi Danielle and Johnatan

    Am I the only Polish fan of Danielle and her work?

    Where I live (Kraków, Poland) everything is a bit more old-school. Spiritually inclined enterpreneurs are as scarce as hen’s teeth, but I guess we are just on the verge of a big transformation and I am a part of it.

    I’ve been once to Vancouver. For my 30th birtday I went to Canada for 2 weeks to attend a yoga course at the Yasodhara Ashram. I absolutely loved the the city and it’s spirit so when I came across Danielle’s homepage I connected her to this spirit that is deat to my heart.

    I am an artist, yoga practitioner, enterpreneur, illustrator, coach and city guide. My current, newly launched main business is called “Shakti. A Flying School for Women”. I teach Polish women how to follow their true needs and desires in creating a business that would both sustain and nurture them (on all levels). Why would I love to win a session with Danielle – because for the moment I could not afford one (hey, Eastern Europe is a different price range), because she ALREADY fire started some inspirations for me and around me that proved beneficial – I showed her statement of never having attended a univeristy to 2 of my clients and they felt immediatelly empowered.
    And also because I believe that regardless of the different context that I come from or my imperfect English, the element of fire has the same nature.

    My biz: (sorry folks, this is POLISH, but you can see my design style) – teaching women to find the work they would love

    Revenue streams: (actual)workshops titled “Do the work you love and get paid” (well, sounds better in Polish…), (intended) working on creating packages and products – 1. TOOLS: DIY guides for women how to create homepages in WordPress, how to use social media to spread the message, how to use and edit video for business purposes 2. coaching programms


    1. How could I create the best strategy to combine offering both marketing/web TOOLS (that I believe women really need and not many people offer them especially for women in the Polish speaking internet)with CONTENT that is supposed to be inspirational, promotional, fire-starting. For me, these opposites (hard and soft) are connected, how do I make it transparent to my customers?

    2. I would like to have a balanced mix of free content offerings and premium prices. How to overcome the anxiety about charging premium prices for quality stuff? ( I am used to doing very high quality and being sometimes underpayed)

    3. How to schedule my tasks within the week in order to achieve a work flow that does not lead to burn out and energy loss?

    Yeah, that’s it.
    Sending my love over the Atlantic Ocean


  74. laurie says:

    I almost didn’t write this.

    I almost didn’t think it could shine brighter and be noticed over the amazing things that I’ve read that other commenters are involved in.

    I almost didn’t think it would matter if I did or if I didn’t jump in.

    But it does.

    Just taking the leap here is big for me today. I guess you could say I’m just a tiny spark dreaming of blazing… I’m not even smokin’ yet.

    Working on my second fifty, single mom, recently laid off from my job and from my marriage… this all sets the stage for a stellar do-over. Yea, that’s me… the flower over there on the wall.

    I have a dim memory of being incredibly creative and successful, knowing just where I was headed, having that “nothing’s gonna stop me” groove… I’ve been on fire before.

    But the world has certainly changed in the last 15 years while I was a full time wife and mom. It’s been fun dipping my toes in it recently and yet pretty scary to figure out just where I fit into it… or if I even do anymore.

    I have odd, yet very real, pieces of things that I’m holding and am puzzled by how they might fit together into something that could support me and my daughter, maybe even help other people… and be amazing, even if only to me.

    (I’ve scratched the surface with a blog but it’s just not hitting the mark that I envision… I’m taking a break to figure out what to do with it.)

    How do I find Clarity and know how to put these pieces together?
    How do I find my own voice? (I love yours Danielle and yours too Jonathan, but I really, really, really want one of my very own.)
    And if I “owe it to you all to get on with what I’m good at”… what will get me off my ass?

    C’mon Danielle, light my fire.


    (This has been a fantastic series Jonathan- and it’s just about to get a whole lot better with this call with Danielle. Thank you to you both.)

  75. Dear Danielle and Jonathan,

    I have been busting my hump for the past year and a half in the creation and building of, a Greater Danbury, Connecticut-based web magazine. The magazine is a local, alternative, community news source, a “digital museum” for artists and art-lovers and a place to find articles and videos on health, psychology, world news and much more. The magazine lives up to its name – content is vast, diverse and at times, a little unpredictable.

    My main goal with The Mercurial is to celebrate the area’s culture and present constructive criticism of the local government via journalism. I truly love my city and it’s surrounding towns, and The Mercurial is a resource for those who want to dive in as well.

    In 2010, The Mercurial reached almost 12,000 readers in 102 different countries – and that’s with zero advertising. Nonetheless, I would like to expand readership – I think doubling that within a year would be grand – especially in and around the Greater Danbury area.

    Another thing – I am a broke little entrepreneur/journalist. I started The Mercurial after losing a waitressing job in August of 2009, and I must say I started it rather blindly. I have always been a writer, and the prospect of running a small business came as somewhat of an afterthought.

    I am currently running the magazine and managing the advertising base, and it’s quite clear to me that I am doing too many things and therefore doing none of them to the best of my capabilities. Still, the overall lack of capital makes it difficult – people want money for work. So do I, and I know I need to make changes to my business model if I am to truly succeed with The Mercurial. I need to get out of this cycle of “I have no money, therefore I can’t get no money”.

    The magazine’s revenue comes solely from advertising sales. I have also been looking into grants. As for myself, I also work as a gardener, caterer, freelance writer, musician and odd jobber in order to make ends meet. I know that the magazine has the means to sustain myself and a small staff, and I want to get going in that direction. I need not dance around the world o’ many jobs any longer!

    I used to dread going out and selling ads, but now I am coming to enjoy it. I love telling people about The Mercurial, and I know that my passion (and good prices) are what sells it. I want to keep that fire going and spread it to my staff!

    A few questions I have for you:

    1. How do I promote my business with little to spend in the way of advertising? How do increase my readership by 200%?

    2. How do I effectively “let go” of the little tasks (i.e. updating the website, managing the events calendar, photo editing) and make sure that whoever takes over does it the way I want?

    3. How do I create a successful sales campaign? How do I get people to call me for advertising, instead of vice versa?

    Pick me, pick me! And if not, do yourself a favor and check out my stellar magazine at 🙂


    Amanda Bloom
    Editor, The

  76. I’ve started reading your emails and blogs since this year I have decided I need to make my business work harder for me. I am not content to live a life that is any less than colourful and fulfilling.

    1. Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
    Specificity earns brownie points. (I like lists so Im keeping the questions in!)
    I need Danielle to rock my world in the live fire starter session because it’s not even my timezone! But also because I am serious about change. I need to make a difference and I need to change what I am doing. Being pretty inexperienced means my vision is limited and I am want to learn and grow this business into what it should be. I would like to know how to generate better cash flow, how to think differently about business, how to make my business work for me and not me for it. I would Danielle to help me to figure out how to best make this life and business combine. Also with the floods in my home town (brisbane Australia) I would like some tips on expanding our business reach online – how to get into international realms of social media in a serious way without spending big.

    2.Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one) – I sell australian designer clothing and other treasures from around the world. We are a rad online store that helps out people who need it. Its not about us its about making a difference in the world.

    3. Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended), and
    Share 2 to 3 questions for us.
    Our revenue comes from our online sales and pop up stores.

    1. How can we perform better in an international online space?
    2. Do you think it is possible to actually create a sale online or to just get people onto your site? If it is possible how??
    3. Without creating getting more sales is it possible to generate more cash flow into my business?

    Thanks for the emails and the suggestions on things to read and listen to. xx Sarah

  77. My business is Floorboard Words, soon to be Floorboard Creative. I am offering my services as a copywriter, and also as an agency for events & promotions. Editing and proofreading for ESL students is another potential revenue stream.

    I worked in local events & promo for a major national retailer for 14 months. My favorite part of the job: using my black book as a performer & cabaret producer to hire singers, burlesque dancers and other talented folk to bring fun strange promotions to life.

    Even though I’ve known for 18 months that this is my way forward, I’m psychically digging my heels in to resist it every step of the way. I still can’t see myself past the current, protracted, “prepare to launch” phase. I’ve held myself up for months on small marketing questions because I’m afraid to make the wrong first impression. Nearly everything is in place. It’s financially imperative for me to generate revenue in the next month.

    The real case to be made for your help, though, is the bigger picture: Floorboard is going to help people while it supports me.

    By facilitating dealings between fringe performers and business mover-shakers, I’m going to spread the passionate creativity around and get people inspired by the fruits of all sorts of labor towards all kinds of different success.

    There are plenty of switched-on people in both of these realms, and lots we can learn from each other. It’s not just about getting a brilliant goof a paying gig now and then. Not just about helping an executive find her inner burlesque diva. It’s also about helping a performer who lacks focus to buckle down and be a pro, to arrive on time and sit down with an event coordinator to come up with a dance number that’s perfectly suited to a client’s cosmetics gala event.

    Floorboard will broaden the scope of live promotions in Vancouver. A product awareness campaign on Robson & Granville that, instead of one more battalion of conventionally attractive 19-year-olds in yoga pants and tank tops, features Spandy Andy and three joyous dancing bananas who are finally getting paid to do the terrific choreography they spent hours on for Taboo Revue for free.

    1. how do you make yourself believe it?
    2. what is the most effective way to title and market Floorboard as an umbrella for copywriting and events & promo? Floorboard Creative, with Floorboard Creative – Words, and Floorboard Creative – Events? Floorboard Creative Strategies?
    3. for a sole proprietorship like this, to what extent do I equate myself with the business, especially when I separately market market myself as a stand up comedian? Is Floorboard a royal ‘we’?

  78. Marc says:

    I first heard of Danielle through Tyler Terveroon @ Advanced Riskology. His commitment to honest, integrity and living the stuff he teaches allowed him to build a following of over 2000 people in just 3 months from scratch. I wish to do the same.

    He recommended I talk to Danielle about my project:

    The Problem:

    The US underemployment rate (people out of work, involuntary part-time, and unable to get a job but have the skills) is 16.7% (graph)(Black = 24.8%, Hispanic 23.6%, White 13.8%) (Gallup puts it at 18.4%). That means that 1 in every 6 people are out of work, aren’t working enough or can’t get a job even though they are qualified.

    In short, they don’t make enough money.

    While correlation is not causation, that number is peculiarly close to the poverty rate of 14.3% (43.6 million people in poverty. That’s the combined population of everyone in Florida, Illinois & Georgia).

    An extra $1000 per month is an extra $12,000 per year. For a family of 4, poverty is defined as $22,050. For 3, $18,310. For 2, $14,570. For 1, $10,830.

    Whether it be a family of 1 or 2, just an extra $1000 per month would be enough to rise them above the poverty line.

    For families of 3 and 4, an extra $1000 would also bring them out of poverty even if there was just one breadwinner who had a part-time (4 hour/day) minimum wage job.


    In 1 year, I want to help 100 people make an extra $1000 per month in their online business. In 2 years, I want to help 1000.

    I’ll do it through creating E-Books and E-Courses that you can take to learn the 5 fundamental steps to generating at least an extra $1000 online in one year’s time (It took me a year and 3 months).

    Poverty is only one end of the Maslow heirarchy of needs spectrum. The end goal is full on self-actualization. Through each person giving the best of their unique gifts to the world can we ever hope to effect generational change.

    My wish is for the people I help to be remarkable.
    My work is to give them track a track to run on.
    Your job is to make it so they give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

    Danielle can help me throw a gasoline tanker on a wildfire.

    To Your Success,

  79. I need to raise $75,000 before March 14. The purpose is to blast the UN with powerful art, music and video in order to save the human race. The UN just passed a resolution that says CULTURE HAS A ROLE IN DEVELOPMENT. Come on, people, we know that people do stuff because it’s “Cool” (Malcolm Gladwell smoking conversation) and art makes things cool. We have global warming, war, human trafficking, poverty to fix, to mention a few. And art can help in the tipping point of getting 10% of the population focused on creating a world that works for all. That’s what Ken Wilbur says we need. So UN headquarters in NYC agreed to have a kick-ass exhibition of imagery from 42 artists from 42 countries, organized by The International Museum of 21st Century Art ( Only they just agreed to the March 14th-25 date at the end of December, which gives us a tiny window to raise the funds. On March 14th, there will be a reception for all 192 delegates where we will blast them with the power, beauty, innovation and healing that the arts are doing around the world. If Prudence, of the Oscar-winning documentary “Music by Prudence” is well enough after surgery, she will perform. That film helped being handicapped by “cool” in Zimbabwe, instead of being wretched curse. I’ll be showing the awesome video of 4 Years Go(, the artwork of and the stories of arts organizations from around the world. The delegates will also create a work of art called a “Singing Tree” together, under my guidance. This project was given by an 8 year old girl in 1999 who said “What if the whole world made a painting together?” Now that’s the kind of world I want to live in. See 17 murals made by over 8000 people so far at delegates will walk away with more ideas about how the arts can serve a spiritually fulfiling, socially just and environmentally sustainable world. This is the first step to organizing all the arts organizations in the world to tackle local challenges. We need to unleash this creativity to communicate SANITY, POSSIBILITY, SOLUTION, FAITH, FUN, UNITY.

    Kids in NYC will also be making peace banners with the that will be displayed at the exhibit, learning conflict resolution and collaboration skills in the process.

    Our sponsors of $10,000 or more will be able to address the delegates. We have $4000 in hand. We’ve sent a Sponsorship package to George Zimmer, Chip Conley, Bayer, Kalleopia Foundation (may have some disgressionary funds), PG Foundation in New York, John Lennon Tour Bus Foundation, and many more. We need someone who wants to be seen as an international player in imagination, peace and justice.

