Meet Alexis Neely: Bohemian Entrepreneur Savant

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This post is the second in my month-long series, introducing you to a small gathering of what I call BS-Free Business and Lifestyle Mastery Guides, designed to help kick off the year not just with ideas and dopey resolutions that always evaporate with time, but with insights, access and the opportunity for action.

I personally know this very short list of thinkers, actors and givers.

They’ve gained their insights not by failing at everything else, then getting certified to tell other people what to do, but rather by going out there, doing it, struggling, suffering, growing, climbing back from the abyss and eventually creating stunning business and career outcomes for themselves and the people they work with.

Last week, I announced the lead-off speaker in this series—Bryan Franklin—and, man, he didn’t disappoint. We did a live 90-minute interview call with him on Wednesday.

More than 700 people signed up for the call. It was, um, er, friggin’ insane, but because we limited the lines, a ton of people weren’t able to make it on. For those who did, though, Bryan was dropping insight bombs left and right and he handily defused my years-long knee-jerk reaction to the phrase “life purpose,” letting me completely re-frame and buy into it (something us NYers don’t do easily).

If you missed that call, you can listen to the call with Bryan Franklin here or download it by right-clicking and saving. Be sure to listen to the end where Bryan answers a bunch of listener questions (he also tells you how to work with him, but no pressure, that’s totally your call).

Next up this week is BS-Free Speaker #2—Alexis Neely

Trying to sum up Alexis is a bit like trying to articulate the outline of a cloud in a windstorm. Can’t be done, because she’s in a state of constant evolution. So, let me share a few words from her bio:

From the outside looking in, I’m a driven mom entrepreneur who has built two million dollar plus businesses in the past 6 years (and another 2 6-fig businesses at the same time), trains lawyers…. I write about how evolutionary entrepreneurs can structure their business and lives for maximum freedom and impact.

My inner girl is quite a bit different. She has dreadlocks, at least half her body tatted, writes about freedom and lives a Burning Man life all year long. Oh, and she thinks it’s really annoying that I keep talking about my 7-figure businesses, as if that’s a big deal.  She’d prefer I *tone it down*.  And that I not talk about her.  At all.

What’s not included in that description, too, is that she graduated tops in her class from law-school, has fully-embraced and “outed” that inner-girl over the last year and spent a tremendous amount of time deconstructing business, especially services businesses, and developed an unusual approach to re-mapping and re-modeling how to build a real, scalable business around a lifestyle.

So, I asked Alexis if she’d jump on the phone with me and share an hour or so with my tribe to explore her unique approach to business-building and answer a boatload of questions.

And, when she said yes.

I asked her that same question I asked Bryan last week:

What would you tell my tribe to convince them to give up an hour watching A-team re-runs to be on the phone with you.

And, here’s what she came back with…

After building several of my own service-based businesses (starting with a bricks and mortar law firm and then various models of online coaching & training) in search of my reason for being on the planet and earning more than a million dollars a year for each of the past five years (during the worst economy we’ve seen during our lifetimes) while I did it, I’ve discovered that most of us are habitually trapped by unseen patterns that keep us from experiencing the lives we really want.

The biggest and most hidden patterns have to do with, of course money.

We believe we have to do certain things and act certain ways for money. We build our lives and businesses based on ego, fear, guilt and shame. We tell ourselves this is how it has to be.  And these patterns are perpetuated by mainstream media, our parents, our friends, our colleagues …

I finally began to wake up to these patterns last year when I realized my businesses were bringing in more than $2,000,000 and yet I was still living my life based on survival and fear.

I saw how I was deluded by the media, the mentors, and the mindset that had been handed down to me.

The truth is far different than what we have been told.  And those of us who can evolve and let go of the old patterns that served when we lived in caves, but are no longer relevant, will emerge to discover why we are here, how we can make a real difference and stop worrying about money and our survival once and for all.

During our call, we’ll talk about:

  • Why self-awareness/discovery/knowledge/realization is the #1 most important factor to “success” in life and business and how to stop deluding yourself so you can really know what’s real and true for you.
  • Why we constantly revert back to making decisions based on money again and again (no matter how evolved we are) AND how to stop it once and for all.
  • How I went from buttoned up lawyer working for Warren Buffet’s right hand man Charlie Munger to Boulder, CO hippie chick and made both my financial and personal life a whole lot better.
  • How hoarding is keeping you from your natural joy in the name of security (even if you’ve never though of yourself as a hoarder before, after this call you may see how you are and what you can do about it now.)
  • And why learning to tell the truth in both life and business is the single most important skill you can develop within yourself.

Dunno about you, but I’m psyched for that conversation!

Plus, we’ll take your questions – lots of questions – about everything from the personal to the financial to the reality of how you can actually break free of the patterns keeping you from being the renegade of your own life. And, like I did with Bryan, I’ll be challenging her to make sure we stay fluff-free.

So, here are the details:

  • Date & Time: Weds | Jan 12th | 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST
  • Format: 60-minute conference call – Casual conversation with Alexis, me and Q&A
  • Price: Um…nothing

How to get onto the call…

Just enter your email in the form below and we’ll send you the call in information, along with a reminder.

Also, please be sure to get on the line at least a few minutes early. As I mentioned, the last call with Bryan had more than 700 people signed up, the lines absolutely will max out and very likely stay maxed out the entire time.

So, drop your email into the form below now. We’ll see you on the call next week.


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