Leo Babauta releases Handbook For Life e-book

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A week or two ago, my friend and amazing blogger, Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net, shared a copy of his new new ebook with me, called Zen Habits Handbook For Life.

I have to confess, I’ve been so busy, I hadn’t had a chance to take a look until last weekend. It’s really quite wonderful. Leo’s made a name for himself by sharing and his wisdom, often through his own personal experience, in very easy to digest, bite size pieces. And this ebook is no different.

It’s short and sweet at only 76 pages and focuses on simplicity, productivity and happiness…three topics I am a big fan of. Here’s a copy of the table of contents…


Actually, as a yoga teacher, I love this book, because it also has a bunch of ideas, questions and thoughts for me to share with my students. So, if you have a moment, jump on over to ZenHabits.net and check out Leo’s ebook. Then let me know what your favorite part was.

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One response to “Leo Babauta releases Handbook For Life e-book”

  1. Erg says:

    This “e-book” is a complete scam! DO NOT BUY. It’s just a copy of things that are already available for free on his blog. Waste of $7!