    This WILL TOUCH lives.

  80. Anna Krachey says:

    I’m an artist, educator and athlete looking for a way to be able to teach art without it having to be my main source of income. I want to work towards automating several sources of income to be able to have more time to teach and to make art. I’m really looking forward to hearing what you both have to say. Thanks!

  81. Terri Conrad says:

    How does one get to be where the two of you are? Road map please – GPS – food crumbs – please.

    I chose art licensing as a means of secondary income, which now needs to be primary income. Currently, licensing is my sole/soul source of income. I need to grow my business, diversify, and use my gifts in different ways in order to protect my assets. Never a good idea, contrary to what we’re told, to put all our eggs in one basket.

    Commercially viable ideas, content & creative expression come readily – putting thought into action, time and money to source growth elude me. Finding a healthy, productive & profitable balance as a sole proprietor is challenging to say the least.

    Goals: I want a business partner who will invest both monetarily and physically in new venture; manufacture signature line in conjunction with licensed products; hire full time media specialist; earn $xxx,xxx.00 in 2011.

    My element is fire – I’m simmering and I want to be a blazing bonfire baby warming your heart & home (the latter is my trademark!)

    Waiving white flag – S.o.S.
    just in the nick of time!

    oh and THANK YOU!

  82. Hello, my name is Ashleigh and I need a fire started over here! My passions are in art, design, handmade creations and helping youths. I am having trouble getting everything to work cohesively (passion and business). But that is not all. I want to also encourage young creatives to follow their passions as well, and show them they do not have to settle for less.

    I want to learn how to take my business to the next level. I also want to get together with young people (high school age to college age) and educate them about being successful as entrepreneurs of the artistic type. It kills me to see all the financial cuts that have been made, and how our youths are not learning how to achieve success doing what they love if it is not a popular textbook subject.

    Eventually my goal is to do what I love in life full-time, and set the example for my daughter and other young people that they CAN do the same thing, and they do NOT have to settle for less.

    Right now I sell handmade items and do freelance graphic design locally. I also have an etsy site ( and a blog ( I want to expand my work to include a group of youths that would create, market, and sell a product that would generate income. I would help them and function as a coordinator/mentor. The first group will select members for the next group, and then they will be helping each other!

    Where do I start? What insider tips can you share? How do I start this freaking fire under me and blaze through the place? Can I get a match?

  83. Kara Greevy says:

    Jonathan and Danielle THANK YOU for this. My name is Kara and my business is a delicious,inspiring and welcoming dance/fitness program (think the delight fun, and freedom of dance none of the rigidity) for any women who want to move there beautiful bodies right now today.
    I need the fire starter session because I am passionate and committed to offering women a space to embrace Joy In Motion because loving physical movement is one of the highest orders of genuine self care.
    Genuine self care makes us better teachers,mothers,sisters,girlfriends,self lovers,man lovers,people lovers and creature lovers. Glorious for the collective. I am great at guiding ladies to feel there feminine sparkle just as wonderful as they are when they walk in the door.

    So I am asking for guidance of how to do this on my own or offer the program to health clubs,retreats,average Joe type gyms? Stay authentic, ditch the dated and pitiful (I know, I know) fear of “disappointing anyone” create the income I need to maintain the house my family has been in for three generations and take some of the burden off of my suddenly ill Father who tirelessly believes in me.

  84. A powerful combo with both of you – not-to-be-missed event! RAD.

    WHY do I need Danielle to rock my world? Better than anyone out there she struts self-realization and business savvy with style. She gets self-awareness translating to a healthy bottom-line (and people and planet). I need her magic touch for my messaging to communicate this to influential leaders (the most self-aware Fortune 500 Execs and leaders in their field I can connect with). Also, I have to admit a multi-month professional crush, would be an honor to jam!

    BUSINESS Catalyst for Revolutionary Leaders – mindbody leadership development @ I am taking the leap from a J-O-B where I have rocked – well-respected, easy lifestyle to follow PASSION: connect my biz savvy growing multi-million $ divisions with practices that have been hugely transformative in my life (Yoga, Diamond Approach, Dancemeditation). I feel deeply in my soul as leaders develop self-awareness = peace and clarity into organizations = peace and prosperity rippling into our beautiful, nourishing planet and her lovely people. When I talk to execs getting them to care about World Peace is hard because they are worried about this quarter’s bottom-line. I want BOTH!

    Intended REVENUE stream – swanky leadership off-sites and development retreats

    1. You are always so bold in your writing and exude an air of confidence in EVERYTHING you do. How do you work with rejection and self-doubt if they creep in? You seem like someone who would make it into rock’n compost for growth – what’s the secret?
    2. As a leader with a high degree of self-awareness, where do I find more like you? Do you have a secret club where you all hang out? How do I join?

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity, look forward to the call.

    Warmest Regards,

  85. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity! I am an Artist and World Traveler and am passionate about spreading joy and love, and connecting with others through these means. About a year ago I decided to quit holding myself back in a world that didn’t have the capacity for me and my visions, and started creating a world of my own that I could thrive in by living out my dreams and passions.

    I got busy creating my website ( and blog ( and then worked on developing my vision of ‘Artist Expeditions’. They are an idea I developed that allows me to travel to different countries to explore diverse lands and cultures, collect unique materials to use in my art work, and create globally inspired paintings that share the beauty and inspiration that I find on my journeys with others.

    In October I took my first ‘Artist Expedition’ on a 2 month journey through Morocco. The project was funded by pre-selling prints and paintings that I would create on the trip. It was an amazing success and I am holding the art opening to showcase my works this Friday, Jan. 28th. I have so much momentum right now and unlimited passion and drive, but now that the cycle of this project is coming to a close, I am not sure where to direct it now. I am uncertain of the next step that will continue to feed what I have already created. I can repeat the process over again, this time with another country (India! India! India!), but it seems as though there is a way to build upon the foundation that I have already created, rather than start from square one again. I would love some direction and insights on how to efficiently and fully utilize what I have in my hands right now. Some questions:

    1. How can I create a more sustainable and fluid cycle to this art and travel business? Should I focus more on finding people to create the artwork for at the start, or first create the artwork and then look for the people to buy it?

    2. Do you have any ideas for new people and communities to approach that would be interested in purchasing art work created on ‘Artist Expeditions’?

    3. HOW should I approach them? What are some new ways to notify people of my ‘Artist Expeditions’.

    4. Do you have any other revenue stream ideas in addition to the paintings and prints that I am already selling?

    I have been shining my light bright for as long as I can remember. But now it is time to, as you say, “Be a freaking Super Nova!” Thanks so much for this opportunity in helping me to do just that! 🙂

  86. Dearest Danielle,
    Howdy girl! Thanks for this opportunity!

    I am setting the intention to blossom into a full fledged Creative Goddess and move beyond the intersection of art & commerce in a way that best shares my innate gifts!!

    For 20+ years, my designs and art direction have compelled people globally to do all kinds of things, from
    buying chocolate, to becoming art museum enthusiasts, to test driving fancy, well-made cars. I’ve inspired
    people to donate money for cancer research, drink beer (that wasn’t tough), and buy scientifically advanced baby shoes.

    To me, design is a joy, not a job. In all of my designs there is a strong sense of color and vibrancy, an energy if you will. That comes from the ARTIST and WRITER in me.

    You see, I got into the branding business because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE ART & WRITING. Still do.

    There’s a part of me that wants to ditch the marketing world all together and just be a painter and writer. And I could do it, I know I could. Currently, I am an unemployed self- employed person, although I prefer to refer to myself as an entrepreneur.

    Danielle, where do I begin? My website is like a farm stand in the winter. I know it needs to be redesigned. It does not show half of my work or capabilities.

    My paintings sell like hot cakes (all the work on my site is old and sold). I am looking into licensing and becoming a BRAND, LISA COURTNEY®, putting my art on everything from stationary to pillows, linens, and mass-produced art. I have a tag line ready, along with new collections of art. My brain works on over-drive, and I am able to create all hours of the night. What I need is a business partner or art representation.

    I’m working on a collection of stories entitled “I Met Christ in Vegas”. It’s about my, uh hum, lovers (ala Pam Houston’s “Cowboys are My Weakness”.) All the social media gurus are telling me I need a following to prove to publishers I have an audience.

    I have been spinning since October, which was the last time I freelanced for one of my clients. I did put all my eggs in one basket and that basket is gone.

    Light a fire under my butt, girlfriend, I beg of you!

  87. Liz K Zook says:

    I have a website, a facebook, a twitter, a tumblr and a blogspot blog. I’m passionate about my art and I try to share it with people, but nobody seems to be interested.
    I’m constantly reading up on ways to improve my website, ways to attract customers, ways to… well, everything.
    Galleries won’t accept my work so I decided to have my own art show. I’m looking for a venue this month. Thing is, I have no money for advertising. I have no money for marketing or PR.
    I’m a stay at home mom. I have had no problems balancing life with “work”. Although, it’s really hard to call it work. It will never feel like work. Commissioned pieces don’t even feel like work.
    I have an incredible amount of support from friends and family, and that is wonderful. I look at other artists and try to use there successes to motivate me. And it does motivate me to paint more and to try new things.
    But I’m stuck in a rut. I don’t know what to say that I offer to people. I don’t know how to pull them in. I can talk about my art until my face is blue. I think it’s fun, uplifting, and a great way to forget about daily stresses. It’s cute and kitschy and different.
    How can I get others to want to come and see it? How can I get them to be interested enough to type my webname into their browser window? How do I get PR with such a minimal(nothing) budget?
    Help me. Help me, please!

  88. I’ve been professionally pushing health and wellness since 2002. I believe that the state of our health is a reflection of our lifestyle.

    In 2009, I created Discover Health, LLC. Through Discover Health (, I lead yoga classes, personal train clients, run my massage therapy practice and write a blog along with one ebook and a couple more in the works. Along with Discover Health, I currently work in a corporate setting doing employee health promotion for a global company.

    Early in my career, I realized it was my mission to provide people the simple truths to lead a healthier life. The key to long-term success is focusing on a healthy lifestyle that results in weight loss, weight maintenance, disease prevention and happiness. With this in mind, over the years, I slowly began to develop the material that has now become Fountain of Youth – my ebook 8 week get healthy (forever, for good) program. I saw the need for this book because I found myself answering the same questions and deflating the same myths about health and weight management everyday. Every single day. The fact is that people need a real education to decide the best action to take when faced with fad diets and exercise trends. Fountain of Youth is the product of that mission. This program contains the information that is necessary to lead a healthy life in an organized, easy-to-follow, and commonsense format.
    I have it out there, but now… I’m stuck. I have all the ideas and the drive to bring them a reality, but to get others to catch on – the whole marketing/PR thing, I have no idea. None. Zip. Zilch. Nothin going on here.
    In addition to my ebook, I have my blog which I LOVE to write on. I’m not a writer, but heck I have so much to say! There is so much unreliable information available that claims to be the truth about how to attain a healthy life and manage your weight. My goal in life is to spread the unbiased healthy word. Which can sometimes be a little unorthodox, but always real, always works. Always, always!

    If I was able to blow this up, spread the word, shake sense into people about their health and wellness, I TRULY, utterly, completely think that it could change the world. One person at a time getting their health, happiness and sanity in check is my dream.
    On a completely selfish level, I would love to be able to have the income to do my Discover Health full time. …well full time meaning have it as my only job. I currently work on Discover Health projects (massage, training, blog, ebooks in the works, etc) 35+ hours per week in addition to my corporate gig. As much as I am fueled to do these projects – clearly – I almost think it is blocking other things in my life that I would love to have time for (relationships, love, quality time with my wiener dogs, LOVE, family, making others happy with my products… oh its limitless!)
    I see some day, being a speaker and a writer spreading the healthy word and maybe even some specific yoga love full time. I want to empower people to take their health by the proverbial balls and change their life for the better.
    Please… please, please, please, please… please me! – and pick me ☺

    Questions for you cats ~
    1. One of my goals is “get in front of more people”. Ah yes, nice and vague. Not sure what it means, but it was one idea I had on this topic so I thought I better take it… How do I do this?
    2. How do I keep people coming back to my blog? Any glaring things I’m doing wrong?
    3. How do I get people to buy my ebook without harassing them? I get so disappointed when I see how much money people around me spend on gimmicks that will only let them down when it comes to weight loss. I know when people experience it they LOVE it and change for the better. Hmmmm…
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. Damn we’re lucky!

  89. Darcey says:

    I need a Fire Starter Session because five years ago I was pushed over the edge and I’ve been struggling to climb back up ever since. While in my junior year of college, studying for a BFA in Interior Art and Design, as a single mom who was hell bent on proving to the world that I could still be a success even if I did have my first child at the age of 17…my mother committed suicide. The four days it took to watch her die in the hospital from a gun shot wound to the head nearly derailed me.

    I sold my grandmother’s house that she was living in. I bought a house for myself and my son. I went back to school intent on finishing no matter what, and took a hit on my health because of it. Commuting an hour each way, college full-time, work part-time, owning a home, and caring for a child do not an easy life make.

    I graduated, though. Got remarried, had my second child, then decided that I would start my own business in order to still have time with my children. In 2006 D. Lynn Design was born. You can view my current photography work at

    In two years I had two jobs as a freelance Interior Designer and my health continued to go downhill. My passion for learning never ceased, though. I continued to study writing, graphic design, letterpress printing, and photography. I even spent a year writing a good portion of two of the books I wish to publish one day, but had to put them on hold until I lived a few more of the details that hadn’t quite played out. While all of that was happening, my business was being transformed with each new interest.

