Meet Bryan Franklin: The $10 Million Business Coach

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You guys know I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the world of personal development and, yes, even the world of coaching.

Why? Because I see a lot of folks getting into it after they’ve failed at nearly everything else and it’s either that or grad school. And, I have trouble taking advice, personal or business, from someone who hasn’t already demonstrated their ability to succeed on a serious level, before turning around and telling others how to do it.


Over the years, I’ve been introduced to a very small handful of people who meet and often exceed that benchmark by a stunning margin. And, I figured, what better time to introduce you to them than the time of year where most people resolve to finally get their acts together…again.

So, here’s the deal…

Between now and January 31st, I’ll be connecting you with these B.S.-free masters of personal and business evolution.

They’re all insanely smart and ethical (they’re friends and I don’t hang out with dirtbags…well, rarely, lol). They’ve all succeeded big time before deciding to help others do the same. And, each has a different personal style, energy and approach.

Rather than just intro’s, though, I’m going to give you a chance to dive deeper with them, through a blend of teleseminars, Q & A’s, manifestos, videos, yadda, yadda, yadda. Some will offer opportunities to work with them. That’s up to you. Either way, take this opportunity to ask questions and learn from them.

So, without further ado, first up is my friend—Bryan Franklin


Bryan is a scary smart dude and possibly the most freakishly-intuitive person I’ve ever met (how’s that for an intro?).

He’s been one of the world’s most successful executive coaches for the last decade (earning over $1 million a year, thus the headline), guiding top level executives at little companies like, oh, Apple, Logitech, Google, Cisco and LinkedIn, while also empowering entrepreneurs in the quest to build their fledgling organizations into the next big thing–even taking them from start-ups to billion dollar-generators.

Together with his partner in business and in life, Jennifer, he’s also developed a continually-evolving group coaching experience.

I know Bryan does these occasional 2 hour live seminars in NYC and San Francisco. They don’t cost anything and the information he shares and the value of his completely unfiltered answers blew me away. Yeah, there was a short pitch at the end, but it was totally non-smarmy and the insights I took away were so worth it.

Plus, I know at least 3 people who’ve worked with Bryan and his insights have added six-figures to all of their incomes within a matter of months.

Bryan’s also shared with me that while most coaches have trouble holding clients for more than 3-6 months, his average client engagement is…6 friggin’ years! That should tell you something!

Actually, I was at an event while he was speaking recently, joking around on the “slackers” couch in the back with a few of the top marketers and bloggers in the world. When Bryan started speaking, one of them, who’s insanely hard to impress, leaned over to me and said, “um, holy crap, this event just began.”

So I asked Bryan if he would do a similar thing for my tribe, but keep it to 90-minutes and do it as a conference call.

He said yes!

To which I replied, okay, so what would you say to convince someone to give up 90 whole minutes watching A-Team re-runs to get on the phone with you?

And, here’s what he came back with…

After working with 100s of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world (some of them billionaires) I’ve found there are three types of earners.  The first have bought the lie that they can sacrifice their life to their work or their business, earn a lot of money, and then use that money to buy their life back later.  The sad part is that many of them never reach the finish line – and those few that do have become so accustomed to sacrifice that they no longer know how to make themselves happy.

The second group decided not to sacrifice anything – but don’t have the skills and discipline to take control of their financial situation. They end up trying to justify their struggle by pretending that choosing a path of meaning means being poor.

The third group is truly free, and they have one thing in common – which is that they follow a certain pattern, a formula.

Here’s what I can give your tribe in our 90 minute call…I’ll give you the details of that formula. And how to make it work for you. I’ll shed light on a few other things, like why you’ve gotten so close to what you want before and seem to have a pattern of self-sabotage at the crucial moments. Or, why you frequently don’t do the things you know damn well you need to do in order to have what you want (btw, its not what you think). You’ll also discover something essential,  how to work ON your business instead of just IN your business.

I’ve heard him share at least some of this stuff and, like I said, I don’t respond well to the shtick a lot of personal development and business “coaches” offer, but Bryan’s ideas not only resonated strongly, but were totally new to me.

UPDATE: This call is now over, we had more than 700 people signed up, had to add more than 100 lines to handle the demand and still maxed them out. If you missed it, you can download the audio here.

[Disclaimer: We haven’t figured it out yet, but if you do end up working with Bryan, I told him I want some kinda payback, so there’s a good chance I’ll earn something valued at somewhere between a slice of pizza and a mansion in the Keys. Just saying!]

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