Leo Babauta Reveals How To Pay Your Bills Blogging

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When I first started blogging, Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits blog was about a year old. I remember stumbling upon it and being drawn in not only by the quality of his content, but the way I saw him building his readership and his business. Plus, the dude had less hair than me, so I felt immediately at home with him, lol

Flash forward to May 2010—Zen Habits has exploded into one of the top 25 blogs in the world with more than 170,000 subscribers! Leo’s got a bunch of other ventures humming happily along. And, here’s the important part, his efforts are generating real money. Enough to support his family…with 6 kids!

One of my credos as a student of just about everything is this…

Find the people who’ve done what you desperately want to do (not just written about it or told others how they think it should be done), then beg, borrow or steal (okay, maybe not steal) to make them your teachers, mentors and guides.

So, if you’re looking to build not just a blog, but a serious attention asset, then build a business around it…

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn directly from a guy who’s vaulted into the top 25 in the world?

Well, Leo’s made that possible with his A-List Blogging Bootcamp venture. It’s a series of 5-day virtual trainings, supplemented by a private interactive training environment that provides support and access, two things that make success substantially more likely.

The next training starts on May 16th, it’s called How to Make Your Blog Pay the Bills. And, Leo’s bringing a few new people onto his faculty this time around. Well, okay, one of them is me. I’ll be talking about leveraging your blog to generate consulting clients, launch live events and more. And, getting very specific (Leo’s orders).

If this sounds cool to you, check out the detailed topic outline – Click Here Now.

[You should know that (a) Leo is a friend (b) I’m not really sure who has more hair anymore, but I do know he dresses better than me, and (c) I’m also an affiliate, meaning when you sign up, I get a referral fee. But, if you’ve been kicking around here long enough, I’m guessing you already know I don’t make recommendations lightly.]

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15 responses

15 responses to “Leo Babauta Reveals How To Pay Your Bills Blogging”

  1. Jean Sarauer says:

    Really looking forward to learning from you in the bootcamp. Can’t wait to see which t-shirt Leo wears 🙂

  2. Dale says:

    love the honesty re the referral fee, and looking forward to hearing about the experience.

  3. LNicole says:

    Hi Jonathan! I just discovered you thru Leo’s last newsletter (added you to my “favourites”). I’m looking forward to check out your website and the websites of your subscribers. I find the best way to grow and stay motivated is to learn through others who have already succeeded!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Welcome to the tribe, feel free to pull up a seat and ask questions. We don’t bite…well some of us do…kidding.

  4. Hey Jonathan, that was the best disclosure I’ve ever read. LOVED it. I believe that one of the noblest things in life is to make a decent living doing something we are absolutely, totally, madly passionate about. Having a great disclosure like that just keeps it pure. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sharkman

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Ridlon – Hehe, everyone in the blogopshere is freaking out about the FTC disclosure regs. I don’t get it, just be up front, even more, have fun with it. The way I see it, people either trust me or they don’t. If you’ve got nothing to hide, it’s all good.

  5. Oh fun! I stumbled on Zen Habits maybe 8 months or a year ago and a bunch of other sites, including yours, and I’m learning from the best. Between Emperor in Training and the A-list Club plus the bootcamp coming up–heck, I think I’ll be able to pay the bills. See you there!

    • Jonathan Fields says:

      Love it, Leah! One of the things I learned early one is, I always pay for an education. When I haven’t had the money, I paid time and mistakes. But, these days, I’m a big fan of accelerating the process where it’s feasible.

  6. Irene R says:

    I always get so much important information from your blog, Jonathan!

    Just signed up.

    Thank you!

    PS–Really appreciated the disclosures…

  7. John Sherry says:

    I am a happy member of the A-list Blogging Club. A true goldmine! Anthony Robbins said, “Success leaves clues”. Leo doesn’t hide these clues he’s honest and upfront and presents them in plain, understandable English. The secret to successful blogging does not remain secret with Leo. Full of superb insight the blogging camps are unbelieveable especially when you consider you get a very high referral fee for anyone you sign up. Leo is as fair and helpful a person as I’ve ever met or known.

  8. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Jonathan. This course sounds way more credible than some of the other offers I’ve seen available and I bet it will appeal to a lot of people. Will it be running any other months, or just this one?

    By the way, I like your newsletter sign up box. How could anyone resist the offer of eternal life.

  9. Irene Ross says:

    Jonathan–your master class yesterday at AListBloggingBootcamps was AWESOME! I learned so much–I’m really a newbie at blogging so I wanted to learn from the best before I started–rather than fumbling around for 6 months or a year before the “lightbulb” went off–and then having to repair all my mistakes for another 6 months or so. Thank you so much!

    Irene R.