    Recently photography has been my key source of income this last six months. I’ve been scheming ways in which I can re-define my photography packages to reflect my interests and skills. I want to create meaningful art for your home, as well as offer the high-end details of letterpress for weddings. However, I’m struggling to find a way to live and work as a Renaissance Soul and use my “skills to pay the bills” (as one of my friends recently put it). There aren’t enough hours in the day, nor enough energy. And all the while that I’m putting my effort into this, I’m haunted by what I feel I need to be writing right now. I have these books that I need to write that are always hanging on the fringes of my consciousness.

    I’m at odds with myself, with my talent, with my dreams. I need money. I have bills to pay, and my husband has been laid off again and is ineligible for unemployment. Now I feel desperate to make my business work…but I can’t get rid of this voice and this feeling that is telling me to pursue one of my personal writing projects.

    I have an overwhelming desire to interview and photograph a number of women who I have “accidentally” come into contact with over the last year. These are your average everyday women who deal with house, home, work, bills, family, and self-care…but have somehow stepped beyond their multiple roles and have started giving back to their communities/the world in amazing ways: One woman started a therapeutic equine riding facility in her back yard that has grown to help hundreds of children and adults with disabilities. Another woman has gone to Africa to help build a school. Another has adopted one child from China, and one from Ethiopia. And yet another woman has gone to Haiti to help the woman there sell their art in an attempt to aid them in rebuilding their lives. These are only a few, and each time I meet a person I connect with, I’m given a new lead that highlights another “Superwoman” that is doing incredible things.

    These women are magnificent. They are amazing. They keep me going in my own life…giving me inspiration, strength, and courage. I want to feature their stories through my writing and document their lives through my photography in this book. And while I’m at it, I intend to contact their local papers and feature them on my blog as a way to help raise awareness of their individual causes. Ultimately, I hope that this book will be the key to raising the funds for my own cause that I wish to pursue.

    Although we had no money for it, I recently made a 3 week trip to Mexico to meet my husband’s family for the first time, as well as scout out the place where I think my future may lead me. You can read all about the how and why of it on my blog at

    I went there alone, with only my two kids. My husband couldn’t come. I travelled 2,500 miles to a place I’ve never been, to meet strangers who speak a language that I don’t speak at all, and pushed myself beyond any measure of comfort and familiarity I had known to date. I went because I felt called to do it at this moment. It wasn’t practical. It wasn’t in the budget, but it happened.

    I to go to see if my future idea had merit, and now…the fire has begun to burn even more intensely as a result.

    The ultimate goal is to raise enough money to create a place in my husband’s hometown of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico that offers a creative sanctuary to the artistic community that I have connected with here, as well as the one that I know exists behind the walls of the stick shanties with tin roofs in this town thousands of miles away. I want to help women, especially, to realize that they have potential…that they are not required to be only wives and mothers.

    To do this, I need to create a community that offers living space, studio space, classes, inspiration, and workshops for individuals and families.

    I need to raise money that can be used as scholarships for local people, as well as women and families from the states who wouldn’t have access to such an experience otherwise. I want to offer daycare so that creative mothers (and fathers) can travel WITH their children, find support, kindred souls, and the time they need to tend to themselves while their children are safe and having fun. This place needs to be sustainable as well as beautiful, too, while offering jobs to the local community through raising food, cooking, childcare, cleaning, and even teaching within the facility.

    Now please, Danielle…tell me where to start.

    1. Do I stop worrying about the money I need for my own family right now in this moment and pursue the book that I think will lead me to the ultimate goal, or is it too soon?

    2. Do I focus on my business, re-define my photography and letterpress packages…maybe even work on letterpress marketing materials/kits, raise my prices and hope for the best?

    3.Do I write a book proposal in the hopes that my idea will be funded and I can afford to take the time to write it?

    4.Do I simply write what I can on my blog and hope it grows my author platform so the book publishers will knock on my door?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have this passion burning inside of me and I just don’t know what exactly to do with it.

  90. Carla says:

    I’ve been deep sea diving within and been at a stand still. All along I’ve known the thing which brings me most joy is writing, telling stories, words. But I’ve been a fool and easily distracted.

    The Writer
    Writing is the only way I know how. Some people meditate, others run, me? I write. It gets me through, deep and through. It makes the sparkly, sparkle brighter. It sorts out the downs. Almost 30 years and I just haven’t been able to shake it.

    The Distraction
    A safe corporate job with a lovely salary. My sweet baby girl. Her sister who arrived only 22 months after sweet baby #1.

    Parting Skies
    Motherhood does something to ya. I felt like a fraud. Here I was about to raise my chicklets to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Meanwhile, here’s mom chained to a desk. And so, to lead by example, I took a leap and left corporate America to figure ish out.

    It’s been 1.5 years and I’m ready to take this writing in my veins seriously. I’m currently creating content for a local family business (their blog, newsletter and a variety of projects as they come my way) and I’ve discovered I’m a storyteller but also a ponytail swinging cheerleader. I’m totally sleeping with the quarterback of team Small Biz =) I’m energized knowing the words I put together are driving customers to a business so deserving. I want to freelance in this area and continue to wave my poms-poms in the air.

    I also want to publish my own online magazine. The vision I have is a magazine geared towards moms with each issue focusing on a single topic (discipline, siblings, working, etc.), a compilation of essays published every month. It would be my love letter to moms.

    I want to write a book. I want to interview lots of people. I want to know what drives them, how they got to where they’re at. I want to know their favorite breakfast food. I want to know their dreams & why they’re not doing it. I want to know their dreams & how they finally took the leap. The follow-up book would entail me interviewing people in beautiful homes. Just knocking on doors & discovering.

    Finally, I want to launch a local family blog (Rhode Island). Like I said, I’m a cheerleader. I love this little state. It’s been a slow love affair but it’s where I want to raise my family. There’s so much here for families & so many great businesses. I want to be a champion for families to get out & spend time together and be a cheerleader for local small businesses.

    It’s a lot. I know. That’s why I need Danielle to help me sort my ish out. I need to know how someone with so many ideas can make it all work. I need how to best tap into my magic and to make it all happen.

    2 or 3 questions? Easy. I’ve got a million and one =)
    1. My girls are young still (3.5 yrs old and 20 months old) so they demand my attention here & there, mostly when I’m being most productive. How can I write my heart out on all fronts with my girlies underfoot?

    2. What’s the best way to develop my craft on a tight budget?

    3. I have a few folks I’d love to learn more from and perhaps even ask for them to mentor me. What’s the best way to develop a mentoring relationship with someone you only know online?

    Thanks for the opportunity! One day I hope to be at a place like Danielle – manifesting my dreams, rocking the ish out my strengths, sharing my magic & still growing.

  91. Beth McKeon says:

    I have TWO major businesses.

    At The Food Advocate, I write about how to eat whole foods cooked from scratch when all of that effort is just for one or two people. In fact, I’m launching a cooking guide that explains exactly how to do that on February 7th! I have about a million ideas for further classes that cover things like forming supportive eating and cooking habits.

    And I also started a business this year working one-to-one with kids with learning difficulties. I do private instruction that totally transforms how my students’ brains interact with language. My students make YEARS of gains in WEEKS and have a total blast the whole time. I also really delve into the emotional damage these kids have sustained in unsupportive school environments. They leave with brains that are connected for learning and with the confidence to succeed. I love it. My most recent student gained about 5 years in reading and spelling and independently wrote a research paper in his final week of instruction!

    So while I’ve been working on both of these activities for awhile (the teaching was my full-time job before deciding to open my own practice- BEST DECISION EVER) and the blog was my fun side project, I am a deliciously new entrepreneur with a lot to learn about developing a practice of self-guided work that feeds my enthusiasm and passion, sustains me financially, and allows me to reap the benefits of being my own boss.

    Ok, so here’s where I can use some help.

    1. Danielle, last week you asked on your blog, “If you were the best in the world at what you do, how would you behave?” Well, I AM actually the best at what I do in my primary, brain-training business. I learned a kick-ass system, honed my skills over many years, trained others how to do what I do, and have gotten feedback from ex-colleagues that they still ask themselves, “What would Beth do in this situation?” when trying to solve problems.

    I have no doubt that my gifts are important and greatly needed in the world of education.

    I feel like I spend all of my time trying to run a business though. It’s all marketing and web development etc., which I need in order to get the clients I want to help. I want help looking at WHO I am targeting and the most efficient way to convey my message. Also, I’d love to brainstorm how to connect with families who need me WORLDWIDE. I’m a nomad at heart and would be delighted to travel to my clients as a way to build my business in a big way.

    2. Also, I want help dreaming big for my food website. I believe the world has enough recipes and cookbooks. What we need are new cultural patterns for how we eat and why. We need to be incubating habits that sustain us as individuals and benefit our communities and our planet. I want my food website to be the genesis of a paradigm shift in how our cultural interacts with food at the habit-level. I need help thinking about how to get my message out in the world. How to frame my message to reach the right people. How to focus the work I’m doing now (new website, e-guide about to launch, more blog posts) to meet that goal in the next year.

    And I don’t want to give up one of these projects. They are both too important and too vital to have to choose. I have the space and time in my life to make crazy good things happen with both if I make the right decisions.

    Can’t wait to brainstorm with you!

    Food website:
    Learning specialist website:

  92. Hello Jonathan and Danielle,

    My name is Liesel Rigsby and I am known as “The Energetic Matchmaker” I’m an intuitive relationship coach helping women on a spiritual path find their true partner. I serve all of those amazing single women you know who want a partner and have not manifested the “right one” yet.

    I can feel the trajectory of my business. Like a 747 heading down the runway about to lift off. I KNOW it’s going to be BIG – I need a fire starter session to show me the best route to get there.

    I work with women one on one and in group coaching, I lead retreats and I currently am offering 2 teleseminars called Soulmate School: How to Call in a Hot and Heart Centered Love (next class scheduled for mid-spring) and Soulmate School: Conscious Dating (next class late summer).

    I also know I am supposed to write a book and I am researching transcription options for the audio that I already have.

    My clients are having phenomenal results, connecting and falling in love with themselves, clearing their blocks to love and creating divine relationships with their partners.

    My questions are:
    ~ What should my next step be? Affiliate marketing for my classes? Publishing and promoting the book? Focusing on getting more clients? Using more social media for any or all of these? updating and optimizing my website?

    ~ I get so excited by all the options and then get overwhelmed and a little paralyzed. Do I need to have a “full” practice before launching into the ‘great big world’?
    Logically it seems that I should be going at a more slow and steady pace AND passionately and spiritually I’m ready to serve thousands NOW. HELP please!

    I really feel you and trust your insight and I would be so grateful and honored for the opportunity to receive from you.

    Much love and light,
    Liesel Rigsby
    The Energetic Matchmaker

    • Brett Cabral says:

      I was really interested when I read about your business and was really bummed that you were unable to make the call. Sorry you missed your session!

  93. I’d love to experience a Fire Starter session! I’ve been hiding in the shadows and feel called to step up in a very big way – especially to do more speaking as well as women’s circles and retreats. I just need someone to call me on my ****. I love Danielle’s directness and that’s exactly what I need right now.

    I’m a business coach for women entrepreneurs and professionals. My joy is helping women step into their greatness. Websites are and I’m in the process of rebranding. My revenue streams are from coaching individuals and groups, speaking, training and selling information products.

    My questions are:
    (1) What would it take to get really clear on my greatest talent and amp up my message to get it out to more people?
    (2) How to break through creative blocks around getting book written.
    (3) How to fell confident charging more for what I do.

    Really looking forward to the call!

  94. santina says:

    Hey Jonathan and Danielle,

    I am an Australian contemporary artist working in video installation creating enchanting environments that have an air of creepyness to them. I have been living in Los Angeles since July 2010 and my visa runs out at the end of March this year when I will have to go home to Melbourne kicking and screaming all the way. I do love Los Angeles but am at a loss as to how to stay. I have applied for an MFA program here but am not sure how I will fund it if accepted.

    During my time here, I have begun to start a food, art, love blog. These are my passions. It is called eat, pink, love (yes, inspired by eat, prey, love!) and every week I am posting a vegetarian, vegan or raw recipe, comment on a contemporary art work made by a living artist using the colour pink and I make a list of ten random things I have found to love each week.

    Making money from my art has been a struggle as it is installation and within the contemporary art world, I am having trouble breaking through based on the written application process that goes on with galleries. I enjoy making my work and seeing people react to the work. It seems my practice sends people to a lovely place, and I love that!

    I see my blog becoming a source of real income for me in the future more so than my art (unfortunately) and would like a kick start as to how I can potentially make an income out of it. Ideally, I would like to be a successful contemporary artist, living off the video installations I create through commissions and the like, but the reality is that not many artists can. Also, my geographical position being Australia seems to be a disadvantage (oh how I would love to become a U.S resident!!!!)

    I’m not even sure that I am a real contender for the free fire starter session as I don’t feel as accomplished in what I am doing compared to some who have written here, but I will put my hand up and deal with it if I am chosen.

    Either ways, I feel this is an amazing opportunity and will be great to listen into.

    Thanks so much for being so generous with your time; both of you! Love to you.


