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Yep, I know, there’s a cosmic heap of stuff coming at you online. So why on earth would you join our community? Five simple reasons:

1. I’ll respect you in the morning – Life is short, you don’t have time for soulless content that leaves you regretting the 5 minutes you’ll never get back and thinking about taking up smoking again. My promise to you, I respect you and the gift of your attention. Sure, on occasion, I’ll share something commercial that I think you might really enjoy or benefit from, but always from a place of pure service first. Most of the time, it’s purely about crafting and curating content that allows you to either step into the story, or discover something that adds to your day.

2. For your eyes only – Not only will you be sure to never miss a post, but on occasion, I’ll share things by email that will never make the site. Maybe because they’re too personal and I want to know you’re more than a content cruiser before I’ll let you in a bit more. Or sometimes just because I’ve got something super-cool that I want to share with those who stand up and say, “hell yeah, I’m in!”

3. It’s free – I know, I know. The whole damn web is free. Well, yes, but that’s also part of the reason 99% of the whole damn web is a bottomless shiny-object attention pit of despair (okay, a little overdramatic, but you get the idea). Finding stuff that doesn’t cost you AND has genuine value, not so easy.

4. It’s weekly…ish (okay, maybe every other week…ish) – I may actually post more than once a week, especially if I find some amazing things to curate, along with my own content. But you’ll only get emails maybe 2 or 3 times a month and when you get them, there’ll be something worth it on the other end of the click.

5. [Bonus track] Random cool stuff – I get a ton of email every day, including lots and lots of questions. Every once in a while, I like to jam with my tribe, maybe answer some of these questions live on a private google hangout or tribe-only call. Or sometimes I stumble upon something super-cool in my travels to share with you. But you’ve got to be in the tribe to get your invite. Kinda like a rave, without the drugs. Or the ear-piercing EDM (#olddudesaywhat?). Or the neon necklaces. Well, okay, maybe just a little dancing…