Laid Off? Bumming? There May Be Something Else Going On

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Losing a job can be pretty traumatic, but in the context of far bigger promises being broken, there’s something else going on, a deeper pain that a lot of people are feeling. And, once we uncover it, we’re in a much better position to remove it and rebuild a new career path that truly makes us come alive. In this short video, I share a few thoughts on this issue and steps to take…

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6 responses

6 responses to “Laid Off? Bumming? There May Be Something Else Going On”

  1. Snow! And trees! Gotta love that.

    I think your video touches on the differences between generations nicely. Baby Boomers are reeling from broken promises, Gen X and Yers are skeptical of promises in general.

    Trust is a huge issue for many people on many levels. I say, trust yourself to be able to handle whatever comes your way.

  2. Jonathan Fields says:

    @ James – Funny, I keep circling back to the old Scarface line, “Who do I trust? ME!”

  3. You know, I thought reaching my fitness goals last year made it my best year ever, but after watching this video, I’m beginning to think THIS year will trump last year, hands down. I have 60 days until layoff, and I’m ready to GO!

    Thanks so much for launching Career Renegade!

  4. LisaNewton says:

    Sometimes the learning process seems so large and overwhelming. Where to start? So much to learn. Feeling pressure to learn it all right now. Feeling constantly behind in the game.

    I just keep plugging away looking for the flow………..:)

  5. this is a great articulation of the real opportunity. when times are tough, the tough dig deeper.

  6. Jessica says:

    There’s a great point in the video about simply “giving up TV Time” to learn independently, rather than investing a huge amount of time and money in “official” training.

    If people make the decision to spend more time pursuing their passions, it shouldn’t feel like “work”. So turning off the TV shouldn’t be seen as such a big sacrifice. What do we have to lose? American Idol?