  95. Jen Meyer says:

    Ever feel like you’re one step away from the life you are meant to live but you can’t quite seem to get there?… that’s where I am right now. A bit stuck and trying to get moving down the road to fabulousness. Not only on a biz level but through all aspects of my life. How can I make my personal training/yoga services a must-have, absolute necessity in my clients lives??? I do have a base of loyal clients who recognize that I truly care about their health and well-being and that I am very passionate about the importance of fitness/yoga/nutrition to help bring balance to body, mind and spirit but I live in a small, seasonal area so many of my clients get out of dodge when the cold weather hits. I’m working to build more of a year round clientele from neighboring towns but I struggle with how to stand out in a very large crowd of personal trainers/yoga instructors without actually meeting people face-to-face and having them feel my passion and energy. I’m STUCK. I need to clear through the clutter and find what it will take to bring my biz to the next level and live the fabulous life I have imagined.

  96. Raquel says:

    Having grown up on a farm in about the smallest town very close to the middle of nowhere in central Saskatchewan, I have found it challenging to adjust to life in the city. I married a man who holds the same love for that same middle of nowhere lifestyle and we both yearn to raise our young children there someday and return to help carry on the family farm. We both currently hold “good”, stable, practical government jobs yet there is something inside that says we have something more to offer!

    What would a chance to talk to Ms. LaPorte do for me? It would give me the opportunity to get even more clarity on something that is become more clear to me everyday…I want to raise my family on a sheep farm in small town Saskatchewan and not only rock it, but set it on fire (metaphorically speaking!)! I want to call my business, prAIRie hOME…emphasis on “AIR” and “OM”. It’s a nod to my love for simplicity, homemaking, yoga/breathing/meditation, the outdoors, organic everything, green living, and the peacefulness that comes from sheep and the farm. My web-site would feature tips for living a simple life even if you live in a busy city with guest interviews, recipes, and organic products for your home and family.

    My intended revenue streams would be: income from grain farming, selling organic wool and products made from wool from our sheep, farmstay visits to our farm, workshops held at the farm, advertising on our site by fellow organic producers/companies, and yoga classes taught by myself. Someday I would like to have a series of yoga sessions available for purchase (say a 30 Days of Yoga) on our site with me doing various yoga sessions on the farm…prairie zen, if you will!

    Here is what I would LOVE to ask Danielle:
    1. I am much more of a risk taker than my husband and I feel that this huge investment of purchasing land and a farm is a daunting to him. What would you say is the biggest step that I could take right now to get “this much” closer to our goal?
    2. In The Fire Starter Sessions, you have some crazy fabulous ideas for revenue streams…given my business idea, what do you think you see as some other possible revenue streams?
    3. What do you see as my greatest strengths and what could I work on developing/focusing on?

    Thank you for considering me; I know this would be life-changing!!

  97. Hi Jonathan and Danielle,

    Thank you for this incredibly generous offering!

    I have been working on the digital Fire Starter sessions and now am interested in experiencing Danielle’s MOJO one-to-one and laser sharp expertise on where she feels I could best focus in order to take things to the NEXT LEVEL. More specific ideas about how I could best leverage my STRENGTHS, EXPERIENCE and TRAINING.

    I started working for myself in 2007 when I was fired because, apparently, I don’t take instruction well, and to be honest, I just thought I knew better and and as it turns out, I do know more about what I have to offer, and I don’t care much for people telling me what to do.

    I was offered the opportunity to work with another company offering workshops in Brazil in 2008 and through 2009 and experienced ancient shamanic healing ceremonies so I did that and do not regret because I learnt so much and grew as a person and had deeply TRANSFORMATIONAL experiences. But I did lose my momentum with my own business and now am ready to start AMPing it up again.

    So I set up a new website last September and am focusing on my COACHING offerings (it was healing before) and want to offer workshops, create products and attract more clients. I am just about to launch my new website and create products and more workshops/seminars.

    My income streams are through workshops, one to one clients, and eventually plan to create products

    My questions are:

    1.How can I talk about/package what I do and who I am that reflects my years of experience, knowledge and know how, and make it clear that I know what I’m talking about and truly walk my talk, that I am the REAL DEAL?

    2.How can I get people talking about me and build a strong REFERRAL based business that gets people to my website, to sign up for my mailing list and to attend my workshops, seminars or book a session with me.

    Thanks again!
    Warm tropical love from Singapore,
    xxx Michelle xxx

  98. Michelle says:

    Been a Big Fish in a Small Pond
    too long.

    Ready to make a splash in the Ocean
    so tired of being a mere toe dipper in the sea of dreams!

    Went to seminary to help people. Climbed professional ladders quickly. Love the times when the work is about the great LOVE for life, learning and transforming the world. Burnt to a crisp on the rest. Shifting to coaching and ritual leadership for those who are beacons of hope, leaders in secular and sacred communities committed to bringing more love and more healing to communities and the earth.

    revenue streams = teaching, 1:1 coaching, and public speaking/ritual design.

    questions = branding with authenticity feels important, but where’s the yellow brick road? What’s the next step?

    gathering work word-o-mouth, but wanting to stage a more dynamic presence that communicates the depth and breadth of what I can do (and love to do) and keep getting stuck in the “shoulds”? so the root of the question may be how to shed the shoulds and chose the YES?!


  99. The thought of being coached by the two of you in front of everyone makes me feel so naked! Vulnerable really-which would be considered progress since I have made it my goal this year to show up vulnerable and see what happens when I let my type A ass hang out there.

    I am an interior designer (self taught with some design education) mother of two bright and spirited little people who grow me daily and a very authentic and lovely husband whose shoulders I stand on and who champions me to be my best self. I also teach an exercise class which has been awesome for growing my business as they are my current target market and it keeps me in shape.

    I started my business nine years ago and 2010 was my best year yet. I am over the moon about the success of my little company (or is it self employment?) and am lining things up to take it to the next level. This has been an extremely challenging year though because as my business has grown my husband’s career came to a screeching halt and I am the sole supporter of our household which is scary.

    Danielle has been a huge part of my growth and when I learned of this call I rescheduled a new client meeting to be on it-whether I am chosen for this call or not I am beyond psyched to be a part of the collective energy of the consciousness of the people on the call.

    My business is Laura Martin Bovard Interiors ( I work primarily with residential clients and have built a great reputation for creating beautiful design while providing warm, loving and authentic service. My income streams through my business are markup of my own time as well as the people who work for me plus mark up of furniture that I sell from the designs we create.

    My questions are:
    1. How do I bust out of being great and into freaking amazing-sought after by celebs and extremely high end clients, published in glossy, designer mags? (some of my work is good enough) Currently I send out a quarterly email through mailchimp showing my work with before and after pics, post random comments on my fan page, am a networky connector maven who loves to match people up and am starting a blog.

    2. How to grow as big as I envision and still take good care of myself and get enough time with my family? I have a major challenge with focusing on one thing at a time and tend to jump from one thing to the next which makes it slippery for me to bill properly and I lose a lot of time. I am getting great at bringing in the business but a challenging time managing my time and billing it accurately. then it makes it hard for me to leave my desk and plug into my people because I feel like I haven’t gotten enough done.

    I want to rock it (even more)-please help! I am an open and gracious receiver and will put to good use whatever sage advice either of you channel my way. I love you guys!

    ps I told my kids the lamp story Jonathan, they thought that was pretty cool

  100. Meg Ward says:

    · Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session

    I want to make money doing the thing I love not ANOTHER job. But something inside me has jammed on the brakes and isn’t letting me take the next step.
    Actually I’m absolutely terrified. I need to do something as terrifying as this to move me beyond my fears and make me realise it’s ok to take a few more risks. Yesterday, I said I need to be faced with someone who’ll challenge me, I mean REALLY challenge me, and then this offer appears. I’m going for it!
    Somewhere inside I know I have this amazing strength, an intuition that takes me right to the heart of the matter, no bullshit. I just rarely have the courage to believe it. And I rarely have the courage to believe it’s the right way to go. I want to work with Danielle to learn, and to be pushed beyond the terror, and to start making money from what I do best!

    · Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one) The name is no coincidence. It’s a challenge to myself as much as anyone else. At this stage, the blog (December onwards) and the mission statement are the only bits worth reading. They’re honest and come right from the heart.
    I’m a recently qualified coach. I’m good! I’m all about discerning your own truth from the million and one other voices out there that seem more certain than your own. I’m interested in helping people find their unique voice and live by it. I’m inpatient with myself to do the same!

    · Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended),
    Location-independent is the key for me. One on one, and group coaching. E courses, e books, speaking. All theoretical – no takers yet except free sessions. This has to change.
    Very interested in blog-related revenue but a bit hazy on that right now.

    · Share 2 to 3 questions for us
    1. How do you move from free to paid work?
    2. How do you convince yourself what you do is worth money?
    3. I’m know I have to walk my talk. I feel totally uncomfortable with putting myself out there as an ‘expert’, just someone who understands the challenges every single day (the only thing I feel qualified to be an expert on is me). What would you say about that?

    I know so little about business but I know a LOT about me – more all the time! I’m willing, nay desperate to learn. If you pick me I’ll WORK! I’m ready.

  101. Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session:
    Hello, I will be joining you bright and early from Australia! I would love/need Danielle to rock my world because I am a self-employed artist/painter who has just enjoyed a killer aka great first month and a half of business selling my paintings….all original pieces through the largest market place in the southern hemisphere. the exposure has been and continues to be fantastic and I’ve met hundreds of amazing people along the way. I’m beginning to realise though, that the business as it stands is not entirely sustainable, for a start, I AM my business and if I go on holiday so does the business. I’m also finding that I simply don’t have the energy to keep going at the mad panic pace that I have been! Not suprisingly I am looking for ways to expand my business in the hopes of one day (soon!) being able to employ people and effectively replace myself so I can concentrate on just the good and fun stuff…creating (and hopefully babies too soon!) and working on the business not just in it. So I have come up with a fantastic business idea: corporate art leasing, which I think will be a winner here in Melbourne. I need Danielle to help point me in the right direction about how to make the jump from “successful local artist” to “national art leasing company” – hopefully employing/sponsoring other emerging artists along the way….and making a sweet profit.
    Specificity earns brownie points.
    Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one) My catchy business title: The Painter At The Market, and website
    Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended), and current: 5 days trading my original paintings through the biggest market in the southern hemisphere, and occasionally online. In my future business I would be more sales aggressive, going to the client ….
    Share 2 to 3 questions for us.
    My biggest question is how to make the leap from sole trader to launching myself as a company…..
    It has been said “Ask and you shall receive”…how do you go about setting up business co-ventures with colleagues? And what are you generally looking for when you seek out co-ventures?
    I’m pretty lucky in that I get to paint for a living….I know that people are inspired by my painting on a daily basis…but how can I go about making a real difference in this world….incorporating my creative gifts? I find it hard to strike a balance between time for making profit and time for giving back. I feel like I’m not doing as much as I could.
    Many thanks Dannielle and Jonothan…look forward to the call and thanks for the opportunity to ask these questions!
    Best, Cecilia Gardiner.

  102. Sarah Yost says:

    This is great. I am going to book a Firestarter session later this year when I’m further along in my current project. However, by working with Danielle this Wednesday I can get even more laser focused and can get on with it more efficiently and effectively. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

    I just redid the Burning Questions in preparation for this. It’s so interesting how many of my answers have stayed consistent and some I’ve honed in on with a burning clarity.

    My business: I’m a mind-body coach; That means I teach people how to listen to their body to navigate their life. The principles I live by and teach are supremely reliable and they work. They rock a practical ju-ju in the lives of those who practice.

    Incidentally, my heroes are spiritual rock star types who espouse practical wisdom rooted in magical ju-ju: Anne Lamott, Liz Gilbert, (ahem) Danielle Laporte, Martha Beck and my late mentor, Don Pritts.

    My website is

    Revenue: one-on-one coaching, commissions paid by people working in my massage practice, private yoga sessions

    Specifically how you can rock my world and the world of those getting my help: I need your help to get laser-focused on my current and big project while building revenue and platform without getting sidetracked by the cash and audience #’s. I am researching, practicing, honing my methods and message to write a book about everything I know about utilizing the mind-body connection.

    I also need your help navigating the art of persuasion without fucking around or pansy footing with my clients. I want to get straight to the how, straight to the heart of things and in so doing I bulldoze through some people who don’t operate at my speed.

    Other questions: Do you think one-one-one coaching is a sustainable model?

  103. I’d like to be thrown into the ring because althought I am funny humrousist but I feel like I need a chiropractic adjustment of the brain to get me aligned. Crack my back Dr Danielle.

  104. Why I need Danielle to rock my world in a live Fire Starter Session: I have the wood, the fuel, and the match, and I’ve even gotten the fire going on and off for the last year, but here’s the thing: it’s not that the fire dies out, it never does; it’s just that there’s a gap between the low flame that burns inside of me and that monster flame I know I am capable of reaching. Here’s why:

    *I seem to hang on to my perfectionistic tendencies, even though this often times means me taking NO inspired action. I get caught up in the HOW when I really know the HOW isn’t my job

    *I let fear drive my bus. On some level, I compare myself to where others are, when I know that’s not really relevant

    *I know that I have a lot to offer the world, but my brain seems to require an obnoxious amount of proof. If I don’t immediately see this proof, I don’t take action. I have so many ideas that I’m excited to put out there, but I don’t because of this

    Basically, I keep telling myself this story that isn’t true. The truth is, there is a lot that is right about me.

    I’m creative. Smart. Intuitive. Funny. Resilient. Passionate. Succulent. Right AND left brained. And I have a big heart. I think my work helps to heal others and more than anything I want to “live it to give it.” So the bottom line is, I couldn’t think of a better person than Danielle LaPorte to give me the a$$ kicking I need to increase the flames in my fire for good.

    The name of and type of my business: Creative Life Discovery. I’m a life coach with a big purpose–to help saavy women live their best lives through creativity and self-care.

    My revenue streams (actual and intended): one on one coaching, teleclasses, in person workshops, and products for passive income (books, audio, items hand crafted by me)

    Questions for you:

    *What is the bridge between the low burning flame and where I want to go?
    *What’s the best way to get over myself and get to the work I was meant to do?
    *What are the best ways to move through being stuck?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this opportunity!

    Much love and fire starting!

  105. Sherri says:

    Hi Danielle and Jonathan,
    Thank-you for hosting this event and great offer to all…I recently stumbled upon Danielle in my searching out people to learn from and help me start living my dream. I can’t even sit still when I read her posts and articles! you truly inspire me and want your creative genius to help me awaken me to my own.
    I am a conventionally trained Podiatrist who stepped way outside the box after figuring out for myself that medicine in the way it’s mostly practiced today just doesn’t work!
    I began my journey to self healing so that I could become an effective, clear and grounded facilitator for others. My passion is Truth and finding ways to help others dig deep on their healing journey. I want to help bring Spirit back into Medicine so true healing can occur.
    Feet are my vehicle and entryway and what a better way to help others to reconnect to themselves as well as planet earth to create real lasting change for us all

    I have created a small Holistic Practice in NYC but I am ready to get out into the world in a much bigger way, whatever that means…
    I need your help with creative content, exposure and where to begin! There are so many different directions to go but step One can always be the most confusing! I have ideas but need the structure and business sense to implement all of what I want to do in the world.

    I need a support team to help me focus on the areas that I am not strong in ie marketing, business plan to attract the change I wish to see….so that I can really focus on what I do best.
    I want that Fire starter energy that you put out there to light the fire in my Root? (butt)so that I can help change the world one Foot at a time.
    Really looking forward to this opportuntiy!
    In Gratitude…

  106. Tisha Morris says:

    Hi Danielle and Jonathan~

    What a privilege! You too are the YIN and YANG of the blogosphere and mentors of mine. My website is I am a feng shui consultant, among other things, and looking to take my business to the next level.

    Feng shui will be the next yoga. And I believe that it is my divine calling to help make this happen. I think it is essential that we begin living closer to the Earth. Not only will it be essential, but an inherent desire for many.

    But I need help!

    I have a published book on feng shui, an ebook that just came out, and even an iphone app – Feng Shui Bagua Map – (that you have :).

    But I need help! (did I mention that already?)

    So my questions are:

    1. What do I need to do to get into the public eye? Perhaps it’s simply to hire a publicist. But I would like to explore all possibilities before spending alot of money.

    2. What is my website missing? I get lots of compliments, but feel like it lacks conversion.

    3. I’m getting ready to give myself a raise, but not sure how much. Need suggestions on how to gauge this.

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to PICK ME!!!

    Much Gratitude~

  107. Wow, thank you all for firing up my day with your passion and dreams and drive. It is so inspiring to step back and see how many other souls are seeking to live their truth in this life. It is so inspiring to see how many great ideas are germinating and growing. What an amazing world we can create!

    I am so ready. So ready. I am 4 years into my craft as a naturopathic doctor. I know that healing is what i am meant to be doing, i know that the old-paradigm “Business” model doesn’t fit for me, and won’t take me where i want to go. I know that my biggest obstacle in growing my practice has been me, and that i am finally learning how to get out of my own way. I am ready to leap forward, to dance forward, to fan the flames and be in awe of the fire within me as it emerges.

    I love what I do. I am privileged to witness for folks as they move forward in their own stories. I get to solve health puzzles as a dr-detective. I get to cheer as people shift and change, and point it out to them when they can’t see it. I get to watch people as they start to feel better.

    Wow. I want to do this for more people (my practice is currently at 1/3rd of the capacity i want to be at right now, and 1/4 where i intend to be in 6 months). I want to participate in (building) a tribe (thank you Seth Godin) that embraces and supports my kind of naturopathic medicine.

    My current income is from patient consults and my clinical dispensary, with a small amount from occasional teaching at the naturopathic college. I would like to expand my income streams to include more paid lecturing and teaching (i love telling people about naturopathic medicine and how they can feel better. i lecture on many topics, including recent talks on cancer, on pms, and on stress and digestion).

    I would also like to get paid for my writing. First articles, then books. I love writing, and can do so with relative ease.

    My biggest current stumbling block – which some days feels like an enormous impenetrable wall rather than a wee block – is my debt load. I am ready to invest in growing my practice – be it through coaching, revamping my website, search engine optimizing, expanding my dispensary to offer more custom botanicals, etc. – but, lack the capital to get going on these things. I know that some of this is real, and some of this is about changing my relationship with and stories about money. Sign me up! I wanna get on with being of service to the world and feeling joy in my work day by participating in people’s healing journeys.

    My questions:
    1)What are the questions i should ask and answer of myself, but haven’t yet looked at?
    2)What can i do differently, that will help bring my own uniqueness as a healer to the fore, and help draw people to that?
    3)Can i have a niche that is not a conventional demographic or diagnostic niche, or is this avoidance of the whole thing? I love endocrinology puzzles, and the joy of helping someone get pregnant, but also love the gentle work of peeling back layers of health for someone, whatever their gender, so that while they may have first started seeing me for abdominal pain or their thyroid, they continue seeing me for support in enhancing their self esteem, and moving through their buried depression. I struggle with how to label this.

    Danielle, thank you for your hot words, and rousing web presence.

    I can’t wait for the call tomorrow! Pick me and i will use the fire to warm the hearts of the many people i touch. The fire will spread, the consciousness revolution will grow, the world will heal a little bit. Oh, yes, i am ready to take this torch and run.


  108. Kim Lampe says:

    I’m one seriously dorky lady who is re-purposing business tools acquired from 25 years in a male dominated corporate enviroment. I want to work with women business owners. Together we take their business personally.

    Who maps out a business process as a barn yarn? One seriously dorky lady. It was the most productive and fun team planning session I ever facilitated, resulting in quick approval from senior leadership. The bored room wasn’t quite ready for Barnyard Storytime, so they didn’t need to know how we arrived at the amazing plan. The fact that they didn’t know the fuel behind the great plan made it that much more satisfying.

    My company is Modern B*a*g Ladies, Fuel for your Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary. Bring all of YOU to everything YOU do. When you are at home with yourself you create the safe space for others to be themselves. You journey as a Traveling Sanctuary.

    Fuel your B*a*g – Why be a YES lady and you can be an OH YES Lady? It’s that inside yes. What are you doing in those OH YES moments? Who are you with?

    Tool your B*a*g – There is nothing better than having the right tools for the right job. You need to execute. You need tools.

    I will get paid to guide (offline and online) women (life and business) through their own Believe Act Go Cycle and help them find their fuel and their tools. We laser focus on improving specific opportunities that will yield high results with the least amount of cost. Subsequent products & services will all relate to Modern B*a*g Ladies tools/processes etc.

    Q#1-If you trade time for dollars (one on one coaching) because you get fueled by this interaction how & when do you introduce hands off (ebooks etc)income streams.

    Q#2 – How do you create a great eco system of amazing coherts? How do you get accepted into such an eco system? Do you create you own with great up and comers?

  109. Tessa Zeng says:

    Hey Danielle and Jonathan. You guys rock my world. I’m Tessa, I’m 20 years old, and I’m dropping out of school to start a business that will inspire the world to change itself.

    I found Danielle last summer. Took the summer off to pursue my own work instead of another lousy fashion internship, started my own not-fashion blog ( I read True Strengths and the Metrics of Ease in September, which got me through the month as my heart raged in the design studios, measuring out 1/16″ seam allowances. Dove in headfirst to the amazing Strike A Match contest in October and somehow managed to emerge with a copy of the digital FSS, and it’s just blown up from there. I got my first consulting client, forged the beginnings of a business partnership, solidified my philosophy into a single manifesto, and decided to leave art school to work for myself full-time.

    Now I’m standing here at the beginning of my entrepreneurial path, burning with the desire to be great (or, re: my core feelings, energized, transformative, and free.)

    Revenue streams: Freelancing consulting, which is it for now. My first consulting gig for a global non-profit netted me $1000 (though in actuality it should have been at least double & yikes, that process needs streamlining!) As my website gains momentum, I’m looking to start at $150/hour doing 1:1 consulting. I’m also looking to create digital e-books and products for sure, and lead workshops and webinars in the near future.

    Question #1: When is it appropriate to launch services and products on a brand-new site?

    And Question #2: How is building a business that shares and sells ideas different (if at all) to developing one that sells things?

    Danielle, I know you’ve said before that you prefer to work with people who want to change the world. I find it difficult to express in words how much I long to do so myself. Actually, I want it so badly that I’ve decided that I’m Not going to change the world- but instead, empower the world’s individuals to change themselves.

    You see, my ambition is not just small business. I want to be an entrepreneur for sure, but work from an expanding business model that radiates out from its core, and causes a total ripple effect. I want to work with other entrepreneurs, non-profits, artists of all kinds to build new experiential models of individual engagement, which will in turn inspire their clients and “engagiences” to go out and create their own work. My ultimate goal is to dig into the very foundations of the education and economic systems, and work to create sustainable practices for developing people’s individual and creative potentials.

    Okay! Fast-track back to the beginning- I’m starting the Experience Revolution and I’m starting it now. is at that barely-smoldering green log stage, but the crackling’ll start soon. I’m confident about my work, but the scariest thing for me right now is that I’m coming at a totally lightning-bolt idea with a less-than-transformative business strategy. Danielle, by your words– I’m totally willing to be toast. Help me walk through the fire.

    Thank you both so much for this opportunity. I’ll be there on Wednesday!

  110. Dawn Gettig says:

    Johnathan and Danielle thanks for offering the free call – two times this week I read it is very important to share your knowledge for your own growth. Kudos to you for sharing. Okay I am putting my name in the magician’s hat with so many others because I too need Danielle’s magic! My business was launched about a year ago and I feel stuck and not sure how to proceed to increase business. I need a fire to be lite under me! I am 53 and I am finally doing the work I love… Soulful Decorating with focus on Feng Shui and Green Living. I am a left brain type person and all this right brain marketing, branding, computer networking is kind of a slow go for me. Anyway, I am going to keep this short but want to say “please pick me for a free session”! ;)smiles, sparkles and lots of love,

  111. Renae Bellah says:

    After more than a year and a half of deep personal work I left having a J-O-B in 2010. It didn’t happen exactly to plan, but the situation presented itself and I knew the Universe was telling me it was time to have faith and make the jump. I could see that the pieces were there and if I cleared out that which was no longer serving my highest good (the job) I would have the time and space to create my offering to the world. 3 weeks later 40 Days of Flow was born… the morning after I spent a few hours reading Danielle’s White Hot Truth.

    i will be launching this online moving meditation course the end of Feb. to support and guide others into a daily practice that will inspire transformation in their life. I’ve developed these practices from my own integration of yoga, mediation, and hoop dance (I’ve been teaching hooping for over a year… There will be 2 programs: HoopFlow for those who have already fallen in love with hooping, and FreeFlow (no hoop required). 10% of all of the sales of this program are going to World Hoop Day, a non-profit organization spreading peace and love by bringing hula hoops to deserving children in under-developed communities. My goal is to raise $5000 for them. I will also be visiting Peru in March to deliver and teach hoops as a Hoop Love Ambassador.

    Ever since Thursday night I have been manifesting the opportunity to have a session with Danielle to get her insight and advice on how to make this launch rock the world… that is my mission on this planet. Transform the world. (Here to Transform the World | I don’t think it was a coincidence that a few days later I received an email offering a free session for some lucky winners. I am more than lucky… I am intentional. My intention is to be one of the winners.

    My main website (and where I will launch 40 Days) is The site has been a little scattered to date as I was trying to figure all of this out, but I will be re-launching it with a new look in the coming weeks. I have also started Personal Evolution (life) coaching and will incorporate that into the site. My longer term goal is to merge my love of online marketing and social media with my sales/marketing experience and intuitive gifts to help others start their own business online. (Basically Danielle – I want to be like you someday! 😉 ).

    I need Danielle and her clarity to help me see the parts of the plan that are in need of attention and I’m not seeing. My questions are:

    1. What’s the best way to establish online partners to help spread the word about my program?

    2. What are the crucial elements not to be left out of the new website design?

    3. What do you do when fear, uncertainty and doubt show up?

  112. I have adored Danielle from afar with every fiber of my skinny jeans to every electron of my heart. And not in a weird, I’m going to cut bangs and go all “Canadian stalker” kinda way, but in a soul sistah way; I was meant to find her. Not even knowing her, I’d walk on coals for her. If she needed US citizenship? Well, I’m not going to offer marriage right off the bat, but you know, just sayin’ it wouldn’t entirely be off the negotiation table.

    I need her to rock my world because we speak the same language. And as far as I can see… she’s the best.

    I am a writer, teacher, leader in the Oneness Movement, living in Manhattan. I’m sorta like a sassy rabbi. Been trained by monks in India and Fiji to spread this love and raise people’s consciousness. Oneness I do in my style, for love, for my peeps. But a gal’s gotta eat and I like sparkly, pretty things.

    I want to transition my writing/teaching toward commercial ventures. My blog has been dubbed the writing of a “zenned-out Carrie Bradshaw.” I’d like to show more people that spirituality and high heels go great together; I know this is what I’m here for. A total newborn in the entrepreneurial world, I still have gunk in my eyes to rub away.

    Here’s that blog:
    Here’s its most popular post of the last year:

    Writing comes easy, ballsy, inspired speaking and teaching are juicy happenings, but I have yet to pave the revenue stream in my direction on a national landscape. It’s time. Help.

    1- I feel my writing is easiest/best in a confessional/inspirational comedic memoir format. This ain’t so marketable as an e-product or to traditional publishing houses. Do I follow my heart’s writing fancy and get that into some kinda narrative arc’d book or do I pull up my bootstraps to put together a “marketable” how-to product that perhaps isn’t what I most feel drawn to do? I know who I am, my brand, my message, my market. Product? Revenue stream? Eh, not so much.

    2- I’m not a one-on-one coach. Way too impatient. I do well with big groups and through my super-honest, raw writing. I’m a little holy person in high heels who doesn’t call herself that. What DO I call myself?

    2- Website is enroute. I have great content on the blog. How do I get more followers there outside of twitter, facebook?

    And BTW Jonathan, my virtual introduction to you and twitter following is super recent, but I have faith my adoration will grow. You are a rockstar for offering this, and for many other reasons, I’m sure.

    Thanks for the consideration lovelies!!

  113. Karen-Lynette Bauer, L.Ac., M.S. says:

    Dear Danielle,
    I practice a unique form of acupuncture. It is NOT the communist Chinese version created int he 1950s by Chairman Mao, it is the ancient Daoist form of the medicine, and very, very cool! I am not much of a businesswoman. I was an opera singer for 20 years, and when I retired I went into Daoist medicine because it had helped me stay well when I was on tour in Europe for months at a time, after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

    I have something extremely unique to offer patients who suffer from diseases that Western doctors just can’t seem to treat, but I am a bit shy about marketing myself and dislike the feeling of pushing myself on others. (This was a problem in the opera world, too.) On the other hand, I love an audience! I am a great speaker and know my business inside and out. I have had enormous clinical success with difficult health issues, so I feel very confident about my abilities as a healer. My only limitation is this resistance to out and out marketing of myself. The story of classical Daoist medicine is pretty interesting, so when I get the chance to explain it to people, say at a party when people ask what I do, I get a fantastic response and people always ask for my business card. I have a story to tell!

    The income streams I can imagine are from (1) private practice (I have a gorgeous office on Union Square West in Manhattan, (2) teaching other acupuncturists about Daoist acupuncture (post-grad education), (3) writing articles for publication, both for health magazines and for professional journals.

    I hope you can help me find ways to get my message out there that will work with my strengths and find ways around my limitations. I have such a cool package of knowledge and skills to sell, please help me sell it!

  114. Ane says:

    I am a licensed mental health therapist who works with those who have the genetic trait of high sensitivity, 20% of the general population and I believe MOST of the population who have been diagnosed with chronic disorders (both physical and mental). They don’t understand their highly sensitive bodies and how to care for them so they end up with disorder.

    I have been working to support them in thriving through understanding about caring for themselves and now I am ready to take it to the next level, that to REALLY thrive you have to express your value in the world all the way. You have to be a leader in your own way. Not identifying oneself as powerful is depression in all ways: emotionally and of the immune system. Power that identified but not used is anxiety and inflammation of the thoughts and body.

    I think that being so sensitive means that you don’t have a choice about expressing yourself, you can always feel the truth of the matter whether you want to or not. And I want to teach about leading through sensitivity. It is THE BEST way to lead, listening to what is there to lead organically. Nurturing what you want into life.

    I want to move into doing groups, intensives, and events rather than one-on-one work. I want my message to go big. I want it to shift the whole mental health field and physical health field.

    I met Danielle at Marie Forleo’s event, RHH Live, and love her way of working. I am new to Jonathon but have heard such good things. I would be thrilled an honored to have your genius support and guidance.

    Much love,


  115. Jonathan and Danielle,

    Thanks so much for this opportunity.

    I very much need a Fire Starter session because I’m having a little trouble fanning the flames by myself. I’m like a Boy Scout who keeps rubbing two sticks together, saying, “I’ve seen this before – I know it works!” But when no sparks fly, I’m lost.

    Let me explain. I’ve been a professional writer for about 20 years – primarily in print journalism. I love writing. I have trophies and plaques extolling my expertise, and they do a great job holding up my books and covering crayon marks on the walls.

    As you know, print journalism isn’t a lucrative field anymore. So after working as a feature writer and editor for years, I took a buyout. My husband stayed on at the paper and I stayed home with our two small children. I freelanced for local magazines and papers. I finally wrote that mystery novel I’d had in my head.

    We ate a lot of mac and cheese. And finally, we realized we needed more money. So we took corporate gigs. More money, not so much creativity.

    So I recently started blogging, as a creative outlet, about being a wife and mother. My blog is I realized I love that blog. I love sharing those universal moments in life, funny or poignant times that everyone can relate to. I’m building up my followers ― other moms, primarily ― one by one. I would love to expand that blog into something more. Ultimately, I’d like to create more of a life/work balance and leave the rat race.

    I also self-published that mystery novel, and I have a secondary blog for it ― But since I don’t quite know how to focus it, I largely ignore it. Ugh. That doesn’t sound good, now does it?

    So here are my questions for you:

    1.I’ve always heard if you have solid content, readers will follow. Okay, but there’s an awful lot of blogs out there. And I don’t have a product for my main blog. It’s just … me. I’d like to write a funny, non-fiction book – one that follows the lines of my blog – but how do you start one career when you need the other to pay the bills? Other people make the transition look so easy … I just don’t know how to do it without any capital.

    2.I see plenty of people monetizing their blogs. I guess I’m not entirely comfortable with what I’ve seen. After years of working in editorial, I’m sold on content. I don’t necessarily want to do contests or giveaways. Am I hopelessly old-fashioned? Do you just need to suck it up to get your name out there?

    3.I do have an e-book, and I’m proud of it. It’s a murder mystery, set in a newsroom. But I created it as an e-book because I could do it for free. However, now I don’t have anything to “show” when I want to promote it. How do you promote e-books?

    Danielle and Jonathan, I’m not tech-savvy, but I’m learning. I’m not marketing savvy, but I’m learning. I feel a little behind the times. I thought I’d be a print journalist forever – I never thought newspapers, of all things, would become extinct! So now I feel like I’m starting all over again. It’s exciting and scary. A session with you would go a long way in helping me catch up.

    Thanks so much,


  116. Hello. My name is Nicole Maniez. I am an acupuncturist, herbalist, aspiring yoga teacher and child birth educator. Why all the identities? I don’t see them as separate, I see them as one – an integrative healthcare practitioner. Through my acupuncture practice, I realize that people need multiple paths to health. One thing doesn’t make you ill or off balance, and one thing doesn’t heal. Multiple strand come together to form health and wellness. My goal is to help people weave all their strands together so they can be their best self – healthy and happy and content.
    I currenlty work in a group practice – but may need to strike out on my own as the director wants to retire and no one wants to buy the business. I feel lost and scared and need some guidance. I know what I have to offer changes lives and is amazing stuff. I just need to know how to get into the hands of the people!
    check out my old website –
    and my new one –
    i’m also working on a project for tween/teen girls – with a mental health counselor friend. we are creating a kick-ass program to empower girls to know their brilliance. we could use some help too.
    Thanks for being fire-starters!

  117. # Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session.

    I have been working in stained glass/art for a number of years and officially made it my business/lifes work/calling about 5 years ago. With rare exception I have devoted all of my time towards this business. Relying mostly on word of mouth, the studio has grown more and more every year, but very slowly. Every year flows up and down with income, some months good other months really bad. I’d like to get to a place where the business is raking in enough that I feel a sense of security and am not concerned about lean months.

    I need help with crafting a business plan (and to be honest, I have a hard time seeing the point of one), focusing on appropriate advertising and marketing, and setting goals for both my business and myself.

    I would really like to grow my studio practice to such a degree that I can hire individuals to help with the work and, more importantly, marketing the business. I am not at that point yet.

    I love what I do and can not picture myself doing anything else, for any one else, any where else. I have tried and I feel miserable about myself in the process. This is what I will do for the rest of my life, I would just like for it to be both personally satisfying and financially rewarding.

    Most importainly, how do I advertise effectively for a hand made stained glass business? I have tried basic internet search options (my brother is owner of a wildly successful online kids furnishings company), free & paid for, and it doesn’t really seem to suit what I do.

    # Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)

    Red Fern Fine Art
    I also have put together a website for an art tour of Italy (I grew up there) that is nearly up. I can provide the complex link if you’d like.

    # Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended)

    Teaching in my studio and at some local museums/art associations, commission work (would like more!) and through a guided art practice & history tour of Italy (I am hoping to get this going for June of this year).

    # Share 2 to 3 questions for us

    1. How do I expand my reach beyond word of mouth? How do I target an audience? Online? Print? Business calls? (what does that mean?)

    2. What does a business plan do for you? How do I make one that seems beneficial with my shoestring budget and commission-to-commission way of life?

  118. Three years ago I wrote a manifesta ( It was scrawled late one night into the tattered black fabric journal that held the core of my story. The words were written while life as I knew it was collapsing before my eyes – and with the knowledge that this collapse was entirely of my own doing.

    That night, feeling enmeshed and hopelessly tangled and seeing no way out, I poured out the depths of my soul. What did I know to be true? What would I say to my 21 year old self if I could go back and whisper in her ear? And as the words flowed I knew that I needed them just as then as I would have at 21, and that I would need them always.

    I need Danielle to rock my world in a live firestarter session so that I can unearth the will and uncover the means to take the message of those words and translate them into action in a very real, quantifiable and profitable way.

    In these last three years I have transitioned from housewife and stay at home mother to breadwinner. I have grown from a woman unaware of her creative gifts to one who is exploding with the need to share and expand and create. I have come to understand that I am the biggest roadblock to my own success and that I easily get mired in the inertia of talk and intention and need a good kick in the ass to move into brilliant action.

    I am a photographer, and that is currently my one and only revenue stream. My current website is but I am currently in the process of revamping/renaming/relaunching with a new business name and new look. I have a grand vision of creating a place where the photographs are just a small part of the whole picture – and where boldness and beauty are celebrated, along with a healthy dose of bad-ass moxie.

    I know I am a good, solid photographer, but I don’t feel as if the pictures are the heart of my work. I also know, with absolute clarity, that the only way to compete with the 876,248,875 other local photographers is to not compete at all, but to pour myself heart and soul into something that is unique and vital and different from the rest – because it is 100% me. I also know that the people that resonate with what I pour out are my true customers – the ones I really want to work with and the ones who will want to work with me.

    And here’s where we move from the ambiguous mumbo jumbo to the specificity (for I’ve always been a lover of brownie points) – I need:

    1. Help grabbing hold of this grand vision that came began with my manifesta and took shape after beginning my work with the firestarter sessions and filtering it down to a real, quantifiable plan. What does my pretty, glittery vision look like when it’s translated into reality and what steps do I need to take to get there? I tend to live in la-ti-da idea land, and now it’s time to get my hands dirty and get to work. Less talk, more do.

    2. Determining additional income streams. I want to take care of my people – my children and partner – and relying on one single stream of income feels tenuous. I feel like there are multiple sources of income that I’ve not yet identified and that would likely put us in a much stronger financial position than relying on just portrait or wedding clients. How do I take the skills and passion I have and use them to make money in several different ways?

    1.By the end of 2010 I reached the point of being utterly and completely over myself. Over my excuses. Over my lack of forward motion. Over my fear of success. But – old habits die hard. What suggestions would you make to someone who understands that she has ultimately been the biggest roadblock to her own success, and who is determined to change this?

    2.In this era of information overload – how do you personally filter through all the input and unearth the true gems of knowledge that are useful or that feed your heart and soul (or your bank balance). When your brain and your inbox and your google readers are at max capacity, how do you cut through the junk and reach just the information you need to grow your business and feed your soul (and bank balance)?

  119. And I should add – thank you for this opportunity. The simple power of the exercise of thinking about this through yesterday and writing it today was quite meaningful all by itself. “What do you need?” is a mighty powerful question indeed.

    I’ll be listening in on the call tomorrow night with great gratitude and eager to learn from whoever is chosen.

    Thank you

  120. Kerri says:

    * Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session

    My name is Kerri Grant and I need Danielle to rock my world in a live Fire Starter Session because I’m so full of ideas, interests, and activities that I feel I am very, very pregnant and I want to give birth already. Basically, I need my fire started. I discovered Danielle through Marie Forleo and I have loved reading what she writes and have been saving for a Fire Starter Session. I feel ready to rocket off in the world with all of who I am and I could really use some sharp, firey HELP!

    Specifically, I am a writer (poems, essays, and TV scripts). I make a living as a freelance children’s TV writer. I am also currently a student, getting my degree in Mythological Studies and I have recently been certified as a love and relationship coach. See my pregnant belly showing?

    I really love being a coach (I haven’t had much practice but from the coaching I have done I am really good at it and my clients have gotten a lot from our sessions). Coaching has helped me identify specifically what I’m good at in coaching, which is digging until I get to the gold (the issue, what’s underneath the surface) and then through visualization and somatic exercises helping people to find their power and locate what they want and concretely how they can go and get it.

    I really love writing. I picked up a pen to write a poem when I was 14 years old and haven’t looked back. I landed a gig writing for children’s TV and I am now also beginning to write personal essays, which I hope to get published.

    I love mythology and what I’m learning in school. It feeds my soul and is the original universal storytelling. Plus we study religions and archetypes and dreams and I love it.

    I love books and have recently set up shop as an online bookseller (just with amazon at the moment).

    * Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)

    I bought a domain though I do not have a website.

    * Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended)

    I want my intended revenue streams to be from:
    Writing (essays, scripts, poems)
    Love coaching
    Speaking (perhaps about love and mythology or something as yet to be discovered)
    Book selling
    Teaching (down the road)

    * Share 2 to 3 questions for us.
    1.) How do I even begin to make sense of all of this so my 4 rivers flow organically into one ocean
    2.) Is it even possible for these rivers to make one happy ocean or should I simplify and separate?
    3.) How do I begin to prioritize when I love them all?

  121. Hi Danielle & Jonathan!


    Danielle, I briefly met you at RHH Live last year and you kindly lead me to the back (important people) room where I ‘pitched’ you my big fat idea (see ‘Big Fat Idea’ below ‘Magical Sequence of Events’). Your advice to me was “book a session with me before my price goes up”. Alas, I did not because I couldn’t justify $500 after the trip to RHH Live in NYC… needless to say your price went up and consequently my extended visit to Regretville has become unbearable as I struggle to give birth to my ‘big fat idea’.

    {Back Story}

    Eight months ago, my job quit me. This would mark the last time I would work in a corporate office with corporate people doing meaningless corporate things. I felt at that moment I would have to work for myself doing ‘something’. I am a web/customer experience strategist by profession (whatever that means), so perhaps a try at consulting would be the way to go… It wasn’t so. My heart was not in it, “why would I want to work for anyone else but me?” Even consulting was for ‘someone else’. UCK! So I meandered through the web and came across a picture of (you) Danielle La-Who? Then I read the beginning to the article beside it, it captured my interest (not much does really) and so, the wheels began to turn and my ideas began to churn and… just this one action started off the following magical sequence of events

    {Magical Sequence of Events}
    1. Danielle face click
    2. Landed on her web site (
    3. Was captivated by her words, inspired by her wisdom, struck by her amazing energy
    4. Purchased ‘FireStarter Sessions’
    5. Read ‘Firestarter Sessions’ (half-way thru…what? It’s BIG and thick and rich!)
    6. Uncovered my life purpose (wait for it): create a web site! Hot huh?
    7. Wrote and wrote and wrote the entire beautiful concept…GENIUS!
    8. Started my business plan
    9. Heard you were speaking in NYC… at Marie Forleo’s RHH Live! (a daring opportunity, my husband will have a heart attack!)
    10. Flew to NYC to hear you speak at RHH Live (no heart attack, but husband decided to crash the car instead!)
    11. Came back home…with fresh ideas, new found energy and walking pneumonia!
    12. Business plan put me to sleep, started on prototypes
    13. Dove into social media marketing (compliments of
    14. Secured a .ca domain (.com on the way if dude would just surrender it)
    15. Created a market research survey which I am almost ready to send out…
    16. Got stuck on my business plan, switched to prototyping…
    17. and now have lost my mojo… (oh where can it be?). I consistently feel that this idea is so big that I can’t do alone, plus, I keep thinking I should start with my own web site as I develop my big fat idea, to help generate interest along the way… So, reality is, I need HELP: a brilliant biz coach; a savvy, like-minded biz partner (to share the ride); a mentor, a SOLID ASS WHOOPING! I feel I am drifting in a sea of ‘where do I begin again?” My dream (life purpose) just stares at me, waiting for me to grab it, download it and spread it out into the world.

    {Major Gap Which Fueled My Big Fat Idea}

    I am a working mother (who struggled with a thyroid problem) with 2 young children. The ‘big fat idea’ (below) came to me as a solution to fill a large gap of working/ non-working mothers who juggle family schedules/household duties/outside full-time jobs who desire a more optimal work/life balance.

    {Big Fat Idea}

    A web site that connects talented women who require work/income with talented women who own businesses (entrepreneurs) who require assistance (mainly virtual). This web site would also provide a way for women to buy/sell handmade items (etsy style).

    The basis is to create a networking site which provides a simple way for women to be of service to one another, utilizing each other’s skills/talents while providing flexible work schedules and fostering independence.

    Each member receives a web page (persona) to promote themselves (skills, talents, experience, dreams, etc.), with a focus on their authentic self! (what gets you up in the morning? What do you LOVE to do? etc.) (I know – very you DLP)

    Membership is free. Members ‘engage’ one another by creating an offer (they market their stuff). When they become ‘engaged’ by another member, they earn credits. Credits help women purchase/swap services/products from fellow members. The more you ‘engage’, the more credits you earn!

    It’s a worldwide network of women assisting women
    It’s a new generation of business
    It’s a site that helps women promote their abilities (not like linked in)

    It’s hubster… get in the hub

    Your 1 hour session could be the SOLID ASS WHOOPING I need.

    With love,

    Kristin Morris, original ‘hubster’

  122. Lynn says:

    Hi, I am not ready to throw my name in the pot for
    Firestarter coaching with Danielle.

    I just discovered her “White Hot Truth” blog and was completely blown away by her honest, funny, brillant postings. I can’t wait to hear you guys, Jonathan, and am so glad you are offering this call!

  123. Cindy says:

    i need a firestarter session because i am starting fresh, a clean slate, a clear screen, an empty palette, i am starting out with a brand new concept, a brand new passion, a brand new life, a re-invention, if you want to call it that, i need help, i need someone who knows what works, i need a big push off the cliff into the air, i need a strong, powerful woman to give me the gusto, i need an infusion of confidence and wisdom and most of all, i need someone and something to say, YES, THIS IS IT, IT IS TIME !!! i need business savvy and a sexy strategy !!! that’s all i have, that’s it, the business is an online interaction between me, my life, the world, and what are we doing ? it is a project that is transforming me as i type this, and will transform all those that engage in it, that’s all i can say, that’s all i can say !!!

  124. Jude Anker says:

    Work with me or puppies will die, kittens will be locked up and tortured and the ice caps will boil.

    Too heavy?

    Maybe lighter like: Pick Me, Pick Me! I love unicorns and all things fluffy!

    The real truth is I’m not in a wheel chair and I don’t have of cancer (that I know of) but I am dying of inertia and my big ass vicious inner critic that I call VIC is mind fucking me into a coma every day. I can do for everyone but me. So, to really reach out and do something for the good of this planet, be green and solve world peace… The choice is clear. Its gotta be that chick in Park City.

    Bring the big guns. VIC is a douche bag.

    In the process of creating some eLearning courses, marketing webinars and editing a zillion pages of content to use in all areas. And, I spend every day bringing along every other business but my own. The coaching is great. I love it. LoveAdub my clients. And I’ve gotta friggin diversify or die!
    Billable hours, I’ve got…HipHip horaAyHey! But I need product to sell besides me.
    I need to finish my own web site. Its virginal. Shape it oh mighty one. Shape me!

    Oh, and thank you so very much Mister Fields for this delicious give away. Your emails are always welcome in my inbox.

  125. Sherry says:

    Why me? I am one of the lucky people in a creative field that has had the carpet pulled out from under them and I am trying to figure out how to re-invent myself like so many others. Once, oh so 3 years ago my business was booming, but even so, I still had no clue had to manage my company and be profitable. Now, I am hoping I don’t make the same mistakes again and yes, reading your website has been great but I need more!!!
    1. Why does money always slip through my fingers…ugghhhh?
    2. It does not matter how much or how little I make, I can never make enough, what the heck is the problem?
    3. I want to make a difference, be creative, have the right strategy to get the type of projects I want, but don’t know what to do since there is SO much competition?

    I am very good at what I do, extremely creative, a hard worker, passionate, sometimes “too nice” and most of the time “don’t charge enough”, please help me, help me. Thanks for reading this and hosting an amazing event – I am excited to listen and learn.
    BTW – I will barely be making the call since I will be on a plane until 6:00 p.m. MST

  126. Eva Papp says:

    Danielle’s blog has already rocked my world through her blog, which brought me to Johnathan’s blog, which brought me to this Fire Starter Session Appeal. As a psychotherapist, I’ve always been moved by the healing work that happens through skilled and caring psychotherapy, and equally troubled by how unattainable good therapy is for many people. It’s usually a money thing. I recently launched my website to address this problem. I write psychological exercises (mind sets) that help build core therapeutic competencies, give therapeutic advice in my Dear Z column, and give folks a place to vent and be heard in my Zeit Here Zeit Now feature. Besides this work, I intend to host other clinicians on the site, who can “strut their stuff” by helping site users. In exchange for their skilled participation, and a fee (the revenue stream) they will get marketing exposure (on and off the site). This aspect of the site is currently in development.

    Adding other clinicians and their marketing needs requires me to tweak the project in a slightly different direction, but I’m stuck with the re-branding process.

    1. I can talk a blue streak about my vision, and the various parts of it, but I can’t get to the core mission and the coherent, clear brand that emerges. After reading this submission and looking at my website, can YOU tell me what I’m doing?
    2. We heal each other, we heal the world. How do I get others to care about this, and participate?
    3. I’m going in a million directions handling all the pieces of running this venture. Any suggestions on how to make it more manageable?

    Thanks guys.


    Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
    Specificity earns brownie points.
    Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)
    Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended), and
    Share 2 to 3 questions for us.

  127. Jenny says:

    * Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
    * Specificity earns brownie points.
    * Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)
    * Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended), and
    * Share 2 to 3 questions for us.

    Hello, my name is Jenny. I have many skills, but it is my nursing skills I am the most proud of. I worked as a Emergency room Registered Nurse for 3 years after battling my way through school for 5 years. I had big plans for my career, my patients, the world. Until my life got railroaded, leaving me with what felt like nothing. I was in a bad bicycle accident which left me physically disabled, cognitively challenged and jolted beyond comprehension. I cannot put into words what Trauma does to a person, but there are many survivors out there who need some sort vocational/passion stoking support. Something to light a restorative and even a healing flame to allow trauma survivors to rediscover themselves and their next big thing.
    I want to help victims and survivors of life altering accidents. I’d like to set up a service, or write a resource to help survivors to begin their life again. A service that helps navigate the healthcare experience and what happens after. A support service that focuses on growing and nurturing the skills you have left after an accident, and even finding new ones. And, ultimately, a resource that provides comfort and understanding as the readjustment to living as a survivor in this society begins upon discharge from hospital and/or rehabilitation.
    Trauma resets your life. It steals your life ambitions, your goals and often it saps your will to just simply get out of bed in the morning. The person who survives a trauma is not the same person they were before. They cease feeling themselves and become a patient, a survivor trying not to get lost in a changed world. I would like to develop a resource to help survivors regain their fire, their vocational ambition, and their sense of being and identity as they begin the recovery process.
    A while back, I began writing a blog to unburden my mind and make sense of what I was thinikng about. I discovered that writing was an excellent outlet and I kept writing.
    I participated in various internet workshops – World Changing Writing, Diamond Cutters – the former where I was introduced to Danielle and Jonathan, and the latter which allowed me to further develop my writing under the guidance of Bindu Wiles.

    I need a Fire Starter session to help me get my life back and ultimately help me help others in doing the same thing. I have so many ideas on how I would like to proceed but no clear starting point. I purchased the Fire Starter Sessions in order to begin doing this but my brain injury is impeding my progress with the FSS package, as there is so much material to keep track of. I believe that a conference call could be so beneficial – I can discuss my strategy and ideas live with Danielle whose writing and outlook on entrepreneurs and living the fullest life possible has inspired me over and over again to keep pushing forward and keep my idea of helping others overcome trauma alive.

    Ideally this venture would begin as a free resource with options, such as public speaking gigs to inform and motivate.

    My questions are as follows:
    How can I find the best starting point for my business plan when I myself am still recovering?

    Given that I am also a trauma survivor how do I maintain a professional yet approachable demeanor? How do I prevent my personal self from interfering with business decisions?

    How do I begin this venture?

    Thank you for this opportunity! Even writing this post has helped me discover more ideas.

  128. Kate says:

    You are all amazing! I was so inspired simply by reading your posts. Thank you.

  129. Jonathan and Danielle,

    Let me start by saying: Danielle, you have big bangs, I have big bangs. You have a huge smile and I have a huge smile. You are from Canada, and I’ve always wanted to go to Canada. You love Jonathan Fields, I love Jonathan Fields. I’m hoping you’ll be charmed enough to open a door for me…

    My whole perspective on business has been flipped on its axis since discovering you both last year. Danielle, your words hit straight to my heart and have ignited my internal desires to do more than sit behind a desk 50 hours a week and instead pursue my true passions. I recently decided to hang my corporate hat and join the entrepreneur scene by launching my own marketing business, with a twist.

    Recently you quoted someone who said that the people you trust will be the ones paying your kid’s college tuition. I couldn’t agree more.

    Right now the only clients I’m taking on are individuals with talents. My very first two clients are a long drive golfer and a painter, both happen to be friends of mine. My revenue stream from the golfer comes from sponsorships & winnings. From the painter I receive a percentage of painting sales from placements in restaurants, magazines and online.

    My passion lies with gaining exposure for talented individuals – People who don’t know how to build a web site, write a blog post, or even talk about their work, but are good at what they do. That’s where I come in.

    I know that I would benefit from a Fire Starter Session with Danielle because I need assistance finalizing a direction for this line of work. I don’t want to play small. I don’t want to just work with a few people and never make enough to get myself out of this office chair. I want to travel and work with my clients while camping in Yellowstone or on the sidelines of the Tour de France.

    *What opportunities do you see working with individual clients instead of full-on businesses? I want to be effective for my clients and help them attain the lifestyle their creativity deserves, while also providing for myself.
    *How can I be strategic when marketing for these individual clients?

  130. Hi Danielle and Jonathan,

    I am SO turned on by this opportunity. Thanks so much for creating this forum for me to think deeply about where I am stuck and where I would like to go. YES! I would LOVE a Fire Starter Session!

    About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to start making money again (I have been a full time mom and freebie/bartering freelancing writer) and that I really wanted to do it in a way that felt energizing to me (cause us mamas need all the energy we can get) and that was aligned with my soul. Ecstatic Birth was born ( from my desire to share with women that childbirth is a journey that they can ENJOY- emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I am crazy proud of all that I have accomplished in the last few months, especially the Ecstatic Birth TeleSummit ( I’m crazy proud that I was able to do something that makes a difference in the world, that people LOVED, and that I was able make money doing it.

    I’m at a point of planning my next move, but feeling a little stuck in the land of overwhelm, like a deer in headlights. I would be thrilled to have a Fire Starter session to support my forward motion.

    The main questions that I am grappling with are:

    1)How do I make the leap from me doing everything (with sporadic help here and there) to spending my time doing the work that I love and getting help for all the other stuff?
    The Tele-summit was way bigger than I expected and while I am thrilled that the world is clearly hungry for this information and that it was so well received… I’m tired. For this business to work, I need to be able to go forward with my business in a way that is sustainable to me. I get really tripped up over this as I’m not sure how to do it.

    2) How do I evaluate different business models and potential revenue streams (community, subscription, product/content sales, consultations, books, etc..) while also keeping in mind the things that I personally love to do (write and spend time with my family) and the lifestyle that I would like to lead (at my own pace)?

    I desire to make this information accessible to the most people and still pay myself and my teachers well. I currently have a model of “abundance all around”, but I am aware that my price point is inhibitive. A subscription type model could make is waaaay more accessible, but that is a ton of work (and costs), so how do I weigh all these factors when I am considering the long-term world-changing possibilities? My current revenue streams are from Teleclasses, and private and group consultations.

    Thanks again for this fabulous opportunity! I can’t wait till tonight!
    xo Sheila

  131. I am just starting my creative business, online and offline. I’ve been reading your incredible insights and learning a lot from you guys, so listening in would already be a fire starter session for me 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  132. Quinn says:

    Wow! What an AMAZING opportunity!!! *crossing fingers, toes and eyes* in the hope of being selected for the chance of a Fire Starter Session with Danielle. Seriously, I adore Danielle and she has rocked my world in business and life. Her books, blog and the times I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak, have been completely life-changing. This new project I’m working on is largely inspired by Danielle.

    Because I want this opportunity so badly, I made a quick little 3 min. YouTube video explaining why, as well as describing what I’m working on:

    The project: Revolution Motherhood (

    The Vision: To bring together TONS of moms seeking consciousness/purpose and connect them with all the AMAZING women (like Danielle) who provide products/services/experiences that transform lives (especially empowering moms to live purposeful, joyful lives fully present with their children and pursuing their dreams)

    The Goal: Create a movement for all moms to live passionate, fulfilled, purpose-driven lives

    The Platform: Online database/store of transformational products, services and experiences, along with a powerful radio program and connection network/forum

    Revenue Streams: Affiliate income from products/services/experiences sold in the store, Spots on the site/network advertising transformational events/experiences, Transformational 8-week Coaching Program

    Why we need Danielle to rock our world with a Fire Starter Session? She’s the epitome of exactly the type of mom we want to connect our network with. Because of this and her brilliant strategic creativity, we feel like Danielle would be able to see our project with fresh eyes and really help us take this from “a nice idea” to the REVOLUTION the world needs it to be. We adore Danielle!

    Questions for Danielle:

    1. How can we make it more enticing for big league moms who are already offering incredible products, services and experiences to want to connect with

    2. Because having a large network is key to the success of this movement, how would Danielle recommend building our network in the fastest way possible (i.e. take it from some sparks to pouring gasoline on & creating a roaring fire)?

    3. As we’re planning & putting it together now, is there a more powerful way of doing things? Is there a better way to really make this successful and transformational?

    Thank you SO much for your consideration. What an honor. Thank you, Danielle, for living your truth and standing up for purpose-driven lives & entrepreneurship. xoxo

  133. @marihuertas says:

    Dear Danielle and Jonathan,

    Thank you both for hosting this giveaway – it’s awesome of you to donate your time and effort to helping out all those who are ready for change and looking for help in taking the next steps.

    I’m throwing my name and hope into the ring with these responses to your prompts:

    Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session. – Danielle, what I need most of all right now is clarity, and I want you to set fire to and burn away the one-legged thoughts that are impeding me from being where I need to be. See more below.

    Specificity earns brownie points. – I’m working on a few ideas. One is to continue to examine different daily footprints – digital, mental, emotional, and physical; what I call life imprint awareness – on my blog, Things We Leave Behind [ ]. Eventually I’d like to create an e-course that would use writing, meditation, and documentation photography to examine each footprint and how we can change the ones we make. I’ve talked with friends to sound out reactions, and the blueprint I’ve shared has received truly honest criticism and positive feedback.

    The other idea is to grow my other main blog, Props [ ], which features independent artists and their creations. I’d like the site to feature interviews with artists, including videos, but more importantly, I want to turn Props into a platform where people can browse events in their community that teach them skills like sewing, metalsmithing, and more. I want to empower people to create their own lives through learning and practicing.

    I’ve also thought of combining the two blogs, especially since doing handmade work relates strongly to the different footprints I cover on TWLB. You can see the issue. I say I need clarity because I have so many ideas that it is difficult for me to narrow down what I want to do. I’m burning the candle at fifteen different ends. I need you to touch a torch to the ground and help light the path.

    Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one). – Done above. (I also run, a year-long documentation of my practice of daily yoga, meditation, and journaling. Labor of love and keeping me honest. An offshoot of my #reverb10 word, practice.)

    Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended). – The e-course would be a revenue stream, although not enough for me to sustain myself at first. But working from home on TWLB also would allow me to pursue my other branch of work, which is consulting. I have 12 years of experience in doing web work and connecting people with the tools they need to rock their message, and I’d like to focus on that full-time.

    Share 2 to 3 questions for us. – How do I decide where to focus my energy *aside from* saying “do what you feel passionate about”? Because I feel passionate about a _lot_ of different things. What areas show the most opportunity for growth? How can I grow a community / access a community that is already grown around these interests as well? The handmade market in particular seems very difficult since there are numerous bloggers out there covering the same topic.

    I welcome your thoughts, critiques, your do’s and don’t’s. Hit me with it.

    And thanks again for any and all advice I pick up on the call tonight, even if I’m not one of the lucky chosen callers.


  134. I began my carpet design business the summer of 2005. I feel that I have some lurking fears that I need to release to really reach my potential in this field. This is particularly felt in dealing with finances. I need to deal with my fears of failing financially, of speaking with people about finances (price etc) and general unbelief in myself that I can really be financially prosperous. Danielle seems to have a good feel for how to actively work through these types of fears.

    I am an INFP Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceptive (extremely so). I think that Danielle can guide me in knowing how to trust and move forward in my intuitive nature to thrive in my business rather than feeling like I need to hide in my introvertedness because I feel and perceive too much.

    I am a mother of two beautiful girls under three and so often I feel this intense guilt – either I’m not giving them what they need or I’m not giving my business the all that it needs to soar. Danielle is a mother and extremely successful business woman and has spoken to me on this issue through her email newsletters and I feel that she can help me have some clarity on this rather than paralyzing fear.

    Danielle, I know you can help me to move forward to a full business that allows me to be creative, work with interesting people, help to free children from slave labor and make money!

    •Deliante Designs http://www.deliantedesignscom
    Modern design meets ancient craft

    Custom carpet designs, designed by me- each rug is made to order in Nepal by adult expert artisans. My carpets are made from beautiful materials- Tibetan wool, Pashmina wool, silk, hemp, nettle and etc. Each rug carries the GoodWeave certification working to end child labor in the rug industry. I love designing rugs specific to peoples homes and business.

    Currently, I work primarily with individual designers and architects, who promote my work to their clients. I contact each one directly usually ( it saves on the advertising budget). I create close relationships with the clients I work with and tend to continue to deal with each one on many homes/business/ spaces that they are working on.

    I would like to expand my reach by selling my work via brick and morter showrooms as well as online markets. This would allow me to be able to work with many more people than I would even think of.

    a.How do I move into a more prosperous way of thinking and living?
    b.How do I use me INFP personality to really soar in my creative business even in meetings with clients rather than feeling a sense of anxiety like I do not fit in and never will?
    c. I want to be me and embrace that in my business. How do I create my whole business to really agree with my authentic self?

  135. Jonathan Fields says:

    Thanks soooo much for all of your amazing stories, comments and questions!

    With the live Fire Starter Session now just a few hours away and over 150 comments, we are going to end submissions now so we can take a final pass through and make our choices.

    See you on the call! 🙂

  136. Submissions have ended…THWARTED! But I’d still really love to be on the call because my questions can still be answered…so many others have verbalized my roadblocks.

  137. Okay, here is why you should pick me… I am a MEGA entrepreneur!!! I LOVE to start businesses – and right now I have 3 businesses all generating revenue.

    One is a corporate training & development company -No matter what the content requirements are (ie: customer retention, sales etc.) I pride myself on designing and delivering enlightened and pivotal programs – the kind of programs that have the employees asking me to work with them on personal issues or their spouses. The pro’s of this work: massive money, some creativity. The cons: massive break your balls deadlines and loads of travel, HIGH stress, Pain in the ass politics. Revenue Streams: Consulting by the hour – Monthly retainers etc.

    Two is a Personal Development Company I have had this passion that I have been working on for FOUR years, and have invested a lot of money on web designers and such – – an online community that is about creating new realities and waging personal campaigns in the communities people dwell in to make those realities real. Have NOT gotten that community off the ground ((*&^%*&%@@&)) – my original web design was built in FLASH – then I discover wp comes along and I’m turned inside out, a bit resigned but I am in no way a quitter. Pro’s: Extremely creative work & Fulfilling, could be massive money Con’s: I’m overwhelmed & overworked.

    Revenue Streams: Coaching Clients (Currently at 4)
    Potential Revenue Streams: Online community, Online Courses, Books

    I also have another business in it’s second year that my beautiful musician husband ( works in – a drum studio We love this business, are passionate about it but not making a huge profit yet. Although we are covering all the costs.

    So there you have it – One firestarter session could impact 3 businesses!!! I know you are into making – oh shit I just saw that you’ve closed submissions.

    Anyway – really looking forward to the call.

  138. Caren says:

    call in details

  139. mindy sartin says:

    Hi, I’m Mindy. Thank you so much for hosting this. I’m super excited!

    Tell us why you need Danielle to rock your world in a live Fire Starter Session
    Specificity earns brownie points.

    I am an artist who has worked in finance since graduating from art school 7 years ago. In September I quit my full time job at HBO to launch my design business. I crochet wearable art. My real dream is to help others find joy in creativity and teach them how to get things done. I have a lot of training in project management, time management, goal setting and art. I want to help people bridge the gap between their current reality and their big fat juicy dream. I need your help to get me there. I have so much to give and an extensive background to share, but I need some help getting to the next step please.

    Tell us the name of and/or type of business (give us your website if you have one)

    My current business name is m.sartin design, but i need something more powerful for me consulting/coaching business. I am calling my current product Dreamcatcher Sessions. My website is

    Share your types of revenue streams (actual or intended)

    Currently I have sales from my crochet art work and brainstorming and organizing clients. I hope to get more dreamcatcher clients soon!

    Share 2 to 3 questions for us.

    1. What is the next step??
    2. How can I get people interested in what I have to share?
    3. How can I make my website more powerful?

    Thanks for considering me. I know I can make a huge difference and appreciate your help getting me there!

  140. how do we get on the call? this is frustrating

  141. call details?
    i didn’t get in either 🙁

  142. Lesley says:

    I am so bummed that I can not get on the call. It is full. Would you PLEASE post a webcast of the call when it is over? PLEASE!!!!!!!

  143. Jonathan Fields says:

    Thanks everyone for joining us!

    As we expected and mentioned in the post, all 250 lines maxed out even before the call started.

    Not to worry, we recorded the whole thing, so as long as you signed up for the call, you’ll get an email with a link to the audio in the next day or so.

    Peace. 🙂

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  145. Cortney says:

    I got an honorable mention! Just hearing my name said by one of my(and really my number one) heroes/digital mentors reminded me that the world is small enough for me to touch those who inspire me most–even across vast distances, and for connections to be made that will truly breed success.

    And believe it or not, this ONE time, I am MORE grateful for the HonMen than if I had been chosen as I was sick in bed with a stomach bug that night and passed out with fever and exhaustion LONG before the actual call. (I’m lucky that way!)

    I would have been DEVASTATED had I been chosen and missed it. Weird how even the stomach flu can take on a whole new light when viewed through the right lens.

    Thank you both for this AMAZING recorded call. It was valuable beyond words. I know I am not alone in that sentiment.

    Love, Rose Petals, and Dreamy Chocolate Souffles,
    Cortney Jacobs

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  147. petewilliam says:

    very informative and interesting blog.Thanks for sharing:-)

  148. Betty says:

    When will there be another live Firestarter session?
    I could really use help like this for

  149. Corrinla says:

    Would you PLEASE post a webcast of the call